: yup, riot dont care
course they don't, If they did they would say "We're looking into our Matchmaking system with the sole aim of improving the experiance for players" Which they will never in the history of ever do or if they do they won't put any effort into it
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: Is MMR supposed to be this broken or is it just me?
Welcome to League of Legends, where Riot don't give a shit about your matchmaking experieance and will probs never fix their shitty matchamaking because they have no reason to because of E$ports Welcome to the club
phongphu (NA)
: I've got many Pentakills against premade teams, in those games i have only played as an individual player.
Congrats you're an exception to the norm either by skill or the matchmaking getting a fucking clue and realizing premades should go up against better individual players if it's too incompetent to put them up vs equally sized premades
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: Where else are friends supposed to play together since ARAM has no ranked or vs bots.
If one of the issues is ARAM has no ranked Then they should go to ranked Ranked Flex exists
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: Why Do You Stay In This Game
I still find its fun, its just the sorry excuse for a matchmaking system which ruins it for me
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: > [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JyYEHMGw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-04T18:34:26.576+0000) > > It failed largely because riot aimed it at the pros, but made her pick/ban in pro play. > > It's not the kit that is the issue, it's who they designed the kit for. No. It’s definitely the kit. If I have to say “and” more than 3 times per ability to describe what it does, it a lot more than overloaded.
Its more what each And does, Like Garen Q It is a movement speed buff And It Silences And It can crit Or his E Its and AOE Attack And It shreds armour And It deals true damage to the villians The issue isn't that Akalis kit does 3 things its just the significant of the 3 things
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: Can we for the love of God nerf Diana already?
{{champion:107}} *Laughs in bush kitty* For real though, You played Eveylnn, A squishy assassin that is still a part of Riots old "Delayed burst" Mindset from a little bit back vs one of the few assassins that didn't get touched, Assassins are meant to delete squishy champs of which an assassin is.
Banuvan (NA)
: I'm so glad this diamond smurf is in my gold promos
Because Riot doesn't care since they got your money from anything you bought with RP And if you have never bought a single thing in the game then Riot doesn't care because you don't give them money. Also They don't care as they havn't done any matchmaking improvements for years
: > [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=W51MLTG7,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-09-02T06:03:16.286+0000) > > 1. The mute function doesn't excuse toxicity. Saying it does puts the blame on those being flamed. > 2. The entirely automated system can't detect intentional feeders because 200% of over salted players report bad games as intentional feeding. > 3. Riot has a finite amount of money at any given time. And most of that will be going to development of the game whether it be the failure of League as an esport, terrible balance decisions, overloaded new champs, overloaded reworks, and overpriced cosmetics. They can't just hire a handful of people for assisting the system. They could increase the punishment for going afk at least. Right now it's ridicilous. They could implement a system that detects semi-afks. People who just stays on start barely moving. They could implement tribunal system, and pull players to judgement, and even avoid botters on it. And the first two doesn't even requires much resources or effort. Just put whoever is working in the auto-ban toxic players system, and make him write the code for detecting semi-afks, and make a proper afk punishment system. The last one takes effort, and gives no direct profit. So it's acceptable, that they won't do such. Still they could put those programmers who work on the anti-toxic system, and make them work on the champion balance, and bugfixing instead. Or kick them out to spare money. I think it would be much easier, if they would remove the entire "toxic behaviour" thing, and instead put in the tips, the tutorial, and to the report part, that you can use the mute button.
> [{quoted}](name=The Kombinator,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=W51MLTG7,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-09-02T07:03:40.662+0000) > They could implement tribunal system, and pull players to judgement, and even avoid botters on it. Ahahahahahaha......ah.....The Tribunal has been "Disabled for improvements" for so long (5 years) most players have forgotten it once existed...
: Seriously WTF Riot
See the first mistake was expecting Riots matchmaking to be even remotly competent, They could just remove it outright and nothing would change
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Leufaya (OCE)
: PURIFIED Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan [Ctrl+5 Suggestion]
I'd imagine if there was going to be a Star gaurdian event (They confirmed there isn't) then that would of been a Chroma you could of unlocked with tokens That or they're gonna do that still with worlds tokens which would make no sense
: Is that suppose to be a notice that your rank will decay? Because I thought that wasn't suppose to appear until Diamond now. Either way, something I've noticed is that your normals MMR will eventually become so inflated that you really have no choice but to play ranked if you want easier games.
