: I'm curious, what are champs that you want to play but just can't?
I'm M5 on {{champion:55}} and still don't know how to play her lmao, I just think she's really cool/fun Also, {{champion:92}}
: Old guards do you like the rune system in the game?
i'd honestly prefer to just not have any mastery/rune system at all tbh. i feel like it makes more sense to balance the characters around a lack of that system, while also adding items to make up for some of the loss. maybe add unique items for every champion that helps them a little bit with whatever their popular runes gave them (like aurelion could get an item that only he can buy that gives him a bit of MS on damage since he wouldn't have phase rush, for example)
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: (copying from above) Nah, the change is just for stuff that drops starting with 8.5—that's why we're announcing the change early. Generally like a two weeks heads up is how we try to do it when we announce price drops or any kind of "generosity" buff like this
Aw darn, better than nothing. Thanks for responding.
: Champ Mastery Costs, Masterwork Chests, and Some Loot Buffs
If you're sitting on an ultimate/mythic shard right now, will it be automatically upgraded once the change goes through? I know a few people sitting on ultimates including myself.
One35 (NA)
: Your Least Favorite Champion in the Game
To play against: {{champion:39}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:80}} To play as: {{champion:54}} {{champion:98}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Takatsuki Yayoi,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=UEuiYj63,comment-id=001e,timestamp=2017-12-01T17:44:28.296+0000) > > theres suddenly a billion people who feel the need to state how much they hate that varus is gay (which he isnt), I mean, technically Varus isn't gay... he's technically an interacial gay trio if you think about it
varus is 2 gay men and a demon sharing a very mobile apartment
: Disliking Varus's new lore doesn't make you homophobe
i feel like this thread has maybe good intentions but also kind of leaves out that this specific lore change has caused more outrage then any other lore change even though theres definitely been worse, shittier lore changes before (galio, for one). its not homophobic to dislike the lore, no, its cheesy and its kind of dumb, but i dont think its a coincidence that all of the sudden with this lore change theres suddenly a billion people who feel the need to state how much they hate that varus is gay (which he isnt), and that riot has some sort of diversity quota that theyre trying to fill. i dont think its a coincidence that suddenly, out of nowhere, theres a bunch of people on the boards openly talking about how much they hate gay people and feel that all they do is whine and bitch? like, frankly no one cares if you dont like the lore, but its also dumb to pretend that there isnt people out there using the "i just dont like the LORE" excuse when every complaint they have is unquestionably homophobic.
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La Bello (NA)
: These Refund numbers are DISGUSTING
it's very funny to see lots of ppl say "im dissatisfied with this refund and i dont think its enough" and be treated as if theyre saying "i want everything for free forever from now on" personally i think the refund is kinda shitty compared to the actual prices of the runes, but im not upset about it but i completely understand why other people are. riot is a company, they can handle people being unsatisfied or critical of them, they dont need people defending them in droves every time theres a group of people saying "hey this thing kind of sucks"
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
zero356 (NA)
: Teemo losing to auto based champion wat Maybe I don't play Irelia enough, but level 5 mastery would suggest otherwise But seriously W is auto attack based true damage and it hurts like a bitch. In general, the best advice I can give is watching your own minions. The best trade for Irelia pattern is Q to a low health minion near you so she can use it to end the trade.
Funny enough, Irelia is the only auto-champ I just can NOT seem to deal with as Teemo. My biggest issue playing Teemo against her is that it feels like blinding her doesn't seem to really stop her momentum, if that makes sense? I'll take your advice and just stay away from my low HP minions and save my blind for her Ws. Thank you!
Keyru (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting Thread
I'd like to receive either (or both if you have a disgustingly large amount of IP)! Normally I shell out the IP to buy new champs, but I'm saving for a name change.
: Comment with a champion, and see if someone will respond with how to deal with them!
