: Any other MOBAS out or releasing soon?
Funny that you ask that, we had some competitor's spring up awhile back and they all got rolled under a carpet and stomped on because they weren't like league. This game is cancerous trash and I wish it would die. I made a post describing how nasty this game at it's core has become and how uncaring it's creator's are. They deleted that post without a second thought and didn't even take the time to read what I had written first.
: AP fighter items (slightly long)
You make some valid points there friend. It's a shame that requests like this continually go on with no regard from the Riot crew. I find it strange that a company can tell everyone to suck it and enjoy THEIR idea of what we should play. Sure we can make a vote about a skin, but having idea's or questioning the mathematics behind their ridiculous champions? Not so much. A good deal of their roster sits in precarious state due to their complete lack of thought concerning the size of their ever-expanding roster and the effects the overblown champions have on the remaining 100+ choices and alllllll the insane items that coincide with their ridiculous champions to make them even more ridiculous. i.e.- powerspikes* Why in the world do specific champions skyrocket in capability after certain purchases while other's are forced to mull around or avoid confrontation altogether until they hit that *sweet spot*? This just makes no sense anymore.
: Why Are You STILL Playing LOL?!?!?!
I thought I was still playing LoL.... But this is League of Vayne / Sion / Riven / Yasuo / Leblanc / Zed etc. This game claims to have a large roster of usable, fun to play champions. What it actually gives you is a maddeningly dead roster with HORRIBLY under-powered champs to start off with where item's are making the game for you. THEN, as you unfortunately continue to play this heaping steam pile of waste and pathetic regards to proper idea formatting, you start to learn that there are ALOT of people playing broken one trick champs. Cause they auto win just by being selected. Point in case, how many times do you sit staring at a defeat screen because you hit 30+ min in a match where they had a Vayne and you didn't? Yeah.... Lots of them. Im sick of this charade. This isn't a moba. It's not been a moba for a long time. In a moba, you can select ANY champion and not receive a negative experience because your opponent picked *this champion*. Not here though. Here you are punished for liking a specific champion if that champion doesn't fall into the current OTP busted BS meta. Nuff said. Ask a real question.


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