Pxerkza (EUNE)
: there is already a confirmation message when trying to ban a hovered champion this would be extremely damaging to the game if hovering meant locking i remember people banning hovers in season 3 and 4 dunno how you find this a new occurrence
: Two threads with the same thing today. My dude, I know it's not an answer you'll like, but this is the point of draft pick. Bans come before picks. Bans will always come before picks or it's not draft pick. Stop hovering your champion.
The one answer that actually helps in this thread. TY brother.
Lemexis (EUW)
: Like I said in the other thread, you're probably just unlucky. I'm level 61, I've played _a lot_ in the past two months since I started LoL, and never had anyone banned a champ I was hovering.
Been playing since it came out basically.
: Ya youre picking a champ that many people dont like as a support, so your best bet would be to stop hovering it. I dont see lux banned that often, so youll probably be better off not hovering. Lux support is unexpectedly controversial as a support. I play anivia support and hover it, and I've never had it banned on me lol.
Right now I feel like playing Lux. That is my choice. No one else's.
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: there are hundreds of alternative solutions to this ,there are champions like brand,morgana who are quitly same funny to play , once you master them you will never feel like you should play only lux... , keep in mind that for mage supports champions the skill mathers a lot because the normal support no need that much skill to shield and heal his ally ,but when you play mage heroes your adc relay on your damage , on you catching enemy at the right moment and on your pokes and good positioning so you don't die and can poke as much enemy.
I play all of those as well. Right now I feel like playing Lux. That is my choice. No one else's.
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