: Riot - You need to focus on VGUs if you're going to use your videos and artwork to sell the game.
Eh... I get where you're coming from, but it's half because they're limited by the average PC's capabilities. Remember. That new mobile version of the game has superior visuals to the PC version. This is because the average league player plays on a craptop. There's only so much you can do when it comes to scalability for these types of games.
Naono (NA)
: "It's Just ARAM"
You're only saying this because you mostly play ARAMS. The pressure players who play ranked feel are just completely different. Things like getting CS, Map Awareness, and even paying attention to enemy cooldowns is largely out of the window in ARAMS. The self-imposed pressure players have on Ranked helps them get that satisfying achievement in victory, so yeah... they wind down in ARAMS. A gamemode where you can lose at champselect. I'm not saying you can't play ARAMS poorly, but it's seriously not a gamemode to take seriously... especially if you get a champ you don't like.
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: Explain
sunfire cape?
: Easiest way to fix Yasuo.
Yasuo w is useless toplane. If they balance him around him not being able to use one of his abilities, then he'll be broken in other lanes by default.
: Camille and Morde ults
All projectiles disappear. Lux's ult will disappear and Teemo mushrooms placed outside the death realm disappear. This includes Camille's stage.
GigglesO (NA)
: Boards say New Morde is op...
I made a post about it myself. It's the same sentiment. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/EU0Ig2Gl-morde-is-less-reliable
Blåsigt (NA)
: Syndra VGU
There are many more champs who need it more.
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TitanAnteus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EU0Ig2Gl,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-13T03:58:23.052+0000) > > The ult is so weird. ... Morgana can just E a priority target. In the Death realm if she snares morde and walks to the edge she'll be fine. > > Not only that but since his damage is so unreliable even if he gets on top of some champs there's still a good chance he won't win the fight if they have half a brain. This is kind of by design, and a staple feature of Juggernauts (AP Jugs, specifically with the morg thing.) There's a reason theyre very rarely picked in pro play outside of Trundle and Skarner
Garen, Aatrox, Shyvanna, Yorick and Darius are Juggernauts. Their ults can't be cancelled so easily.
Kazekiba (NA)
: From the games Ive played with and against him on PBE and watched people better at the game than I playing Morde... That E is basically instant. He uses it, youre going to eat it.
No it is not. Anyone with half a brain and some movement speed can get out.
Kelg (NA)
: I kinda feel the same as a former Morde main. Old Morde could carry much harder tbh and was less binary. New Morde gets absolutely destroyed by ranged champs, while old Morde could fend them off with his passive, w and e. I also hate the new Morde ult, half the time it feels like overkill and the other half its useless.
The ult is so weird. During the cast animation if he loses sight of the enemy it goes on cooldown, so if they walk into a bush cooldown. If he gets blinded by quinn or graves cooldown. Also Gangplank and Morgana can just negate the ult. Gangplank eating an orange is a QSS so he'll just negate it that way. Morgana can just E a priority target. In the Death realm if she snares morde and walks to the edge she'll be fine. Not only that but since his damage is so unreliable even if he gets on top of some champs there's still a good chance he won't win the fight if they have half a brain.
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KaiserD (NA)
: I came here to ask just this. As a 3s and Aram player mostly, i like to play a wide variety of champs but CC is too important and not having access to it in 2 game modes as compared to one is just dumb and bad design without compensation of some sort or a work around. What if she could get it from using the turret as a target?
The game's not really balanced around ARAM though so you can't call it bad design. ARAM is an extra gamemode.
: Morde 'new' ult vs baron recall?
: i feel like the only way to beat yas
He gets wrecked by toplane champs. Irelia, Renekton, Darius. Any bruiser that doesn't rely on a ranged ability and has higher starting health will wreck him. In midlane, you play around his defensive options to beat him. Basically never use your snare ability until he's basically on top of you. Champions who duel well like Diana, Talon, and Mordekaiser will eat him for breakfast. Taliyah also plays well against him.
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5050BS (NA)
: I really like the new Mord. On the bugs Iv seem a few as well. Iv run into the melee automation cancel bug where it hits but he does not swing fully. Iv seen E not pull people (even minions) that were clearly hit. Iv seen His Ult get all buggy when you Ult Talon (or someone with a wall Dash) and the Zone edge is in a Wall and they Dash/Leap over the wall and get stuck. Yuumi Ult interaction. They will sort it out.
Yeah they have 2 weeks. I think they'll be able to sort out a good amount of the bugs. I never even considered the talon interaction.
