: Can we make Olaf a late game champion?
Its really not healthy to have a late game carry who can become immune to crowd control. Especially when he has extremely strong jungle clear, so he can just PvE farm himself into a position to carry the game. I mean imagine if Master Yi's ultimate made him immune to all CC. He'd be unstopable once he got some items.
: Really
So your jungler doesn't come to dragon when you ask and you > sarkazum2: fuck lee sarkazum2: get the fucking drag next time OK Its a little aggressive but no major problem so far but you keep going >sarkazum2: get out of rank if you wanna play like shit and going >sarkazum2: he doesnt have a clue how to play sarkazum2: he prob bought a silver account and going >sarkazum2: see he just ints sarkazum2: ez reports and going >sarkazum2: better jg wins When you do shit like this, you're not only ruining the game for Lee. You're ruining the game for your entire team. You keep harping on shit that happened like 10 mins ago even up until the game was over. Nobody wants to see you clogging up the chat with garbage just because someone made a bad play. Guess what, people make bad plays all the time. It happens every game. If you'd just get over it instead of whining for half the game people wouldn't report you so much.
: The game feels so flow-charty now.
The game has always been snowbally. Catch-up EXP and Shutdowns were added to make the game less snowbally but it still happens. This isn't something new. Its been the name of the game for the MOBA genre since DOTA Allstars back in 2004 FFS. Maybe it feels to you like its harder to come back now because people are learning how to wave control but do we really want to go back to a time when people were worse at the game? That's not a solution to anything.
floons (NA)
: Advice for a new League Player
I think new players should focus on the fundamental mechanics that aren't champion dependent, like Creep Score, macro decision making/play making, vision/ward control and teamwork. Of course you can't really get that from a bot game. If focusing on one champion lets you pay more attention to your mechanics, that's great. If getting to see the game from the perspective of a variety of roles helps you understand those things better, also great. It will depend on how you want to learn.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Tahm Kench is still dumb, Riot are just avoiding a big issue
Did you miss all the time when he was going top-lane and making it an insufferable nightmare? Of course Devour is a really problematic ability but he was nerfed for more reasons than just that.
Kivolan (NA)
: What Is Being Done to Address Mobility?
As a jungle main I honestly I have no problem with champions who need a target to dash to like Irelia or Yasuo or Kat, because they're much more predictable and its possible to chase them down by catching them away from targets they can jump to. More problematic is stuff like {{champion:92}} , {{champion:76}} and {{champion:38}} who can just blink or dash out of trouble on a low cooldown, so they can't really be caught unless they do something really dumb.
Yenn (NA)
: Can we get some improvements to make Udyr competitive with other juggernauts?
Even though Udyr's design is cool, thematically, he's extremely one-dimensional in a gameplay sense and is just annoying to play against. I really hope they don't buff him, he should probably just get a full rework.
: What adcs are left to play ?
Ashe and Jinx are top tier right now but you can pretty much play any ADC other than Kalista and Ezreal and do fine.
: Senna feels like 90% Marksman 10% Enchanter
I don't really feel like she's designed to be an enchanter per-say. More like a high damage poke-support that happens to have some utility like {{champion:99}}
Mega Gnar (EUW)
: 1 Loss = Losing Promos?
Dodging in champ select counts as a loss in promotion series, so maybe that's the issue.
: Nah they would never buy less tank items. There is nothing a Mundo or a Ornn or most other tanks could build that is more effective than Health/MR/Armor. Thing is you would see every bruiser running this rune and becoming stronger late game. Which isn't exactly that bad because they almost all fall off lategame currently.
Well probably not tanks specifically but champions like {{champion:254}} or {{champion:59}} who only build barely enough tankyness to survive to kill their target. You do have to consider its impact on the game as a whole and not just pure tanks after all. You could run into a similar issue as with the current version of Aftershock where its being used on {{champion:555}} and such.
: What if "Conditioning" Worked Like "Gathering Storm"
Honestly it could just let players buy less tank items, which I don't think is the goal. Ultimately I want to see what the aftershock and conquer changes do to the meta before anything else happens.
Cdore (NA)
: Riot should just embrace Teleport
DOTA is a good game and all that but I don't want this game to become DOTA. If i wanted that, I would just play DOTA
: I just...I just don't know how to win at league anymore...
