Larriet (NA)
: Lux Vision Nerf
Riot has a burning hatred of vision. Game breaking bugs? Well get to them sometime maybe. Client has a 50/50 shot of being functional every time you open it? Not our problem try reinstalling the entire game. Lux grants some extra vision? GET RID OF THAT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!
: What is Sona suppose to be?
Sonas role is to steal all the kills, build full AP, and then one shot people. Nobody shall tell me otherwise. This is the way.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Autofill should not work on the jungle role.
I’m a fill main and jg has overtaken support as the lane that I get dropped into the most by far. They made the jungle so miserable this season that nobody wants to play it. I feel forced to pick my best early pressure jg {{champion:60}} every single game, because otherwise you fall behind, and if you fall behind in S10 jg you basically are a ward the rest of the game. It’s awful, it invariably ends with one jungler being completely useless the entire game, and usually this gets decided before either of them gets level 6. I don’t blame people for leaving the role in droves.
: They Benched The Kench
Tahms ability to bail his teammates out of a bad spot is unfortunately antithetical to the “League of everyone dies in .5 seconds.” So Riot hates his guts. They changed him from support to a broken toplaner so that everyone else would hate his guts too and nobody would complain when they removed him from the game.
Flemman (EUW)
: Urgot follower are willing to take a test, like we read in this story. That means that, whatever Singed or Viktor want to try, if Urgot say to them it's their trial, they will do it without being forced to. I don't think Viktor is the kind of guy who will not do experiment on someone who decide to endure it on their free will
Personally I think Viktor would hate Singed and Urgot, Singed is perusing his brutal brand of science with no ethical considerations and entirely for his own benefit, and Urgot is a mass murdering demagogue. At his core Viktor is a decent guy, he wants to save lives and improve society he’s just _exceptionally _ tone deaf about the outward appearance of a lot of his actions.
: New Story: Child of Zaun
Loved Urgot on this, he’s got the same kind of calm, well spoken madness that MCU Thanos did. And of course, Vi and Cait are missing the point just as much as the voice did. It’s not symbiosis between Piltover and Zaun, it’s parasitism and oppression. Urgot didn’t create the anger and resentment the people of the sump felt for the system that is literally poisoning them to death every day, he just took the anger that was already there and channeled it to suit his own ends.
iiGazeii (NA)
: I'd buy a monstrous Kai'Sa skin
I'd love a Kai'Sa skin that takes heavy inspiration from venom, maybe even have the symbiote whispering to her creepy pleas to consume everything. It'd be great. It should have been her base but hey, better late than never.
: Remember when i said Senna ADC should be nerfed because it will be broken despite what Riot says?
She was given a mountain of free stats so she could function as an ADC with no gold. Obviously playing her in a role that lets her get gold on top of her free stats was going to be busted.
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: im not sad cause eu lost, im sad because...
Yeah, I'm just heartbroken, let me play you a sad song on the worlds smallest NA violin. You think choking in the finals is bad? At least your teams made it out of groups.
: - This is the interview I was talking about with Ovilee. start at 10:44 - and watch until 12:04 and that right there is what I'm talking about. One of the things that I did when trying to find out predictions and stats before the tournament was to find the teams that resemble X team best. For example, DWG and TL are similar in their dragon control and both are slower teams so if another NA team would be in a group with DWG - I could look up their recent games with Team Liquid and get somewhat a small scouting on DWG without the ability to scrim them. Watch vods of the teams that resemble X team closest within the NA LCS, watch vods of the team you'll be facing etc etc. Yeah, it is pathetic.......but that's the LCS for you _10 Years with the same story and ending_
For as much flack as he got for it at the time, it makes me realize Reaperd was right when he benched basically his entire team last year. If the players don’t care about the product they are putting on stage, why should the fans? If the players don’t want to do their jobs, sit their behinds on the bench till they decide they want to put in the effort. It might have damaged their fragile egos but it also lead to the only time in history our region wasn’t a complete embarrassment on the worlds stage.
