: it is but the majority of mage mages dont care becuse they already have both they dont want to give up either (or the massive hp buffs they got in season 4 and 5)
Mage player here: It actually DOES take multiple spell rotations for me to kill someone. CDR worked well for mage classes. The reason mages are still annoying is because we still have a ton of CDR as a holdover from when we needed to shoot our shot and then GTFO to let our cooldowns come back up. Mages like Annie, Syndra, Ahri, etc. are now able to function without their CC thanks to accessible CDR, but still have CC abilities as though they don't. I'm not saying Mages aren't great right now, but we're great because of our CC which lets us out-maneuver and out-play you, not because we can one-shot you. Even with the slightly overtuned CC, mages feel more fair to me than they've ever felt. If I die to an enemy mage, it's because I got meat-slapped by their CC abilities multiple times and didn't play around their cooldowns at all. Even if I'm super squishy, they need to be fairly well ahead to solo kill me in JUST one rotation. Dodge or block a mage's CC and it's over 100%. From the mage side, there are a lot of champions we just can't tango with. That hasn't really changed. If I were to nerf mages, I'd actually do so by hitting their movement speed and probably nerfing Phase Rush which has allowed them to position way more aggressively and access the backline way easier. The real winners from the CDRfest have been mobile fighter-casters. Irelia, Riven, and Camille for example. They have more uptime on their shields and defensive blocks, which means being tougher to kill alongside having more damage from spells. And they build right click damage!
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: Have watched said videos, have seen them carry, have watched them stream, have seen them lose with massive leads and point out how they could have maybe done better. You seem to be drunk with self importance but i dont think 1 person matters more than 9 others to the degree you do. What im saying is its easier to negatively impact the game than positively impact the game, and you impact the game harder by being bad to a degree it makes it less of a skill based game and more of a chance game. This is how i break it down in my head feel free to tell me im wrong and why tho. If 5 players are on each team. 1 player has 25 chances or more to die based on abilities in order to lose a game. 1 player has 5 chances to decide a game from abilities alone, on average. 1 player can positively impact 4 other players. 1 player can negatively impact 4 other players 1 player can positively impact 5 enemy players. 1 player can negatively impact 5 enemy players. 1 player thats great can give a lead that matters to their team, only the good players take and use this lead. 1 player thats horrible can give a lead to everyone on the enemy team, they dont have to be good to use this lead. 1 player and 1 bad player per team, the good player can only really help the 3 other good players, the bad player can help all 5 enemies. So thats the problem. thats the main problem, if we assume your always good, sure you have a higher chance of winning than losing. If we assume your great, you have a even higher chance. Problem is its just a chance. its not guaranteed wins from dominating, its not a locked in deal, and it overall doesn't matter how many games you play all that matters is your rank in the end is determined by chance even when your the best. This is why people complain. Ive watched challenger players attempt 1v5s before, they typically set up base line rules like 1st blood is a win, or first to 100 cs or something. I've watched a higher elo player try to 1v5 with ryze against bronzes to prove he was busted when he had been reworked with 58% or so winrate before nerfs. He did manage to win 1 of the many attempts vs his followers for whatever thats worth.
The logical flaw in your argument is the assumption that bad players help the enemy. Low skill players who want to win contribute positively to victory, but in a very small way. Thus, in relative terms, they do reduce chances of victory relative to having a higher skilled player there, BUT they also increase chances of victory relative to not having them there at all, or having them give up and specifically try to lose. Also I must remind you that this game is really complicated and there are tons of ways to increase your chances of victory without bringing your teammates into it at all. Improving CS, laning mechanics, efficiency plays, build paths, etc. is gonna lead to skill improvements which brings MMR improvements which means ranking up.
: I dont give up and I dont tilt hard at all, i typically just analyze and see whats wrong with my play. Problem is i can pretty much assure in 70% of games my play wont change the outcome if ida just afked. Thats currently a problem in league, and YES your teammates always impact your games every game, positively or negatively its one way or the other, otherwise why isnt league 1v1.
Nah. You blame your teammates. It's perfectly natural. Watch your replays, watch streams and educational content, watch vods of high level players and try to figure out what they do differently from you. Then when you play you'll be like "Holy shit my teammates could just AFK and I'd still win."
: > [{quoted}](name=Tiure,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=R3XnPJxE,comment-id=00000003000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-14T05:18:09.675+0000) > > No, it's very rare that my team will outright give up while I'm performing well. Maybe 1 out of 100 games. Right now we're in a solo carry meta and the better player can definitely carry. > > The flip side of this is that if there's someone on the enemy team who is a better player, THEY will win. And then, people like you think that it's because your teammates were fucking idiots. > > You aren't playing 4 irons + you vs. 5 diamonds. You're playing 4 irons + you vs. 5 irons, and then you're losing to the guy who deserves to be Bronze. Don't like it? Get better. ALso the guy, > Lots of people complain. I've never experienced a single issue with ranked matchmaking. If I lost, it was either because I played poorly or because my teammates gave up. >.> so your saying if your not 5/0 in 5 mins you cant win. Nice. No issues here.
What I'm really saying is that team influence over your victory or defeat is very small, and mostly falls to legitimate, active trolls and griefers. You can cut back on those by being nicer to your teammates, but it's not 100% avoidable. The rest of your games are basically yours to win or lose. Do your best and play the game as well as you can. Learn, adapt, and overcome. I think you're giving up before you even try. "If your (sic) not 5/0 in 5 minutes you cant win" is not factually true - a challenger player could win a silver level game with 0 kills. That's not to say you have to be a challenger player to win a silver game, just that it's possible to win without getting a minute 5 pentakill - and, consequently, that it is possible to lose even if you get a minute 5 pentakill! Keep learning and keep improving. I would say that maybe 1% of the league community, if not less, regularly does all of the following: - Pick 3 decently in-meta champs with different playstyles for both your main and secondary roles (ex. cassiopeia, orianna, zed, then jax, urgot, darius) - Watch vods and streams of your champs being played, pausing vods to think about what decisions you and your team should make - Practice combos and last hitting in the Practice Tool It's something that's so simple and helps you improve, but basically nobody does it. I think this isn't talked about nearly enough when it comes to climbing - there is not enough focus on legitimate skill improvement and way too much on your shiny medal.
