Meddler (NA)
: Major itemization work, whether AP bruiser items or others, would be a preseason project yeah. It's possible some smaller stuff is appropriate to release during the year but I wouldn't want to promise anything. AP bruisers certainly have to be balanced around the current item system, that's true of all champs as well of course. I expect items that feel more tied to their needs would feel better and improve gameplay in some respects though also require some power be removed from their kits.
Honestly, I feel like you're overly restricting yourself by limiting all major changes to once a year during preseason. Midseason was chaotic, true, but at the same time... it does feel like a lack of it is causing more systemic issues to get ignored throughout the year. And it's not like, at least in my opinion, that these last two preseasons have been equivalent to preseason + midseason changes in the past. I don't think it's necessarily needed every year, but midseason did help prevent a stagnant feeling when it came to perceived issues with the game and meta. Whereas now, I get to feel disappointed that those issues are unlikely to be addressed in any meaningful way for the next whole _year_.
: I normally play Ahri, and even still Neeko feels like a chore to lane against. She stands in a way where she can hit minions with her E (which speeds it up and increases the duration) and then while rooted and with minions between me and her, she hits a full Q. That's the annoying no counterplay part to it. I feel like it's way too easy for Neeko to get a full combo on me and there's nothing I can do to play versus it. Personally I would want Riot to buff her Q damage and increase the cooldown on her E as well as remove the double duration stun on her E. The increased speed on her E for pushing it through targets feels fine and good, but not when it gets wider and stuns longer if she hits one minion. Her ultimate is also *extremely* anti-Ahri as I can't get close to her due to the threat of her stun and the damage it does with even one item. **Let's be fair, I'm not saying let's gut Neeko like we gutted Zoe, but at least make it where the damage she does feels appropriate. I don't mind taking a ton of damage if I get snared by E. That's fine. I accept that. But when I feel like it's nearly impossible to farm due to her E always being up or taking a ton of harrass for one Q or a single AA, that's not cool.**
...Neeko's E has a 12 second CD at rank 1 and is maxed second. It's not up all the time. It literally has the same CD as Ahri's Charm in lane, so you should know just how long that is, frankly. Speaking of which, like, just throw Charm at her if you get snared and she goes for a Q. In the case of her hitting with the empowered E around max range, she won't be behind any of her own minions while going for the Q typically. Not to mention she'll be moving pretty predictably. Frankly, just give her a bit of respect and it becomes a lot harder for her to catch you out. Additionally, Ahri roams a heck of a lot better than her. Go gank top and bot.
Gixia (NA)
: [So, somewhat good news.]( According to Scathlocke, they _might_ change Shyvana's bio, which means there's the chance it can still be fixed to restore her origin. Bad news is it wouldn't happen til May or June at the very earliest. It's not the concrete confirmation of 'yes, we will definitely fix this' that I want, but it's better than the reverse and gives me hope at least that Shyv's history might still be preserved. In the meantime, I'm certain some new outrage will come along, and people will move on from Shyv to whatever the new community outrage target of the day is (afterall, we'll probably have gotten Morde's rework by then), but still, to anyone who cares, don't forget about this. Whether you care about Shyvana's lore specifically, or trying to keep League's lore consistent in general, keep this moment in your minds, wait a couple months to see if possible changes arise, and get ready to get some pitchforks out if they don't. Don't settle for sub-par results. Demand better at every opportunity.
I guess that's something... Lame that's it's pretty wishy-washy still. Oh, well. Though, dang, that seems like some slow turnaround for this level of apparent screw-up. But, I guess they do have to spend time to alter whatever plans they might have had if they do change it back. Sigh. Hopefully they say something more concrete sooner rather than later. Sharpen the pitchforks until then, I suppose.
: Heart vs Shell: The Disagreement on Lore
Well, to call the recent Shyvana update high quality is something of a strong statement. It's straight up terrible compared to every other bit of lore I've read recently.
: While I think the post is a bit dramatic, I do find it funny they had a different bio saved in their files than what the rest of us had. I think that its more a minor hickup and as long as they plan on revisiting it and fixing it up so we have the best of both worlds, I don't really care. I am sad to see dragon dad disappear, considering it was pretty cool that he cared for shyvanna despite her human form. Maybe we can get him back before too long.