> [{quoted}](name=BlackKnightJack,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4k61w10G,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-26T15:17:17.764+0000) > > Is that suppose to be a notice that your rank will decay? Because I thought that wasn't suppose to appear until Diamond now. > > Either way, something I've noticed is that your normals MMR will eventually become so inflated that you really have no choice but to play ranked if you want easier games. Can confirm true, Especially when Normals matchmaking gives up on the whole "Premade vs premade" thing
: Is It Just Me or Is Hextech Broken Right Now?
I think it needs to either be 3 hextechs to trigger it or have it so 2 only affect 1 item user and the 4 is the current 2 hextech effect
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sharunn (EUNE)
: Just how do I support the RIGHT way?
How to Play good as Support Ward Often Poke enemy Support/ADC Heal Carry CC/Enhance correct people Clear Wards Don't take CS **I Said Don't!** OMG You noob! I need it! I should have 100 cs by now! Use support items effectivly Win game Oh wait the ADC died once? Well thats on you Your fault he tried to 1 v 5 Bad support Reported Ok for real though lets break this down Going by what you said unless the Ashe was getting chunked down you don't need to heal the second they take a bit of damage from say an auto-attack, instead you should retaliate with your Q, better if its a Q + Passive combo. I don't know how often you were healing but I imagine if you used it constantly you were running down your mana so you couldn't poke. The Kayn yelling at Ashe for taking red and blaming you? That's an ego thing or a low level thing, you'll find as you get to level 30/Ranked ADCs tend to get red buff after the 2nd or 3rd one goes to the Jungler. Honestly I think the Kayn and Qiyana were some pre-made smurfs who seem to forget the fact that they were unfamiliar with the game as well and expect everyone to play at whatever skill level their mains are at from game 1 Edit: Just looked up the match history for the game you're on about, literally the only bits which I would say you did wrong - and this might just be me not remembering what level the spell unlcoked - is going Heal/Teleport, Supports tend to go ignite/Flash or Exhause/Flash but again, don't remember the level those unlock but Flash is too good if a spell to not take unless you're Yuumi or Hecarim and you didn't ward too much....but this is low level and warding effectivly takes a lot of work do don't worry too much about it.
: PLEASE Make Iceborn Gauntlet Melee-only
: This is not how matchmaking works but I think league's matchmaking should work like this. If you are unranked, you should only go up against iron and unranks. If you are iron, you should mainly go against unranks, irons, and occasionally silver. But an even better solution should be that if you are in gold, you only play against gold players until you either rank up or rank down. So regardless of if you are gold 1, 2, 3,or 4, you only play against other gold players. but definitely a silver should never have to go up against a plat because plat is 2 ranks above silver.
Which is why it baffles me, The ranking system is saying I'm Silver 2 (I'd say true) But the matchmaking system is hell bent to match me against plats and high golds Look I'm all for fighting better opponents to improve but eventually the skill gap gets so extreme that the lower rank won't learn anything because they'll be getting trashed too hard. Putting me vs High golds/Plats is too extreme of a skill gap, Should be fighting High silvers and low golds at most
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: > [{quoted}](name=Nea104,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nX38a2jE,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-04-21T01:21:34.573+0000) > > The **whole** Season 8 proves how much this has had any sort of effect. Season 9 is going exactly the same way: Riot not caring for feedbacks **at all** (not to mention the "useless boards"). > > So... Yeah, nice words, but facts have been and are (and will be?) very different. I'm interested to know of specific examples where a system was **blatantly** not in the best interest of a **majority** of the player base and feedback re; that was straight up ignored. Often times a system may negatively impact an individual, and for sure this does happen, but its done to try and increase the quality of life for a larger group of players (see: jungle plants which at first were given a **very** frosty reception and negatively impacted people who were adept at the old jungle, but over time were adopted and are now viewed positively). However, these changes are (to be frank) educated guesses and when they don't pan out I believe corrective measures have been taken (see: position ranked most recently, Leblanc revert if you go further back). That being said, I 100% know feedback isn't ignored when its is felt and shared by the larger global community. However, we have a **lot** of players and **individual** pieces of feedback may appear to be ignored. That I agree does feel horrible, especially when you are heavily invested in the game and its ecosystem. All this to say: we do, and are, listening to the community and doing our best to intake and respond to feedback (see Joe Tung's developer diaries & update VOD's). But its a lot of feedback, and often quite niche and individualized to a unique players experience. Feedback like that, when taken and put into scope of the larger **global** audience, might have catastrophic impacts and is thus carefully put away or addressed in a different method. Hope this helps
