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Ñaofumi (NA)
: ....
Late game cancer right there. Very snowbally. you will get like 2-3 chances with some cc.otherwise..ff@15
: Boosting ruins the concept of "ELO"
Dude..Riot..dont give...a...rat's.............about boosters and smurfers.
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: im being matched with silvers that should be better than my knowledge of the game yet they are running it down pretty much every game. im not even kidding either.
Elo hell buddy. Im there too. You need to be very good to basically solo carry out of bronze OR play like 10 games a day on a slightly +ve win rate to get out in a span of 3 to 6 months gradually going through the feeders, 50min shitshows, afks and random irons in your team that die to jungle camps. I play like 3 -5 games max; took me 1 entire season to go from b4 to s4 in S8. Its a VERY LONG BORING, ANNOYING, FRUSTRATING GRIND. Don't listen to plats or above as they are better and the elo hell they face isn't the only real one. Nothing tells you once you stabilize in your elo. you will basically oscillate in your LP till your gameplay actually is able to solo carry in a TEAM game.. LMAO. the irony.
: Was this worthy of a 14 day suspension?
You have to act saintly, else not talk at all. Apparently players are very very sensitive to criticism and harsh words. So try not to harm them verbally..Also this game is played by saints who never swear like Tyler1, Doublelift, Tobiasfate, Hashinshin, Tarzaned...all great peacemakers. God bless. taunting is ok, but verbal argument of any sort can hurt feelings so NO NO. FUK this GODDAMN chat monitoring system bs. feeders need to be told their goddamn place.
: the team without an AFK is likely to win the game without remake in place I just had 4 remakes in a row That shit just makes me want to uninstall right away
Go ahead plz. Uninstall. Remake needs to stay. Game isn't for folks who have to run away coz their mommy said they've played for too long.
Chase 5 (NA)
: Matchmaking in a nutshell
It is seriously overthought of. Utter useless. Champion Mastery needs to mean something in matchmaking.
: Riven is cancer
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Weexazys (NA)
: If Riot likes to change things around, why don't you change YOUR BALANCE TEAM?
: That 3 AD loss sure will knock Graves down a peg! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Well early game its kind of significant since its 3AD per hit. if you need 10 hits to kill it, its 30 less damage to the monster.
TekihcaN (NA)
: Yep
Juggernauts can 1v9 without any damage items and just tank items if they're ahead. Kind of pathetic and ridiculous. Broken aspect of the game
apollö (NA)
: Garen with a black cleaver is absolutely broken. Change my mind.
Paroe (NA)
: Why arent you destroying his voidlings? Why arent you grouping? Why arent you zoning him off his vision'd minions? Why arent you playing against this very immobile champion who relies on his voidlings to do anything?
Umm hello? Since when did junglers listen to what you asked? Shove and roam is the meta currently
Atlªs (NA)
: Akali is actually unfun to play against
I agree..People love to quote her win rate but they need to mine the data on how many one on one battles was someone able to win against her. Of course they say "but..uhh..u just need some hard cc and she is dead" coupled with her marks, healing by gunblade is actually broken as heck... Her win rate is low because she just cant team fight reliably if she faces a tanky team...but 1v1 she is unmatched.
: Can we get the option to just flip Summoner's Rift?
mærk (NA)
: AGAIN, where are you getting these statistics? It ISN'T guarantee that you will lose one out of three matches... That's like saying, "You will win one out of ten lottery tickets." EVEN here it's different from what you're saying as League is more based on skill and how coordinate your team works together. I've had times where I had a 20 game winning streak. Does that mean I've only won 20 games out of 60? Nope, because it's a winning streak.
I wonder if he is trying to get to a statistic..even if you do have a 20 game win streak, you net win rate (unless you're smurfing) should be around 50% (if you are climbing)...a 1 out of 3 is a bad estimate IMO. if you played for a year with a 50% win rate --it does mean you lost half of your games viz. 1 out of every 2...not that I agree with his estimate-just trying to explain what he probably was getting at.
Wilyum (NA)
: What can I do to improve?