Honestly. If there's one thing with Riot you should never expect, never bet on, it's the Lore team. Never, never expect follow-up. They just disappear at random.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ixxy the Crow,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fdwtEhiA,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-03-07T00:39:34.911+0000) > > I can understand what you're saying but it wouldn't be fair to people who do have them. I have Judgement Kayle and if they gave it to everyone then it would lose some specialness as it was a reward for playing the first season of ranked. It would be like if they let people get Victorious Morgana for this as well. I earned that skin by playing up to gold that season. Also saying that you don't care or that most people from then have quit isn't a good place to go in an argument/discussion for this. All you say with those is that the people who played long before you or who earned something you didn't in some way are worth less then your desire for these things and that isn't right by any stretch of the imagination. > > People played before you and got stuff that will never be available again. Such is life and it isn't against you but it was a reward for them. Giving their reward to others now would be a slap in their face and would be Riot saying thanks for the help now piss off. That wouldn't make any sense at all for them to do. Not completely true since most "victorious" skins can be obtained through chests etc. So they aren't as "exclusive" as claimed to be. As I said before, most of those people are gone and/or don't even use the skin. Legacy skins were "exclusive" too at one point. Everyone wanted Kitty Kat Katerina, but couldn't get her. Then riot made the decision to release legacy's and everyone was happy. If riot wants to tend to their players and/or the business side, they should release them even if they change something slightly about them like they did for championship riven.
> [{quoted}](name=Stariani,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fdwtEhiA,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-03-07T01:33:06.408+0000) > > Not completely true since most "victorious" skins can be obtained through chests etc. So they aren't as "exclusive" as claimed to be. As I said before, most of those people are gone and/or don't even use the skin. Legacy skins were "exclusive" too at one point. Everyone wanted Kitty Kat Katerina, but couldn't get her. Then riot made the decision to release legacy's and everyone was happy. If riot wants to tend to their players and/or the business side, they should release them even if they change something slightly about them like they did for championship riven. Victorious skins are not legacy skins. You cannot obtain them from chests. Nor should you be able to. Don't try to argue your point with misinformation.
: This change to Shyvana's lore is a complete and utter disappointment, and here's why...
The writing itself gave me some whiplash. It's vague af and reads like a list of bullet points, jumping from one idea to the next, never lingering or fleshing out anything. I had to go back and read what poses as a "transition" from new "dad" dying to meeting Jarvan like three times just to figure out wtf just happened. There's literally two freaking sentences between "dad" dead and 'oh, I gotta save this dude', like come freaking on. If a parental figure's going to die, SELL IT TO US, unless you're trying to say that she literally doesn't give a fuck about his death (like all of us do). Bring back Dragon Dad. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Shyvana's new Bio is not only a downgrade of a decent piece of lore, but it's LITERALLY a mistake...
: Actually unpopular opinion: Leona is a jungler, not a support.
You're not incorrect that she can be played in the jungle. However, that doesn't mean much for categorization, honestly. As phrased, you're just wrong. As for her merits in the jungle, she definitely has some things going for her. She has strong ganks when she hits Zenith. However, frankly I think you overestimate the dueling power she has. Not to say she doesn't have any (because she definitely does when more geared for damage), but a lot of early game junglers should be performing relatively fine against her in a 1v1. And also, no, she isn't "outright hardcountered" in bot lane. Though, I will grant that you do need a ADC that's on relatively the same page as you though, lol.
: Not one-shot in it's literal meaning but everytime I play Nasus and pop after mid game, my opponents go down in 2 hits each. That's from a single low-cooldown point and click move btw.
Nasus isn't a tank though. He's a juggernaut, there is a difference. And one non-tank champion being overtuned at the moment doesn't make it a "one-shot by tanks" meta.
: So my boy Sylas isn't getting a Login Theme
: > [{quoted}](name=HeyItzSteve,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hT3i9krG,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-18T09:49:22.103+0000) > > The "just learn support" was only one situation. My main point was that "the game was not made so you can always play your desired role" and that learning other roles will result in a higher chance of winning which is what the post's main argument. Which is still a piss poor excuse for keeping autofill because there is no reason why there should be an artificial reason to make people play random roles.
Having to play non-main roles would happen with or without autofill. The simple reality is that it is impossible to guarantee everyone their preferred role 100% of the time without much higher queue times. And while you may feel like you personally wouldn't encounter longer queues, it would be problem for someone. There simply isn't an even split of players across all roles at all times in all elos in all metas. Even if we were to ditch the current system revert back to the days before role select, you still would not get your preferred role in all your games. Instead of the structure that the current system gives champion select, you would instead get to deal with some combination of 'pick order matters', 'mid or feed', and 'you're last pick, so you're support'. The only way you're going to avoid playing an off-role in any system is by dodging games that you get placed in that role.