{{champion:39}} I have NO idea how to deal with her on any of the champions I tend to take top ({{champion:83}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:17}})
Jakobi (NA)
: ARSR has GOT to be the most boring game mode riot has released
I was personally hoping I would get some silly team comps where we had to be creative and strategic but it's either been A) people fighting over..whatever it is they decide to fight about that particular game. B) the characters we get end up like a regular old meta-SR game regardless
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Tomosima (EUNE)
: Which pre reworked champion do you miss the most?
{{champion:43}} Her new kit aesthetic is really cool but like....I kind of wanted that fan dancer fantasy and her old kit was really fucking fun tbh. {{champion:104}} Probably the biggest one for me. He was like, my first go to ADC when I had to bot, but he's just so....different now. It's not even like I really hate him now, I just miss how he was before. {{champion:133}} Like everyone else said, ult changes made her entire style of gameplay too different.
: Whenever Graves is strong, he immediately becomes overbearing.
i kind of miss when graves was just a bot lane adc. back when i first bought him like 4-5 years ago i fell in love with his playstyle. not that i think hes super boring now or anything, but hes been a huge mess of balance issues since his rework happened.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Interactions Beyond the Taunt Button
{{champion:254}} kills {{champion:51}} _"Oh jeez....Sorry, Cupcake! You'll walk it off!"_ {{champion:238}} sees an allied {{champion:84}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:98}} die _"Weaklings...Ha!"_ {{champion:26}} uses ult on {{champion:106}} _"IF YOU SCREW THIS UP ILL PERSONALLY FUCK YOU UP MYSELF, BEAR_
FeeNeeX (NA)
: A cool skin idea for Kat
Wanted to add a source! http://penthesilence.tumblr.com/post/154226276330/bride-katarina
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: This is why you do not trust low sample sizes.
This site actually kind of got me into a bad mindset in terms of building items. Instead of building to fit the MATCH, I would build to whatever the highest winrate build was. Obviously, you don't need a Maw when against an all AD team, but there I was building one anyways! I've fixed it now but still, it would help if the counters and the builds there had more explanation on them. Perhaps a section that explains like, "Ezreal wants [x] because it helps him with [y]."
: PSA: When a Skarner player pulls an enemy to You..
{{champion:222}}: Hey, Karma, look! Skarner is dragging someone over here. {{champion:43}}: Run. {{champion:222}}: What, why? Let's get a free ki- {{champion:72}}: [Dragging a 12/2 {{champion:238}} at maximum speed] {{champion:222}}: oh sweet jesus [ENEMY TRIPLE KILL]
: All these years, I've been fighting Leblanc all wrong...
literally last week i kept throwing ezreal Ws into minion waves and wondering why i kept missing cs
TBakes (NA)
: Lesbians Exist in Runeterra
I'm happy about this, super happy about it actually, but some of the comments in this thread are kind of getting to me, I think. In regards to it being shoved down peoples throats, or being made overt, I just want to say that when people say this it seriously sucks. As a gay man, my relationship with my boyfriend is exactly the same as a straight person's relationship with their partner. As such, in a story when a character mentions that they find another character of the same sex attractive, or when a character is hinted at being gay/bi, it really isn't any different than a straight character saying they find someone of the opposite gender hot and it sucks that even when a character's same gender attraction is hinted at in even the SLIGHTEST, all these people talk about how it's being shoved down their throats and it shouldn't be a big deal. If Darius was confirmed to be gay in an offhand line, he would still be the same character. If Nidalee was confirmed to be a lesbian in a side comic, she would still be Nidalee. If Garen was confirmed to be bisexual and even stated plain as day, "I'm bisexual.", he would still be the Demacian Justice after the fact. Representation of gay characters (and lgbt characters in general) IS a big deal to a lot of players who fall under that label (including myself), because if you look at media that portrays us, we tend to be stereotyped, or treated as a joke, or the character's ENTIRE personality is that they are queer. Stuff like this matters a lot to us because it normalizes lgbt people as just being....regular people.
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: Laughing Fish's 150,000 Lifetime Upvote Spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
Congrats, Laughing Fish! http://i.imgur.com/RPgUTbh.gif I'm comin' for ya.
