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Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Remove oracle trinket... Bring back oracle potion. 500g
Yes I agree I’m sick of it but make the extract last 2-3 min or 1 min
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: teeto has 52% wr lmao, are you an ahri main that qqs about your champion being weak while at 52%? also if its ranged and goes top, remove it
LOL {{champion:518}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:10}} Huh??? There is a shit ton of range tops and no I’m bitching because I need scaling dmg early a better w a better q
GilxeN (EUW)
: You have no right to cry about magic resist, cuz magic resist atm is most useless stat, since damage scalings always outscale your built magic resist item.
Yeah right... {{item:3194}} counters Teemo E and R dmg. {{item:3065}} counters dmg that I do and they just heal off it. {{item:3111}} makes blind last 1 or .75 seconds + that stupid legend tenacity + {{item:3053}} LOL {{item:3163}} a shield + 10 lifesteal +10 spell vamp + 20 attack dmg Are u kidding ?? If anything AD is so favored it’s bullshit Not to mention to counter these items you need void staff {{item:3135}} 2650 gold {{item:3165}} 3000 yeah we’re not like AD people who can just build {{item:3033}} 2800 gold Also mages typically need mana {{item:3285}} 3200 gold Lol and what ad people need what just {{item:1038}} and {{item:3006}} 2400 gold and they can kill a mage Or {{item:3147}} or {{item:3142}} 2900 gold no boots needed it’s a joke.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Yeah Why not just buff teemo and make - His range 800 - Make his Q blind last 5 seconds - Make his W speed gain 500 MS because it's not fair to only get 52% at max rank WTF RIOT - Make E Apply even teammates Abilities and Auto attacks - Make Teemo passive give 5 seconds stealth out of bush , OP why dafuq only 1 or 2 seconds? - Make shrooms bigger and Oracle CD 500 seconds and can only be purchased by 1 teammate , why would a 0 cost item destroy our shrooms? - Make his Blind even Blind Abilities as well , why dafuq Kai'sa can Q me and Lux root me when I blind them? it doesn't make sense dude. Q: are you shitposting? A: I didn't want the OP to shitpost alone, but you know something , it's not shitposting I bet he believed all of that and want it to come true actually.
Okay I thought of putting a non toxic post but since you wanna be a lil bitch. I’ll respond to you. Yeah let’s do it why not then he will match the new fucking one shot meta! Because these champions ignore regular balance on a day to day basis! Fucking urf op central! {{champion:157}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:82}} Man I wish Teemo could be just like that! Build fucking tank and do 183663829 true dmg or one shot someone every 20 seconds mass aoe cleave or better yet be invulnerable or maybe life steal with one spell or auto to full HP. Or have a shield R for 700dmg or a constant invisibility and 700 speed for 3 seconds and mage abilities as a ADC... or auto someone 3 times and walk around in circles.... Your a joke ZZZzzz
: AHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA teemo player XDDDD God I love absolutely obliterating ranged toplaners.
{{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:21}} and {{champion:22}} and {{champion:201}} {{champion:81}} Caitlyn: can two shot Teemo before he’s near. Jinx: her cannons reach range of 700 and 850 I think with rapid fire cannon. Kai’sa: my favorite the ADC that runs in people’s face pressing Q and W and still killing my team dealing 500 dmg and 346 dmg with each of her abilities. All while blinded 3-4 sec ability CD. LOL Xayah: her clean cut feathers still apply while blind. If she times it right and ur delay blind animation of skill she can immune it with her R and place it on CD and just E ur dead. Ezreal: biggest wimp ever is just a mage Q Q Q till ur dead 800 range. Ashe and Braun: such a toxic duo comp legit have to kill brain while Ashe hugs him and ur blind hits Brahms shield or Ashe kills u in duration. Miss fortune: can still q and r ur dead. What adcs do you exactly smash today?
