Mariana (EUW)
: Help me find the artist for this Kled poster
Now, that's something that I want to frame for my brother
Rockman (NA)
: "yeah we'll make an Ornn skin"
You know, the skins look to be schedule for February. Ornn in the other hand I can't tell how early the skin is coming
Zagi Fn (NA)
: Kindred's Strange Tale
I fact that is interesting, not only the connection with Aphelios also the story, although Kindred is an ancient myth and Kindred has the Ying Yang as an inspiration, we cant deny that wolf wants the end of life, lamb wants you to live before you die and accept that.
: I seriously don't get why HotS has it but League doesn't.
Full disclaimer, there is actually one ask Riot, about that but there was no continuation. One VO I would love to have is a Kindred quote for an Ace or Pentakill “What all the stories have in common wolf?” “The end”
: Expect every champion's promotional campaign to be slightly different. There are so many things happening at once in this game (between e-sports, skins, events, champions, etc) that if things don't shift around, we might end up posting ten videos to Youtube the same day There are also limits to how much the promo team can handle at one time, and the composers. Fun fact. [Talondor]( worked on the Aphelios theme as he was also working on True Damage, which is a pretty intense workload and makes the theme all the more impressive, IMHO. So, sorry for the delay in this case. Edit: And correct me if I'm wrong, but we haven't shipped any champions without themes, have we? Personally, they're one of my favorite parts of the process, when the characters come alive, move and breathe along with the notes. We better keep doing them {{sticker:sg-shisa}} lol.
I'm sorry about that, but is kinda part of the issue, that login skins are no longer part of the client will make players not knowing what is the theme related to the champion, although. I admire Talondor I did not know he was the producer behind those themes and there's a lot sound produce know since I see in the PBE more then 13 different skins I hope Mr. Talondor can have a break this holidays
: Where’s the champion theme for Aphelios?
I'm kinda worried that riot responded at this post but there is no answer about champion themes.
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Arbitrex (NA)
: New skins for SUPER GALAXY universe for RUMBLE, YUMMI,Villians and more skins for Neon Strike force
If something I been having in my mind is a crossover of Super Galaxy and Odyssey
: So.. with the release of Giants, I have a question..
> [{quoted}](name=Scathy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FsRRJtYr,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-11T05:32:44.438+0000) > > We have Pentakill covering Metal. > K/DA has K-Pop on lock. > True Damage has Rap. > > When is Kled starting a Country band? > > {{champion:240}} I can imagine something like country road or old town road
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: 10 Years of Riot Music
The only song missing in album 9 is cats Vs dogs
: Wow! Hey Riot Pls, all credit to BonzaiBuddy. He is the one who came up with the joke. You guys are an awesome company!
This is the kind of stuff I like to see in the boards{{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Jikker (NA)
: Is no one gonna talk about URF?
Applé (NA)
: Why is Count Kledula available for purchase right now?
Well a comment from riot and I quote “Champions will have their third skin available even if is a seasonal skin since the skin pool for that champion will be low after realized” Aka same deal as Snow day Bard
: I think Riot teased a new Taliyah skin
Wait I’m more interested in this Annie Skim were did you find this
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: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
Gofs (NA)
: All memes and trash talk aside..
Simple and direct is your post my friend, I enjoy league in my free time after work or school regardless bugs or balance, I am a simple man who wants game modes and Kindred skins or content.
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: I mean i said it, i said both Garen and Shaco mini rework will be put on live before Wukong one
Riot said that Wukong rework was going to be available during preseason. One expectation was a preseason focused in classes like Wukong Udyr and Shyvana.
: Worst world champion song ever in 5 year.
Idk for me the worst was Legends never die, (more used as a meme) and I liked the art direction of the video; in any case the expectation was big after the great success of RISE
Sukishoo (NA)
: Yeah, hopefully it will be by 9.23; as 9.22 should have the Qiyana prestige skin which we've guessed is part of the musical group (unless they plan to release some other skins along side those).
Yeah, so I’m not a {{champion:163}} player but how long this guys are going to wait. Honestly I’m Waiting for Kindred Día de muertos
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: We pitched this back during Kindred's development. I still love the idea and wish we could do this, and I still hold a candle of hope that one day Kindred'll be so in the meta that we'd make a series: gazelle/gator, dolphin/kraken, sparrow/boa. What combos do you folks think would work for which regions?
Día de los muertos La catrina and the spirit guide From Mexican culture
: Thanks! Yeah, it was sorta a weird collection of things happening. Stars align. I’m lucky enough to direct VO from time to time. I had just wrote the Ashe comic. Had some free time. They were doing a big skin for Ashe. They asked me if i would write her base VO. And then I was lucky enough to direct it and the skin’s VO. Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to do something like this again. (I’ve actually even pitched bringing Spike Spencer back in for a similar rework. I’d love to write a really funny wukong script and I loved working with Spike on Kled. Spike’s super funny, game for anything, and it be nice to have another character in league that’s silly and lighthearted. I’ve also pitched a Kled “VO skin”. A whole new VO script of new Kled jokes. But, you know... creatives don’t get make those sort of decisions or plan product strategy— at riot or in basically any industry. So we wait for stars to align.) Thanks -WAAARGHbobo P.S. Anivia Actually even back before I was writing the comic, I had already decided that Ashe’s hawk shot should instead be Anivia. Because Ashe is ultimately a hopeful character, possibly a reincarnation, who is determined to completely rebuild her society, and has ice magic. That’s a lot of thematic overlap with what you might expect from an ice phoenix. So why not embrace that thematic similarity and make it a connection? Currently, I think Anivia is probably the spirit god /demi-god that speaks the most to Ashe’s beliefs and hopes. So it’s probably the god she prays to the most and has the deepest connection too.
