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: Why didn't Sylas become part of the Illuminators?
His arcane sight was likely more useful to the Mageseekers than the Illuminators (or Radiant Ones, as talked about later), and then when he "left" the Mageseekers he was a wanted man. Also, the Mageseekers might actually be a part of the Illuminators, as we know that Lux is a member of the Radiant Ones, the warrior order *within* the Illuminators.
Moody P (NA)
: i think voli's storm god thing could look really cool done right "The sky darkened with ash. Columns of smoke rose to clash with the menacing thunderclouds, and bolts of lightning lanced through the haze. The world grew eerily still as the Thousand-Pierced Bear itself took to the battlefield. We could see its telltale shape: spears, swords, tusks, all were stuck in its hide. Lightning followed in its wake. And it laughed." -[The Voice From the Hearth]( I'm already hyped my dudes
: > Pantheon too, but he might be a match for the other Targonians. First Zoe. Second, Leona burned a man alive with a single attack: > She thrust her golden sword toward him and a searing echo of its image blazed from the rune-cut blade. White-hot fire engulfed Dragon-helm, his furs and hair instantly igniting and his armor fusing to his flesh like a brand. He shrieked in hideous pain, and Leona felt the cosmic power inside her revel in the man’s agony. He staggered backward, somehow still alive and screaming as her fire melted the flesh from his bones. His men faltered in their assault as he fell to his knees as a blazing pyre. Third, Diana can kill an human extremly fast with her "moon fire: > Leona saw Diana’s incredulous fury at the elders’ denial, but before she could react, the white-haired girl hurled herself forward. Blinding light exploded from Diana’s outstretched hands, and orbs of silver fire burned the elders to dust in the blink of an eye. White flames surged in a hurricane of cold lightning and blasted Leona from the chamber. When she regained consciousness, she found Diana gone and the Solari leaderless. What I mean is that Targonians hosts are extremly powerful, at least compared to humans, i doubt that Jax would do so much against them.
The Targonian hosts are indeed extremely powerful, but Pantheon and Zoe are the only ones who potentially outclass Jax's experience. Zoe however doesn't care about experience and probably wouldn't even recognize a fight for what it was. Anyway, remember that even when Jax *wasn't* 3,500 years old, he was still fighting the Ascended, which means he's used to fighting beings in the "cosmic magic" weight class. He knows the matchup and he knows what to prepare for. Furthermore, the excerpt about Diana was most likely a fluke on her part. Jax could take her in a fight, and I think he could give Leona a run for her money as well.
: If Jax was to use his skill, strength and power to the fullest extent in modern Runeterra...
First of all, thanks for not mentioning Jax's old lore at all. I hate when people do that. Yeah, I don't think your claim is too difficult to swallow. I can imagine Jax being outclassed in a couple areas, but in a fight with another "mortal type," he'd more than make up for it with his experience. He'd probably lose to Darkin and Ascended, and probably Pantheon too, but he might be a match for the other Targonians. I wonder if [*None Shall Pass*]( is still technically canon. It's still on the site, but with Jax's skills shown in [*Where Icathia Once Stood*](, I somehow doubt that Fiora would be that much of a match for him. Then again, we technically don't know if Saijax is Jax. Like, we don't *know*. But he probably is.
Arakadia (NA)
: Okay but if you design a character who likes to trick people and is known for being a mischievous trickster, you should back it up in game. Having her character be a trickster but her powers not is such a weird choice.
Yeah, this is the position that makes my argument null. But not everyone sees it like this, which is why I posted my comment.
: >It's been suggested that the egg thing he took away in his video was some sort of device that could summon Aurelion Sol. Aurelion Sol, if free from Targon, could easily destroy the planet, so there's that. Where?
I'm not exactly sure, and I also wouldn't be surprised if the relationship to Aurelion has been completely thrown out the window tbh
NichtHurz (EUW)
: Just a little bit of appreciation for Kindred
Kindred is the best champion lore-wise imo
: Why didn't Bard intervene during the Rune Wars?
