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: PSA: don't buy Little Legends when TFT releases, this pricing model is scummy even by Riot standards
When Riot said, "here's a really cool skin for that champ you love, it costs $10" is said, here's $10. Simple, effective transaction. I got to look cool, they got money, and the game stays live. All these God damn loot boxes are preventing me from spending money on the game because I don't know what I'm getting. If I go to McDonalds and ask for nuggets they don't give me a big mac and tell me to pay again if I want the nuggets. The only time chance comes into it is gambling, which this is and this should be regulated the same. If it was regulated better, companies would have less profits from it and would stop doing it.
: Garen
-_- this post had nothing to do with that game and btw i would ask that people not go and look at my ranked history (ultimately it's your choice) as the majority of games i play are normals with friends. Also if you wish to talk about that game i killed the garen 5 mins later and that first kill was his only one in lane, the 5/15 Zed cost us that game. Regardless of that what i presented are facts and numbers i would prefer for you to answer in much the same way instead of commenting on my personal play. And when almost all the posts here are about a single game that was not even the one that prompted me to make this post it aggravates me. Also feel free to check my match history to see that i main jungle as well as checking my highest mastery score champs (Rek'sai, Kha'zix, Voli, Rengar, Kindred). Lasty the main responses i'm getting are from a level 10 guy named Critmaster Garen, if you think he is going to unbiased then you need to rethink things. Also i assume that's no your main as you seem to know a lot for a level 10.
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: The HUD update hits live
Something i think needs to be brought up is that this new sleek HUD blocks more of the game than the old one. I don't really care as much about what is happening under my HUD in the bottom left of my screen, but right in the middle, that is where i need the most vision possible. The new HUD takes up a ton of room right in the middle of your screen.
: The HUD update hits live
I understand that you put a ton of work into making this new HUD but it sucks imo. Please put an option to use the old HUD, it's already made and working so there should be no problem, and maybe think about updating it. The look of the new HUD is ok, a bit to flashy and distracting ( i find that the design of it makes it very hard to tell what is going on, compared to the old HUD where everything was plainly visible), if you feel that you want the game to move in a new direction graphically, similar to the SR update, then just do a rework of the old HUD and not a new HUD where everything is way harder to find. Just make a high res old HUD with maybe a few new features. TL;DR i like idea of the new more stylish HUD but it ends up being to hard to tell what is going on and the placement is completely off, please rework the old HUD with new graphics.

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