: So your saying your teammates decided your games quite consistently, bummer isnt it. Thats the problem isnt it, the OP and most players judge this like you would judge a magic the gathering tournament 1v1 based on skill i am what i am you are what you are, i climb based on who i am and how i am and that speed is determined by me. In reality the game is more like football, the best quarterback in the world will always lose if he has the WORST TEAMMATES in the entire game in ALL positions. Give Peyton Manning a team of 8 year old kids and ask him to CARRY is currently what your asking. Your DEFENSE is the teams change per game, problem is thats also his complaint and his OFFENSE, if the teams ALWAYS change per game then is it really HIS skill that matters or the ENTIRE teams vs the enemy's team and both are randomly generated.
No, it's very rare that my team will outright give up while I'm performing well. Maybe 1 out of 100 games. Right now we're in a solo carry meta and the better player can definitely carry. The flip side of this is that if there's someone on the enemy team who is a better player, THEY will win. And then, people like you think that it's because your teammates were fucking idiots. You aren't playing 4 irons + you vs. 5 diamonds. You're playing 4 irons + you vs. 5 irons, and then you're losing to the guy who deserves to be Bronze. Don't like it? Get better.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tiure,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=R3XnPJxE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-10T23:58:29.837+0000) > > Let's start by assuming you're correct, even though you have a sample size of 2. > > If matchmaking really was fucked up, "gold" and "diamond" would be meaningless, since you can get matched up against anyone anyway. Basically, if the game isn't going to create even situations in terms of MMR, you have basically a 50% chance that your team of golds and silvers is actually higher skill than the enemy plats and diamonds. Literally, in your point to say "rank isn't a display of skill," you say "gold players vs. plat players is unfair and uneven matchmaking." So...rank IS a display of skill. > > What are some reasons a game might have been golds vs. plats and diamonds? > > 1. the plats and diamonds have tanked their mmr from bought accounts and are on a steep decline to gold > 2. at least one of your golds is a booster or bought account > 3. you're the best players in gold facing off against the worst players in high plat, for a game that has an average elo of around plat 3 or plat 2. > 4. You are queueing at 3 am and this is the most fair game the system could possibly offer you > 5. op.gg is wrong and the ranks are actually closer together than you think > > Basically, quit yo bitchin sample size of 2. or sample size of literally every reddit league player, boards, any friend circle in league. :/ cba to read the rest what you wrote. after you said sample size of 2 (even tho not a single person is not complaining about ranked right now)
Lots of people complain. I've never experienced a single issue with ranked matchmaking. If I lost, it was either because I played poorly or because my teammates gave up.
: Healing and Sustain Creep is a Neglected Discussion that has Caused Huge Balance Issues
Most of these options do not allow you to heal without fighting. If it gets to be a problem, Riot should probably remove the ability to lifesteal from minions and monsters.
: Iv avoided ranked for a few months now, played a few games today/yesterday. you guys werent kidding.
Let's start by assuming you're correct, even though you have a sample size of 2. If matchmaking really was fucked up, "gold" and "diamond" would be meaningless, since you can get matched up against anyone anyway. Basically, if the game isn't going to create even situations in terms of MMR, you have basically a 50% chance that your team of golds and silvers is actually higher skill than the enemy plats and diamonds. Literally, in your point to say "rank isn't a display of skill," you say "gold players vs. plat players is unfair and uneven matchmaking." So...rank IS a display of skill. What are some reasons a game might have been golds vs. plats and diamonds? 1. the plats and diamonds have tanked their mmr from bought accounts and are on a steep decline to gold 2. at least one of your golds is a booster or bought account 3. you're the best players in gold facing off against the worst players in high plat, for a game that has an average elo of around plat 3 or plat 2. 4. You are queueing at 3 am and this is the most fair game the system could possibly offer you 5. op.gg is wrong and the ranks are actually closer together than you think Basically, quit yo bitchin
Zapzya (OCE)
: I think that a thin Gragas wouldn’t be the worst skin in the world. Sort of like reverse Annie in a way. I don’t know how they would portray the body slam animation, but it might be a kinda funny skin anyway.
Gragas but it's a "skinny legend" photoshop where he's noodle-thin
: i don't think the problem this game has is counterplay when it comes to balance or champion design as much as it is interactivity. If the only counterplay towards a strategy or champion is picking a specific champion, stand out of range, wait for your jungler etc then that is what people hate because there isn't really any interaction on your part. Ranged tops are a good example, playing against Kennen/Vayne as a melee top is pretty much "wait for ganks" no one likes playing like that, it isn't fun, you are pretty much at the mercy of your jungler actually identifying he has to help you and that enemy jungler allows it to happen, the agency of is taken away from you.
This comment supports my point. >If the only counterplay towards a strategy or champion is picking a specific champion, stand out of range, wait for your jungler etc then that is what people hate because there isn't really any interaction on your part. These are forms of strategic, invisible counterplay. Ranged harass and knowledge that you will auto-lose a duel are ways that better players outshine worse players. If you can recognize that staying out of range while getting CS is important, and successfully execute on that plan, you have undergone a strategic, invisible skill check. But you hit the nail on the head - there's no interaction. Any champion can introduce strategic skill checks, even the likes of Darius, Malphite, Riven, and Trundle who are very outplayable by most toplaners. Knowing when Darius can kill you or knowing that Malphite is going to want to throw rocks at you is part of the game already, but those champions also introduce active, mechanical skill tests. Can you dodge Darius' Q? Can you avoid getting CC'd by Riven's abilities? Can you stay out of Trundle's reach until his ultimate ends? It's not really about agency so much as it is about visible options. If Riven finds an opening to go in on you, it doesn't feel good to just die without being able to do anything. You want to either feel like you made strategic mistakes leading up to the moment of death (being low in lane w/o flash against a freshly lv 6 riven) or that you made mechanical mistakes that led to your death (accidentally stunning Riven too early so she doesn't take any tower damage). These are ways in which you can identify mistakes and improve. But if Irelia can just identify a good moment and go in, it's hard to understand what happened or why, and it's difficult to learn from that. These champions are uninteractive, for sure, but they're uninteractive because all of their decision making happens before they execute their combo. By the time they are hitting you, you were supposed to already have recognized what their plan might be and taken steps to counter it. Obviously this doesn't feel good, though, and it's one of the reason these champs need to be a little bit slower and introduce more risk into their engages. It's not enough to know that landing your damage will result in a kill; you need to also be able to predict and account for enemy responses to your engage, including dodges, blocks, and negation of your incoming damage or crowd control. That's how you do interactivity: with skill checks.