: Honestly just going back to basics and doing things the right way. Stats and the importance of such Look at the LCK( The longevity of League power for 5+ years) before any regular split games begin the casters, production teams etc talk about stats and rankings and team stats for legit 10-20 mins before each game series. Look at LCS games in general it's nothing like that it's just - ' sit down and watch our clown fiesta games' Understanding "WHY" X team won or lost is beneficial more so than just "unlucky" as the reasons. Fans - Sometimes league is a slow paced game but to fans the slower paced games are "boring" but they don't realize those "boring games" the 40+ min games are needed for good teams that are methodical and smart. EU competed with Korea way back around 2012-2013 ( Gambit eliminated SSW in the 2013 WORLDS) because they knew the importance of slowing down the pace and playing SMART! but nope, not in NA - in NA you either play like a clown so fans can be entertained or you play smart and methodical and have fans be bored {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}. **I HAVE A BEDTIME TO KEEP!** **I CANT WATCH 4-5 40+ min games! SO I'm GOING TO COMPLAIN TO RIOT ABOUT SUCH...INSTEAD OF JUST WATCHING SUCH GAMES AT A LATER DATE** {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Watch streams and how the streamer will say " Arrgh, this game should have been over like 10 mins ago or we stalled out the game for so long" Who gives a shiT?!? You didn't win - the enemy didn't win!........continue to play and not make it seem like every game needs/should be over at the 25 min mark. You actually LEARN more in the 40+ min games oppose to the 20 min 1 sided "feelsbadman" - "unlucky" games. **F$ck** I feel like we as a generation or so fixed on having magical excitement up our anuses 24/7 and action, action, action but then we realize that way sucks compared to the slower games/movies what have you. Look at horror games and how the genre was filled with action and how it became not scary but dumb. Now fans are crying for horror to return to it's roots. Movies are the same in which, 20 years from now do you think people are going to be talking about "Avengers XIVII" as an all-time great film? Joker 2019 // Suicide squad in comparison. Which movie had the better "Joker" which movie was overall, better? Suicide Squad had gasm: ACTION...... OWWWW ACTION...... delicious, stinky ACTION. Joker 2019 didn't really have "action" and to some it was one of the greatest movies of all time because it wasn't a "gun blazing" movie. If everyone(majority LCS players but solo Q players also) can calm down and play smart, slow and methodical the NA LCS might not be trash. Prep and scouting Ovilee interviewed D-Lift a week before Worlds started and asked him about scouting the teams in his group and he was like and I'm paraphrasing ' No, we haven't scouted or researched our opponents yet. We don't scout them until the day we face them' something like that and in theory it kinda makes sense as we've all heard the ol' " Onto the next X team" from Patriots coach Bill Belichick but overall, I honestly think NA coaches, talent, players everyone take sitting down and watching vods or certain teams as a _chore.... and not as your job._ The players don't want to sit down for 1-2 hrs in a day watching vods OH NO, they want to PLAY FOR FUN SOLO Q...... DELICIOUS SOLO Q! Create memes and say stuff like " POGGERS!!! instead of doing their jobs and in the long run be able to make it out of groups on the reg. Anytime I ever saw players watching vods or so they are texting or asleep on the couch instead of paying attention. Self criticism Close to every Doublelift stream whenever a player on his team does anything he's always " You're so BAD!" Other streamers like Tyler1 and IWD are also partly to blame with how players act in solo Q. It's actually "cool" these days acting like a rage filled 5 year old and a person to throw blame instead of actually THINKING "What can I have done" These are just some examples as there are other side of the coin NA players that are different like( Anniebot - who sounds like a nice person that doesn't really rages or switches blame). Overall, I think if we as a region want to actually grow and become better we need to work on self criticism and self control. I do believe Korea actually has the more toxic community and players but at least they have the mechanics to back it up and pedigree. I could go on and give out other points and examples but it's just easier to say something rude as being informative gets 0 attention but being rude gets you attention and more. Overall, sucks that this is the way NA ends their tournament but also my viewing of such because there's honestly no real rhyme or reason continuing to watch the LCS or really league content after Worlds. It'll just be the same thing again. #stay Free NA - Stay Free
Gah, that Doublelift quote is horrific, and this is the best NA has to offer? “We don’t start scouting till the day of the game.” and they have the gall to call themselves professionals? This is basic shit, you start preparing the moment you find out who your opponents are, you study film to find their tendencies and which tendencies of yours they can exploit. You run practice against your scout team to prepare for the things they are going to do. This is literally sports 101, and our best team can’t even be bothered to do that? Pathetic.
: TL vs IG
Jensen completely choked. They put him on his favorite champ and everything, and hes tossing out chains so terrible it looks like he’s trying to miss.
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: Can we get an F for Cloud 9? Not for Worlds but for...
C9 just ran out of talent. Losing Jensen really hurts on the international stage because now they no longer have “that guy” they can count on to step up and carry. They are left with a roster full of above average NA players, which worked out decent in regional splits because our region is so talent poor but a mediocre mid laner combined with a mediocre bot lane simply is not going to cut it on the worlds stage.
theTyger (NA)
: Worked soooo hard to avoid spoilers, thanks Rito... :( :( :(
Yup, riots decision to make avoiding spoilers as hard as humanly possible is absolutely infuriating. I did my best but also slipped up and saw them a couple of times too. Super frustrating. Games don't start till 3am in NA, at least wait for the rebroadcast to finish before plastering spoilers everywhere in the NA site and client.