> However, these changes are (to be frank) educated guesses and when they don't pan out I believe corrective measures have been taken (see: position ranked most recently, Leblanc revert if you go further back). Gonna hang on this one for a second for two reasons, and I know that as a recruiter you won't have many of the answers 1. Corrective measures are made far later then they should of when the current one is an issue (Dynamic Que's initial rollout comes to mind, but so does things like Lethality, Release Kalista, Kai'sa, Pre-mini-rework Lucien) 2. Said corrective measures leave problems, Lets use the LB and Rengar reverts as an example. You still have Evelynn and Talon as a delayed burst assassin when riot has made it clear that it was a bad idea (Hence the LB/Rengar reverts) and as far as I can see there appears to be no intent to resolve this. Meanwhile we have the return of the 0.1 second kill Rengar which was a problem when Rengar was in a more favorable meta. >That being said, I 100% know feedback isn't ignored when its is felt and shared by the larger global community. Holding on this because it implys you are saying "if your champion isn't popular we will ignore it as it is not part of the larger global community since they arn't played much" And I can provide examples Skarner and his "Towers" Sona and the fact Riot removed/gutted her indentity as a buffing aura mage and turned her into a typical poke support while also spouting (More Phreak on this one) she's a heal bot when you ALREADY have one {{champion:16}} The ever going ARAM Bans vs ARAM all champions unlocked. It's been how many years since ARAM came out and only NOW are you turning a head to the issue and (Apprently) Ignoring it once again by saying "Some people complained and because ARAM only accounts don't have every champ diversity is low" Making Garen relevent "Traditonal" supports which arn't tanks being shoved out of their role because "Lets just pick a mage" yet refusing feedback on making them relevent in other lanes (Riot practically said they don't want supports going to other lanes) And lets keep to this with the big one. Riot Reworks a champion Mains of said champion give advice and things to keep Riot Ignores it and does whatever they want I know it was years ago but Karmas rework and Sonas rework are the two biggest examples of Riot ignoring feedback from those that spend every day playing these champions and at this point the lack of budging on either one shows a clear sign of ignoring feedback. Argue all you want that "This was the past Riot and this is now" but it doesn't excuse the fact that this happened and despite Karma mains (And to a lesser extent Sona mains (Myself included) even all these years suggesting changes to bring them back to what they were known for Riot ignores it because, y'know with 143 champions might as well ignore all those with a sub 10% popularity cause they arn't part of the larger global community. I appreciate the thanks and kind words but Riots track record sours it immensly.
Xyzx (NA)
: Pick ems
Both 100% pick rate have Fnatic as the champ Soooooooooo not really Not like a lot of people care now GO WEST WIN!
Fasmodey (EUW)
: It is Eye of Destruction actually ^^. He is able to use lightning in lore though, he is just not made of electricity. (Not to you) Sand is not resistant against lightning btw. Lightning literally turns sand to glass and one strike is usually enough. Now imagine Xerath striking many lightning bolts in a row. People underestimate lightning and overestimate sand a lot. Sand is cool, nice, tough and dangerous but not as much as lightning, which is pure energy.
I mean Sand is coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 5
Question in regards to your previous post about nerfing Eve because "She can delete squsihies too easilly without Charm" What is the thought patten for nerfing this meanwhile other Assassins which have those "invise insta-delete" kind of deals don't get touched? ({{champion:107}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:91}} ) Some of them (Specifically Rengar) Can pop a squsihy with only a slight indicator similar to her so whats the deal?. You already front loaded so much into this delayed damage philosophy (Which its pretty clear you've now discarded) so why go back to trying to enforce it on just one champion?
: Just another complaint post about CertainlyT.
The problem with CertainlyT's champion designs is that he can make unique champions which are fun to play but the issue is that his champions are immensly frustraiting to fight against making it a one sided enjoyment. If he can just find a way to make his champions not super frustraiting to fight against or hell put limitations on what he can do like the WW rework then it would be fine
: Preseason Dev Update Number 2!
