Madsin25 (NA)
: You wanting something to dissapear because it doesn't get updated is what is absurd. Let's start counting the champs that havn't had a balance change in a year or more and delete them.
When have I ever said I wanted it deleted? I love grinding 3's with my buddies, but the game mode is horribly flawed and something needs to be done.
Madsin25 (NA)
: You saying it hasn't been balanced in 4 years is a lie. It actually was updated with the funneling update which made it very fun to play for awhile. They then for some reason REVERTED the funneling nerf and now it is shit boring funneling again. You can actually have dragged out fun fights in 3s(to an extent) because its not a 5v5 death fiesta where everyone just blows up in .5.
Not sure what you are referring to. Are you talking about the 5v5 changes that happened to effect 3v3? Or are you talking about the 50g increase for the support items on Patch 8.6? Either way, Riot did not intent to update TT and they obviously did not make any different on it. And for argument's sake, maybe Riot did implement a funneling nerf. That is still one update in 4 years, which is absurd.
: i like playing there as it gives alternate play to doing 5v5 all the time.
I agree and the only reason I play it is because I have two other friends that consistently play, so 3v3 is such an appealing mode. However, everyone here would also agree that with a constantly shifting meta and given the sheer neglect from Riot (again FOUR YEARS), it has become a completely trash game mode.
Flemman (EUW)
: before balance attention for the mode (even if needed like the funnel comp still being crazy), I would really like it to be less punishing for playing it. In the last few month, the game mode got exclude from pass reward (meaning if you play it while having pass active, you were actually losing money), harrowing mission weren't all achievable in TT, you get half the point toward the reward stuff for winning a ranked game in 3v3 Adding to that the fact we still can't win token for S grade in 3v3 (they said they would think about it latter, it's been what, 2/3 year?) just because they made sure to always talk about aram being random when this request show up (mastery system of aram/tt shouldn't be the same imo)
: edit: 15 billion dollar company can't even support other game modes, rotating game modes, etc... because somehow in 2019 their architecture can't possibly handle it. What a joke. I still enjoy Twisted Treeline. This game is definitely on a long downward spiral and no "LoL 2.0" on the horizon. No true quality of life updates on the horizon. Just more skins and more abandoned and neglected game modes.
Couldn't agree more. The potential is there but Riot doesn't give a single shit, at least they haven't for the past 4 years.
: It would be really cool if RIOT made a new group in their company to sole focus on Twisted Treeline. I really like the map design and the jungle is really cool. I think to let that go would be really sad. Even though I don't play Twisted Treeline that much, the times that I do play it I have so much fun. They should put some love in it if they can instead of scrapping it, that is just my opinion though.
Completely agree. There are always glimpses of what 3v3 could actually be with even just a SINGLE update.
Stone766 (NA)
: TT has a community tho and it's really fun to play when 5v5 is toxic
I agree the idea of a 3v3 map is really cool and fun in theory, especially if you only play with two other friends. However, that fact that it hasn't been updated in 4 years means that there is no possible way it is in a proper and balanced state.
: i don't want them to touch twisted treeline tbh. I really like the game mode and i think the first thing they would do is nerf tanks. It's the only palce where tanks are actually good.
I would agree to some extent, but you can't tell me that a 4 year old game mode in a constantly evolving and updating meta/game state is going to be balanced and/or not needing changes.
cabbysb (NA)
: I want dominion back. And... can we just go back to before season 8?? I'll take anything around season 5 or so. Thanks!
: Shush, don't remind them that Twisted treeline exsists or it may end up like dominion
Saezio (EUNE)
: Just delete TT ranked. Why the fuck does it even exist? Might as well make ranked Blitz then. xD
: Getting rid of support items is the key to success
Yeah and there's a lot more solutions too, but a 15 BILLION dollar company can't even take a look into 3's. Pathetic.
: Riot should just get rid of it since blitz was not made permanent due to player count and they got rid dominion for low player count and not being updated and im 80% sure if you took out the bots and that people that play it to get gold for the skin it would have a similar player count to dominion.
Agreed. If only Riot would address this at all or give it literally any shred of attention. It's such a joke... if they cared about their reputation at all they would do something about it considering its current state.
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: why does twisted treeline in the above picture look better than summoner's rift?
That SR picture is from before the visual update which was in 2014. The TT one is a current picture. Just trying to exemplify how terrible the graphics of TT are compared to the pre-SR update. In my opinion, I don't think TT looks better, they look practically the same to me.
Minarde (NA)
: >I have actually spoken to a Riot individual who told me that they reason they don't remove TT is because there is still too large of a player base. Yeah, [Meddler said about as much a few months ago]( >We had a chat recently about our different queues. Issue of whether we should replace TT with something else did get raised, given its play rate ranges from extremely low in regions like NA and EU to effectively non existent in most other regions. We concluded we should still keep it despite that, though I expect we'd want to revisit that if things changed (e.g. if it's play rate declines further). >For reference, Dominion was substantially lower in play rate again than current TT when we made the call to remove it.
Interesting. It seems like if anything were to be done, it would have happened a long time ago. I don't really know what else to do to be honest. I feel the people who play TT have advocated for change more than enough. It's kind of heart breaking that Riot Games actually believes that 3v3 is up to the standard of being playable. More ridiculous than heartbreaking actually. Quite unfortunate and extremely disappointing from them.
