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: Client Crash
id upvote if i could. And now that theyve put up this dumbass riot account login measure some fixs I'd like to carbon copy cant be done since you have to go through that crap first.
: Can we please stop Death's Dance from interrupting recall?
o wow they actually did try to do something about it and failed to follow up lol. Maybe there was a revert somewhere, but yeah I think i can comfortably say this is one of the top most annoying occurrences I deal with in the game right now.
: You mean like a 1/2/3 bar? Ima say no dude. Imagine both of theme at high attack speed. They'd both be generating them so fast it'd be really visually draining. Like imagine ur in a fight and your buddy Jax is wailing on someone. Out the corner of ur eye you just see this bar constantly filling up and emptying at rapid speed.
I mean I get your point, there probably are people out there that have that kind of issue and it would be nice if there was champ already out I could guinea pig test that experience out on. Personally I don't cause the way I coincidentally play/build sona might as well be an example of that. On an opinion-ated note of your first example, you'd have to be talking with Lethal Tempo cause 2.5 right about now feels slow af even with him, compounded with what I stated earlier about melee champs having much more to analyze being on the frontline I can't imagine being held back by something I (would have preemptively) tested out before going into a live game, still chose to play, and see on a handful of other champs that i blow through spells just as fast . On your 2nd example you kind of assume that it _has_ to be visual to anyone other than the player, so that player assumes all responsibility for wanting to deal with whatever comes with the champ when they choose him lol (good way to curb his use from another perspective). At the end of the day it wouldn't necessarily have to even be those meters, a lot of champs just have buff status icons for things like that still, hell HE does just for his general passive. Even ryze has his own specialized runes and at one point they were bigger than what they are now, possible nod at the issue you're stating. So there's a lot of arguments that can be made about this than the time i have to spend writing essays about it lol.
: You've asked for everything but the most important ones: 1. More champion bots 2. Better champion bots, maybe even a jungler option.
well I second more champs, but I mean they won't even add more to the practice tool in the first place so sounds like a pipe dream. As for the #2 and trying to get them to input every game mode seen for that matter, sounds like more coding manpower than they even have atm based on how much trouble theyve had just maintaining one up in general period. and if they did happen to do it you can expect plenty bugs not getting fixed across all of them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hotarµ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HdMK94Ht,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-16T22:25:29.609+0000) > > You realize people spend more time in-game _after_ level 6 than they do before level 6, right? By your logic, Corki, Pyke, and even other champions like Shyvana shouldn't have indicators because they need to put a point in it. > > That goes against the whole reason for those meters being added in the first place, which was for clarity and QoL changes. Dint said it was a bad idea though im just saying that it only starts stacking once they select the abilty i mean knowing were jax is at with pasif would be nice yes.
He's just giving you arguments that make that statement moot. Corki is the most clear cut relevant example and they even went the extra mile to literally show you when his empowered rocket will be next when personally, I dont even use his ult outside the empowered rocket lol. In fact iirc, he already HAD a basic meter like sona/annie/jhin and at some point they REVAMPED it into what it is now, time they could have spent giving another champ the much needed basic treatment.
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: Patch 8.16 Notes
STILL nerfing {{champion:142}} LOOL give it a rest. And why does Cosmic {{champion:22}} bow look like the elite's from Halo sword...
: OK. This takes communication and game knowledge. Yi jungle. Taric mid. Yi gets red. While taric does nothing but last hit. Yi comes mid at lvl 2 with red and tries to kill using taric E and maybe flash ignite. Yi takes the whole minion wave. Yi goes to scuddle on blue side and blue. Comes back mid for next wave. This continues. Taric roams bot/top with yi to 3-4 man gank. Then yi gets jungle and mid farm. Yi will be HUGE with taric shields, heals, ult. Yi is not unstoppable. This Strat works well with Lucian/Braum and Kai Sa/Braum as well
You put this Doublelift video here where he literally explains the basic idea of it in like a simple sentence vs this paragraph of yours that explains a scene thats already also in the video lol.