It's intresting with the whole increasing tower strength idea but just curious, why is it that you went down that route as opposed to lessening the offensive power of champions? It is no secret that powercreep has made skirmishes, teamfights and overall games faster with itemization changes, stat buffs from reworks and changes to champion abilities (EG Cait's headshot) to the point where champions which are meant to be better in the early game still lose out to late game champions at all points including the phase where they should be beating the late game champs and supports are now less about utility and "Which do the bigger numbers?". I just feel that this route runs the risk of the solution to damage creep is to "Just add more numbers to their health" untill you have champions like Sona with a base health of 3000 at level 1 (An exaggeration I know but still)
: [CONTEST/RAFFLE for Sona Emote!] C&C's Odyssey of Art
Well I'll throw my hat into this Concept: Odyssey Bard Augments Cosmic explosion - Upon hitting a wall or second monster Cosmic binding explodes around both targets Meep Meep! - Collecting a chime instantly respawns your maximum number of Meeps Caretakers Alter - Your Caretakers shrine now heals any allies within a certain distance, after healing a certain amount of HP the shrine vanishes Share the call - Upon collecting a chime all allies gain the movement speed buff Bard's Excellent Journey - Allies traveling in Magical Journey gain double health regen while inside Forgot the keys - You can now take Magical Journey in both directions Temper fate - Upon coming out of Tempered fate all allies affected gain increased AD, AP and attackspeed. Release the meeps - All meeps attack at the once Galactic reach - Cosmic Binding has infinite range. Anti-monster food - enemies which collect Bards Shrine take damage equal to how much it would of healed Slow lane- Monsters going through Magical Journey move slower depending on move speed Reverse fate - Like tempered fate...but you get hit to avoid being Stasis I'm helping! - Meeps will attack the target of the most recent player healed by Bard for 5 seconds Windbag - When Bard is hit he exhales air around him pushing enemies back (30 second cooldown) The collector - Allies can collected chimes for Bard and are healed for each one they get
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: I'm sorry, but Bard being used as an example of powercreep is just... wrong. He's got great utility, but his actual "damage" comes from Electrocute, which is the only thing that makes him a damage monstrosity. If we removed electrocute and a lot of the damage from runes, Bard would simmer down to being a regular utility pick again. The only one I'll really give you there is Pyke. I'm of the opinion that he's incredibly OP, but that he's being lightly overshadowed by other problem children in the game. His health regen is incredibly broken and in need of more gauges to control his windows of power, and his sheer damage output is sickeningly high. I see far too many Pykes go on killing sprees for this to be their skill with him.
Bard is an example of Utility powercreep, not raw damage powercreep Bard has an AOE Stasis, health pickups and the bigger one, an ability to go through walls, As i said > they need to look at Powercreep both in utility and raw power
Spencer (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tik115,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QbQfbguG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-24T18:28:30.407+0000) > > I think the focus of late game carries is moreso powercreep then anything, hell you're seeing less utility supports nowerdays because damage is so high most are just with the attitude of "Well I'll either be a big beefy tank.....or we'll go kill-lane". > > And when an early game focused carry can't duel a late game carry in the said early game it becomes a question of "Why pick early game champs when you get to late game in 2-3 items" > > Lets not forget the days when you would pick {{champion:236}} Into {{champion:67}} because she outright could not duel him in the early, or how you picked {{champion:51}} knowing that come mid and late game you would lose out in a straight up fight vs late game focused carries {{champion:96}} {{champion:18}}. > > Even back in Season 2 despite being spoonfed gold they never had as much powercreep as they do now. Hell before Fnatic made the now iconic lane set-up the ADC went solo mid to get the gold This is kind of where my thinking goes too. I guess I worry about the "character diversity" initiative because it seems to almost embrace the power creep in a "this is how it is" type of way. I also worry for those that like to play ADC in that it seems to be a pretty significant nerf to marksman as a class. When the initiative first launched, it basically saw the end of the marksman. After some buffs they became more viable, but now botlane has tons more levers that need tuning because there's nothing saying that a Heimer won't all of the sudden excel in bot lane which might or might not be bad for marksmen in general, but now every nerf/buff potentially impacts the bot laning phase which I can't see being healthy long term.