: Encouraging suicide should always be an INSTANT ban
I've been saying for a long time that it does not take much effort at all to just be nicer to people in League. Too many people think, "Oh, well people should just get over it and grow a thicker skin!" and don't think, "People should stop being so horrible to others over a video game." Just be nicer! It makes games so much more pleasant when both sides are just having fun. Believe me, NOTHING in League of Legends is worth being so cruel to another person.
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: why do you main your mains
Top: {{champion:78}}{{champion:83}} I loved them both a lot before their reworks, and I love them even more now. Jg: {{champion:154}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:427}} I loved the concept of Zac since the moment he was revealed. The other two just have such unique playstyles that I can't help but love em. Mid: {{champion:1}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:43}} They're cute. ADC: {{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:104}} See above, although I guess Graves isn't really an ADC anymore. Supp: {{champion:223}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:267}} See "Mid".
: **As a heads-up, this may be a bit long, and I'm not sure how to summarize it so I'm afraid there'll be a wall of text and no TL;DR. Sorry 'bout that.** So, I've spent quite a while playing, and developed myself into a small bit of a jack of all trade, and while I'm not overall qualified to give advice, I thought you might find it helpful nevertheless to hear my two cents. **1)** The two biggest marks of Jungler efficiency as I've seen so far is _Clear Speed_, and _Gank Frequency_. Improving your clear speed can be somewhat difficult, as it involves several factors; basic abilities, items, (currently) _Smite_ buffs, and so on. The best way to optimize clear speed that I know of involves this: **1. Choose your first camp based on your champion;** While _Smite_ buffs are still around, choosing your first camp can help a lot. The usual camps I take are Gromp for Mages and Tanks/Juggernauts (Champions like Fiddlesticks, Sejuani, etc.), and Krugs for high-attack speed champions (Xin Zhao and Master Yi being good examples.) - it may take some time to find out which camps work for you, but I'm certain if you work towards it, you'll get it down. **2. Experiment with Basic Abilities priorities;** As anyone would know, and I know you're no exception, the basic abilities you choose first in order (and, even moreso, which ones you max first) can impact your clearing speed as well. Kha'Zix, for example, could take _(Q) Taste Their Fear_ first for extra solitary power (as well as being able to take Gromp easier), or take _(W) Void Spikes_ for early stability due to the heal. **3. Figuring out what items help clear speed the most;** it may go without saying, but I know for some people it can be an issue, but Junglers can optimize around their clearing over ganking and still be a terror to see show up in lane. While more often than not, just buying out your Jungle item and Enchantment suffices, some Champions may need a little extra work to get their clears up to snuff. I wouldn't myself have any recommendations, so it's wholly up to personal study and practice to nail it. As for gank frequency, that's also partly measured by some other factors, like gank pressure, successes, and map awareness. In some cases, you won't be generally successful with a gank; your ally might die and your target will get away, or the enemy Jungler will be just near enough to counter-gank, and so forth and so on. **Gank Pressure -** Being brutally honest, there's no real way to apply gank pressure without being an extremely mobile champion (like Hecarim), or without being a champion with a unique mechanic (Ivern's _Brushmaker_, Kindred's _Mark of the Kindred_), and without stuff like that, your biggest method of keeping pressure is to camp. Nobody's going to like it, but it often has to be done. **Map Awareness -** Another necessity in the Jungle is keeping your eye on the map as much as possible. Between all five roles, the Jungler _must_ make the best use of the map for tactical purposes. Ganking a lane that's pushed up often won't yield any results, whereas ganking a lane that you see your ally starting to fail on would likely benefit you more. (This _also_ plays in to gank pressure; if you see an ally dropping to low health constantly in-lane, you're probably going to want to camp that person out.) **Defining "Success" -** One of the most aggravating parts of Jungling is ganking and coming short of what would have otherwise been a