Well why don't you play some of these "instawin" picks and try it yourself? Do you actually not know how to win or have you just decided you don't want to win? If you're not picking "instawin"
: Remove the stun from Qiyana's R
I think if it only stunned enemies that you knocked into the wall with the first part of the ultimate, that would be fair. Giant AOE stuns belong on control mages, not assassins, but locking down a single target is fine, IMO.
Rαy (EUW)
: Spam Ganks are annoying and Farming Junglers struggle: How does reducing Jungle Xp improve anything?
Its a tough balance to strike. Too much jungle xp/gold and Karthus just sits in the jungle for 30 mins and then starts one shotting people. Too little xp/gold and junglers just end up doing their best River Shen impression.
Ha Ha! Poop jokes! How witty of you.
AlsoBetween (EUNE)
: Looking for a competitive game
Personally I think Street Fighter 5 is a good game (finally, after like 3 years of being crap) but the online play is not great because of netcode issues. Still enjoyable but to really get the most out of it, it helps if you have a local scene to play IRL. It plays very differently from MK11. Tekken 7 also very popular right now, although its not my cup of tea, if you want to try a 3d fighter. Definitely more polished than SF5. And if you prefer more anime, there's a new Guilty Gear game on the horizon that could be a good pickup. If you don't mind a hefty dose of randomness, there's also competitive card games like Magic the Gathering: Arena Or if you prefer shooters I personally like Apex Legends right now. Its teams of three so you can carry pretty hard.
: The problem I find is that almost every instance that a statistic or census is made regarding online abuse, they always function under a premise of "People on the internet hate women" when in fact the internet in general hates everyone. There'd be no significant difference in the amount of hate either male or female games receive. Then, those reports will turn the focus to the fact that the insults will target females specifically because they're female, painting the internet as "sexist" as well as "women-hating." That is, of course, a counter-truth. While it's true that people will make toxic comments involving specific body parts or gender, those comments don't automatically take precedence over literally everything else that's said. That logic is misleading. When someone is being toxic, it doesn't matter if you're a woman, or a man, or black, or white, or christian, or jewish, or atheist, or short, or tall, or anything. Toxicity isn't static, it's fluid. People will point out anything that they know will get a reaction. Women simply value their female traits, so that's what trolls will pick at. Think of it this way. Women value their womenhood to a much greater extent than men value their menhood. That's not even a scientific statement, it's cultural. In western society, whereas men are taught to be the best **people** that they can be, women are instead taught to be the best **women** that they can be.
https://www.dualshockers.com/overwatch-loses-pro-female-player-harassment-accusations/ Sure there are a lot of very harsh "fans" out there, but some of the few female players who have made it into esports have gotten harassed on a whole other level. Its not even close.
: How is moving untargetable for up to the entire team broken? Idk just think about it.
Only untargetable if you don't have anyone close to them to break the Camouflage, and they don't attack. Even then you can still use skillshots and because Sena is always in the center of Mist she not going to be hard to hit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xalasmeni Banana,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=L8cR034r,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-10-30T19:25:14.671+0000) > > Support zyra is really good and can get off really well in late game. > > Its not rare for me to end up with 16+ kills in a game Yes she is so good only 3% of people play her. Like people can do well with basically any champion. She isn't good. Adcs doesn't need damage they need utility. Thresh is a great example of that, and same when was lux strong. A bot lane with zyra and Kai'Sa will be weaker then a both lane with thresh Kai'Sa if all players are equal. Also zyra being good doesn't matter if she has sure a low playrate since the whole point of this discussion is the support role as a whole and champions with low pickrates doesn't shape or show how a role is doing. I can do well with shen and so can many others but that doesn't mean riot is making top lane about tanks. I pointed out zyra and brand since there is a reason they're not played and if riot was making support into a damage role they wouldn't be in the state they're in.
> [{quoted}](name=boricCentaur1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=L8cR034r,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2019-10-30T19:40:32.790+0000) > > Yes she is so good only 3% of people play her. Like people can do well with basically any champion. > > She isn't good. Adcs doesn't need damage they need utility. Thresh is a great example of that, and same when was lux strong. > > A bot lane with zyra and Kai'Sa will be weaker then a both lane with thresh Kai'Sa if all players are equal. > > Also zyra being good doesn't matter if she has sure a low playrate since the whole point of this discussion is the support role as a whole and champions with low pickrates doesn't shape or show how a role is doing. > > I can do well with shen and so can many others but that doesn't mean riot is making top lane about tanks. > > I pointed out zyra and brand since there is a reason they're not played and if riot was making support into a damage role they wouldn't be in the state they're in. The point is, nobody at riot told us Zyra was a support before the players started doing it themselves. Same thing happened with Lux. Its not Riot pushing for high damage support picks, its the player base.