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: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
Here's my take: It doesn't matter how the weaknesses of a champ actually play out as long as those weaknesses are eminently visible. Visible counterplay examples: - Dodging skillshots - using Zhonya's to cancel Zed's ultimate - Killing Heimerdinger's turrets to neuter his damage - Stunning and then bursting down an enemy before or after they use their defensive ability Invisible counterplay examples (important but not clear): - Positioning correctly to avoid engagement with a strong enemy - Lane pressure to prevent the enemy from getting strong - Knowledge of the enemy's tools and options for dueling - Using good team decision making to stop a splitpushing enemy I'm not saying you should not factor in invisible counterplay. In fact, invisible counterplay is great for skill expression. However, champions like Irelia and Akali have invisible counterplay only. Their abilities are impossible to dodge and seem to mostly be skill tests for the Irelia/akali player instead of competitive skill tests between both players (aim vs. dodge). One thing I brought up on reddit a few times was making Akali's passive circle visible to everyone. It turns her passive from counterplay to invisible counterplay, since it's a skill check for the victim to know a.) that akali needs to back away from her target to proc her passive and b.) how far she needs to go to do so. The discussion about cooldowns **does not provide visible counterplay** because the enemy's skill check is still theoretical instead of mechanical, and Irelia's skill check has not changed. Although she is weaker, she still functionally has no weaknesses as long as her visible and invisible games are played optimally.
: Only two (It was on Sated Devourer in Seasons 5 and 6, and on Rageblade in Season 6+) Though imo, Phantom Hit isn't what made Sated Devourer unhealthy, it's the fact that it wasn't really punishable to sit in the jungle for 20 minutes and come out with Sated + {{item:3153}}, {{item:3748}} or old {{item:3124}} (when its passive was essentially a {{item:3077}}) because Sated having 50% AS and 60 on-hit damage as a base made it + one of the three above on-hit items all you really needed for damage. Rageblade is healthier overall as a concept, but it's made a coveted effect that you had to satisfy a specific condition to unlock become something really easily accessible. I feel like if Phantom Hit was harder to access but not made exclusive to a specific class, it would be an okay mechanic.
: > [{quoted}](name=The thigh guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=euIcEbI8,comment-id=000500000000000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-30T02:08:43.545+0000) > > How is she unfair. 500 range, auto attack reliant, late game, situational cc and little to no utility. That’s like saying gangplank isn’t fair because his barrels ignore some armor and he’s powerful late game. > > Here’s the counterplay. Burst her out. Or hell, use the argument everyone else uses for champions that are even slightly strong. JuSt cC hER. Vayne has 0 counterplay. If the counterplay to everything is simply "cc her" "blow her up" then we should never ever nerf a champion since every single champion is vulnerable to either of these. Don't nerf Irelia because you can cc her lmao. Vayne is a cancer that can't be allowed to be good because when she is she warps the game around herself. Every single time she is not trash she is obnoxious to deal with and the game becomes about stopping Vayne. She's not even a high skill champion, if she was people could succeed with her even when she isn't meta, she's a pure stat check. Vayne's range should be 525 for her to actually be exploitable.
"then we should never ever nerf a champion since every single champion is vulnerable to either of these." a.) Garen b.) Maybe buffing things that are weak would be better than nerfing things that are annoying?
dnsup (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=LTK KoRo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=L4O1Ab2n,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-28T21:14:26.983+0000) > > tell me how first (or any latter) URF didn't end being an unbalanced and onesides fiesta. I'll gladly listen. Easily. It didn't, in my own experience. Period.
I'm so jealous that you never played against Evelynn, Hecarim, Jax, Sona, Zed, Wukong, or Kayle. Chances are that none of y'all were playing in 2014 when urf was first released, and so you don't actually remember how much of a stupid clusterfuck it was to have to deal with any of those champs. Hecarim was absolutely the worst...0.33 second cooldown on Q and it did like 200 damage a swing, so you'd walk up to your first midlane wave and Hec would already be level 2 and E flash out of the jungle to deal 600 damage to you in under a second.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 11
Hi Meddler. I have a question that isn't related to what you're discussing, but I don't know where else to ask it. I'm interested in working on game design and balance, but the path to getting there is confusing. How do you make a game design portfolio if you aren't good at the technical side of actually making games? How can I take my game design opinions and ideas and make them marketable to companies like Riot (or turn them into game design *skills*, rather than just thoughts)? I had the idea of making YouTube videos analyzing game design and balance, but is that something you guys would want to see? Or would you and your team prefer I demonstrate that I can inspire and create actual products that are fun to play and align with the goals you have for League's balance and design?
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tiure,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=JYAyPNJc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-04T09:06:24.092+0000) > > Reread the board you're on. Yeah, Concepts & Creations. What does that have to do with what i said?
It means this is basically gameplay fanfiction. I don't think Elise needs a rework, I just thought it was a nice idea. Why did you come in here just to shit on the very idea of my idea existing? You didn't even bother to read it. Go find something better to do.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: And now you people want Elise to be reworked? Good god, you DO want this game to crash and burn.
Reread the board you're on.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 14
Is the balance team looking into any mini updates to stuff like new passives or ability updates in the same vein as Lissandra's new frozen-thrall passive? A few champs could really use a little extra spice to make them more conditionally powerful and generally weaker. {{champion:30}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:11}}
Negatif (NA)
: Be serious, this game caters to the participation trophy babies. If that dude on your team is basically inting and dies 7 times in the first 10 minutes.. if you get frustrated that this guy is costing you LP, and you say anything besides "Great Job! Keep up the hard work summoner!" you will get a chat ban and he will get off without any punishment because "he's trying." When did the competitive scene start to cater to offended libs? I guess cause its a highly liberal company.