: I think we should give C9 some credit
Reaperd either has brilliant drafts or out thinks himself with terrible drafts. C9 crushed the 2nd half of groups and Gen.G with good Reapered. They allmost lost to Gambit and got destroyed by FNC when bad Reapered decided to show up and start getting too cute.
Dyromic (EUNE)
: Actually, you can't blame others for believing in the last one. So far there is only 4 confirmed demon entities and they line up perfectly with the Seven Deadly Sins: Nocturne - Sloth (pretty straightforward keeping in mind his new lore) Fiddlestick - Greed (again, his lore is self-explanatory) Evelynn - Lust Tham Kench - Gluttony If you'd like to bust this misconception you need more demon champions, who actually go against this scheme. So, as long as every demon champion line up perfectly with the Seven Deadly Sins thematics you can't blame others for believing in it.
Next misconception. Tahm doesn't represent gluttony, he represents _desire_. He talks about hunger, but it's almost entirely metaphorical, the hungers of the human heart, an emptiness in the soul that will never be filled. He enables your worst inhibitions and feasts on your despair when you follow them to rock bottom. He isn't scarfing that last hamburger, he's the voice in your head telling you "just 1 more game" even though its allready 3am and you have to get to work by 8.
: Vladmir is a hemomancer, not a Vampire. Evelynn is not a succubus, she is a virgin.
: I'm happy a western world is gonna win Worlds but..
Some of both. I think the meta has helped, but I also think that the talent gap has closed enough that the western teams were able to capitalize on the meta shift. Korea (and also RNG), play the safe, get to late game and then win with mechanical superiority style that TSM and 100T try but invariably fail to pull off. They are getting punched in the mouth early because of the meta, and the skill gap closing means they can't go late even or behind and expect to collect free wins anymore.
: 2018 Champion Skins - wish list
Licorice- {{champion:120}} Sven- {{champion:56}} or {{champion:64}} Blaber- {{champion:203}} Jensen- {{champion:26}} Sneaky- {{champion:236}} or {{champion:145}} Zeyzal- {{champion:412}} Honorary Goldenglue- {{champion:90}}
Okuma (EUNE)
: What's your favorite champion/skin quote and why?
{{champion:223}} "It is the heart from which the darkest water flows." and {{champion:223}} "Even if you have no bait, you can still cast a line and hope."
: How much did Riot pay Korea and China?
Korea doing its best TSM impression. Expecting everyone to roll over for them and getting punched in the mouth. and they say the other regions don't learn anything from NA.
3-0! C9 WINS!!!!!!!!! NA TO THE SEMIS OVER KOREA!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOUR GODS NOW??!?!?!?!?!?!
Wuks (NA)
: つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
How cow. Sven straight up murdering everyone on the Graves. Two down, One to go. cmon C9!
Two more wins. Just give me two more wins. *Crosses Fingers*
Lets go C9! and hey, even if you aren't pulling for NA, a C9 win means Korea is officially out of worlds, and if _that_ isn't something to cheer for I don't know what is.
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: Fnatic and RNG
Personally I don't think anyone is stopping KT, but FNC has looked very impressive for sure. All in all I don't think there is a weak team in the quarterfinals this year though.
xChin (EUW)
: Best Western team at Worlds 2018?
100T obviously. #1 at embarrassing themselves.
: Years and years of losing...I'm finally over NA. Putting all my chips on Africa
as much as it pained me to do I put GenG. getting out second in group B over C9. Well, we all saw how that went. Not doubting my favorite team again. #C9win
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: RIOT - Why do you hate your eSport fans (and your own eSports team) so much...?
After work I've been going to the loleports youtube, then setting the rebroadcast back to the start and watching it from there, (I don't like being spoiled on game times like you get in the individual game vods) best way I've found to avoid spoilers. Its garbage that I have to jump through those hoops, but hey.
: Supporting your team..just $50 dollars away c:
Or, and stay with me here. You could just buy the cheap bundle with just the silver icon and emote like I did. I love C9 but I don't play Kha6, and I wasn't about to fork over all that extra money just to turn my emote gold.
: Link me your pick'ems and discuss! Group A and D are the tricky ones. Putting my hopes in Flash Wolves finaly getting it together this year. Group D is a bummer because its the only group an NA team has a realistic shot at getting out of (Sorry C9, I love you guys but you aren't beating Gen.G. and RNG), but 100T is also terrible, so.....
