: Aphelios Kit Primer
i feel like this champ would be somewhat easier to play if you could choose your weapon. and it sounds really random and way to difficult. and he bounces from range to melee? so at any given point your open to just ....death
Twigz91 (NA)
: sportsmanship
you can play well and go 22-3 and still have bad sportsmanship. sometimes staying silent when your mad and not make the person who knows they are getting pooped on. feel even more mad by taking heat. not everyone who is having a bad game is a troll.
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: > [{quoted}](name=iiGazeii,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6bvyu6oX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-19T06:28:58.819+0000) > > Vulnerable to all-ins > > Difficulty dodging skillshots due to long attack frame. > > Sustained healing is low due to long Q cooldown, high mana costs, and low mana pool. > > CC is inconsistent. > > Everything is a skillshot. so i have to play thresh, naut, or leona. difficulty dodging skillshots? maybe when she's attacking, but early game it doesn't matter because she can literally heal through most poke. sustained healing is low? don't most people build a mana item on her? also, cooldowns? bro like 40% of the items in the game have built in cdr. cc inconsistent? how. if it hits its ccing. its not hard to hit with either. it has a decent hitbox. Q is not a skillshot. it's lucian's q with longer range and a heal attached to it. her ult is braindead easy to hit with unless you're literally aiming in the wrong direction or they flash it oh yeah she also has an on-hit passive that can chunk you for 15% of your health right away.
you are acting like she is some kinda super women. her cc is slower then morganas. side step please. her ult shields but only the center does dmg. again side step. her camo isn't even invis you can clearly see where she is. unless your ashe or yi. its easy to hit. her range is slightly annoying yes. but is she really the only champ you find annoying. please stop complaining about a new champ to learn. im sure you dont have the maximum champ mastery
: Cant believe they let senna's kit exist
senna camo is CLEARLY visible of where she is....you can see her right in the middle. now if there are other champs in her circle you don't know but pyke is completely invis regnar,twitch, lol and her boost of speed isn't even that much she doesn't have nearly the mobility of pyke. your blowing her kit completely outta portion. and she can still get hit by skill shots...and damn near every champ has those. on top of it she is easy to counter. with her slow rate of fire a melee champ like yas or tryn or akali assassins. not to mention if she misses her root. she's done for.
: Game Freezes in-game; Cannot Tab out
if you find a solution please tell me. this has been going on and making it impossible to climb and now im on leaver buster....who has 20 mins to wait for a que 5 times because riots client is broken? nobody
: It's the first day Senna's out. Unless you played her in PBE, you're not ready to play her in ranked
i did alot of pratice with freinds and 1v1 tomorrow i will be playing her in ranked i just hope my adc knows what to do when i stun.
: senna gets released, and so many people are trying to play her adc/bot isn't she support? supposedto
personally her attack speed and cool downs kill her as a adc. not efficient for my play style but for a supp i enjoy the stun and heals i play her every chance i got today....which was 3 times but fun 1v1 practice with friends was also pleasant
: How is Senna in game?
i wouldn't say op. she is fun supp NOT AND ADC her cool downs and attack speed will not do you justice but as a supp role to poke and heal its fun. she super squishy and her camo ability isn't as op as people think. but shes hard to play right now cause of bans and people picking her first.
i'm currently having problems mid game freezing and unable to close window and reconnect in time. no lp no tokens no rewards for completing match
pudy (NA)
: I have lost over 10+ ranked games due to the new client crashing
keep doing it to me too mid game it freezes i cant close window then i get afk and no rewards even if i come back and we win. so dumb
: Midgame Game Freeze
it keeps happening ot me 1 win away from promos....i will be fine untill i hit around 90 lp so heated right now. ever since wensday when they had that crash its been doing it reported it serveral times
enearle (NA)
: Locked out of game after crash.
litterly happing to me right now..... its been happening since they had that crash on wensday. and its not just senna
: Game Freezes, Can't Close Window
this is happening to me as well. ive reported it several times
øHaruø (NA)
: Are you in Silver, trying to get to gold this season?
not dying and collecting exp bare minimum helps too! what the cs that you can only thing that sucks is when your other lanes are flamming you cause ur stuck under tower and eventually getting dived but its w.e on to the next
: Locked in champ select forced to dodge
no it happend to me as well. but i also waited for someone else to leave first
Twigz91 (NA)
: riot just admit it
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: Loading Screen Frequently Freezes at 100%
i still have this problem. and remakes are just a waste of time. cause then i gotta load backk into the client and que up for another match. what bugs me the most is people leaving in mid match. even if we are winning! turning the match against us and loosing my promos. but if someone dc'd during worlds or pro match its a complete remake! give us our lp back or people who didnt DC please!
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: Clash NA launch canceled due to technical issues
i just got off work. got a ride home and fought for a weekend off. to logg in and it be canceled.....sooo salty right now


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