Frankly before they can go for champion diversity they need to look at Powercreep both in utility and raw power Those two things itself make diversity tough Lets take Support, Due to powercreep we now have more kill-lane supports and for the past few seasons enchanter supports have gradually phased out due to powercreep ({{champion:555}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:432}} (For a time){{champion:267}} (Literally a better Sona)) I already mentioned the powercreep of ADCs Top lane you had things like {{champion:57}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:58}} but powercreep and those champions lack of either overbearing power or utility they are now benched in favor of supertanks or ranged juggernauts {{champion:14}} {{champion:6}} Mid lane? Mages are almost dead, because they can't compete with the powercreep of assassinitemization, the reduction of their own powercreep with their items taking a hit and brusier just taking over it. And jungle? tanky utility champions, you don't see {{champion:28}} much you don't see {{champion:60}} you only see those affed by this ever increasing powercreep Powercreep I feel is the cause of this lack of diversity and riot trying to force it by hitting an entire class did something different For a time, ADCs were phased out because they could no longer compete with the brusier top lane. If Riot want champion divserity they need to look at the power creep and they can't decide to hit 1, they need to hit all the classes with fixing their powercreep at the same time
: Every other position has diversity. You can take pretty much anything top. Most champion classes can jungle. Mid is pretty flexible too. Support can even be incredibly flexible. However, for years now, Marksmen have been pretty much the only thing that can fill the hole in bot lane, and it's caused problems not only for the lane diversity, but for the class as a whole. Marksmen have become fixated as the late game carries, and because they've all been designed around being spoon fed gold by their supports, their budgets are through the roof, and their gold dependence has made it difficult for them to function in solo lanes/roles.
I think the focus of late game carries is moreso powercreep then anything, hell you're seeing less utility supports nowerdays because damage is so high most are just with the attitude of "Well I'll either be a big beefy tank.....or we'll go kill-lane". And when an early game focused carry can't duel a late game carry in the said early game it becomes a question of "Why pick early game champs when you get to late game in 2-3 items" Lets not forget the days when you would pick {{champion:236}} Into {{champion:67}} because she outright could not duel him in the early, or how you picked {{champion:51}} knowing that come mid and late game you would lose out in a straight up fight vs late game focused carries {{champion:96}} {{champion:18}}. Even back in Season 2 despite being spoonfed gold they never had as much powercreep as they do now. Hell before Fnatic made the now iconic lane set-up the ADC went solo mid to get the gold
: Just play a tank or assassin if you are a JG and outdamage/outlast him, or hope your JG is good if you aren't a JG. He isn't overpowered. There are scarier junglers out there. Rammus, Amumu, Evelynn...
Just saying it now Evelynn cannot outdamage/outlast Graves untill she has like 2-3 items and even then that is gonna be luck based. Graves can casually cause hell at level 2
Nalisai (NA)
: Augments v. Masteries
Some of the augments are fun to use defenetly. Amusingly too one of Yasuos augments (Can only crit on the tip of his blade) sounded so much better for the PvP yasuo then his current one...
: We nerfed him since he was 58% winrate up until around silver MMR. We typically focus explicitly on plat+, but there are certain bounds at which we take action for lower level play as well. Doesn't make it easy, or feel good, Internal metrics still have him around 54 in low MMR, and around 53 high MMR. I'll need to double check those metrics though, since the post below this from ShirukuSama has him sitting at 47% according to lolalytics which is a pretty big discrepancy between what you guys are seeing and what we were looking at. Makes for a painful perception mismatch for sure. For context usually the delta is closer to ~1-2% between external sites and our own dashboards
Ok that's fine and all But what about Sion? Why does Yorick gets nerfed quickly just because his win rate is high on the super low MMR's meanwhile Sion gets to rock a 52-53% win rate on all ranks?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 14
is there plans to make future pve missions either not as difficult or not require 5 people all doing the same? more often then not people are trying different oddyssey misisons (Beat onslaught, beat with 1 champ etc) which can conflict with others which in turn adds another uneeded layer of difficulty to the mission
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: So what should junglers do? Just farm passively for 20 minutes and maybe show up on the map here and there? Maybe the role shouldnt exist and top lane should have a support too? The whole point of junglers is they are that random variable that can pop up and ruin you if you over extend.
What Riot should of done is just lower the xp of the first camp to delay the level 3 for a bit That is ALL they needed to do!