Padoµch (EUNE)
: I mean, I think he is ok. If the enemy gets onto you, you are in trouble. Maybe you are trying too hard to be aggressive with him? Looking at your you are taking ignite, maybe you can take TP and just farm up, poke the enemy a little bit if he comes for minions, it workes. I play Teemo sometimes and for me, he does his job, he is annoying. Btw, I dont feel like Q range is small at all, I´ve played Teemo mid and basically abused champs like Brand and Syndra with Q range.
Yeah, I’ll agree he can abuse some melee champions. But mid to late game you can only Q or R in team fights or surprise attack in a bush. I totally dropped {{item:3115}} because I realized I only build it for laning and after lane phase I can’t even use it besides the CDR. Because I get totally focus and totally one shorted. That’s my issue is platinum is all about team fights; I shouldn’t be forced to play a different champion. My champion pick should be decent enough to be used in all aspects of the game and elos. I also am annoyed you said Brand and Syndra. Because at lvl 6 they can one shot you. A Teemo can’t EVER summon that much of dmg to do to anyone! EVER oh and guess what one direct E from brand your movespeed is gone for 5 seconds... or E Q from Syndra and R ur dead LOL.
: ipav999 is a {{champion:17}} one trick in high diamond/challenger who streams on twitch he plays mostly {{champion:17}} he makes a new account every now and then and gets it to dia by playing mostly {{champion:17}} (unless he's banned or picked) i don't think the champion is the problem
I shouldn’t have to be challenged to have my champion be useful. Challenger is another level of skill and teamwork. What about low elos? 90% of games population is not challenger don’t make a shitty comment about how not being challenger is the reason why I suck at Teemo. The laughable part is Teemo is been out for 10+ years and he isn’t even played at worlds. And when he is the announcers even mock and laugh calling the champion “useless” “no dmg at all”
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Divin1ty (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=7RTLWEuK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-25T18:14:41.744+0000) > > We basicly had perma chat restrictions with infinetly stacking ones. They led to more other forms of toxicity like trolling or inting which are harder to detect. > Why would we bring something back that didnt work before? And we had people bragging with it, making challenges etc. Same with the "We want Season 1 back" people either are very, very nice to the past, plain ignore it, or haven't played but heared it was better back then. It wasn't.
I thought after silver was done I was finished getting DC and troll inting people. I'm Plat 3 and it still happens. There is no way to control a troll. Perma ban isn't going to fix someone behavior; a perma chat restriction will; also fun fact accounts are literally 50 -200 $ for silver, gold, plat, diamond. Very easy for a noob whos hardstuck to buy a account.
: An (long) Essay on Permabans - One size fits all policies don't work
I would rather have permabans for racial and prejudices slurs like calling someone gay and stuff like that. I do agree perma ban is a bit harsh for cussing someone out. People waste 100's of dollars on this game. We're all human we all get mad; and esp since this game has a high player base rate of high schoolers to college students. We've been exposed to alot more crap like on the web, fights, cussing in our daily lifes. this isn't china. Perma bans for cussing shouldnt be a thing
: UM ACTUALLY most teemo players dont want him to be reworked, they like him as he is. lol.
that is why this is a comment if you support. If you dont move along.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
Riot! Please don't gut my Teemo. Make him strong. Give him that 680 Range Q Blinding dart like it says on the website. Give him 550 AA range. Give him his 5 mushrooms in his R rank one! Give him AD and AP ratios. Make him cancer! I'm sick of laning vs a Neeko Top or Malz and getting crapped on. Oh and a stealth would be nice but I wanna keep my toxic invisibility too. If thats' not too much to ask! Make me a LCS tyrant!