: Unpopular opinion: Assassins should never be viable
Really, any champion type should be viable at any given time, in a perfect world. I'd go for a bit more nuance and just say that assassins shouldn't ever be the 100% of the time best choice, but a possible option. As should any other type of champion ideally. Though, they're probably a bit too good currently.
Meddler (NA)
: Direction being kicked around yesterday was increased damage to dragons to buff her as a jungler in particular. Ongoing topic of discussion as to whether that was the best way to go or not for 9.2 though. I'll follow up on scaling off Elder Dragons taken, hadn't realized that wasn't already in, not immediately seeing any reason it shouldn't be regardless of what else we do.
More dragon damage is 100% not what Shyvana needs. It might "buff" her, but it won't actually buff her jungle.
Comentários de Rioters
: ~~With base Armor taken into account, the increased ratio on W breaks even much earlier than that.~~ (In fact W ratio only works with **bonus** Resistances, thanks The Archive for bringing it up.) For the rest I agree, this is a nerf to early game for a buff to late game. But when you say late game doesn't matter, that's because it was so weak before. Now with that buff to late, she will be able to remain relevant (or at least that's the hope).
Her W only scales off of **bonus** armor and magic resist.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 30
What happened to the machete compensation buffs? And why. Just why.
: AP shyvana just pushed me out of lane
She has one ranged skill, dude. lol
: My same opinion. But UPDATE: both got removed from pbe. > Fighters don't need more durability, they need reliability. This item is not the thing they need.. This made me curious. Do you have any ideas for better items?
Both were removed due to the PBE cycle coming to an end. Nothing to do with the items' state.
: Ahri Is A Disappointment and More
While I won't disagree that the changes they gave her were disappointing given the several much more interesting iterations on the PBE, and that they certainly don't live up to their stated goals... I feel the need to correct you on the passive, even if I dislike it. It's two hits on champions, but not unique champions. A single Q on one champion can proc it, if it hits on the way out and the return.
Risen29 (NA)
: My impression so far has been that the changes have had the opposite effect. It punishes slower junglers while making fast junglers stronger. This has only increased the advantage that quick gank junglers have over the game when compared with other junglers. Shyvana feels like garbage now. I think it has more to do with the fact that it takes longer to get to level 6 than it does with the fact that it takes longer to get to level 3. It feels like you hardly have any impact over the entire laning phase of the game at all before it starts wrapping up.
Shyvana in particular was very much not helped by the Machete attack speed removal. Which they apparently recognized (along with other champs suffering the same), but then decided "Hey! We know **right now, before the patch is out,** that these champs need to be compensated, but y'know what would be better? Putting those compensation changes on the 8.11 PBE and letting them feel like garbage until the next patch!" Like seriously, the compensation changes pop up on the first day of the cycle, before the 8.10 patch is even out, showing they know its an issue, all while Riot Maple is like, "yeah, these champs got hit disportionately." But, fixing them now is apparently just not freaking possible. GG, rito.
: 8.10 Jungle Changes - Iteration and Additional Context
But why the removal of attack speed on Machete? That's going to make things feel pretty clunky and just... slow on some champions. Even if I have Precision/Inspiration, that's not going to feel at all good on some one like Shyvana. Also, don't reduce the gold for the first clear. That's pretty terrible.
: You gotta offer some valid criticism if you want them to actually listen. Offering up criticism of their 2-week old post isn't really saying anything that hasn't been said before. I'd start with how this affects your game.
Wanting valid criticism is fair and all, but here's the thing: **_the two week old post is all we've gotten on these changes._** The only news about the changes we've gotten is that support items will not be changed. The only other post is a one of from Meddler four days ago, which doesn't do a whole lot other than restating the goals of the changes. There has been no response to feedback (the original post has two red posts). There isn't anything else to criticize because there's nothing new from them. Which is very unlike what just happened to the jungle changes, so I'm seeing a pretty valid complaint here.
adjoth (NA)
: Can we remove banning phase from normals?
If you don't want bans, there's blind pick.