Some games are impossible to win due to design..more you win, the likely your chances of losing the next game. Climbing the ranked ladder happens when you happen to play enough games on a net positive win rate which 'sometimes' is in your control or based on your plays. Unfortunately this is a team game..try to duo queue with another person you meet in game to increase chances of winning through some coordinated effort. Otherwise solo queue is pretty much a coin toss unless the skill disparity is very high (Plat to Bronze) that you manage to have a decisive impact on any game or solo carry it. Best chance at solo queue is to main particular champs and spam as many games as possible (around 30+ hours of gameplay each week) to be able to learn each match up against the champ you end up maining. Anyone who is in Diamond or above play the game upwards of 40hours each week or have had in the past to get to the skill level they are at.
: nobody cares.
Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TekihcaN,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yUpmTu9f,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2018-08-25T04:06:53.171+0000) > > Sorry. I disagree..If reactions constitute bad behavior, accounts that commented even here need to be banned.. the keyboard warrior above just threatened my life. We're volunteer forum moderators and thus can't catch everything instantly or be on the forums 24/7, and it's unreasonable to expect that of us. That said that particular comment has since been deleted. > Riot has convinced me trolling is ok but just don't type in chat how you feel about the other person costing you the game intentionally. > I don't care about serious climbing anymore. Trolling is the only way to have fun playing this game. Riot agrees. If you look at the end of my original post you'll see that I provided evidence that proves your claim otherwise. Riot absolutely does not tolerate trolls, but the problem stems from not only having to prove that they're intentionally trolling (not always clear-cut) but also false reports of trolling that are just simply unintentional poor performances. When trolls are caught though it's an instant 14-day ban as the first offense. > Edit: Also I WAS a loyal customer. I even spent money on skins. Fk this game Your point? Spending money =/= immunity to the rules. I get that you're mad but rather than throw a temper tantrum and act like a little kid try taking a step back and work on improving your behavior instead. We all get trolls from time to time but feeding them or becoming them is not the solution. Be the better person rather than stoop down to their level (easier said than done I know but still though). P.S. Only your chat is shown in your Reform Card because it's only your behavior being judged in your case and no one elses. It's the same for everyone else who receives one, and it's to get people to focus on where they went wrong rather than look for someone else to blame for their mistakes.
How is reacting to injustice in your games bad behavior? Should I just sit there and waste 30 minutes of my life dying or be running around the map because my support and midlaner decide to hijack my farm ? Do I just sit there doing nothing and wasting my time when trolls hijack my game and refuse to surrender an already doomed game? Why should I shut up when I get mid and some jungler who was supposed to take smite, intentionally takes ignite and then hijacks my mid lane? Or do I say nothing to people who gang up on me because all I did was point out why the support isn't warding , I have to ward and they just waste their gold on items that aren't even useful for their champs aka a rabadons on soraka ? I should also have stayed quiet for the blitz that refused to support me after the first wave and began roaming all across the map and invading the enemy jungler while I get tower dove over and over and over and over. Or I should just farm gromp when I get a MF support who walks up the entire game and feeds into the enemy adc and supp. I have to end up playing -cant even leave because then I get reported for AFK. So you just suggest we shut up and take it, waste our 30min and forget that it ever happened? Sorry. I cant be a sheep like that. I live alone, I don't have friends coz Im not living in my own country because its a shithole and this game is all I did after work. Im crying because we give our time and money to this game. I know it doesn't mean shit to Riot and nobody cares about that either. I know my loyalty claim ends on my keyboard. And as per your logic as well, its easier to ban people like me than trolls that are harder to catch. So why be myself. I can be possibly better off trolling. But... Just forget it. Im finding a new game to play. I don't have it in me to be a person who trolls.
Sorry. I naively assumed the actual intent of the game should be trying your best. Quitting refers to me letting go of that belief and playing the game as it should be played. Completely trolling your teammates.
Begoon (NA)
: Anakin, you've become the very thing you swore to destroy- Obi Wan
They took everything away from me ..what I spent days trying hard to play and achieve a better rank. Now its over. I will embrace my destiny in Elo-hell.
Niccoice (NA)
: 14 day suspension
Sorry Riot targeted you as you reacted to the troll. Wish Riot just shut up and enjoy the money we are throwing at them. They need to act like censoring overlords. Persecuting anything that remotely goes negative in chat. They want cult like - Brady bunch words in chat ...that's what its for. If you disagree; don't ever type your discontent. RITO will ban you. P.s.: FK u RIOT
Kareshi (NA)
: " loyal customer " he says LMFAO there is no such thing as loyal customers. just players of the game. Youre a player, a bad one for getting banned, not using a simple mute button please do make more accounts and also get them perma banned, cry more, use more capital letters when crying on boards and continue wasting your time away with multiple accounts :D entertain me you troll
Loyal customer is trying their new champs, skins and buying their products instead of Blizzard's or any other manufacturer. I wont entertain you...I will however see you in game hopefully and cost you some LP by giving you the worst experience you've ever had in a game.