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: Face it TT fans, u guys are a minority, and that makes it not worth for Roit to cater to you.
Riot's inability to cater towards 3v3 has pushed it into the minority, not the other way around. Could you imagine if TT was updated consistently since its release in 2012? And devoting resources to a much less played game mode should be worth it in Riot's mind. As of now, TT is a stain on League of Legends. It is so poorly viewed and that is obviously reflected by the small player base. Riot should be completely ashamed of the horribly designed map that came out nearly 7 years ago. Something needs to be done or it will end up exactly like Dominion.
: Summoners Rift, Twisted Treeline, ARAM, Nexus Blitz/ Rotating Game Mode in my opinion, this should be riots game mode lineup, prioritizing from first to last and always having either a rotating game mode OR Nexus Blitz active. if riot knew how to fix all of leagues biggest issues during season 9 i would love to see Season 10 as the year of twisted treeline, if riot cannot even focus on the health of twisted treeline for 1 season then they should just remove it. I love twisted treeline but i truly believe that riot would rather give Missfortune or Ezreal their 13th skin over breathing new life into this dead game mode.
Yes, I completely agree. I have actually spoken to a Riot individual who told me that they reason they don't remove TT is because there is still too large of a player base. Honestly, I would rather them just remove it then tempt me to play it with my two other friends because of how stale and miserable games are.
: personally i think twisted treeline should be a place for riot to experiment unique items/effects on. rather then a serious game mode. it should just be this place where they throw out wacky and zane items each patch and then remove them next. so for that to happen riot needs to remove twisted treeline ranked and go back to giving it constant updates.
I feel like they have many more tools that they can use for experimentation. PBE, Nexus Blitz, and a bunch of other things are all used to experiment with items, map design, etc. In my opinion, a lot of players happen to have 3-person teams (I personally have two friends whom I actively play with). For my friends and I, and many other teams of 3, 3v3 ranked would be such a better game mode than just playing Flex 5v5 (only current option). I definitely agree with going back to consistent updates, though.
: Two years ago (when I actually tried with this game) I was D5 in solo and D1 in flex. And I couldn't carry myself out of gold in 3v3. Hell, I think I even had negative winrate... I concluded that 3v3 was more about luck than anything, especially from a jungler role. 1) champion picks are much more impacful than actual skill in playing them. Enemy picked Darius and your teammate picked Teemo? It's gg in champ select. 2) playing vs a funnel comp is a free loss. 3) one bad player on your team is much, much more impactful than on SR. 4) **Winning lane and pushing actually opens up for more gank opportunities. On SR it is how it should be and it's the exact opposite: winning lane and pushing makes you more vulnerable to ganks**
I definitely agree with you man. While champ select is important for every game, a support comp vs a non support comp is just an auto loss regardless of individual skill.
: so... your proposition is to essentially just replace one group of champions with another? I mean sure... don't see how making the map bigger is going to make anyone want to play the mode or how it'll increase the viable champion pool whatsoever
Well a rework of the map would definitely grab people’s attention, there is no doubting that. Imagine a entire patch notes dedicated to 3v3, people would 100% contemplate giving it a try (Yes, an entire patch is unlikely given the current player base but do you see what I mean?) As far as making the map larger, I was more referring to that as a way to stop support comp rather than increase the champion pool. This would allow the top laner to push the wave while the support comp is jumping from camp to camp (More running from larger map). Thus, the carry in the support comp would not be able to double farm from jungle and lane minions. Eliminating support comp would destroy the current meta and it would force players to play something different. So, arguably it might even increase the champion pool.
: I remember jungling against shaco in twisted treeline. I literally could not get a gank off because there are like only 1-2 ways to gank someone in TT and he just places his joker box in the path.
Exactly. The map has so many errors that have just completely been neglected.
: The support comp thing is what made me stop playing TT. I used to play only TT or almost only TT when old Sion was still in the game lol. These days it's just not fun because of riots neglect
Exactly and I’m sure everyone else who has played TT before can relate.
: Account hacked resulting in ban?
If you haven't already, send a support ticket at: They should be able to figure out if your account was really hacked (could just be you lying) and I'm sure they will unban you if you're telling the truth.
Hotarµ (NA)
: I have absolutely no understanding of Twisted Treeline but I'm going to upvote and give you my support because I can see you're very passionate about it. I've personally never been super interested in it myself but I think the game _needs_ variety and I don't want to see TT taken down. Our current lineup of League **should** be SR, TT, Nexus Blitz, ARAM, and the RGM queue.
Thanks for your support. I definitely think that 3v3 is going to end up like another Dominion if something doesn't happen. It just sucks because a 3v3 game mode has such potential, but the execution has been extremely awful.
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: Season 9 A.K.A Season 8 part 2
Yes dude I was literally about to make a post on this.
Elfezen (NA)
: If i could get your steam wallet money, and buy you RP i would do it but steam doesnt allow you to transfer money, only gifting games and stuff
> [{quoted}](name=DoflamingoGT,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=BsKampLa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-10T14:58:09.951+0000) > > If i could get your steam wallet money to buy you RP i would do it but steam doesnt allow you to transfer money only gifting games and stuff You could gift me a skin and I could gift you a game or something?
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