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Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
Patch 9.9 PBE I just logged on the PBE and reviewed the Teemo rework; as a Teemo main this is everything I don't want. Why? Teemo Lane Phase: Teemo, pretty much can bully any top laner. Between lvl's 1,2,3,4 there-after he has to back off or else he will get ganked; or his oppenent will destroy him 1v1. This new Camo-stealth ability will help his pre-six a lot; as we get ganked we can hop bushes and get away. The attack speed bonus is nice. The con is we are dependent on bushes to re-stealth as it is a 40 second CD; also why wouldn't riot add a numbered duration and not move "7 Teemos' ". They also added the ability to use your W in stealth but how does this benefit anything to do with your camo? You can only move 7 teemos. Thank god they removed the slow effect though! WHEW! Solution: Give us back our stand still invisibility with element of surprise attack speed bonus. Give us a active stealth with a decent duration and remove the ticking CDR in bush on the camo. Give it a base CD thats below 25 please ... Blinding Dart Nerf: I can't believe they are nerfing my blind dart AP ratio! From 80 to 60 % that is so unfair! That literally is the only thing I can do in Team fights other than throwing mushrooms inside the fight. I just don't understand! You want a squishy, 500 Range Marksman-mage to walk up to a team of poke mages and bruisers and expect me not to get one shotted??? just to AUTO then Q or Mushroom and Q. Like my 1v1 potential is increased but I was hoping for TEAM FIGHT POTENTIAL. DONT NERF MY Q AP RATIO PLEASE. W Move Quick? No speed increase? kinda bummed jhin, Miss fortune, Garen, Kaisa, Riven ... jesus list can go on can all out run me with their movement utility I was expecting a buff. R Noxious Traps I didn't see the mushrooms have 6 / 8 / 10 life bar I'm okay with the AP nerf since I can make more just please ensure the life bar is added so a team with {{item:3364}} {{item:3147}} Can't clear an entire mushroomed jungle in 5 seconds. Which took me 2 minutes to achieve. patch 9.9 PBE
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: This is the case for most, if not all point and click abilities. It's called center-edge, while autos are calculated edge-edge
I'm confused its literally 30-40 units smaller than what it says. A ability that says 680 range but when I go to use it on a draven or Varus ADC with 550 or 575 AA range they will get off an auto before my blind is in range before use. Can you explain that It makes me annoyed... Its my only defensive ability.
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: I'm giving away free gift skins
I wanna play ! I would love a new yordle skin for my collection. {{champion:42}} need me a corgi Corki
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: So... what's wrong in my statement that armour (and I add: resistances as a whole) is 80% effective against Conqueror?
because its not go test all those champions i said on the training dummy you will do the same dmg fairly a little less ... because dummies have 100 armor and camile q is true dmg ... it also is recastable 1.5 - 2 second cd ... vayne is the god of % dmg so is Red Kayn all their skills are % . Jax is mixed dmg half AP and half AD with a mix of on hit and true dmg which can't be blocked with just armor ... Jayce has % skills and lethality SHREDS ARMOR FYI ... You just don't know and or understand how much riot favors AD champs I'd rather face a full ap team at least {{item:3194}} {{item:3065}} Can sustain all their damage since {{item:3151}} requires {{item:3116}} on most mages ... And conqueror hits like a truck with infinity edge thats nearly 40% true dmg with a master yi passive thats 50 % true dmg not sure how much his E gives him but Yeah .. building armor on a full AD team is not as helpful as you think ....
kargish (EUW)
: {{champion:164}} hardly has any % damage {{champion:24}} has none at all {{item:3153}} doesn't ignore armor {{champion:141}} (Rhaast) {{champion:67}} are literal tank buster designs I get what you want to say, but those were not extrodinary examples.
Lol well you clearly don't know champions ...
: Your armour is 80% effective against only conqueror (not counting any other armour reduction means). Which means that, if your character boasts 100 resists (both MR and armour), their damage reduction will drop from 100 / 200 = 50% to 40%. I don't know whence you pulled the 80% damage reduction.
Ummm your wrong. This game favors AD Dmg. Every AD champ has % dmg in their kit. {{champion:164}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:141}} Or armor ignoring items like {{item:3071}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3147}} ... not to mention conqueror and grasp are op.
: 1. His attack range is already enough to harass the melee top laners he's up against. 2. I don't get the AD ratios one bit. He's an AP champion. 3. Making Teemo ultimate literally undetectable except for a map specific item and a trinket only supports (and sometimes junglers) take removes counterplay. But otherwise, the Passive, Q (Cass one is kind of weird though), and W changes are great, although personally I think Q should be changed to a skillshot but grant Nearsighted as well on top of it's Blind.