You can call him a feeder once or twice. The system tolerates that. What the system does not tolerate is when you spend the rest of the game pointing out his score and making fun of any bad plays he makes. ? pinging his deaths, talking a lot about how fed the enemy laner is, telling him he should uninstall or kill himself, whining about how all your toplaners are shit these days and why can't Riot get their matchmaker together, etc. That's how you get chat restricted because it's highly unpleasant and doesn't feel good to be on the receiving end of. Riot's punishment system has been protecting you from people who will harass you in the same way you harass others. If you have a bad lane, or are facing a smurf, most people in the community are not going to ride you about it beyond a couple frustrated comments about the fed enemy. You, on the other hand, not only took it personally and began hurtfully attacking your ally about their performance, but also did so over a period of multiple games. Try this: Next time your top laner goes 7 deaths in 10 minutes, imagine yourself in his position. What do you want to hear? "Kys f%%%%%" or "Just play safe man we all have bad games sometimes"?
: > [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=mdXRUffl,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-29T00:07:48.817+0000) > > This is somewhat stolen and rephrased from a post I saw on Imgur previously, but it's very relevant to *League*. > > --------------------------------------- > > * When someone says or does something *unintentionally* hurtful and they do it *once*, that is **rude**. > * When someone says or does something *intentionally* hurtful and they do it *once*, that is **mean**. > * When someone says or does something *intentionally or unintentionally* hurtful and they *keep doing it after realizing that it is hurtful*, that is **harassment.** > ---------------------------------------- > You can be rude in *League* if it happens only rarely. Hell, you can even be a bit mean sometimes -- everyone gets frustrated, and the system has a bit of leeway built in as long as you're not egregious about it and don't do it often. > > When you keep doing something you *know* is offensive, hurtful, or unwanted, however, you have crossed the line into harassment. This is true whether you're insulting someone's mother, or simply continually pointing out their low CS score when you know it's meant to bother them or embarrass them. 100% This. Been playing since early 2010 and I've said my fair share of mean things to people I felt were total asshats. Hell I've even dropped a few F bombs at people during the years. This is why when people claim Riot punishes unfairly for a single report, or single instance of this behavior, you can take solace in that they are factually incorrect in their recollection of the events. (Instant feedback for racial slurs, tell people to kill themselves etc is an obvious exception) - This is usually why you'll see people post incomplete chat logs and then they get picked apart by the community. As long as you're generally cordial with others in-game and don't harass people, you shouldn't run into any chat restrictions or bans.
Even the tolerance for racial slurs is higher than you'd think. Tossing out a "%%%%% what" from time to time isnt gonna get you punished. I believe games with reports get weighted higher?
: ***
"OP but fun to play against" would describe Janna before her passive changes. Tons and tons of value and impact, but spread out over the entire game and never concentrated in a single moment. There's no point in the game where you can say "Janna just won the whole fucking game," but the entire enemy team is always just a tiny bit faster than you which means you can't chase the enemy team, but they can chase you, and they will usually beat you in rotating to objectives. Yeah she had good shields and heals and peels, but nothing BIG. If she landed a clutch shield that was good, but clutch stuff is supposed to be good. A constant stream of Nope is frustrating to play against though. It also describes Kog'Maw. Artillery ADC with a constant stream of flat DPS. Feels fair to play against and has clear weaknesses of being a glass cannon. And it describes Tristana, Tryndamere, Jax, and Jinx, who are mostly just good at breaking towers and often fizzle when trying to kill champions. Most players don't really care about Winning as much as they do having a great KDA. Kills = Skills in most people's minds. If you get a lot of kills and don't die a lot, you're going to come away from the game feeling good about yourself! Thing about these champs though, is that they aren't actually fun. Playing them to their maximum extent is a very low-risk form of gameplay that doesn't give you those highs and lows of obliterating your opponents. Stuff that's fun to play is Bullshit with a capital B, but that's what makes it fun.
: Tank changes for 8.16
I think Tahm Kench is already plenty strong in offensive scenarios! It's already extremely difficult to handle that stupid catfish in extended trades, and this really feels like it will make it even easier for him to turn a short skirmish into a duel that he's usually guaranteed to win. Do you think you could bundle this buff to aggressive use of spells with a nerf to his passive so he doesn't shred through his enemies quite so fast with his auto attacks?
: Hi Meddler, I would like to ask if the balancing team have forgotten about the Scaling Mages? {{champion:112}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:69}} {{sticker:cass-cry}} ? Their process of farming to become the team fight damage dealer is very long, some even requires at least three to four items. There is almost only one defensive item they could get when facing a entire comp of AD assassins, that is {{item:3157}} .
All midlane mages are scaling mages, and they're all doing more than fine even after the waveclear nerfs. If you're struggling to contribute to fights before you get 3 items, it's your positioning that's the problem.
Oto (EUNE)
: Uhh doesn't that leave him with even fewer weaknesses?
Nasus can definitely be a frustrating champ to deal with when he's piloted well. His slow is pretty brutal and the stack damage is a lot for a champ who literally just builds tank. However, his late game is shockingly pathetic. I once played Malz against a supremely fed Nasus. It was ugly. Any time he came close, I silenced him and then ulted him. This means no Qs for 5 seconds while everyone is busy tearing you multiple new assholes. While not every champion is Malzahar, Nasus struggles a lot against real lineups that usually have roots, stuns, knockups, and other disables to prevent Nasus from getting his job done. At the end of the day, he doesn't have tankiness tools like Maokai, Alistar, Braum, Taric, etc. do - he just has lifesteal, plus his HP and resistances.
Romenji (NA)
: I had over 4k total honors before the system change. One 7game chat restriction because a 4man premade reported me because they didn't like me and now I've been at 0 honor for well over a thousand games and hundred or so onwards honors.
Building honor is hard but generally people hand it out to whomever was the calmest and most tilt-proof player. If you do a lot of stupid shit because you're mad about losing, I will never honor you.
: Ampson (Ivern's sound designer) checked, his theme _should_ still be playing on game start. FYI, it is also RNG.