: Riot Fearless on the Jungle Changes (+ some feedback)
So here's how I see it, The solution to the whole "Level 3 in 3 min" problem could of easily of been solved by lowering the initial xp of the camps, rather then both buffs and a camp to level 3 they could of changed it to say 3.5 camps to level 3, this would put them on par with other solo lanes, the introduction of the scuttle changes have pushed out any jungler which is not a duelist which has limited the jungle pool to around 5-6 viable junglers with none of them being tanks or AP which by extension makes the runic echos changes moot since no AP jungler can survive well enough to utilize it and skuttle xp is so huge we now have mid laners taking smite, the last time mid laners took smite was the original implementation of Runic echos and we all know how that little period went (Looking at you Ezreal). At this point Riot have the choice of nerfing early game junglers, which would essentially run into the same issue that we have with carries (Why pick an early game carry when the late game hypercarries can match them then surpass them late?) buff the mid/late game junglers which if we want the Sej+ release Cinder meta have fun there, they revert the patch which given they reverted Kog, Rengo and LBs stuff there actually might be hope for that or they do big changes to the jungle again. If they go with changes then this "Super Skuttle" has to go, having RNG for free vision is fine but when you add onto that 4-5 minions worth of gold AND 100 xp it'll warp everything around it. If it were me I'd do the following Reduce xp from camps so it takes 3.5 - 4 camps to hit level 3 and in the event of too many junglers getting to 3 quickly focus primarily on adjusting the camp xp before looking at bigger changes Remove "Super skuttle" and return the normal skuttles, the RNG appearing part can stay imo If they HAVE to have super skuttle then don't have it be every skuttle, have it be like dragon where it spawns every X minutes but don't have it spawn at the start (Lets say after 6-7 minuetes and it spawns every 4)
Terozu (NA)
: Wait, so checking statistics she has the second highest winrate in jG at the moment. I don't understand why you're being so dramatic over this, she's been in the top 7 champ pool in jungle since her rework, even if this did dumpster her, which it didnt, she would deserve it by now.
not sure where you're getting that stat from, she's no higher then 4th in diamond and it just gets worse the lower you go.
: You don't really have to duel for scuttle anymore since 2 spawn on the map. How has no one realized this? lmao.
You start bot and begin your clear You notice the jungler also started bot Now you have a choice, contest for top skuttle or go to bot skuttle, If you contest you have a chance of getting ahead, you go bot the jungler has free reign over top and you also fall behind heading to bot skuttle. Just because 2 spawn doesn't mean anything when one option is a risk of falling behind (or if you arn't playing a duelist, you WILL fall behind) or a definite fall behind and you surrender that half of the jungle
: You don't have to fight for scuttle actually. There's two on the map level 1. You can opt to get the one not being contested by seeing where the enemy jungler starts. After that, It's competely fair that a duelist early game jungler has an advantage over you well... early. And it's not like you can't do anything. If you know he's on scuttle bot side, that's a gank top side uncontested. Which is extremely powerful. I know in lower MMR's you don't really think or have to worry about counter ganks, but they are a very real thing with proper play. Every gank I make I have to think about if it's being countered. Often times I'll be sitting in a bush to counter a gank myself. It does happen, and when it does, it often ends up in your team getting screwed if you are on the receiving end. You deserve to be behind a lee sin if you are playing something like sejuani early on. It's just like what laners have to deal with. Sometimes laners have to face a jayce. Obviously you can BEAT the jayce, but it's much harder and not on even footing. That's because his power budget is meant to be strong early.
Except the minions arrive into lane round about when the jungler camp spawns so if you find you and their jungler started the same side then you ether have to take the risk or spend time walking over to the other buff and doing it leashless which in turn means their jungler gets to skuttle first and you won't be there to contest it with the top/mid laner OR he'll stroll into the buff you let go. It will literally become a question of do you sacrifice skuttle or your buff?