: Here's what's confusing to me: The Polish Site says that the gun attacks slow. The Passive on the Wiki now says she is gated by AD and Crit damage. P.S. Thank you for tipping me off that Senna is now on the Wiki.
She has a long 'windup' on her auto attacks. About 0.5 seconds. This makes her chasing and kiting more difficult. For reference that's the same as Jhinn's 4th shot and about twice as long as an average champion's attack windup.
: Is bread really that bad?
Bread is fine in moderation just like most any food. Cutting back refined sugars is recommended because they can spike your blood-sugar level and are linked to diabetes. Yes complex carbs like bread are broken down into sugar in the blood but the process of breaking it down is slow and therefore does not cause big spikes in blood sugar levels, its more gradual. Generally whole grain and multi-grain breads are better for you than plain white because they contain a larger variety of nutrients, compared to white bread which is more processed. As someone mentioned before, unsweetened Peanut Butter is a good source of calories for people looking to gain weight because its very calorie dense and has a good mix of protein, carbs and unsaturated fats.
: Is Riot trying to change the support role ?
You know high damage supports have been a thing ever since people started playing Support {{champion:99}}, even though she was designed as a mid-laner. The same thing happened with {{champion:143}}, and later with {{champion:161}} and {{champion:101}} . Riot is just following the support archetypes that the players themselves have pushed for.
: I mean a busted ability is a busted ability no matter the win rate on the champ. She could have literally NOTHING else and this ability is still busted broken, she may not win with just this as an ability but it doesn't change the fact that it is completely unbalance-able in its current form for a MOBA.
She basically turns into a moving Ivern bush on a 26 second cooldown. How is that broken?
: Imagine getting worked up over ping spamming. Please grow up and have actual problems in life.
Maybe other people are trying to enjoy a video game and you're just being annoying for no reason.
: When Morde ults extremly fed enemy
When the 0-9 Mord ults the enemy tank https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ScaryEnlightenedBobwhite-size_restricted.gif
: Pyke still broken
He's sitting around a 51% winrate right now which is hardly broken. Plus the Aftershock changes in season 10 are going to hit him real hard.
: It's literally there to stop endless games. You won't see that shit pre 35mins anyway which means at this point of the game both champs would be outscaled by the majority of mid-lategame champs.
Warwick has good baron/dragon control so if anything Elder being more powerful helps him close out games before he becomes fully irrelevant.
AdamrCc (EUW)
: The elder dragon execute outright invalidates champions such as Warwick and Olaf.
I think I've seen exactly one Elder Dragon being taken this season in my games. I highly doubt the elder dragon change will have any noticeable impact on their winrates. Warwick has pretty good neutral monster control with his extremely high sustain and massive attack speed once it gets to 50% HP AND the ability to suppress the enemy jungler when he jumps into the pit to try to smite. If anything Warwick wants neutral monsters to be more important. Olaf is so snowbally and falls off so badly, if you're at 35 mins and you don't already have a big enough lead to have full control of dragon by this point in the game you may as well /ff
: Who would be the 5th KDA Member?
They have 3 assassins and an ADC, clearly KDA needs a front line, so add {{champion:254}}
: Tencent fabricates loot box odds. Pray they don't have a hand in the mobile version.
This is scummy as hell but put the blame where its due: Activision has been ramping up their anti-consumer garbage for like a decade now, with no signs of stopping. I have no reason to put the blame on Tencent for this.
: > [{quoted}](name=mark6028,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=esNcJZGs,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-10-26T12:07:58.001+0000) > > Must be so hard to be the single most broken role for the last 3 years. > Much respect. Muh poor junglas. Broken role? No. It's the fact that Riot incentivized spam ganking junglers and made the same 4 junglers the only ones viable to actually have an effect on the game.
I like when my team spam pings me because I haven't ganked yet but I'm playing {{champion:154}} and the enemy is {{champion:64}} who just decides to camp top lane starting at level 2.
: Favorite Broken Items of the Last 10 Years?
Say what you want about it, I thought the Banner of Command meta was kinda cool.