good gank, and sometimes you'll only be able to come in and perform clean-up detail after your ally dies. When it comes to defining success, I personally prioritize like this; **Personal survival > Ally survival > Enemy death > Pushing**. It sure as hell ain't perfect, but keeping such a mindset helps soften the impact of a normally bad gank. **Bonus Points: Objectives -** The other big thing that Junglers do is usually marked near the corners of the map; taking Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor. And often, you won't be able to take those objectives alone, so the only option is to free up your allies with a gank and request help. Just bear in mind that this may very well garner the attention of other lanes and the enemy Jungler. As for keeping your health during clearing, that's a difficult thing in general. You'll probably only get so far with it, but I often use Health Potions (I don't particularly see the use in Refillable Potions going into Hunter's Potion) and - in the cases where I'm starting with Krugs - I often reserve my second _Smite_ for the Brambleback. **2)** Keeping a lead is often hard, but just having it increases the chances you'll keep it. (note; the following may likely not qualify as valid advice because the majority of my time top lane has been spent as Yorick. Take this with a grain of salt.) Once you have a lead, keep your general points of entry warded; having a kill lead over your opponents means you're growing to become a target for _every last member of the enemy team._ Knowing where your opponents are coming from will help the most, since you'll be able to decide whether or not you can take them on. One good tactic that I like to use is to bait out ganks; push up slightly, and wound your opponent - preferably just below or around the 40% mark. Unless their Jungler is either too smart or too stupid, there's a good chance they'll gank you to give their ally the "surprise" edge - wherein you'll stop holding back on your opponent and then turn on the Jungler after they're dead. It's really fun to pull off. **3)** Getting behind sucks, especially against champions like Darius and Riven who are notorious for chunking down people's health bars regardless of class. The only advice I can give is to be careful, keep vision (as with 2, _giving_ a kill lead makes you as much a target as when you're _getting_ one), and avoid confrontation with your opponents for until your Jungler shows up. Depending on your opponent, you may actually want to get more aggressive. Taking Darius as an example, you can actually screw with him by doing some aggressive hit-and-run tactics; rush in, close on him until his _Decimate_ can't heal him, do as much as you can in close quarters (Poppy's _Iron Ambassador_ and _Hammer Shock_ can work well enough), and then jump out before you reach max _Hemorrhage_ stacks. (may be a little easier said if he has yet to use his _Apprehend). Just know your opponent, and advise yourself as to whether or not you should go on the defensive and focus creeps, or go on the offensive and fight back. **4)** Mobile champions are definitely hard to deal with, especially those like Talon and Katarina with instant-movement engage tools (like _Shunpo_ and _Cutthroat_), and in terms of combating them, often the only two things that can help are Crowd Control and threat of extreme damage. Aurelion may seem like one of the biggest victims of Assassins, but he can actually play around them with a little work and a little knowledge. Aiming to land _Star Surge_ and _Celestial Expansion_ are often his biggest tools (and only tools, for that matter) until he reaches 6. But, in overall terms of fighting Assassins (and mobile champions in general) is to apply Crowd Control as frequently as possible. As for Jungling and having your opponent slip away, that is a twofold thing - one, I can refer to the priority list above for gank success, and two; pay close attention to the mobile champions. Most mobile champions on bottom lane (with the exception of Sivir and Jinx) have a dash ability; if you see it used, that's roughly when you should gank, if possible. I apologize that this was so long, but I hope it helped you!
This was actually super helpful! Thank you for going so in-depth.
Bhagswag (NA)
: On jungle monsters, make sure you're not interrupting your auto attacks with your spells. For example on Hecarim, do AA - Q - AA, don't Q if your AA is about to happen. For 2 and 3; don't die. If you are feeding as a bruiser-ish champ, build full tank. Armor, health, MR, everything. You are too weak anyways to kill anything anymore. So just be a huge distraction and soak up the damage for your team.