: I am pretty sure you did not get a 14 day ban for accusing someone of being a troll after they proudly identify themselves as a troll. Anyway, feel free to show a screenshot of your chatlogs if there is nothing so bad in them! Maybe it was even an erroneous ban that could be overturned..
Chat logs shared by Riot don't show the other person's chats or the way they talk. Its only my chat. Riot got into excessive censorship long before Alex Jones triggered YouTube.
Prandine (NA)
: You claim you're a loyal customer but if this is how you react and handle being held accountable for your poor behavior then honestly you're not a loyal customer at all, you're just another person whose mad that they're not getting a free pass on their own poor behavior via the "they started it" excuse. Your whole attitude right now is basically "I'm a loyal customer, until I'm held accountable for my behavior, then I'm not one". Yes trolls are annoying, and I'm sorry you got them. However, the solution is not to become what you despise just because of a temporary ban for your own poor behavior. If you're truly a loyal customer as you claim, then prove it by growing up and showing that you deserve to keep playing the game, as you still have a chance to play on your main account. Otherwise if this is how you're gonna react and handle things not going your way then you might as well just find another game to play as this kind of attitude is not gonna be tolerated here at all whatsoever. P.S. Trolls and inters do get banned but because they're getting smarter about how they avoid detection (and because Riot wants to try to avoid punishing innocent players as much as possible) it's harder to catch them in the act compared to simple chat-related offenses. Gameplay related offenses when proven to be on purpose are assigned a 2-week ban as the first punishment. In case you don’t believe me on this point [here]( [are]( [a]( [couple]( [examples]( [of]( [gameplay]( trolls being banned. Yes it’s just a few examples, but it proves that they do get punished.
Sorry. I disagree..If reactions constitute bad behavior, accounts that commented even here need to be banned.. the keyboard warrior above just threatened my life. Riot has convinced me trolling is ok but just don't type in chat how you feel about the other person costing you the game intentionally. I don't care about serious climbing anymore. Trolling is the only way to have fun playing this game. Riot agrees. Edit: Also I WAS a loyal customer. I even spent money on skins. Fk this game
: I dont know, the vast majority of players never get banned. But the vast majority of players take responsibility for their own behavior instead of thinking the rules dont apply to them and blaming other people for everything. By all means show Riot how powerful and angry you are by ruining the game for other people. Become what you hate. Let the rage flow through you. Ect. Trash gets taken out and dumped for the convenience of everyone else.
I basicly did what you are doing here..Tell me why should you be banned from these forums?
: Not riot's fault you intentionally broke the rules. Bye.
Not bye..Im hoping to enjoy the game trolling other people :D.. Buying a diamond account soon..Also..the rules are not a hard line boundry here..tell me how does one stay unbanned without being Marcia brady
: soooo you're quitting...but you're going to play....just be troll....
quitting serious play. Just got in queue to troll on my second account..LETS GOO..playing nunu adc
TekihcaN (NA)
: Banned 14 days. You just lost a loyal customer Riot
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: How's Akali?
OP..forget playing older champs..theyre not going to outplay her ever 1v1. only countered by a good AD assassin.
painteon (NA)
: A possible rework for Azir
I Agree totally..he is too hard to play especially against the dive overtuned champs rito is releasing now. Need to give him a direct dash ability and something that can heal or make him invisible
: If you don't select a champion in time, you get hit with dodge penalties. This is normal. The other people, who are also paying customers, don't want to have to sit through extra queues before getting into a game. would there not be a logical conclusion that I not be banned away for 30min so more people will be able to play fking games if I am able to play one?