Kazekiba (NA)
: It means that Liquid is garbage and Invictus was playing poorly for one game that didn't really impact their standings anyway. Our region is garbage because our solo queue mentality is terrible and our talent makes far more money streaming on their own schedule than they'll get from tournaments, so these matches don't really matter beyond temporary spotlights to stroke their oversized egos further. Cute that you think Damwon have a chance at beating SKT though. Even if they go 2-0, the end score is going to be 2-3 with the usual Reverse SweepKT-
You're way over complicating the reasons why NA is a weaker region. We just have less players, way less players than EU or China or SK. That means less competition (in Pro games and in solo queue) and a smaller player base to draft players from.
: Spear of Shojin removed in PBE
I hope they don't remove {{item:3512}}
Comentários de Rioters
: Role queue actually lowers matchmaking quality.
If you really want to go back to people yelling at each other in champ select trying to get their role and having your support just feed the entire game because he didn't want to play support, I really question your sanity.
: Dear Junglers:
Well you better get used to it Riot is nerfing the jungle XP again.
: {{champion:555}} 2019 supports {{champion:201}} 2014 supports
> [{quoted}](name=Troll Slaiyer,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HAL6lHdw,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-10-20T20:49:17.235+0000) > > {{champion:555}} 2019 supports > {{champion:201}} 2014 supports {{champion:53}} Am I a joke to you?
: The new arcade skins are cool but Xerath hasn't had a skin since 2015
How about a new skin for {{champion:154}} ? If you don't count the SKT skin, which wasn't Riot's choice anyway, he hasn't gotten a new since since I took a long Hiatus from the game back in season 5.
: Useless League of Legends Facts?
When playing against an enemy {{champion:236}} , {{champion:412}} got +1 extra soul at the start of the game. However this was removed in 9.20 as a teaser for the release of Senna.
: Amateur LoL League
There are some college leagues going around as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Soul Dealer,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kp7di8Z9,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-21T22:12:13.819+0000) > > I’m a Jax main and Jax might actually build this item. Jax is not gonna be a good team fighter now that spear is gone so he is gonna just be a perma split pusher. Any item that helps that will help him. So sanguine blade, zz rot, hell even ohmrewcker might find a place on him. Or just solo every dragon and try to get the super shojin buff from the dragon
> [{quoted}](name=CaptainAntiHeroz,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kp7di8Z9,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-10-21T22:19:07.400+0000) > > Or just solo every dragon and try to get the super shojin buff from the dragon The dragon soul buff is only on your 4th dragon of the game. So not only does your team need to get 3 other dragons, you need the 4th dragon that you kill to be the Air Dragon specifically which is a 1/4.
: Riot, if you only have one takeaway from this season, please let it be this
Tanks really aren't that far out of the meta tbh. There are multiple tanks with over 50% win rate. {{champion:154}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:20}} etc. I don't want to see tank vs. tank top lanes being the meta because that is boring. The main problem with jungle tanks in competitive is they very easy to invade on and have bad scuttle control. So you against agressive junglers like {{champion:64}} or {{champion:60}} they have a real bad time. I think they should have {{item:3035}} apply after lethality instead of before like it used to be, and a few small buffs to tank itemization would bring them back into the soloqueue meta, but probably not into competitive, and I think that's ok.
Meserion (NA)
: [Suggestion/Theorycraft] Removal of Armor penetration and Magic penetration mechanics
IMO we should go back to %penitration applying after Lethality and not before. Would help make Tanks more relevant while keeping Lethality useful. What you're suggesting is going WAY too far. Tanks aren't that far out of the meta.
: Dragon souls - Upcoming reworks
I don't like it because its another snowballing mechanic in a game that's already very snowbally. And if you're a top laner, well you better take {{summoner:12}}
: Be careful mate. I made a similar post about 2 weeks ago about a dude who ran it down in one of my games and was never punished and it was removed. Apparently he was in the right to run it down and I wasn't suppose to talk about it. I swear, one of these days, I'm just going to make an account just to run it down every game and see how long it takes, if ever, to get punished.
Its against the rules to post other player's names and call them out. The player's name is not visible in the match history so it should be fine.
: Anyone has fun playing against master Yi?
{{item:3161}} is getting removed, so he should be much less cancerous next season. Making him able to do back to back to back alpha strikes to make him invisible and untargetable for entire first half of a fight before cleaning up everyone is some seriously bull.
: NA needs more talent
NA just has way less players in total than EU or Korea or China. Its just a matter of statistics that they have a smaller talent pool for competitive as a result.
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