: Tier 4 Looking for Top for clash
I am a top main Tier 4, but can also play other lanes if needed. Illaoi, Garen, Cho, Renek are my most common tops.
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: i'm not getting the missions of the 10 year anniversary
That can't be right, something is clearly wrong. The mission didn't appear for me until night time on the 18th, I got a win, didn't get anything. I even played more now in the morning of the 19th (8 hours after the 18th's mission arrived for me), and still not getting anything. I don't have a mission for Day 2 nor Day 3.
: 10th anniversary missions bugged?
Same happened to me. It was there, I should have it completed, but it's no longer there and I never got my reward.
: I thought the try missions reset every other week😕 Not sure about the rewards though
Yes, there are weekly missions for getting people to play the game each week, but I was referring to the Ranked rewards for hitting various tiers at the end of the season. The next season starts soon on November 5th. It looks pretty exciting with some major elemental type changes they are doing on TFT for this season. My concern is that I'd like to play ranked, but this close to a season end I don't want to lose my rank, especially if I don't know what I'm risking if I drop a tier.
InÐeed (NA)
: When does the season ends?
Well they announced the next season of TFT that starts on November 5th in the reveals last night. So this season likely ends November 4th. _> Rise of the Elements will be released on November 5th in the LoL client._
InÐeed (NA)
: When does the season ends?
I don't recall the exact date, I'll have to look it up. All the previous years ended between the end of October until about November 10th-ish. So it ends in less than a month.
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: TFT Rewards and Beta Pass
The rewards are weak, I agree. However, the thing I agree most with your post is about Normal mode not having a point. There is no reason to play normal mode and care about where you place 1-8. In ranked, each place affects the LP gains/losses. In normal, I could care less if I get 1st or 8th. Something is missing here to provide any reason to care to do well. The simple and easiest thing to do is, which is a bare minimum would be to give you what EVERY other game mode gives you just for playing... Account XP and Blue Essence. I think the Account XP is probably the most important, as I play a lot of TFT now, which means my Riot Account Level has not budged in over a month. Basically, the feeling I'm getting is that it feels like I'm being punished for playing TFT because I have no account progression for the time spent playing League of Legends like I would if I was playing SR, TT, ARAM, ARURF, etc.
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: TFT Bug: Redemption Item NOT healing allies in circle
Interesting thought about the red buff. I wish I could test this out in a custom game to confirm. But you could be correct, maybe there was something else making the proc not work. Bugs are tougher to pin point in this mode, and there isn't much visibility or information to look at. I will keep an eye on this and update this post with more information after I attempt some more repro's.
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: Teamfight Tactics-- /Dev Update: Your Feedback and the Road Ahead
Thanks for this post. This is exactly what I wanted to hear on all fronts that you mentioned. I'm glad things are already updated so that I can play TFT and not feel like I'm missing out on my paid arcade content.
: Shield Bash should have another activation condition
The thing that confuses me most, is that this ability sounds perfect for Leona, but Leona has no way of using it. She has a shield, and she wants to bash people with her shield, but yet this ability has no way of proc'ing with her. If only Leona's W where the sun shields you with bonus armor/MR, if that counted as shielding, I'd want to use this on her. But it's not considered that type of shield, so Leona can't use a shield bash.
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: Their computers literally exploded trying to get the first version to work, let them fix project A before moving onto project B lol
> [{quoted}](name=PhantomGG,realm=NA,application-id=W0aEVjIo,discussion-id=1qhy4Jg6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-15T22:58:38.572+0000) > > Their computers literally exploded trying to get the first version to work, let them fix project A before moving onto project B lol He literally meant figuratively. Anyway, more importantly... When will Then be Now? I can't wait to do clash again, it made the game much more fun than grinding ranked. So I'm also in for any game mode of Clash: 5s, 3s, Other
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: Need a teammate that's Level 15 or below for a Mission
If you need this mission too, we can just take turns on a low level account so that everyone gets the mission completed. Add me... The Barnacle
: LF sub 15
I can join you if we can find someone that's low level.
Blam3m3 (NA)
: looking for teammate for lvl 15 mission
I will join you, I need to do the mission too.
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: LF 3v3 Twisted Treeline Ranked
I'm already Gold, but I love Twisted Treeline, so add me. I hit G1, but demoted back to G5. {{champion:420}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:68}}
: We've been thinking about this a bunch. It basically depends on your playstyle, I guess. Like I really get stressed editing masteries in champ select now, so I'll probably have 20 Rune pages for the ~10 champs I play so I don't have to spend a single extra second on building one from scratch every time. That way I can just change like a few runes on one of my preset pages and then have time to grab a beer or whatever. So this plan works really well for me, but you might not use it. I guess the question then is, is that fair enough for you? Like you're still getting all the other improvements to the rune system (including free runes, editing them in champ select). So does the change overall still feel fair for you even if you don't use the extra rune pages? I'm genuinely asking.
I think the best option would be to refund BOTH the Runes and Rune Pages to people, and let us use the refunded "currency" to buy into the new system. So if in the new system, I don't need my 20 rune pages (only need 5 as an example), I'll have the refund equal to 20 pages, and will buy only the 5 that I actually want/need in the new system, and use the excess refund to buy something else with that currency.
: The new Honor System
I'm excited for the overhaul, but very disappointed that there is nothing for people that are honorable in the old system. I will immediately lose my Green & Red banners. Even worse is that the reward skins are already existing rewards that a lot of us already have (from the Refer-a-Friend System). So what can I unlock if I already have those skins, nothing. They SHOULD have new skins exclusive to this, or if they are putting in some additional skins that are no longer available, it should include Urf Warwick, Silver Kayle, Rusty Blitzcrank, etc.