Dyde (EUNE)
: Things That Tilt Your ADC
I'll respond to some of them literally for my own amusement. > 1. When i leave you the cannon minion and you fail the relic. Well one, I don't play Relic supports, two, I'd rather have mana regen and a heavier gold income then making up for your inability to dodge skillshots and three, you ADCs take them when I'm winding up for it anyway > 3. when we leash Red/Blue and move to lane. Why the fuck are you taking the longer route to go to bot. Now you will be a few xp behind witch means their bot can get lvl2 faster while you are still lvl1 I don't know how low the supports you play with are getting the buffs but I take the longer route all the time and hit level 2 the same time > 4. When you buy ardent censer but have a Jhin as your adc This is actually a fair point, except if the rest of your team has a decent chunk of AA based damage, that heal and shield isn't JUST for you y'know > 5. THIS IS THE WORST ONE BY FAR. When your supports puts a ward in the tribush. And the enemy jungler goes to destroy it. The support gets his spider sense and switches his route going to the tribush to save his control ward. And then he dies for risking his life...for a damn control ward. Seriously???. And if i were to follow him to save his little control ward. Chances are the enemy bot will corner us from behind. So whats ur excuse now. Somewhat fair point however if the enemy bot can corner you that quickly then odds are they were preping to dive you anyhow > 6. When supports don't buy lense Ok this one is mostly inexcusable outside of MAYBE holding onto Ward till the roaming begins > 7. When you don't put trust into your adc. The enemy has 50 hp. The adc can just hit one basic and is more likely to catch him. But you just feel the need to kill him to ahem ''secure'' the kill. Even if ur adc was able to get to him and kill him. We both get gold ether way and I'd rather you get an assist and keep your sums for the next all ins we do then have you burn them and then find yourself stuck when the jungler jumps in/Top tp > 8. When supps choose to roam in the worst possible moment. Like when the bot tower is around 30%hp and you think ''i might go mid'' {{champion:432}} Chimes over everything my dude > 10. Flash hook fails. Sorry that we can't match the skills require to Flash + AA > 11. When you pick a Lux,Zyra,Vel support with no tanks in the team pick. Have you SEEN the state of tank supports right now? > 13. When janna players shield the tower instead of you. Why are you being super aggresive when we are at our tower? they have minion advantage for crying out loud! > 14. When you take Coin instead of relic on Thresh. But with a litle bit of thinking. You can get enough CD through runes... See my Relic comment > 15. When you use your Tahm Kench ult to throw us in the middle of their team killing us both instantly. It auto pings where I am going...pay attention > 16. When Alistar players fail their W Q combo. YOU try doing the combo at max range > 17. When you pick Rakan and tell me ''pick xayah'' but i don't have her. So you already start being tilted for no reason. Xayah + Rakan is overated > 18. When Adc's first pick Kalista. And the support after that picks a Lux,Janna,Soraka,Zyra... Instead of a Tank. See tank comment, Also what is a tank going to do against somebody as slippery as Kalista? no tank support has a point and click stun anymore > IN CONCLUSION: Not everyone is perfect. And anyone can make mistakes. And that's why we all improve everyday. But for those hypocrites who always blame the ADC when clearly the support does fails too is really not something to argue about. Thing is...your being a hypocrite right now by doing the tread.
: Is it just me or does Pyke not seem like a Supp?
What concerns me is he's this Supper/Assassin Hybrid, thing is though is there's contradiction on how the roles work with gold An assassin typically needs a good amount of gold to hit that Delete power in the mid game. A Support (Even after the support update years back) could function just fine on a low amount of gold. So this brings up a potential problem, Is he meant to be primarily a support or an assassin? If he is meant to be a support first then he would work with low gold, but then that means he would be an even stronger assassin because he'd get an edge power-wise over other assassins and if he's an assassin first how would he be able to function as a support when he requires more gold?
Zeddiken (NA)
: Can Graves come back to bot lane please?
To get him to bot lane they would have to rework him again since he has a lot of problems He can't last hit well due to his AA being AOE and unlike Tristana he doesn't have as much control in where it hits In addition his only gets two shots before he reloads and no reliable minion clearing ability unlike Jhin At the same time anything to help with minion killing risks him becoming a stronger pusher then Sivr On top of that his abilities don't work in a lane, they require cramped places like the jungle And with his buckshot stopping at the first minion killed he can't really duel in lane because minions will take the hit (Which is Ironic given old Graves was meant to hit and run in lane) All in all Graves kit has too many problems to work in bot lane and would need to be reworked.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Here is one thing that concerns me about the whole "Introducing more variability into support gold/XP income" Currently Supports are gated because their entire design and power is based on low gold income, when you made gold more accessible for supports you applied heavy nerfs to those supports in terms of scaling, this plus the addition of the extra gold is why we have other lanes stomping into the support role like Trundle, Zyra, Malz and Brand. If you give the support role more means to get gold or xp then more mid/top lanes will come into the support role and shove the few supports which remain - which ironically are only relevant BECAUSE of this heal/sheild strat which you intend to work on - out of the lane permanently. With this in mind is there any plans to prevent this or is there a plan to allow supports to work in other roles like the others?
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