> [{quoted}](name=Bhagswag,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PyALPVId,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-31T14:26:53.345+0000) > > On jungle monsters, make sure you're not interrupting your auto attacks with your spells. For example on Hecarim, do AA - Q - AA, don't Q if your AA is about to happen. > > For 2 and 3; don't die. If you are feeding as a bruiser-ish champ, build full tank. Armor, health, MR, everything. You are too weak anyways to kill anything anymore. So just be a huge distraction and soak up the damage for your team. That tends to be my go-to strategy for Poppy, ditch all my damage items and just go full tank. I didn't know that Hec's Q interrupted his auto though, that's good to know, thank you!
: I wish I could write out a huge response but I'm lowkey in a class. Have you tried to work on kiting? For Evelynn, for example, you should be trying to move around in circles so that buffs are constantly trying to walk up to attack you while spamming Q. If you feel like you can't help lanes equally, that's normal. You should be trying to camp lanes where the enemy doesn't have flash or just doesn't have mobility in their kit (like a Velkoz mid). Also try to gank lanes with objectives in mind. Would killing bot lane give you time to do drag? Could you and your top laner kill turret if you kill the enemy top? In my experience, keeping a lead going is difficult. Often times people build more damage, but that doesn't work for all champions. Try building defensive when ahead, you'll die less often and still be doing well from being ahead in levels.
> [{quoted}](name=SlayerTay6,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PyALPVId,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-31T13:41:32.570+0000) > > I wish I could write out a huge response but I'm lowkey in a class. > > Have you tried to work on kiting? For Evelynn, for example, you should be trying to move around in circles so that buffs are constantly trying to walk up to attack you while spamming Q. I hadn't tried this out! I took the same rough approach to clearing as I learned with everyone else, I feel kind of dumb for never considering this. I'll check out a few videos on this, thank you!
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: Champion mains, who do you hate laning vs the most?
Poppy is my top lane main, and I absolutely despise facing Darius. Getting forced under my tower for the entire laning phase, even when I'm ahead, is soooo boring. My support main is Bard and understandably, I fucking hate Morgana lmao
: League Community and its inability to Understand "New" Players
It really is not that hard to just be nice to new players. Game communities would honestly be a lot better if more people were willing to just be empathetic and helpful.
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Jakra (EUW)
: What was your derpiest moment in LoL, when you were starting out?
I absolutely REFUSED to build items in parts for some reason. Like, if I was building Warmogs, I would save up the full 3000 gold instead of just combining two items.
: When you are ignited and about to die, and trying to get your support to heal you
I threw up a Bard shrine for someone who was running towards me and about to die from ignite. They stood in front of it until it was fully charged. And then died.
: Feeding While Learning Mechanically Difficult Champions - Worth It, Fair To Other Players?
As long as you're not like, actively trolling, then I think normals are pretty much fair game. Ranked is definitely off limits though.
Ônyx (NA)
: PSA: Bullying teammates, WONT help us win the game..
I agree 100% OP. If you're yelling at someone and calling them names, they aren't going to learn how to fix their mistakes. Most people I've played with, at the very least, will start playing safer and feeding less if you just give them advice that doesn't involve telling them to kill themselves.
TheSlogs (NA)
: R.I.P. Orlando victims and to their family; I'm sorry
As a gay, agnostic man, I really have to say this. This is a huge tragedy in our community. So many of us have died in a place that was supposed to be our safe space, our place to be _ourselves_. But please. _Please._ Stop throwing Muslims under the bus for this because of the shooter's religious beliefs. It's ignoring all of people under the LGBT spectrum who are also Muslim, and are suffering as well. And before people bring up ISIS, no one is defending them, but I swear people forget that a lot of people who are hurt by ISIS are _innocent Muslims_. You wouldn't hold every Christian that has committed an atrocity as a representative of all Christian beliefs, please don't do the same for Muslims. A huge shout out to all the LGBT Muslims that are suffering today, you will always be welcome in this community.
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: Embertine's 20k lifetime upvote contest!
When you have Thornmail and the ADC starts to focus you. http://i.imgur.com/whJSUa8.gif
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