: Illaoi Spirits accepting Exhausts and Ignite
If it's intended to be treated as a champion for some things, they should still consider a quality of life improvement thing for Summoners playing Illaoi to prevent misclicks with their summoner abilities on the wrong vessel. There is NO reason for an exhaust to be allowed on a spirit.
: [Gameplay] Mordekaiser/Illaoi spirit interaction.
Yes, I think is indeed a problem. I've seen this happen with Exhausts and Ignites, and I don't think the spirit should considered a "champion" for those summoner abilities, and possibly not for Morde's Ult either. My guess is it also ruins Warwicks Ult too. The Spirit would/could block Warick from jumping on an actual champion if it's in the way.
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: Poppy Ult - Untargetable Issue
I'm not saying your both wrong, but those don't seem like good reasons for the mechanic to feel broken. @Brutal: I don't think that's a good reason, I actually would think the other. Players learn those strategies about positioning as part of mastering a champion. Yes, first time players won't always think about that repositioning for a wall stun, but mastering a champion is one of the best parts of League. And I'd actually think the current implementation is even "harder" on first timers because they can hurt their own team.... much like Ryze novices ulting wrong and killing their teammates. @Joxcab: That's not a good reason for a knockup to not be considered a Knockup for Yasuo. That's extremely confusing. If they wanted to not synergize with Yasuo, they could have just made it a Stun instead of knockup. I'd really love Riot to at least review this and explain this, or consider fixing it.
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Acxelion (NA)
: Relic Shield Bug
I came on to report this same issue. Relic Shield is his recommended support item. It's odd that he's considered Ranged, when he is using a melee weapon, just a longer melee weapon. That'd be like saying, Jax using a long pole, or Xin using a pole arm isn't melee. Anyway, I get it now, if that's why it doesn't work on Thresh. Good to know, I won't build it. However, they should remove it from his recommended items, and they should make it more clear that Thresh is a "Ranged Support".
: Black screen after accepting for a game?
There is reason to believe this is associated to your friend list. I was told of a potential temp workaround to constantly minimize my friend list before going into a game... and possibly making sure OFFLINE people aren't visible. Right after I did that, it seemed to have helped greatly. Hopefully RIOT will fix this soon, as there were so many issues in this latest patch that caused black screens, dodge/LP loss penalties, missing bans, etc.
Danimalz (NA)
: Lumberjack Illaoi / Pool Party Illaoi
She definitely needs some skin love. And actually a couple quality of life improvements to her kit as well to make her a more fair choice. She has some great strengths in certain situations, but otherwise can be unreliable. I'm someone that loves playing as her. Void Illaoi is a little lack luster, I have it, but actually like the regular base skin better, which is disappointing.
: why not replace 3v3 with URF?
Twisted Treeline (3v3) has one of the best competitive scenes, and is an amazing game mode that doesn't get stale after a few games. In fact 3v3 got SO MUCH better than it used to be, just by giving it a Flex Ranked queue that you can now solo/flex queue ranked without having to always have the same teammates online. URF and the other silly modes, are just that. They are a change of pace for something a little light-hearted. However, I personally don't enjoy them. ARAM/Howling Abyss is pretty acceptable as a alternative game mode. I play about 300 games a month, and 250 of them will be 3v3, 48 5v5, and 2 "other".
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: [SOLUTION] Black champion select screen
It definitely helped me! I collapsed all friend groups, and my champselect opened in a second, instead of 15 seconds of black screens.
: 7.4 PATCH black screen
This is worse in Draft and Ranked... You miss a few of the bans, and you can't tell your teammates who you play... so you often get your own champs banned, or if you are the one doing the banning, you usually will miss a ban or two. Some people have it worse, and the black screen lasts a while and they get a Dodge penalty, loss of LP, and can't queue again for a period of time. I'm lucky that my black screen only lasts about 15-20 seconds.
: Black screen
Keeps happening to me too. Champselect is Black for about 15 seconds. I usually get in... but I miss at laeast the first ban or two.
: Need 1 for Ranked 3s! Prefer gold+
I'm always up for 3's, was gold last season, nothing this season.
: Lf players for ranked 3v3
I'm always up for 3's, was gold last season, nothing this season.
: Starting A Team Silver-Gold (SERIOUS PLAYERS ONLY)
Mid / Support Former gold, currently silver. All Voice Comms
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: gold 5 looking for support to duo with. silver 5 to gold 1 i can duo with
Add me... "The Barnacle" I main support but missed all of last season. I was Gold 3, and since i missed a season. I recently did my placements for this season and went 9-1, but I got shafted in decay from being away, and got placed in B1, but should be up near gold soon, at least high silver. I main Leona, and Nami, but I'm willing to do Soraka and Morgana as well as alternate supports.
pBdroL (NA)
: Let's play ranked 5s. Need 2 MORE
I main support, was gold, am now Silver. I am also a strong Mid, in the rare occasion we don't need a support.
Ryosu (NA)
: Platinum ADC - Looking for Long-term Support Mains Duo
I main support: Leona, Nami, Morgana, Thresh IGN: x SEM x
: Diamond V and used to be Challenger in 3s LF 3s team
I'd love to play with you, only have Gold 1 teams though on 3's. I'm trying to get to Plat. Let me know. IGN: x SEM x
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