It's been suggested that the egg thing he took away in his video was some sort of device that could summon Aurelion Sol. Aurelion Sol, if free from Targon, could easily destroy the planet, so there's that. The World Runes could probably destroy the planet too, but I agree with GreenLore. It's totally possible, and dare I say likely, that Bard did intervene in the Rune Wars, just in a way that we can't see.
: Neeko is more tricky then the trickster herself.
I feel like it's worth mentioning that Zoe is an aspect of change. Her personality is about being a trickster, but her powers are not. This argument is built off the lore and can be accepted or denied how you seem fit.
: The shield is really the only thing that would let her withstand a shot from Urgot's machine gun. Without it, she'll be blown to pieces with one, maybe two shots. It's not really about how advanced her technology is as it is about the physics of an automatic tank cannon. It would be a lot like taking the most durable cell phone you can buy, giving it a good case and then shooting it with a .50 cal. There won't be much of a phone left afterwards.
At this point let's just agree that we have different opinions on this. We both tried hard to sway each other, but we're both standing firm. I salute you.
: If we're speaking realistically, even if Camille was say 80% machine or more, a single shot from Urgot's machine gun would still blow her to bits. Its basically a tank cannon. She could however, take a shotgun blast as you said, but not for the reasons you probably think. Urgot's shotgun knees aren't really shotgun knees. Their basically exploding flame throwers with no actual projectile. So Camille would simply get thrown backward and lit on fire. Also I'm pretty sure Camille has a line saying something along the lines of "I remain human... for the most part."
I still think you're underestimating Clan Ferros's technology. Camille is kinda like Iron Man in my mind in terms of durability. We see in the comic that she canonically has her passive shield as well. Urgot is durable too, but like I said he has obvious weak points.
: Actually the majority of Camille's upper torso is biological. Also as for Urgot's weak points, they wouldn't be all that easy to reach for a melee fighter considering his crab legs would be in the way. Also there's the question of how fast can Urgot spin on his legs to avoid hits on that side?
I thought, and after skimming her bio still think, that Camille is mostly technology, enough so to survive shotgun blasts. You say that it would be hard for Camille to get to Urgot's weak points, but you seem to forget that she can use her grappling hooks to attack from above. However fast Urgot can move his legs, I think it's safe to assume that Camille can move faster. Also, may I direct everyone's attention to [this comic](
: Who would Win: Round one! Urgot Versus Camille
I think all y'all are underestimating Camillie's durability. She's basically all machine now, and I feel like her tech is probably strong enough to take a shotgun blast, especially with her speed. Maybe even a couple shotgun blasts. Camille's agility and environment maneuverability would let her get into close combat with Urgot easily, and after that Urgot has obvious weak points in his head and chest, and I think Camille could easily play around that.
DWT12345 (NA)
: So, if I'm to understand correctly, the Watchers aren't directly aligned with the void, although they came from it?
I read it as the Frozen Watchers were the first Void dudes to come over, but they failed (for now) and because of that the rest of the Void dudes are just kind of avoiding the Freljord.
mzicio (EUW)
: Watchers are six-limbed too, iirc
: Yes but that dose not imply one way or the other that Nunu imagined the extra arms, it could be taken either way. It does imply that the personality of Willump is Nunu's creation.
To support imgrabe's point, it is canon that, in part due to his extra arms, Willump is [the best hugger in Runeterra. This is indisputable fact.]( Even then, it's not hard to say that, in the Freljord's history, there might've been mammals that had six limbs. Maybe six-finned fish evolved, and once they got to land the secondary fins were developed instead of opposable thumbs. I can think of a few ways six limbs could've happened. But that's not the point. I was going to go on, but I realized that everything I was going to say has probably been said already. The rest is for you to agree or disagree with. That's your choice.
Psyrix (NA)
: Lol, someone’s been reading the gods are Bastards ;)
> [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=icewate2,comment-id=00000000000100030002,timestamp=2017-03-28T20:32:52.646+0000) > > Hard to say how [Galio's] magic would interact with [Illaoi]. I tend to think of divine magic and arcane magic different focuses.
: Why do 2 of the 3 confirmed Demons lurk around Demacia? Coincidence?