Alright I guess I'm just really unlucky then! LOL. As for the "downgrade" thing, I completely understand the concerns because I've felt that pressure myself when playing or performing...and that's with a small audience of friends and family. I'm sure that when you're dealing with millions of people, you start to get a little concerned about how well something will be received. My view on the situation is that Riot is a company of creatives, and you can't oblige creatives to create or avoid features due to the precedent they set. The users aren't blind consumers - they can tell when you ship an effect that is correct for the character (such as Jhin's music or Swain's raven flock), and they can appreciate that by itself without clamoring for, say, Cassiopeia to have an army of tiny snakes slithering around the map. The way I see it, and the way you probably argued it to others: Ivern music: Should always play, or at least most of the time. Sets tone of rebirth and new life. Fits into Ivern's storyline as a cruel warlord who was transmuted and redeemed into the guardian of the forest, with a vast new respect for all living things. Swain music: Not necessary; RNG is fine, sets mood occasionally but is not an essential part of Swain's character. I like the theme music but I barely notice if it's there or not. Swain ravens: Should always flock around. Sets tone of Swain as a foreboding presence who is more than what meets the eye. Slightly unsettling to see those ravens out of the corner of your eye. Fulfills power fantasy for Swain players. BIG part of Swain's characterization. Also, we lost Beatrice for this. Big fan, love your work, making attempts to build portfolio of narrative design work (especially in gameplay) which is a lot harder and slower than it sounds which means a LOT of respect to you, xoxoxo
: Okay, thanks again Santo for pointing this issue out. The bit of code that called for the music and raven SFX to play at game start was somehow disabled. {{sticker:sg-janna}} Bug confirmed. As for the music not always playing, Swain and Zoe both have the music tied to RNG for a few reasons. 1) The main one, to keep it fresh and special. When the song plays, you don't take it for granted. 2) Keeping it subtle lets us make more skins without writing theme music for each one. The Star Guardian skins can have the music always play because it's GUARANTEED to be on point. 3) In Swain's case, the music only plays if ravens appear on game start. We didn't want the ravens to always appear, because we were wary of setting a precedent where every champ calls attention to themselves all the time; it's more an easter egg, and there are easter egg-ish details tied to it that players still haven't discovered. (Find them to unlock the Feather Key.) As I said, I'm a huge fan of the music myself, and I don't think we have a firm line in the sand for RNG. It's a feature we're interested in playing with more with future champs and VGUs if there's a cool opportunity, and we'll keep an open mind to tweaking it as we find more stuff that can live in this space.
>We didn't want the ravens to always appear, because we were wary of setting a precedent where every champ calls attention to themselves all the time I understand your concerns, but it's SO thematic for Swain. In fact, I often find myself getting upset that there aren't ENOUGH ravens when Swain is around. His visual and SFX design is so fantastic, but it's only half of his character - the ravens that you see out of the corner of your eye are the other half. The ravens are so well done in that they aren't a huge distraction, but their presence is felt. It makes you a little unnerved to see them there. Loud noises like the announcer startle them into motion, but they come back, sitting still and just watching the action, waiting for things to settle down so that they can scavenge for a feast. It's also really fun to walk around the map and have them follow you around, kind of subtly announcing your presence. It makes me very sad to hear that the ravens are deliberately downgraded. I don't mind the music not always playing (though please look into Ivern's music, since I think it might also be bugged) but the ravens are essential to Swain's visual presence and to not have them flocking around feels wrong.
Jun Long (NA)
: "So next time I was the villain, I made it so they could shoot me, and I'd collapse dramatically, because I'm a theater **gay**." Hmm, good to know.
: So I totally get if Olaf isn’t your cup of tea. That’s cool, but let me try to convince you otherwise because I’m a big fan of the berserker. Olaf’s one reason for living is to die in glorious combat right? Then he finds out that he’s going to die peacefully as an old man, literally the last thing he would ever want, the greatest taboo, the ultimate dishonor. And so he goes on a quest to find the most incredible doom. Olaf isn’t just fighting monsters, he’s fighting fate itself. I’m a sucker for those kinds of stories. And for Viking berserkers. And fight porn, and Olaf’s general silliness when he’s not out chopping creatures into tiny giblets, and even when he is! This comic highlights Olaf’s character fantasy, letting us see the berserker at his best, as an unkillable force of nature. I enjoy reading things that are violent and over the top and that’s what we were going for here, trying to put this version of Olaf in these fun, interesting situations where he gets to meet characters from other dimensions and explore how he’d interact with them. It just so happens that most of the time, unsurprisingly, that ends with a little blood in the snow, or mud, or whatever. If you don’t buy into the character fantasy, I can’t help ya there. That being said, I wouldn’t suggest trying to make one-to-one comparisons between this Olaf and his in-game character. Does Olaf heal himself when he attacks enemies in Runeterra? Probably not. Does he call lightning from the sky to smite his foes? Nah. In the comic you see callbacks to those abilities because it’s fun, easter-eggy stuff, but this isn’t Summoner’s Rift Olaf. This isn’t canon Olaf. This is Olaf vs. Everything Olaf. There are similarities, but they aren’t the same. What does this mean for you and the comic? If you enjoy watching Olaf get beaten up and dishing out punishment in return, stick around, there’s a lot more of that coming. We’re also going to be digging into his motivations a little. But just a little, because then there wouldn’t be as much space for chopping would there? I’d stick around though, even if you don’t enjoy Olaf, I think you might have some fun seeing where he ends up!