: > [{quoted}](name=TitanAnteus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TNXKpl2u,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-05-30T20:51:03.086+0000) > > Was the W heal toxic. I mean amumu Q is basically the same and he's recently reworked. > I won't deny that morde's ult targeting was terrible but your complaint's just a slight against pets right. If they took the time to program it like Tibbers or any other pet it'd probably be better in the long run. > > I disagree that morde ult level 1 is terrible though. Combined with ignite it definitely clinches kills. It's utility is quite high if you get the kill as well. You said level 1 ult if you have ignite, ults shouldnt need something to make them good
I mean its ghost utility was really good. It does still steal stats. Damage wise it might not be the best as an ult, but I'd say it's still a good ult.
: Morde doesnt remind me of anyone but Morde His old ult was a terrible gimmick, its targeting was terrible, more time was spent keeping the ghost from wandering off or attacking the wrong target. Buggy as all hell and you pretty much either ulted the carry for a good ghost, a mage for a subpar ghost, or a tank just to survive. It wasnt dynamic, the skill itself was terrible, level 1 and 2 were mostly irrelevant damage wise. The amount of times I ulted someone when they were low, and they just pop a potion and its all good I started meme building at the end just to make the ad ratio on it work The W heal in the jg was really nice, but was not balanced lets be real. You could get chunked out, you walk over to raptors and walk back into lane full hp.
Was the W heal toxic. I mean nunu Q is basically the same and he's recently reworked. I won't deny that morde's ult targeting was terrible but your complaint's just a slight against pets right. If they took the time to program it like Tibbers or any other pet it'd probably be better in the long run. I disagree that morde ult level 1 is terrible though. Combined with ignite it definitely clinches kills. It's utility is quite high if you get the kill as well.
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: is morde Aa good for gtting out of low elo?
Morde murders all midlane melee. Ekko Katarina Talon Yasuo Akali Sylas He's a mage so he has trouble with tanks. They'll heal off the damage he does, and he shouldn't build executioners. He has trouble with ranged mobile champs like lux, ahri, and morgana. Aatrox is a weird duelist. He's good but he's not GREAT. Toplane has monsters like Riven in it, so there're better champs to get good with imo.
NiamhNyx (NA)
: its a normal match. why complain about a normal match?
I thought matchmaking was based on MMR or something? Ranked doesn't interest me AT ALL. I'd still like to play with people of the same skill level.
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5050BS (NA)
: Hey Riot can you make Yasuo not cheat at EVERYTHING FFS
wait... doesn't urgot have startup frames on his e? if yasuo passes you by before your dash you won't get grabbed. You should post a video and people would actually take you more seriously.
: Lets give swain some love.
Max W second. It feels better than maxing E.
Dynikus (NA)
: What? They are at the top by default. Unless you're talking about the default recommended items that you shouldn't be using anyway.
Yes actually. You should be using recommended items if you're new to the game.
: I feel like zoe nerf was close but still missed.
Her cooldowns are kinda way too high now imo. Every mid lane mage has much easier to access CC then her. Lux? Xerath? VelKoz? All lower. honestly, the thing that feels bad is how long it lasts. It's like how morgana q feels like shit to be hit by cause you're gonna be standing there for a while. If they shortened the time you were still for it'd probably feel better as an ability.
: What do you think can be said about you based off of who you main?
{{champion:157}} I like being rewarded for spending a lot of time working to get good on a character. Simple champs are boring. {{champion:82}} I like destroying any and all melee champs. {{champion:16}} I love shutting down an enemy's engage with one ability. Also, gotta practice that macroplay and pay attention to the whole game. {{champion:50}} Strategy is fun
Janakin (EUNE)
: What do you think about this simple change of Yasuo's Windwall?
I'm pretty sure all they need to do is lower his AD growth so that he doesn't turn into a monster.
: Lux ult is 50, 25 if she gets an assist/kill with it. It also requires a skillshot.
Yasuo ult cooldown 80/55/30 Yasuo does not have CDR in his build Lux has 80 / 65 / 50 Lux builds CDR, and reaches at least 30% Part of the cooldown is further refunded if a target she hits dies in 1.25 secs
: Most other champs with ults like his need to land some sort of skillshot in order have that kind of effect, or have an ult with a real cooldown and not 30 seconds.
: Why Riven is "OP" at the moment
It's just the shield. Damage got nerfed from conq. The only problem now is that bruiser itemization gives her too much for her E. Just lower that shield ratio by a good amount and she'll be fine.
Manxxom (NA)
: yasuo... lux... yi... ashe... it doesn't get a bit repetitive.
lux is a braindead champ. Very easy to play. Makes sense. Yasuo's a fun champ to learn and master. Very rewarding too. Yi and ashe though.... are not highly common picks. They're kinda common in low elo.
: Im F***ING sick of seeing the SAME champions EVERY SINGLE GAME!!!
Quick question. Which champs are we talking about?