It's been said by Riot that divine magic (Illaoi) doesn't work the same way as arcane magic, so petricite may have a different or even no effect on it. Maybe demon magic is the same?
: I personally doubt this, mostly due to the fact that Freljord has plenty of other demi-Gods of their own, with Anivia filling the "protection goddess" role that Janna fills for Zaun. Turning Braum into some abstract demi-God feels like it takes a away from his character. Making him a spirit of sorts makes him EXTREMELY less relatable as a character, as I (and many others) like the idea of this random big jolly dude just leaping in and shielding you from danger, giving you a warm smile, a cup of milk and a quick story that "MOTHER ALWAYS SAID!" On the other hand, MY personal theory is that Braum is more like a Title/Literal Chracter, not exactly a spirit, which still explains some of his mythological feats that have been translated around Freljord for ages. Perhaps Braum's story is of a simple man who had performed a heroic feat revolving around him gaining the shield, thus people began to believe him to be the true Braum of myth?
If you think being a spirit takes away from one's character, I suggest you read Janna's color story, [Deep Breath]( Heck, I suggest you read it anyway. It's very good.
MrNhbdy (NA)
: I don't know Syndra's lore, but the title of the thread struck a cord. Please enlighten me. Mage creates magic nullifying substance ON PURPOSE using magic. This doesn't quite sound right to me, wouldn't this like void itself out mid creation. I could understand a null magic substance happening over time because of constant magical use to nature, major events like the rune wars and possibly hextech waste/ technological waste. Its possible that the world has evolved to protect itself , petricite being its answer.
I'm going to use the word "theory," but this isn't really a theory, just speculation. A path I think Riot *might* be taking, not necessarily something that I *want* or *don't want* to happen. We know that Syndra's magic affects her environment. In Ionia we've seen that it corrupts the spiritual energy of the landscape, often times "destroying" or seemingly killing it. The thing is, Ionia is really the only place where magic is ingrained so deep into the environment that it has a noticeable effect on the land, so we don't know how this corruption would affect non-Ionian soil. My theory is that Syndra has the potential ability to create petricite by corrupting her environment in a such a way that it leaves the environment unable to hold magic in any way, thereby creating a nullifying effect. If she *does* have this ability, I doubt she knows how do it currently and I don't know if she'd be able to do it in Ionia.
Lewanor (NA)
: How does someone use magic in Runeterra? Does it come from parents like in Harry Potter Universe?
I agree with a lot of people her saying that in some cases it's random and in some cases it's genetic. The other thing is that many people can learn how to access magic in a seemingly non-magic way, like Katarina's techniques. The best examples of these instances come from Ionia with Jhin, Yi, and in an extreme case, Irelia. See, Irelia's not exactly magical, but she somehow (even she doesn't know how) gained the ability to access magic via dancing. It may be more abstract, like her spiritual and intimate connection to dancing allows her to, I dunno, talk to the Spirit of Ionia? Anyway, Yi is something similar. He learned how to access magic "non-magically" through physical, mental, and spiritual mastery of the blade. Jhin I'm not sure about. As you've probably guessed it's much easier to do this stuff in Ionia. Tbh with Katarina it might not actually be magic, it might just be that she's *that good,* but if not all of this might apply. Also let's talk about Ashe. Ashe isn't magical, but because she had a specific ancestor she has the ability to wield her magic bow. Finally, hextech. Hextech is becoming more available in the world. A dude figured out that using magical crystals as a medium basically anyone can gain the ability to use magic when it is put into tools. Jhin's gun is like hextech, but more hex and less tech because it's Ionian.
: Any thoughts on why the heavens wanted to pull Mount Targon off Runeterra
I thought Mount Targon was just home to a lot of weird gravitational anomalies due to the presence of, well, Targon. The point is, it's not a natural mountain.
: You mean like a lead deposit in the earth? Or a thick slab of stone composed of many bits of metals and other minerals that can easily dampen any kind of bomb blast and residue? It's not unheard of to have naturally occurring protectors, and even then, we're not even certain that the petricite trees _can_ adequately dampen the power of World Runes. It may just make it untraceable by other forms of magic, like a signal jammer of sorts, but we don't actually know that Petricite can nullify the runes. And just containing the runes isn't a feat, by themselves they're not dangerous to the environment. We saw in the comic that Ryze hid one in Shurima for millenia, and there's no petricite there.
Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm just not sure how Riot is going about the rules surrounding magic in their world, and I'm trying to play it safe. I guess I can say, if petricite isn't as OP as I had assumed then it doesn't need a backstory. If it is, it does.
: I don't think Petricite needs a backstory. It's just a byproduct of an enchanted forest that eventually became petrified over the millennia. Petrified forests exist in reality, so it's more of a "what would happen to magic trees if they underwent that process?" We know there are things in the world with magical properties already, Ionia is rife with magical things, so it's not like having trees that can absorb/nullify magic due to their own magical nature is out of place in the world.
I didn't think it really needed a backstory until we found out it can contain World Runes. That's like a naturally occurring nuke shelter that can survive the Tsar Bomba from 30 feet.
: No 2 different types of magic manipulation petricite is a naturally accruing material, it absorbs and nullifies magic, any and all types no matter how powerful, meaning it even trumps world runes and most certainly Syndras magic, because petricite isn't magic, it's a material that absorbs and nullifies it same as lead absorbing an x-ray Now u can say magic nullification is a type of magic, but even then it's still in its own realm Syndra's magic deconstructs/withers/rots/destroys magic related to the spiritual realm specifucally. Basically Syndras magic is anti spirit energy magic, and petricite is anti magic, they aren't the same thing
We don't know what magic even is though. Syndra's magic has a weird effect on spiritual energy, but it's possible that *all* magic is spiritual, but it only makes sense to call it that in Ionia because of the properties of the environment. If this is the case, it could be possible that one day Syndra might learn to control *how* she distorts spiritual energy in order to create null-magic properties. It's also possible that outside-Ionia magic is non-spiritual and Ionia magic is, in which case we could theorize that if Syndra's magic affects spiritual energy in certain ways, it may affect non-spiritual magic in similar, but different, ways. And so we come back to the possibility of petricite creation.
: This is not the case. The giant trees that became petrified had properties to them that allowed them to either absorb or nullify magic entirely. They're not the byproduct of someone like Syndra who could drain the magic from the land, as they would cease to have magic absorbing/nullification properties if someone like Syndra had drained their magic that gave them these properties. Furthermore, Syndra was only limited to Ionia. After she withered the Ghostwillow and killed her mentor, she was entrapped by Ionia itself in the Dreaming Pools. She never left the islands, so she is definitely not the cause of anything outside of Ionia.
I'm not saying it was Syndra who made Demacia, I'm saying someone like her might've. I'm wondering if Syndra *would be able to* create petricite if she learned more about her powers. Also Syndra doesn't drain magic from the land, she just alters it in possibly permanent ways. Basically I'm just trying to theorize where petricite originally came from. It's such a powerful material that I feel like it didn't just come from nowhere. Well, I guess the World Runes kind of came from nowhere, but you get what I'm saying. Petricite has to have *some* kind of backstory, even if it's just "it was around since the World Runes."
: That's actually makes some sense! First off, Syndra's powers have been continuously described by Riot to be "something totally new to Ionia" and how it's not 'sapping' magic, but it just sort of 'rots' magic around the area and 'cuts off the connection to the spirit world' in a sense. It'd make sense in Ionia that it'll be looked down upon and cause tons of damage to the surrounding area (Ionia literally BREATHS magic). Secondly, I feel like Petricite is starting to be revealed as EXTREMELY powerful, more so than most people would think. I mean, it's a material that specifically nullifys magic, to the point where it can hold WORLD RUNES, the most powerful objects in Runeterra. An immensley powerful object sounds in-line with Syndra.
: > [{quoted}](name=Camille Ferrøs,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=exj4ATl6,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-08T21:02:26.484+0000) > > What do you mean exactly ¿ The mists that haunt the isle. Maybe that aberration was a result of magical fallout.