Do I smell Skin for Kled? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Learn More: Worlds 2019 Event
As a TT is frustrating not getting rewards for playing
: About twisted treeline
I support you man Hexakill comeback!!!
: Who is better? High noon ashe or Project ashe?
Depending on your taste Amigo Honestly I’m more into demonic fantasy such as hell boy or ghost rider so I’m sticking with High Noon But if someone prefers Science fiction well maybe project is your best choice
Rockman (NA)
: this is a crime
Fresh Guacamole required
: I hope Riot learns something from this season
: Shyvana...
I’m mean I have nothing against Shyvana AP actually is fun to play her like that but is very wrong that a Troll path is better than, well playing her as you supposed to, Ad jungle or whatever Just saying
CLG ear (NA)
: In this thread: Post songs that will still be popular 100 years from now
If we are talking about Rock, those are good ones In the other genre I think Video Killed the radio Star is something I would here 100 years later on Or in my rock Let It be from the Beatles
: The WuKong Mini-Rework, where did it go?
Riot commented that they are holding Wukong rework for preseason, since then some speculations of the preseason theme have been leaked
KatsNip (NA)
: I love typing on the boards:)
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Star Guardian 2019, the "event"
Looks like a good idea for a game mode during the star guardian. Riot made a bad decision at not putting enough resources in game modes it doesn't feel like star guardian event, (The login screen looks kinda recycled too) But nice proposal
: Remember
”Remember hugs no drugs” Bob Deadpool
: What the hell are kaisa and Xayah
: My one hope for Season 10: Bigger, more complex Rift.
Another Idea is to make announcers for RP I would love to here GP again
Zee Zone (EUW)
: unfortunately it was already addressed by riot that it won't in a previous Ask Riot or report.
> [{quoted}](name=Zee Zone,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=waEAkNKM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-19T20:30:28.056+0000) > > unfortunately it was already addressed by riot that it won't in a previous Ask Riot or report. Yea I remember that
: My one hope for Season 10: Bigger, more complex Rift.
Well I would agree to make some changes to the map but there are better ways to make this new season more remarkable and I'm thinking of a New map or ways to play around the jungle or interactions with items that change the map like an improved version of {{item:3056}} My best idea is to make a good remake of TT I would like Zaun as Nexus Blitz
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: Twisted Treeline Removal & Rotating Gamemode
It would be too much to ask if we could get hexakill??? {{sticker:cass-cry}} Just saying
Jacksin (OCE)
: Am I the only one who is fine with the new logo..?
Im just neutral, after all is just the company logo.
: Discussion Thread About Riot's Envisioned Future (Please Join To Give Your Opinion)
Nice post explaining the issues right now with League or at least season 9, since I believe balance changes have been the most toxic and discussed part in the game and is more clear with this balance changes with Riven with the suspicious Skin coming out at the same time that pisses off a lot of players. Although thats as issue that always I've seen in league (Coming for a Kindred player) the biggest mistake of Riot in this year is the waste of his resources in Eternals and TFT, ignoring TFT without any game mode events feel boring and pointless, I just played ARAM this days without any intention to be part of the events, and well I get rewards that meh, didn't care that much, I don't play because I want to kill 500 minions or kill 5 torrets, I want to missions of be the ascended and kill enemy champions, survive most difficult moments in Invasion, do an hexakill, and defeat Kayn Odyssey. Now thats how you play a Mission. {{item:3680}} {{item:3681}}
: > [{quoted}](name=TheMan292,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=XWm3YEzt,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2019-09-09T20:45:18.585+0000) > > did you write it? if yes, you did a damn good job. if not, tell the person I said he/she did a damn good job Nope, not me! That was WAAAAARGHBOBO.
Speaking of Volibear, is it still going to be a conflict between Zilean and him???? Just curious
: > [{quoted}](name=Toon Draw,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AjbRq8bt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-06T22:30:48.696+0000) > > Day of the dead (Dia de los muertos) Kindred {{champion:203}} > Fan art in progress!! > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I like this idea. Incorporating other culture's holidays that are in conjunction with fall and halloween is a big yes! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} little doodles. I'll progress during the week, as soon I take my day off at work. Thanks for the support
: A Needed Change to Eternals
As a Kindred {{champion:203}} main the best achievement is 26 marks in my passive, and thats something I would like to show off in the eternals rather then how much I traveled with the Q. At least is content for the champion I played since the last time Kindred had something is the Super galaxy Kindred
: Events are BACK Baby! Also some Holiday Event Suggestions
Day of the dead (Dia de los muertos) Kindred {{champion:203}} Fan art in progress!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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