: ARURF Weekend Begins
did you ban {{champion:37}} again too
: Patch 8.11 Early Look
im almost 90% sure depending on the outcome of these updates theres going to be another tank update lol
: Would Hail of Blades work on Darius to achieve really fast hemorrhage stacks?
theres already rageblade if you're going to use that for him lol. 3 aa on melee fully stacks RB and you then you get that extra AD/atk spd however long you want as long as you keep something to aa around. Bottomline 3 aa is needed for both of them so the compensation between both is: rune set you'd have on just to have that one rune, and you are stuck with it for the whole match, vs minus one item space for item that isnt usually associated with darius that you can exchange anytime you need to go back to the beaten path.
: Patch 8.11 Early Look
basically making true damage extremely accessible now
: Patch 8.4 notes
so long{{item:3165}} . thanks for all the infinite mana memories{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I still want used car salesman Illaoi with Wacky Wavy Flailing arm inflatable tubemen.
this is the best idea ive ever heard lmao
: New free champion rotation: Xayah, Rakan, Vi and more!
why does veigar have a higher difficulty rating than the rest of these champs lmao?
: Unleash the vastaya!
besides the whole thing about {{champion:12}} and{{champion:106}} not being apart of the vastayan idea, how are {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} considered vastayan when their lore in reality is that of deitys and spirits lol
: Patch 7.8 notes
As a customer that really likes the ARAM map im just gonna come out and say just put another fun game mode out lol idk what happened with dominion but aram is jacked up now. After giving it a few runs ive come to the conclusion that the minions are spawning way to damn fast, and when you end up with a team comp that just cant farm them at an equal pace you have REALLY fucked that team lol. I get the idea of fast games, but in the venture for that goal youve also made it that you can get extremely handicapped more than it was before when people only have those select champs that excel on that map isolating everyone else from getting the same class of said champ. Personally i dont see the reason of it since youve already implemented a global {{item:3301}} just makes it worse
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
I find it hard to believe item sets had low-use seeing how most the recommended builds are so bad lol. Some champs literally need their set to be remade cause the coded set they put in is just that bad and doesnt pull out the full potential of the champ or that its just completely ineffective against an enemy composition. In a match having to hunt down items is mega distracting when you are trying to keep an eye on the situation.
: Patch 7.7 Notes
: > If Final Spark kills an enemy champion, 10/30/50% of its remaining cooldown is refunded Do you guys have ANY idea what you have done to ARAM players!?
early game it doesnt really matter since theyll just end up running out of mp to stay efficient during the meat of the fights but late game would definitly suck if they built to kill
: Patch 7.7 Notes
jesus christ yall dont know what your doing lol. Lux already had one the shortest yet efficient ults in the game already why the hell do you need to "katarina" her... And all random summoners rift e.o? You had a randomizer already just take the time to code that back in and throw Def Not Dominion or urf back on...
Jorðan (NA)
: Uneducated typing without thinking
sorry you dont work for rito so your existence along with your comment means absolutely nothing to me
: It’s time for March bundles!
use the money you make to keep this dumb ass beta client from being so glitchy since i cant use practice tool on the old
: Patch 7.4 notes
this dumb patch made everything about new client even slower
: Practice Tool is now live!
why is there only 1 bot to play against that i cant even efficiently feed to get practice worthy data lol
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
at least be decent enough Devs to change your pick up description from ascension to another game mode cause you dont put URF up anymore lmfao
: Patch 6.22 notes
sooooo why do we still have Runic Affinity then if no more jg buffs lol. Put something else
: New free champion rotation: Elise, Kled, Jinx & more!
: Patch 6.14 notes
so riot just purposely retarded or just fixated on sona lol. Theres 99+ other champions and 1/2 of them that could use this kind of attention lay off the ganja.


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