: Reworked Akali feels like Zoe 2.0, and I don't like it
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SirPurrr (NA)
: Pyke Did Not Need Buffs
Agree a 100%.. You lane with him and cant do enough damage to kill him if that Pyke knows how to go invis, heal and farm again..he has wave clear, he can roam fast..its disgusting what you can do as a good Pyke and get away with stuff most of the times. It seems Riot is putting all the skills into their new champs - dashes, auto health regen (cut that down for old champs), CC and executes. Really pathetic how theyre just hooked to catering towards satisfying those ooo--aahh moments in E-sports. Do like 1 game once in a while and move to Overwatch for a few games, Fornite and then a 3rd one. League is no longer for Solo Queue. Just pathetic
: How to CARRY games - SOLO B3
Game is no longer easy to carry through Solo Queue. Its a coin toss dude. Plus pre-season is very unbalanced and snow balling hard. quit for a few days and come back in a while..Riot barfs up every pre-season..this time they dumped a big one
: Cannot Edit Runes during Champion Select
TekihcaN (NA)
: Rework Kayn
if not possible..let others take an item that lets them do that. Its just too op..going outside the map is retarded.
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: We're hoping to do a pass on AP itemization sometime in the (hopefully near) future. If the issue with them is build diversity, some suggestions for new/modified items could be useful, if for no other reason than to get some ideas flowing. If those suggestions also included why they'd be good additions to the game, or what problem they address, that would also be very useful.
Suggestions? I don't get fucking paid for making this game. Do your damn job Riot. PS: Nerf Kayn. Healing while going outside the map is the most retarded idea anybody has come up with during your brainstorming. Make sensible champs..not wall hackers
: Riot should release a new sub-champion category - AS Spammers.
Same with Veigar.. No matter how behind he is..he will 1 shot your adc any moment after 20 min.
Kewlipo (NA)
: I carried myself up to Diamond. I'd be pretty pissed if I lost my border.
Try starting from Bronze 4-5..Impossible..Does not matter how great you are. I gave up League for a few days, fell elo and got placed in Bronze. It is fucking frustrating..This season is death of League. Cancer..League has seen its best days..its done
Swegmec (NA)
: People are complaining about DQ, but WHY?
I hate it. I don't play league much now. Cannot escape Elo-hell. I don't want people telling me- 'oh you don't know how to play.' impossible to climb unless you play 4-5 games everyday and even in that you get afkers, gold-plat-master tier smurfers and to top premades.. It fkin sucks for low elo SoloQ. People make fun of your play, toxicity is crazy and dynamic queue is so bad that if you make 1 person on the premade feel bad, you have 2-3 people cursing you all game. It is too toxic. I have seen them 2/4 games in the weekend ive played. ...That is NOT..4% of the games which are live. RIOT is a big fat liar. . I cannot say it enough. I have created a new account just to not be in Bronze. It is all about the first 10 ranked games. If you are lucky to have a better comp, teams that understand when to leave lanes, where to ward and what not to do you might end up in gold if your lucky. That's more than enough elo for part-timers like me. Idc about Platinum or Master or whatever. This game is cool now but wont earn you money. its entertainment. It becomes more than that if you want to go further. I do not want it.
NoPaxt (NA)
: Elo he'll does exist, it's true...
Escaping ELO hell is also almost impossible as a SoloQ player now. I hate how everybody just dismisses lower tiers in discussions. If I do not manage to play the game for a little while, I end up losing LP. Cant even escape bronze 4 now. Hate premades invading jungles, tower diving. Just stop players from joining Ranked soloQ if you don't care about us Riot. Let us play normals. Ranked is pretty much pathetic experience for SoloQ from elo Hell now. I did it in season 4 a bit.. Hate it now. Takes forever to jump levels with the existence of premades. **** you Riot. **** you.
Dude..I uninstalled this game after I saw that post.. I don't have friends who play this dumb game. If solo queue is killed, not worth playing 2 normal games which can easily take 2 hours out of your day. I didn't learn the meta champs this season and its fkin hard for me this learn and master new ones who scale like a mfker in 15min. I learn your nerfed them to force them out of me right?! NO FK U RIOT..I QUIT
Zuphlas (NA)
: You can get rid of your stored credit card info in the store, and purchase history only shows the past few months I think. Dunno if there's a way to outright delete your account, but you could just get it perma banned. Could also just put in a support ticket asking them to take care of it, I imagine they'd be willing to do it.
> [{quoted}](name=Zuphlas,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=O95edcgE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-26T07:15:54.702+0000) > > You can get rid of your stored credit card info in the store, and purchase history only shows the past few months I think. Dunno if there's a way to outright delete your account, but you could just get it perma banned. Could also just put in a support ticket asking them to take care of it, I imagine they'd be willing to do it. Thanks! Don't want a permaban..don't trust them with that. Support ticket sounds good.
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