I don't take issue with the "unkillable berserker in search of an honorable death" fantasy, I think Olaf just doesn't express it well enough. His design is just "Viking" - it is an older character and some of the subtleties of the newer designs are just not there. There's also the question of "Why is he unkillable?" He's a force of nature, and that's being explored, but what KIND of force of nature is he? Is he just a great warrior, like Xin Zhao? Is he actually immune to damage from some cosmic blessing, like Taric? Is he shockingly fast and agile, like Master Yi? The comic has him as all 3, at varying and inconsistent times. Against Trundle, he hops around crazily and can't be hit - which is jarring, because Olaf doesn't seem agile. Against the corsairs, he's just impossible to kill, taking beatings that would have killed anyone else and rising up from them regardless. Against Mega Gnar, he's just a great warrior with awesome weapon skills. The reader is left confused: why? how? what? No answers. It's not about the motivations, not this time. I fully understand that this is fight porn and it's not meant to fulfill any kind of greater story. Olaf just likes to fight! It's not COMPLETELY about comparisons to in-game performance, though I think it's important to ask how Olaf's in-game niche of "Can't be CC'd, gets more attack speed the more damage he takes" translates to a "real-life" version of Olaf. It's just about making the character interactive and interesting, and telling a story that I can get invested in. "One day, Olaf challenged a bunch of giant frost trolls to a fight, and took them all out" is a perfectly fine story - no motivations needed, although I'm sure Olaf had his reasons. But you can't just have the dust clear and all of the trolls are laid out dead. Sometimes that works, but not for a character like Olaf where you want to WATCH him beat people up! He's a Viking; he charges headlong into battle and kills everyone! When it comes to Olaf, there just isn't much there that he DOES. And that can be fine, but it means that when you do what the comic does and come up with many different "good at fighting" archetypes for the character, you end up with this Superman character who pulls a new fighting skill out of his asshole every 15 minutes. If you want him to be less bland, you have to pick one thing that Olaf is/does and reinforce it to a fun and extreme degree. Insane strength, immortality in combat, and running speed sounds like enough for some fight porn. There's no need to make him agile, dexterous, or cunning. And if you do, you risk turning the character into "Oh well then why bother fighting him?"
: What makes this comic bland and unimaginative? Also it should be noted that these, along with all of our comic collabs, aren't tied to the canon League universe. They're more "What if?" tale collaborations between us and community creators. If you're expecting more official lore-dense world building type stories, I could see that being an issue. Pun kind of intended.
To me? Olaf is the problem. I don't like Olaf. He is bland and uninspired. He's a Viking berserker, and he has 2 axes, and that's all there is to him. Maybe there are a bunch of people out there who think "Oh yeah! Viking comes here to smash stuff! Yes!!!" but there's only so much purposeless smashing that can be done before I'm ready to move on to the next guy who smashes stuff. The comic does a pretty bad job of showing what Olaf happens to be doing at any given time, too. I don't think that's the fault of the artist, though...I think it's just that Olaf is hard to depict in motion because he, like Nidalee, is locked into this visual design trap where he has a throwing weapon that he'll never actually throw because then he wouldn't be able to fight with it anymore. Most of Olaf's design in fights is locked into his "I don't die" mechanic, and the comic artist is clearly struggling to communicate this berserker-rage concept to the reader. What is Olaf doing that makes him not die? Is he jumping around a lot? Is he shrugging off the blows that are aimed at him? Does he heal off any damage that comes in, like Wolverine? In the comic we see all 3 of those things happening without any semblance of consistency. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I would play pretend with my neighbors and siblings, and one time I was a vampire who could just heal myself up every time they shot me. Everyone complained because no matter what they did, I had an answer. So next time I was the villain, I made it so they could shoot me, and I'd collapse dramatically, because I'm a theater gay. Then, when they came over to investigate, I'd open my eyes and hiss and "eat" someone and make them a vampire. Instead of just ignoring my "enemies" and doing my own thing, I *interacted* with them. Even though I was just as invincible and shitty as I was in the first round, I told a story with my actions that they could be a part of. I showed that I was powerful and conniving, but I also showed that I could be attacked and defeated if they had the right kind of weapon (e.g. hit me with something strong so I am knocked out and then drive a stake through my heart). It's the same idea in League gameplay. When Olaf is able to run at you and ignore your damage and CC, you're just stuck in someone else's story and can't interact with them except to just kind of sit there and eat axe for a few minutes. Being able to exert your own power over Olaf (knock him down, scare him, hurt him, disarm him) makes you feel like you have influence over the situation, even if Olaf is vastly more powerful than you and you end up dying. I know this is a lot of words for a very simple "Olaf is the problem here," but Idk maybe it's feedback that you guys will take into account for next time :)
Meddler (NA)
: Responding to this as the top Syndra comment at time of writing. Nothing new to add, but comments on the Q passive are much appreciated.
The problem with Syndra, IMO, is the skill disconnect. Her lore and basic abilities suggest a mage who has to carefully manage Dark Sphere positioning and keep control over her powers. But her ultimate takes away ALL of that subtle skill expression by slamming all her spheres into an enemy and spilling them out onto the ground. It makes her combos look and feel very simple and easy. What's the point of putting a Dark Sphere in a certain place if I don't have to think about where it is or what I'm going to do with it? While Syndra's W, E, and R do interact with Dark Spheres, they don't do so in a way that makes sphere placement important. All of her spells are basically just QW, QE, and QR - all of which involve landing a Q on the enemy and then following up with a different spell. And yes, there are some more nuanced combos, but they basically just distill down to "put your cursor on the enemy and press the correct buttons." Syndra's personality also expresses that she's a master of chaos and control, but her kit doesn't require any special kind of focused intent. She needs a change to her ultimate. Everything else is more or less fine, Syndra players can live with it. Might I suggest giving Syndra a Black Hole ultimate that draws all Dark Spheres and enemy champions in its radius into a small circle? Like Orianna ultimate, but with a longer cooldown, no Ball requirement, and a shorter stun (more damage focused). That way we can feel like our ultimate is INTERACTING with dark spheres, instead of just "wham blammo I pushed R and now you're going to take 1500 damage."
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Flamma (NA)
: Phase Rush Idea
I like it, but it feels like it gets proced and extended too easily. Even with the slow resistance nerf, Gnar and Cass will be tough to handle.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheCurator,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=zaxnlZUB,comment-id=000500030000,timestamp=2016-06-27T01:33:23.583+0000) > > The Boards don't have the functionality to move posts or we would. > > Another question is why don't people just post in the correct section? Your sarcasm is unnecessary and if you were talking like that in game, you would be subject to a ban for not contributing positively to the environment. Please remain respectful.
Okay now point on the doll where Riot's automated chat restriction system hurt you.
: The PBE catches bugs, but doesn't catch every bug. This bug most likely only appear on live and something happened during the installment of the patch.