It was magical fallout, but not the same kind. Thinking about it, they're very similar tho. The Shadow Isles were a place of potent magic, much like Ionia is. A person attempted to use this natural magic to bring someone back to life and succeeded, but the now undead person was an abomination that just wanted to die again. The dude who brought her back to life decided to magically commit suicide and bind her soul to his for eternity so that they'd be together in death, but his spell was amplified by the Isles' magical properties and it backfired, creating a zone of un-death.
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: But what if the battle is in a neutral region (like the teritories in Valoran betwen Noxus and Demacia)
Right now it's just my theory, but I'm not sure Ornn, Volibear, and Anivia can even leave the Freljord.
: Rebuilt Shurima vs unified Freljord
I feel like it really depends on who is invading whom. Home territory would easily define the outcome of the war. So much so that I think neither region would willingly invade the other.
: mh.. i don't think kalan is a kiilash. I mean, sure, grey fur, braids.. but he's a cat lol Rengo is a lion i think :^) besides, kalan has horns on his head and 3 tails, so I highly doubt he's a kilash like Rengar
Tbh I don't know if he's Kiilash, but I imagined him as Rengar-like and he jumped out of the shadows once in the story, so… Anyway, I'm also not sure if Vastaya are uniform. Like, even with the horns and three tails I think they might still be the same race. I just chalked it up to Vastayans being weird.
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Terozu (NA)
: Never said she was a god.
Oh, sorry. I thought you said something like "Also Zoe seems to be more powerful, she's one of the actual gods of the game."
Terozu (NA)
: This is false. It's Bard, confirmed many times. Also Zoe seems to be more powerful, not to mention the actual gods of the game. Which Aurelion Sol is not.
Zoe is not a god, she is a mortal holding the power of a mortal who is powerful enough to pretend to be a god. Targonians are not gods. Right now it seems that Bard and Kindred are the most powerful champions, while Nagakabouros is the most powerful mentioned being in lore.
: Hextech **isn't** just the infusion of machines with magic. (I'm pretty passionate about hextech lore, so prepare for some text) Skarner's race, the Brackern, hold on to crystals that hold the memories and wisdom of every Brackern to ever fuse with the same crystal. They are ancient and hold the knowledge of many millennia. Young Brackern search for these crystals of their ancestors to fuse with. Not just any crystal will do either, it has to be the right one. The crystals communicate with the Brackern by song to steer the searching Brackern in the right direction. If a Brackern fails to find a crystal to fuse with, he will die. When the rune wars happened the Brackern decided to bury underground in Shurima and wait until humans have brought themselves to extinction. However, the sleeping Brackern have been found and raiders have removed crystals from their body, leaving them to die. Skarner is doing his best to reclaim the lost crystals and protect the sleeping Brackern, but he is currently the only one awake and can't save them all. A crystal was brought to Piltover and after Jayce shattered it he discovered it to be an energy source with very high potential. That's what Hextech is, shattered Brackern crystals used as energy source. The crystals can't be synthetically made, they are only so powerful since they been infused with magic for more than ten thousand years, most likely way longer. Hextech is pretty much exclusively created in Piltover (not so sure about this one anymore) and anyone who wants such a contraption needs to pay a very high price for them. If somebody creates a magic gun and doesn't use a hextech crystal, it's not hextech. Hextech is a lot more powerful, but also requires the destruction of a Brackern crystal.
I know about the Brackern. OG hextech was made specifically from Brackern crystals, yes, but the Piltovans didn't even know what it was they had. They were just like "Crystals made of magic, neato" Piltovans *did* end up figuring out how to synthetically make "magic crystals," albeit a *much* weaker version than the genuine artifact. Remember, Piltovan's aren't fully aware of the significance of the crystals they harvested. Modern Piltovan "hextech crystals" are just magical energy in crystal form, because that's what they thought the *original* stuff was. At some point we're just going to be arguing about the definition of "hextech." If your definition (which may very well be the correct one) says that hextech is specifically made with Brackern crystals, than no, Jhin's gun is not hextech. If your definition says that hextech is at least made from crystals that were made with Brackern crystals in mind, than no, Jhin's gun is not hextech. If your definition says that hextech is any infusion of technology with magic, than yes, Jhin's gun is hextech. To be clear, my understanding is that Jhin's gun is not powered by a crystal of any kind, but it *was* made with Piltovan hextech in mind. Don't know if I personally think it's hextech or not.