: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
Ha ha... no. You are already changing bot lane. You are already changing mages. We don't need massive jungle changes right now. None of these changes are going to actually get enough attention to properly balance and tweak them at this rate. And that's to say nothing of how awful of an impact these changes have on the jungle meta. Like really, as most people have pointed out, strong early duelists have an insane amount of power with these changes. Completely meta warping to the point of knocking champions out of the jungle. I can hardly think that all of the champions that would suddenly lack a place on the map would even get addressed in a timely manner. Someone's going to get left to rot for months inevitably.
Dracozx (NA)
: Does Riot have people who can read Chinese?
tbh, it's probably less an issue on Riot's end and more an issue on the player base's end. If someone's being toxic in Chinese, and no one else on the team understands them, well, they just don't know to report them. And since getting banned is usually based on a pattern of reported behavior, it follows that they're less often banned, if they're less often reported over all their games.
: I was surprised by the amount of negative discussion around the mana changes personally, as the manaflow band changes we shipped recently had a much more noticeable effect on how the laning phase played out IMO. I haven't experienced any feelings that the class feels dramatically weaker in our playtests. I believe that players learning to opt OUT of interaction with their opponents has made the game a lot less fun, and every time I see an Inspiration/Resolve TF with Minion Dematerializer, I get a little sad. I do think there will be followup balance necessary, however, as opting out of interaction is how you survive the laning phase against a lot of assassins (Fizz/Zed/LeBlanc) and believe that trying to get towards a state where it is a fallback strategy as opposed to the optimized strategy in most matchups is desirable for making mid lane more fun over the long term.
Gosh. Nerfing an entire class of champions gets negative feedback? It's like you just blanket nerfed a whole lot of champions, most of whom aren't in top tier spots, and their items with no recompense.
: While I do expect this to be an overall nerf to mages, it's not necessarily a blanket nerf. Champions who start Dark Seal or Corrupting Potion are strictly buffed before first base, and it's possible some previous D-Ring users migrate to these items as well and are stronger early. After first base I agree it's definitely a nerf, but in my opinion this is necessary for competitive play, and Mages have some room (though not a ton) for nerfs in Solo Q. I do share your concern that mages may just default to Tear builds to continue having effectively infinite mana (Presence of Mind turns on too late and is too conditional to be a big concern here for me). Hopefully the tear nerfs are enough that most champions are significantly punished for doing so, but it's definitely something to keep an eye on.
No, it's literally a blanket nerf. You hit everyone. That's what a blanket nerf is.
: I agree she is likely to be in a weak state after these changes as one of the more mana hungry champions not getting direct changes. Can't guarantee she'll receive compensation buffs in 8.9, but I'll make sure the designers are aware and we are keeping an eye on her. Thanks for the comment!
So, what? Are we going to have to sit through an entire patch of one and a half classes going oom and feeling terrible?
: This is not a Mage Nerf
Expecting follow-up that isn't in the initial changes, nor even mentioned in them, is setting oneself up for disappointment. Riot is often really bad at follow-up.
: Won Promotion Series, but didn't rank up
Lower numbers are better when it comes to your rank. Progression of divisions goes: V->IV->III->II->I
Venompaw (NA)
: Surrender should only take ONE vote. If someone doesn't want to play anymore, the game should end. Or maybe two votes max. Just intentionally not try to protest the game taking longer.
I'd recommend you take literally a second to think about abuse cases.
Śhunpo (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PERIMITION,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rchILrAY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-25T08:36:43.104+0000) > > Which is? My kind summoner, do you notice the fact adc is what can do much but after a while adc meta gets over and it’s assasin meta, where you have a champ who can click 2 buttons and a click and blow your hp away, then the tank meta a bit stabilized tanks could do soemthing, now it’s the onrise of bruisers since conqueror and the new Iriela. At this point you would think adc is strong but why would riot hurt the girls they created to have our eyes pealed to engage on them and fall to pieces There has literally never been an assassin meta lmao.
: I'm not getting Blue Essence
Playing games gets you XP. Getting enough XP gets you a level up. Leveling up gets you a Champion Capsule. Opening a Champion Capsule gets you champion shards (and possibly BE). Disenchanting champion shards gets you BE.
: Hey Riot. Which Icons give you rewards?
Well, for one, they did actually list out every icon that you can use for the event, if you bothered to check the [event page]( For two, they've listened and this is apparently going to be the last event that requires an icon to be worn for rewards.
Wuks (NA)
: Thank you, Boards Community. (& smol giveaway - Concluded!)
Quepha (NA)
: Her voice sounds annoying. Her lines are annoying. Her kit looks extremely un-fun to play against. She was made by CertainlyT who has been responsible for many of my most hated experiences with League.