: I actually agree with this point that many people main him because they secretly know he is OP, and that they would likely switch to another main if he was gutted. However, any nerf just to make him fair would be fine in my books.
He was gutted in S7 though. Very low AD, and the damage on were more reduced. Still had a really high playrate. I think Yasuo players just like Yasuo.
: First time Yasuos in the lowest levels of play are sporting above-50% WRs
: Skill no longer matters in league of legends.
Support has the least agency on the whole game. Not to say they have none, but in order of agency. Jungle, ADC, Mid, Top Support If you pick support, don't expect to win even if you play an S game.
: True damage.
Isn't new conq basically old fervor of battle though.
: Kayle's Rework : Armor design -.-' ...
It looks cool and she's a seraphim. Not only that but she gets her old armor back the longer the game goes basically.
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: thats not the point. and going from order, alistar is the first one that has no skillshot.
His Q can hit her when she's shrouded.
: well but fizz at least still has this 1shot style. and if you can dodge his r (or more likely he misses it) you can fight him. where with akali, all she does is press w and a huge majority of champs cant do anything vs her anymore. and that for a long time every 20 or so seconds
What champion in this game has no skillshots?
: The only ones who do are the yasuo players. Who also play only him, zed and vayne
I play Azir, Mordekaiser, Soraka, Taric, Shen and Tresh as well. For jungle I usually warwick or evelynn.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Great rework, good job Rito
Yes her rework was great. The balance needs work though.
> He was designed for URF, he has no cooldowns, no mana costs, takes no brain to play. Legit factually incorrect. W's like on a 20 second cooldown. E is on a 10 second cooldown per minion and .5 per dash. If you honestly think he takes no brain to play, then be my guest and play him. Record your matches so I see you get stomped.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6Z0jx8Il,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-09T03:38:51.697+0000) > > I don't understand. Thats was a very clear hit. Like not even a tiny shadow of doubt that it hit you. look at the base of the tornado it legit went past me
: http://www.op.gg/champion/yasuo/statistics/mid (Head to the "Counters" tab) Looking though Yasuo's matchups, Yasuo has ranging from high to EXTREMELY high lane kill rate against his lane opponent for basically all matchups against mages, including those who theoretically is supposed to hard-counter Yasuo like Malz (Yasuo has 62.86% lane kill rate over) and Xerath (Yasuo has 65.43% lane kill rate over). The only mages who escape this fate are Zoe and Orianna. Zoe because she's fucking Zoe, and Orianna is the safest mid lane mage in the entire game. And no, I don't count LeBlanc as a mage. Outside of assassins who has higher lane kill rate over Yasuo and someone like Jayce who just owns all aspect of laning, Yasuo basically has no peer in mid lane. And even then, assassins like Kassadin (44.85% lane kill rate against Yasuo) and Katarina (34.21% lane kill rate against Yasuo) would still disagree if you were to take it as a generalisation that assassins collectively have an upperhand over Yasuo. B-but, we can just acknowledge that Yasuo is a lane bully and surely his power only goes down and his presence never strong after the laning phase? Lmao, what you smokn'? And people think this is okay.
No worries, when he's forced to build static shiv in the crit itemization instead of going PD, he'll stop having the bonus MS from PD so his engages are gonna get less safe. Static's also gonna eat the health of the minions he'd want to dash to. Not only that but getting 100% crit's gonna be 100G more expensive too. The crit itemization changes are pretty strong nerfs to Yasuo.
Moody P (NA)
: correct, everyone playing actual difficult roles enjoys this change
Jungle's probably the hardest role in the game by far though?
: They know this. If you read Meddler's communications about it, he admits that the strategy is to nerf her hard, and then re-assess with buffs after that, rather than try to do them at the same time. The turret/shroud interaction and healing are going because they are unhealthy, and they want to see what her actual strengths and weaknesses are after that, rather than trying to predict. This is a data-driven strategy. Trying to predict has led to issues in the past. This strategy is how they finally got Zoe working properly, and they're doing it with Akali because of similar frustrations about playing against her. She'll end up fine, but not in 9.3. This is not news to the balance team; it's intentional.
It's such a bad strategy. Barely anyone besides the mains will play her after the severe nerfs, making her winrate matter less even though it'll drop. They had a popular champion. They're just dropping her in the gutter alongside other popular champs that got this treatment.
: Azir is trash tier now?
Try Hail of Blades Azir. It gives you good poke early so you don't feel too reliant on jungle early as you can measure up to your laner. Regarding ult, it's very situational but turret plating helps. The towers are alive for a bit longer now, so you can punish hard pushers much better. Sadly you'll need to sacrifice manaflow band if you go hail of blades azir. I recommend secondary be precision so you can take presence of mind and alacrity.
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