: {{champion:4}} kill a random bug, get money.... and free teleport
Okay, you talking about the teleport reminded me of something in-lore that I think is funny. Anyone reading this who doesn't know much about the lore, this is for you. In [Burning Tides](, a major Bilgewater story, TF is hired to steal a thing from one of Gangplank's treasure warehouses. I find it hilarious how he does it. Basically, he ults into the warehouse, grabs the thing he's supposed to steal, and then he just sits down to wait for his ult cooldown to be over so he can ult out of the warehouse.
: Not to be rude, but do you have any sources for that? I doubt his weapons are powered by hextech, since they're from Ionia, not Piltover. > It was not a Piltovian weapon—those gaudy things that attempted to function with the minuscule amounts of magic available in those lands. This gun was made by a true forge master. Magic pulsed from its bronze, Ionian heart. I've read through his color story to make sure I didn't miss anything, but I can't find anything that mentions Jhin having magical abilities.
Hextech is just the infusion of machines with magic. Piltovan hextech is the go-to, and they're the people who originally had the idea. Piltovan hextech works by having a magical crystal (which can now be synthetically made) and stickng it into a machine. While Piltovan hextech is definitely more machine than magic, Ionian "hextech" definitely isn't. The land itself in Ionia imbued with magic in a way that the rest of the world simply isn't. Jhin's gun can be considered hextech simply because it's a magically-enhanced machine, but I doubt that's that answer you're looking for. Jhin's gun was likely built with Piltovan hextech in mind, but because it's Ionian it's a much different beast, as shown in that quote you got.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Evelynn literally needs skin contact born by desire, it is not only because it is sweeter to destroy someone with hope and happiness. If it wasn't the case, she would just find really happy ones and kill them easily. The arousement she causes with her look is a benefit. She finds seducing as the most efficent because not only she attracts them but also makes them happier.
I don't think she *needs* contact born of desire, it's just that at this point she wants that high-grade suffering enough that there's no point in suffering a little to get it. Remember, at the beginning of her "life," > At first, catching prey was a challenge for the demon. It could move undetected in its shadow form, but to touch a human, the creature needed to manifest as something tangible. It made several attempts to fashion a physical body from its shadow-flesh, but each result was more monstrous than the last, scaring off her prey. > The demon realized it needed a shape that was pleasing to humans, one that would not only lure them right into its claws, but would offer them ecstasy born of their own desires, so that their pain would be that much sweeter. Though now that I think of it, it's possible that as a demon grows in power, the *limitations* on their powers *also* increase. Tahm Kench is likely more powerful than Evelynn, and the rules that he must follow to complete a contract are much less cut-and-dry than Evelynn's. So I guess in conclusion, Evelynn didn't *always* need skin contact born from desire, but I don't know if that's still the case.
: >If a person physically touched Evelynn for any reason, they'd be signing her contract and she'd have power over them. Nop, Evelynn herself even said that the touch has to be with a sexual motive. If you touch Evelynn without desiring her, she has no power over you. However, the moment you fell for her charm and you touch her, you are a dead man. [ "One touch, with desire... that's all I need."](
Okay, I'm doing some extra research here at it seems that when people touch her out of desire (not necessarily sexual desire, but yeah) the pleasure she receives from their pain is more satisfying because it was in part self-inflicted. Like how Tahm plays the long con in order to make his prey's misery the strongest. > The demon realized it needed a shape that was pleasing to humans, one that would not only lure them right into its claws, but would offer them ecstasy born of their own desires, so that their pain would be that much sweeter.
GenoXx (NA)
: Could they touch her willingly, but not for seduction but subjugation like how Swain did for his powers?
We don't know how Swain was able to conquer a demon, but it is almost certain that the mechanics of said demon's contract are different than Evelynn's. If a person physically touched Evelynn for any reason, they'd be signing her contract and she'd have power over them. Evelynn doesn't *need* to lure people in via seduction, it's just that lookin' hot is the most efficient way she's found to get people to touch her.
