: Distribution of Honors and Reports Based Off Position and/or Champion
Personal Opinion. Reporting: Lane: People generally blame jungle when they lose lane, and honer themselves when they win. So jungle gets most reports. Master Yi: A strange combination of yi being very "useful" in terms of kda and damage dealt, and "useless" in terms of ganking and often throwing games by getting caught or playing overly aggressive, makes me think he gets reported more often than not. Rengar: Safe to say that the champ is useless from behind, often dies while ganking because he is squishy, and is extremely easy to throw games on. Shaco: The champ is known for his early ganks, so if you don't gank enough early people get upset. Also, the champ is not very useful if he gets behind. Honoring: Most honors. Support, followed by ADC. Reason 1: I believe there is a correlation between support honoring adc, and adc honoring support. Reason 2: Supports often play supportive champions that empower other players, and very rarely are held responsible for a loss even if there kda was something along the lines of 0/7/4. Soraka: Honestly, I am always surprised at just how much a soraka can heal, and when you live with one hp because your soraka pressed w or r, it just feels good. Yummi: Yummi empowers other champs and make a good irelia, or nasus, or jinx, and great one. This makes people appreciate yummi, and honor her after the game. Janna: Janna has incredible dis-engage, and a lot of utility than can be the swinging factor in many team fights. More importantly, she is hard to blame when things don't go right.
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