: C9 vs Gambit thoughts (spoilers)
Some of the blame has to be put on Reaperd for trying to get too cute in draft (why pick a top lane Akali into a Urgot?????), yes. But frankly, C9 just played extremely sloppy league, especially on Red side, and its not like that was just in this series either, they were getting caught too far up, face checking with no wards, taking bad fights in disadvantageous positions and feeding unnecessary deaths throughout the whole play ins, they very easily could have been 2-2 in the group stages without Licorice making a few miracle plays on his Lissandra, and Jensen who should be smashing inferior competition mid lane has frankly looked uncharacteristically horrible on anything except his Ryze, particularly that game he spent soft inting on Kassadin was hard to watch. They snuck by gambit, but the mistakes they have been making both in game and in draft are going to get them buried in the group of death if they don't clean them up. Hopefully they can, because this is a very mechanically talented team, they just need to stop playing stupid.
: Is the plan just to slowly remove tahm from the game?
Well, you see a champion that can stop a priority target from getting blown up in a second and a half would interfere with riots clown feista worlds one shot wet dream, and we can't have that now can we?
: Riot makes me hate competitive
This is literally how Blizzard killed Starcraft 2, and riot apparently thought it would be wise to do the same damn thing. STOP BALANCING AROUND "fun to watch" AND RETURN TO BALANCING AROUND "fun to play". Doesn't matter how "exciting" LCS is, the people that left the game because they are sick of getting chunked for over 50% of their health at level 3 by every single champion in the game aren't watching worlds. The lane swap pro meta was absolutely dull as dirt to watch, but viewership numbers were way higher than they are now, and it isn't rocket science, if people enjoy playing the game they are going to tune in to the competitions, even if they aren't super fast paced games. If they hate playing the game no amount of flashy LC$ big plays is going to make them tune in.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Isn't the point of pro players to adapt and make the most of a well balanced game?
its not about balance, it's about enforcing a meta. Refusing to touch atdent last year in the worlds patch did so much damage to the player base that riot is overcompensating by trying to force a one shot meta. Of course getting one shot out of nowhere by everything is just as miserable for the average players as the adc being untouchable because of ardent, maybe even more so, but it looks flashy so riot doesn't care.
: Nobody wants to see Tahm Kench anywhere.
Nobody wants to see Janna anywhere either, but she still got buffs.
: I'm kinda annoyed btw. A cinematic that should aim at celebrating the teams and players who will fight in the world's tournament is instead used to glorify a single team/person. It's like others don't deserve to even be shown if not for a sparkling symbol on a statue.
> [{quoted}](name=Stars Shaper,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=myx3EgI0,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-26T14:35:52.998+0000) > > I'm kinda annoyed btw. A cinematic that should aim at celebrating the teams and players who will fight in the world's tournament is instead used to glorify a single team/person. > > It's like others don't deserve to even be shown if not for a sparkling symbol on a statue. I agree, We deserve an alternate video of TSM trying to climb the mountain and repeatedly getting beaten down. Then instead of picking up their weapons for this year, TL C9 and 100T punch them in the face, take their weapons and start towards the mountain instead.
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: > [{quoted}](name=TheBentOn3,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=55ZE4nNF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-23T16:30:36.482+0000) > > Yeah, we've heard this story before, we all know how it ends. All of NAs teams will be in position to advance at the end of week one, they'll choke in week two, and maybe one team will sneak in to the quarters only to get blasted. > > I hoping it'll be different this year, but as the saying goes, I'll believe it when I see it. There is no week 2 for group stage this year. It's all going to be played in a week.
Huh good to know Given past history, that might actually play in NAs favor.
: NA got pretty easy draws and is going to semis this year.
Yeah, we've heard this story before, we all know how it ends. All of NAs teams will be in position to advance at the end of week one, they'll choke in week two, and maybe one team will sneak in to the quarters only to get blasted. I hoping it'll be different this year, but as the saying goes, I'll believe it when I see it.
: I feel like TL might have a chance to win worlds
TL couldn't get out of groups at MSI, I have my doubts they will be able to at worlds either.
: My forecast prediction for Worlds Patch 8.19
{{champion:6}} is doomed, not only does he have the misfortune of not being a traditional worlds meta pick, he doesn't sell a lot of skins and is used to counter riots flashy poster children, dudes gonna get kneecapped. {{champion:120}} dared to step foot outside the jungle so I suspect the traditional nerfs for playing outside his riot forced meta approved lane are in the pipeline. {{champion:223}} and{{champion:113}} are still seeing play dispite riots efforts to gut them so I wouldn't be surprised if they get nerfed again just for good measure.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: If you could make the perfect comp to represent NA in the Worlds..
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