GenoXx (NA)
: If we go by the splash art, Evelynn seems to make sure the victims are unable to move. If she somehow got a hold of Ryze or Ezreal, maaaaaybe she can follow them due to how she can look into people's souls like that one guy in her color story. Something like following their essence. Though I'm not sure how long any human can withstand having their arm flayed open. If Eveylnn is smart enough to figure out their ploy it is as you said: they're fucking dead. Here's some questions. How long would Braum be able to hold out hypothetically? Or would a person using the Z drive be able to rewind back to the point he met her and hope she doesn't know about the device?
Tahm Kench, another demon, has made it clear that time means nothing to him. To Ekko: > "Time is but another river - and I care not what water I swim in." If Tahm can transcend time, it's likely that Eve can too. However, Tahm's powers are likely more mature than Eve's, so whether or not she can transcend time *now* is another question, but her abilities would allow it. I doubt Braum would ever make a contract with a demon, and if you don't let them in they're powerless (unless they work through a different contract.
: Kai’Sa herself says "Anger is useless to me, a wound that will only continue to fester." She has an understanding how Void can corrupt people and while she knows that Malzahar must be stopped, she also understands, that his transformation must not have been entirely voluntary and he is a shell of his former self. So she doesn't hold a grudge against him. As for Kassadin, he has changed a lot since they last met, so of course she is unsure whether the person she sees is her dad or is it just her memories projecting. Plus, she got used to people shunning her as a monster, it takes its toll.
Adding on to Kassadin, she also doesn't know if this dude, if real, is actually still her dad or some Void corrupted monster by now.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: How much duration does Evelynn have to kill her victims after seduction?
Evelynn's powers aren't based on seduction, they're based on physical contact. In touching her willingly, a victim effectively signs a contract, which I assume makes Evelynn nearly all-powerful when it comes to tracking them down, catching them, or otherwise ending them in the most painful way possible. The key here is that *they* have to sign the contract, Evelynn can't just force someone into it. There probably is some mystical way to break a demon's contract, but we don't know what it is right now. Swain himself *did* conquer a demon, but we actually don't know if the demon is still playing him somehow. If the demon is playing him I think it's safe to say that Swain acknowledges this and considers the potential price worth it.
: How does Ekko's Z-Drive actually work?
I agree with Bishop, though I also say that Riot's not going for a whole lot of continuity on this topic. Time stuff is always hard to write, especially in a video game setting where the character can't *actually* turn back time in-game. About Mundo: Pretty sure Mundo remembering things from previous timelines is something pretty unique to him. We aren't sure *what* Mundo is, and how time travel affects him is another thing entirely. I think the flashbinder is it's own thang. Just other timey-wimey shenanigans, not necessarily connected to the Z-drive.
: The _nature_ in Ionia kills you? The nature can't make you beautiful. The nature can't make you perfect. There are worse things in Ionia to worry about.
Last we knew Jhin was leaving Ionia. Going to Piltover, if I remember correctly.
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Fasmodey (EUW)
: Large cats strangle their preys first. When they start to eat you, you are pretty much dead. Unless they are starving.
Okay, I don't know much about large cats. I was thinking of those videos of lions torturing gazelle and stuff. Thanks for the clarification, I'll put Nid behind Cho'Gath then. But wait, feeding Cho would speed up the coming of the Void… Eh, what's one more grave? *Yorick intensifies*
: Who would you rather dance with, and why?
Fiora would not want to dance with me due to the political image it would leave on her house. Specifically, it would give the impression that she's open to suitors, so it's possible that she'd maim me in some way to prevent this. Katarina is an assassin who's given everything to her work. I would not feel safe. Evelynn is literally a demon of agony who can only touch you with consent, which means if I touch her I die one of the most painful deaths possible. No. Jayce would be an awkward dancer and would *not* want to dance with me. He gets second place. Irelia is master dancer who has complete control over her magical abilities, and she also seems like a genuinely nice person. I choose Irelia.
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