> [{quoted}](name=Quepha,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ljw9wJKT,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-21T19:46:01.899+0000) > > Her voice sounds annoying. > Her lines are annoying. > Her kit looks extremely un-fun to play against. > She was made by CertainlyT who has been responsible for many of my most hated experiences with League. And on top of all that, the reworked Targon lore is already somewhat divisive, at best.
Gallium (NA)
: Why award players with all champs with Champion capsules upon leveling up.
...You do realize you're intended to disenchant the shards, right?
: Nope, I spent 3 key shards and a hextech box for it, and I'm still Honor 2 so no honor boxes for me.
: I opened a hextech box today and got Cho'gath Champ shard, Taric Champ shard, and 200 BE. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
...that sounds like a capsule from leveling.
: Do you have proof that 810 is the minimum? I'll post for you next time I level up, 'cause that 810 minimum is a flat-out lie. You're wrong about your evaluation of the situation though. Many people are saying they're getting ~400 for a level up. That's decent proof right there. You alone intentionally lying doesn't mean anything.
A: Multiple people saying it isn't proof. It's anecdotal evidence at best. And I've yet to see anyone back up their statements with screenshots or anything. It's a pretty simple 'pics or it didn't happen'. (Not to mention that literally every single person I've seen has chosen to only complain/declare people saying it shouldn't be happening liars rather than go report it as a bug.) B: In like their first big post of the preseason, a rioter stated that initially 720 was the minimum amount of BE you could get, and that they were raising the minimum to 810.
: Three Champion Capsules in a row
The point of the champion shards is in fact to disenchant them for BE (or use them to get a discount on the champion). Also, hextech box's drop rate for champion shards got lowered.
: Did not get tournament rewards in 3 weeks.
Send a support ticket. It's more likely to get attention from people that can actually help.
Comentários de Rioters
: Ironically only one of his champions has true damage.
Currently, yep. However, Zyra also had true damage on her original passive.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Archive,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8UFfjwup,comment-id=000100020000,timestamp=2017-11-03T22:05:58.246+0000) > . All this is going to do is remind everyone why CertainlyT hasn't designed a new champ's kit in four years. Kalista isn't THAT old.
Oh, right. Here, I was thinking Yas was the last one he designed for whatever reason. \*shrug* 3 years then.
Kloqdq (NA)
: It depends on the champion. Thresh and WW are great champions in their own right and I enjoy fighting them. They aren't anti-fun (despite what the boards will say sometimes) and I would much rather fight them than someone like Camille or Ekko. Darius is a lane bully and depending on the elo, you'll get different opinions. Same goes for Yasuo. Zyra is kind of in a bad spot so that's not good. Kalista was a cool idea but she had too much power with not enough of it being gated. That doesn't mean she isn't a bad design. It's fun and it could have been balanced. It just had too much free space for Kali namely on her Passive giving you infinite kiting (something that could work if it had a window of power rather than just always). People trash on CertainlyT alot but let's be honest; I rather fight a CertainlyT champion than a champion like Ekko, Camille, Gnar, Fizz, Pantheon, Soraka, Lulu, etc. There is a lot of powerful champions in league. CertainlyT are among them but they are far from being the worst offenders.
Sounds like you don't remember or have never played with a release CertainlyT champ.
: I prefer the nickname CertainlyThree. Because three hit passives and it doesn't make me look like a jerk. :)
: Even if the stuff he makes is unbalanced, you have to agree he comes up with some wacky as shit ideas that definitely mix up the game. Thresh with his repositioning lantern and souls mechanic. Yasuo with his negation of projectiles and use of other ally's CC. Darius with the stacking on his passive and Noxian might, as well as the Q. And now Zoe with mimicking summoner spell casts. I prefer new, potentially broken stuff to imitations of past mechanics because the interactions created are certainly interesting.
Frankly, having 'wacky' ideas doesn't warrant having a broken champion for months, or even years, on end. Nearly every single one of his champions have been flat out gutted to get them even remotely in the realm of balance. And a lot of them are still stupidly relevant despite constant nerfs. All this is going to do is remind everyone why CertainlyT hasn't designed a new champ's kit in four years. Zoe'll be released and unless someone has been seriously pruning her numbers and the extent of her abilities behind T's back, she's just going to be constantly complained about. And then nerfed. And then nerfed again. And probably still not balanced until much, much later.
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