It's also possible that it requires a specific graphics card or setup to happen, or that it interacts weirdly with something highly specific. I never had any FPS issues for the dark star thresh games I was in before the skin was disabled, on PBE or live.
: They did comment on this recently. Meddler said that they actually like the idea of that instant threat ultimate. It makes annie feel unique, and they'd like to find ways to support it well into the future. That said, I agree with you. Instant AoE stuns with burst will never be balanced. I think that Annie would be much more fun if she weren't so binary because of her dependence on ONE overpowered combo. But, not everyone agrees. That's life.
That's such an easy problem to solve, especially if you're already looking at annie! Travel time increases with distance. The closer you are to annie, the quicker the bear drops you. But she no longer needs flash for the combo. If she feels the need to catch people out with a flash and instant stun, she can flash W and throw the bear on top of it. Many people do that already anyway!
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: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
Can you please allow Zyra jungle to exist? I really like taking her into the jungle but since she can't clear the first camp without a significant leash (plus the jungle monsters just slaughter your poor plant babies and aggro juggling doesn't really work anymore), it's just too difficult to get a quick, reliable clear off unless you REALLY know what you're doing. Her ganking already kinda suffers because of E's slow missile speed and her low base MS! I just want to see jungle Zyra as a potential off-meta pick, even if it's not good. Simply allowing her to clear camps without fear (letting her plants reliably tank the bigger monsters without instantly perishing, for example) would go a long way in permitting a silly and fun gameplay fantasy of the plant jungler.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Annie Direction
I'm throwing my weight behind Travel Time Tibbers; I would actually enjoy seeing the radius and range massively increased as well so that she can toss her gigantic bear out onto the field. Maybe if she tossed the bear, and then suddenly Tibbers transformed and stunned everyone? I would like to see Tibbers as a defender - the Molten Shield changes are a step closer to that, but go ahead and go ham with it - send Tibbers charging at 50% increased MS whenever she puts Molten Shield up because she needs him to come and protect her, or let her choose to use it early (and leave herself undefended if attacked) and send Tibbers chasing after some hapless enemy. I would also like to see W and passive changed, but accept that they're probably not going to be adjusted at all. Still, more fun with Tibbers means more fun with Annie.
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: To those "can't support" "anything but support" "not support" players
It's so weird to see all these posts repeating arguments I saw in S3 before the huge support overhaul that made support fun again. It used to be that Blitz, Alistar, and later Thresh were the 3 mandatory bans that won basically every game, and every other support was just bad and unfun. Support got 0 CS and there was no way to get gold until you had waited for long enough (and/or got enough assists) that you could buy a Philosopher's Stone to slightly increase your ambient gold gen. There was no Sightstone and no trinket. You had to buy all your wards yourself, and in order to clear wards, you had to spend 100 gold on a pink ward and put it down. Pink wards were themselves vulnerable to other pink wards and weren't visible, and so there was a huge battle from the (0 CS, 0 income) supports to see who could put down more pinks than the others. This was back when Nidalee "support" was a thing, too. Since then, Riot has: 1. Opened up gold generation for support players - there are 3 gold gen items for supports to choose from! Holy shit! 2. Increased gold rewards for getting large numbers of assists in a row 3. Created masteries that give gold to support players 4. Given free wards to every player (Ward Bitch doesn't even begin to cover what supports used to be. And this was without enough money to actually buy enough wards!) 5. Made ward-clearing easier and fairer 6. Added Sightstone 7. Added in fun and interactive support items like Ardent Censer and Frost Queen's Claim 8. Buffed the hell out of certain boring supports to add more fun mechanics 9. Reduced the responsibilities of the support role (support used to basically have to be the carry, except you didn't get any money to do it with, you didn't get any of the credit, and you couldn't do shit if your team was incompetent) Now that's not to say that support wasn't good or fun back then. There are a lot of things about it that I miss, like covering the map in wards and the beauty that was[ Jannaaaaawwwwww.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrsTE1vpoXM) (she was really op - so much speed boost, so much shield, so much knockup, LAWD i miss old janna. I also miss the Janna right after the ratio changes when she was still that strong but had her shield AD scale on AP). tl;dr: The same arguments were made in 2010, but they were true back then
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
Hey Statikk! Big fan. One: With the mage item rework, it sometimes feels like all the good DAMAGE items are items that give defensive stats. Ryliandry's is technically a DPS and kiting build that gives 180 AP, but it gives something like 1000 hp! Why am I building health in order to get damage? Zhonyas gives 100 AP (and 50 armor), Athene's gives 65 AP (rito pls buff) (and 45 MR), Abyssal grants MR reduction (and MR), etc. etc. The worst part is that champions like Zyra are balanced around these builds. She requires Rylai's and Liandry's just to be squishy. I've eaten cereal that was left out on the counter for an entire day, and it wasn't as squishy as early game Zyra and Katarina. All of the "DPS" items, like Deathcap and Luden's Echo, are prohibitively expensive and give just as much AP as the cheaper "tank" items. This doesn't mean buff Deathcap (pls no, it just makes those items stronger) but perhaps items like Luden's and Nashor's can get a little love due to the fact that they are for DPS but give just as much/less AP as an item like Rylai's. Basically: If I build AP, I want to have more AP than if I'm building tank items that just so happen to give AP. Two: Can Seeker's Armguard give 1 second of invulnerability or even just active damage reduction? It literally does not build into anything else, and Zhonya's is extremely frustrating and clunky to build for despite being extremely necessary as a rush purchase against assassins. Three: I'm a Malz main and I am one of the few who support changes to Malzahar. [I have laid out my expectations elsewhere, ](https://www.reddit.com/r/MalzaharMains/comments/3v7c5a/i_know_were_all_a_little_nervous_about_the/)but here they are summed up concisely. * More emphasis being placed on him being a "Void Prophet." * More voidlings and a better ability to control the voidlings. He's supposed to be commanding a void army, no? * More obvious skill and less hidden skill - and a heightened skill floor. * When you play against Malzahar, you should feel like he's always one step ahead of you Re: Voidlings, the voidlings only have one function and they fulfill it mindlessly. They run and attack things that you hit with your spells. While voidling micro is an integral part of playing Malzahar (tracking voidling position and Frenzy levels), it is just as effective to totally ignore voidlings entirely and just focus on dealing damage with spells. Every part of voidling micro looks like things that the Malzahar player would be already doing. Spamming spells to track and prepare passive charges is not functionally or seemingly different from spamming spells to deal damage. Using E and R to control voidling targets is not terribly different from using E or R to deal damage to targets. While Malzahar at high levels of play is deceptively difficult and skillful, it is not recognizably different from a bronze malzahar using spells on the wave to stranglepush the enemy laner into the hungry jaws of the Void. As a Malzahar player, I laugh along with the rest of yall when you joke about Space AIDS and Crabs. I've made those jokes a million times and some you don't even wanna hear. I just don't feel it is the right gameplay experience for Malzahar. He should be frustrating in other ways. In my mind, Malzahar is the Void Puppeteer. He should be a chess grandmaster of League, in the same way as Swain should be (you can consider these gameplay fantasies to be a foil to Swain's - where Malzahar's goal is to build up power and crush those who stand in his way, Swain's is simply for the joy of strategy itself). When I play Malzahar, I'm looking for that "checkmate!" moment, the moment where I maneuver you right into a bad position with expert wave management and zoning and pounce on you gleefully with an army of hungry critters. Four: this is actually really off topic but I'm currently trying to apply for a position as "game designer." As described in the listing, it's definitely my dream job. I have started taking game design very seriously in the last year or so and feel confident in my ability to bring a lot to the table, but I'm still a little nervous about gunning for the position. I can't help but feel like there are hundreds of applicants trying for that same job, all of whom have better creds than I do. What can I do to really stand out?