1.) I'm just asking for a small 25 or 50 unit increase not gonna change the harass that much ... If I was asking for 150 that would be another story . 2.) But like I said earlier if you ever lane against teemo and build {{item:3156}} {{item:3194}} Teemo can't do ANY dmg too you His E and R is completely countered by {{item:3194}} and {{item:3135}} Just isn't strong enough to counter that item. An AD ratio will allow him to build hybrid {{item:3146}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3153}} With these items helping him have some counter play to an entire MR Tank. 3.) The counter play is Oracle Lens; because {{item:3147}} clearly says removal of wards ... Mushrooms are not wards THEY ARE TRAPS. AND They are a ULTIMATE. I don't understand how that item can clear 5-7 before it goes away. Example : Miss Fortune ADC, Talon Mid, Rengar Jungle, Oracle Lens support and Top Laner. Now they have 3 Passive oracle lens that clear mushrooms with one auto every 1 min, Also they are allowed to plant vision wards ... Also, their support has oracle lens and wards. ?? Wheres Teemo's counter play for that and Miss fortune Q isn't blindable ( aparently she can still see teemo to "love tap Q him".
: Teemo is legit a pure troll champion. He needs a full rework.
Not a full fledge rework people like his play style just his kit needs to be mini reworked a bit.
: A range increase is asking for a riot top lane. No, teemo blind should not be able to stop cass E, it is an ability. I like the idea of AD ratio buffs to make him work hybrid. Also like the idea of teemo surpassing attack speed cap on passive, helps onhit builds, something that isn't as strong as traditional AP burst teemo.
Yeah, I think the top laners will get over it since the new runes can give them 55 MR starting game.
: i half agree. his Q and R need to be left alone since those are his only good abilities. his W needs a much higher movement increase for both passive and active. his E needs an active. any kind of active will do. or better yet make his E his Passive passive and replace E with something else.
I agree on the speed increase on his W I want his W active to make him roll though to dodge stuff ... I like his E I just think it needs to hit harder seems so blocked by {{item:3194}} kinda makes him useless when a riven builds {{item:3194}} {{item:3156}} and {{item:3135}} only does so much so I get destroyed; and AD doesn't scale so I wanted a Scaling for AD; so you can at least switch your build without too much ability loss from your Q and R and E.
: As an M7 Teemo let me just say this: 1. Teem is not viable as an adc, he is not meant to be viable as an adc. If they buff his AA range he will be played bot, he will then fk over bot lane and then be nerfed or have his most used items nerfed. 2. Teemo fills a niche, let's let him fill that niche and not try to bring too much attention to him 3. I like Teemo as is and with our luck after buffing him Riot would nerf him and he would not be even as viable as he currently is. Teemo is an excellent Top lane bully against mele ranged champions who gets advantage early on and if played correctly keeps that advantage, he isn't really weak albeit he does get countered relatively easily due to certain champions popularity.
So you really don't want him to be buffed because a fear of a nerf in the future? I don't agree. I want him to be strong or at least stand a chance in games. Also, yes Teemo can work as a ADC; Championship players played him this year; I've played him he works as ADC. I'm not asking for him to be overpowered; I just want him to be able to stand a chance. Especially to a champion like Neeko with a 120% AP ratio on her R.
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: I should not be forced to lose LP for this
**I agree this disconnection shit has been the reason I have been demoted several times.**** If a person Disconnects they should have three strikes.** ( Accidents happen we get that PC act out and internet reacts to storms). **But after those strikes a real punishment should happen l**ike a complete demotion to the Disconnector and punishments should further continue to prevent these "rage quits" or "disconnectors". **Players that are victims should not lose 30 lp. They should default lose 5-10 lp and if they are on demotion line WE AS PLAYERS SHOULD NOT BE DEMOTED....FOR DISCONNECTION OR RAGE QUITTERS.**
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