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: i can almost imagine it now. shity skynet bots invade rift, players rage over bot inting. accounts are banned and replaced by even more bots so the banned players can buy lvled accounts to to replace their banned accounts. new players never properly learn the game due to only ever playing bots. more raging and inting reports and even more banned accounts..and the vicious cycle continues until only the skynet bots remain.. the future will be grim.
And think this future could all have been prevented if we saved TT's life. *plays terminator music* SAVE TT! Also your comment is the greatest thing I've ever read
Saezio (EUNE)
: Some of us see this as a win though?
I see you have accepted defeat
Eedat (NA)
: What it comes down to is what resources do they have and what is the best way to distribute them. Nobody is going to argue that TT was left to rot years ago, but it only got to that point because even when they gave it attention and a full VGU it generated no interest. Now we have things like TFT and their other games coming and 1) it makes little to no sense to put any resources in a dice roll on TT where history has shown the odds are not in their favor and 2) now need the extra server space with all these new things coming. Servers space is not cheap. Especially ones that have the capacity to host an extremely large game like LoL and 3) it is becoming an eyesore and is in desperate need of a full VU again which they just cant justify doing. They are trying to keep the game look fresh and modern It's check and balances that decide the outcome. I'm sure if you surveyed TT mains then 99.9% of them would want it to stay, but that is only one factor of many.
I see you have accepted defeat. Appreciate your words either way.
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Toddwick (NA)
: ***
Which Riot personalities could I message on Twitter?
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: Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes
Riot, have you ever considered adding modes that negate the heavy reliance on team play? Three suggestions would be: 1. A fresh 1v1 dueling mode for training, brag rights, tie breaks, or just working on combos with a friend. 2. A 2v2 mode. This could provide solace for players that struggle with (sometimes toxic) group ques. Smaller groups mitigate this issue. It's easier to find 1 friend to que with vs. 2 (Twisted Treeline). 3. Consider finding a way to create (optional?) age brackets. While this concept obviously has numerous problems, it would enrich the individual player experience and help foster a social network for multiple demographics. If you attend a party with your peers you are more likely to have fun and stick around. Hint hint ^ _^ otherwise, Fantastic job on many of the quality of life additons to league. Hoping you guys keep on keeping on.


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