: For god's sake make Syndra viable. I can't believe she's being left out of the "immobile mage" reworks. Of all of them she needs the most help. 50 damage on her lvl 1 Q, 95 at lvl 2 Q while having virtually no damage early on from AP ratios unlike AD counterparts, who not only have higher base values, but walk to lane with 80 AD and have better ratios generally. Item costs with combine costs over 1000 just to survive against AD mids don't help either. It's a joke. Syndra literally can't be offensive in lane as she is because the enemy regenerates faster than she has the mana to deal with. 1 - Syndra relied on being a lane bully early game in order to transition to mid game that wasn't trash. Her current damage is in place to make her not able to kill anything early and let's not pretend the goal was anything otherwise. Combined with mana being nerfed into oblivion and masteries digustingly favouring ADs it just compounds the problem. 30% on TLD for AD, 10% for AP, great. 2 - The mid game relied heavily on her being able to pick someone off with a Q E combo which DOESN'T HIT ANYMORE and is bugged up the ass despite all the patch claims that it's been fixed. Reaching this point isn't really even possible anymore now that the game is even more accelerated. Mid game doesn't exist for Syndra. Side note on the topic of bugs: Her R still has the same screen stuttering bug that was introduced in the patch Quinn was released. Press R, enjoy your screen shaking for 3-6 seconds. 3 - Her late game was always trash and late game doesn't exist right now with 26 minute average games, so that's irrelevant. Your "math pass" to balance mage items seems as if it makes the assumptions that mages have the same ratios as ADs and that ADs don't auto attack. People still build Frost Queen's mid after the nerfs because everything else costs too much, unless they're facing an AD mid, in that case they having to magically come up with 3500 gold and get to lane before lvl 6 or die meanwhile the AD opponent needs 700 gold for 2 long swords and to press R. This is what I hate about there being so many champions. Some are ignored for years on end after being intentionally nerfed into an unusable state.
Okay, as a Syndra main, I totally feel your pain. However, you act as though the changes (which reduced her unfair interactions) made her somehow garbage. That's not the case! 1. From one Syndra player to another, Q start is no longer viable. Start W. It does more damage than Q at rank 1 (you should still max Q though) and also has a slow for quick level 1 Thunderlord's procs. 2. QE may not be exactly RELIABLE, but it is most definitely not bugged anymore (I had spheres either pass through enemies, fly the opposite direction, or even not move at all. None of these occur anymore unless I E wrong). The hitbox is consistent. Many Syndras I see have trouble mentally juggling their position + the position of every sphere. It's one of Syndra's main skill hurdles and it's something I forced myself to learn even when landing stuns was the easiest thing in the world. 3. (technically 2.5) I have literally never experienced this bug. What is your setup? 4. Her late game is fucking godly. Do you even play Syndra? Maybe you consider a 6 item Syndra to be "not a threat," but with the introduction of Thunderlord's her assassination potential has grown to terrifying levels. If she lands a W on you, or God forbid a QE, you're fucking donezo. And that's not to mention her amazing teamfight DPS - one Q can take out half a carry's HP, and it has a 2 second cooldown. Here's what I think: You are playing Syndra in a way that is inconsistent with her actual strengths and weaknesses. Play Lux, Malzahar, or Morgana; these champions are lane bullies who scale into the late game, they don't have bugs, and they have strong CC initiation ability. Syndra is not like these champions, and while she has the ability to initiate, make picks, and deal damage, ultimately you are not playing her with the correct mindset for the champion and your performance suffers as a result.
: The legendary cycle of mid-bitching: {{champion:157}} -> {{champion:238}} -> {{champion:134}}{{champion:61}}{{champion:115}} -> {{champion:7}} -> {{champion:76}} -> {{champion:103}} At least it's better than the cycle of jungle-bitching: {{champion:64}} -> {{champion:64}} -> {{champion:64}} -> {{champion:64}} -> {{champion:254}} -> {{champion:64}}
Which is funny because Syndra and Orianna are both well known for having really high skill caps...right up until the moment they're kind of a little bit dominant, and then it's all "OMG PRESS R SO *DIFFICULT* FUCK YOU SYNDRA AND ORI" As a Malz main who puts actual effort into Malz's skill cap (managing voidlings, aiming skills, positioning, etc.), this really amuses me. Out of all the mages where you can just press R and get a free kill onto the other team (lux malz anivia annie veigar), you pick the ones that require perfect positioning, management of cooldowns, and precise aim in order to be effective? Why?
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