: Saying Dunkey was right is how we know you are wrong
Dunkey was right, it was the last fun thing about this game. As someone who's played since season one and more games played over 5 accounts then you and three of your friends combined there is some credibility there.
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: Temp banned, can Riot email me my chat log
Also you guys were right about the email, I just got an obvious fake email from some email listing as "riotgamesserviceofficial@gmail.com"
: If you were banned by the Instant Feedback System you should've been presented with a reform card in-client which has 1-3 chat logs, and also one sent to your email. Make sure your email is verified by clicking your profile on the top right of this page and going to **Settings**. Also check your spam folder and ensure Riot Games is whitelisted. If you were banned manually then no reform card is generated, and you can submit a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to get more information. You can submit a ticket as well if the IFS didn't send you an email. Also, please scrub your email address from this post. It is one of your layers of account security.
That was my first idea, but it seems you Riot has removed all forms of categorization in the support area. If it is "about the game" it refers me to the forums.
: Weellll, first I would remove the email. (It might be against the rules) Second, if it's a 14-day ban, you've likely had several warning up till now and you know what you're being punished for.
This is my first warning in a few years. I can remove the email, was just trying to add as much information as possible.
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Sign me UP! I always support my team, it never fails that I provide positive reinforcement for my teammates and along with helpful advice to the enemy team.
: Sion Q&A on 9/30
You killed my champion


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