: Can we make it so attack speed slows work against master Yi during ult please?
that was the case back in the days when league was having a skill floor now its only for noobs and riot removed all types of counterplay just for "huRr DuR DmAgAe 2o0 YeARs ExPeRiEnCe"
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: So your concept of adding more skill to a champion is to completely remove the reward for third hitting a champion and instead give them AD? >if you play your cards right you get more damage and cc but if you just AA blindly you lose dps Your changes would turn her into someone who can only AA blindly. And even then they would become a bigger stat check than Jax. You turned her W into the single worst ability in the game so much that people would literally ignore levelling it altogether. Then with the removal of her W, she wont be able to even get a kill in those 7 seconds her ult is active. You just took a champion you dont like, took out everything you dont like about them, and called it a mini rework.
The reward is still there 6% max hp true damage that goes up to 18% when the ulti is active if the person doesn’t level it then he only do 6% damage when the ulti is active! I just make her more healthy and how her ulti is more stat check? I make it more synergy with her abilities cause she use a longer crossbow so it make sense her w would do more damage and the e would stun more! Thematically and gameplay it’s more healthy and better! And what removal of W you talk about ? Do you read the ulti? Jesus
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: > [{quoted}](name=US Marine Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4u5vWRT8,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-10-17T19:21:47.303+0000) > Cuase you need to have some counterplay to a 2.75seconds CC ....for real {{item:3140}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3111}} {{summoner:1}} There you go, you can erase the reliable cc or significantly reduce it. This is also assuming he even keeps the cc duration, Riot has a habit of nerfing cc in favor of more damage or some gimmick in a lot of their reworks. Its very likely that 2.75s will be more like 1-2s or worse and these cc negation options aren't leaving the game. This is without mentioning the tenacity rune or the many champion abilities that would counter it. And as said before, stay out of range. Plenty of the characters this is designed to punish are high mobility. That makes staying away from him easy if you aren't facechecking bushes. Its mainly there as an option to punish initiation, and you also have to consider this is on a kit that has no mobility outside of a channeled ultimate that's easy to predict. Meaning this won't affect you unless you overdive or Fiddle overdives, and in the latter case you just nuke the squishy Fiddle.
600 range... Stay out of 600 range point and click CC...you know how many champs have more than 600 range? 1 or 2 i think You know how many champs can use abilities from 600 range? 3-4 i think i am not sure So you telling me to play only 5 champions in order to counter a point a click ability...That the definition of toxicity and unbalance on a ability! And no building 2000 to 3000 gold just to dodge ONE ABILITY which have CD of 2 seconds...with max cdr while cleance have 200 edge of night 60 QSS 90 and so on......yeah much counterplay..
: The counterplay is that any Assassin today will delete fiddlesticks the moment they get un-cc'd. So his fear is his only saving grace. He has nothing else.
he actually have a point and click silence too... So any champion can be deleted from assasins if lux mess up her skill shots she is dead...syndra same orianna same But if fiddle some how mess up his point and click i dont know use it on a minion or what ever he still have his Silence...
: > Cuase you need to have some counterplay to a 2.75seconds CC Stay out of range (if you are ranged) or buy tenacity (if you are melee). You dont like it? Well too bad. If we live in a world where riot still thinks yasuo's w is healthy then i think his point and click single target fear (with low range) is more than fine.
Stay out of 600 range? so you telling me to not play 90% of the champions? that unhealthy...and dont try to fish for upvotes by using yasuo W.... Point and click CC is never healthy...you need to understand that there is no counterplay and building tenacity just to counter one Ability its what truly prove my point...you telling me i need to build tenacity when they have lets say 4 ADs cause there is no counterplay on fiddle Q...how is that sound healthy to you?
: Fiddlesticks point-and-click fear is good and deserves to stay, here's why:
Nothing point and click CC is not healthy cause it has 0 counterplay... What the counterplay on a point and click? dodge their cursor? I mean few champions have Point and click but its not that strong CC Pantheon W is point and click but its only one second Rammus Taunt is point and click but he need to get in 125 range to get you taunted and i have see many times rammus falling to taunt someone cause someone enter bush or he was out of 125 range Leona Same 125 range on her Q Jax need to be on his E range which you can easily dodge Lulu has one and that cause her to be problematic all this years among with her Ulti...so she ether too strong or too weak Ryze has one and he have already go through 4000 reworks and still have one come for him... So as you can see the only champion with point and click Range CC has always been a problem and only 2 has left lulu And ryze So yeah Fiddle needs to lose his point and click ryze with the new rework may lose it too as for lulu we would wait and see Cuase you need to have some counterplay to a 2.75seconds CC ....for real
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DalekZec (EUNE)
: 104 Fires In 24 Hours, Lebanon Is Burning
: Its harder to display a legitimate outplay these days
First One with illaoi you just need to press 2 buttons to do a tripple kill so there is no skill here only a noob enemy that was fighting you in your ulti rather than picking lee sin and kick you out of the ulti (That an actual skill to do counterpicking and saving your ulti to stop illaoi in every fight ) so yeah i dont see any skill here when you stay still pressing point and click W Second Darius is overloaded right now pressing Q and just getting randomly heals and AD out of nowhere is no skill! Skill would have been if you were playing Shen and you play your skill shots and your Q and W perfectly to kill them pressing just Q and the game allow you to heal its not skill! Ashe got buffed so hard she sits at 52% win ratio so kitting with a powerful slow with ashe is so 2009 nobody cares any more and yeah the new slow is r%%%%%eD tHE Rengar think maybe you can call it skill but still its point and click running away so yeah nothing much... and i can go more and more but you get my point this is not skills this is just you facerolling the keyboard! I rest my case
: Riot : "Aatrox is too unhealthy we have to keep nerfing him after we buff him"
Aatrox need nerfs again.. Sorry but this champion have 0 counter play and literally take 0 skill Hate me as you want but a champion that deals so much damage but just pressing Q and being a Riven 2.0 its not healthy for the game And on top of that you have the healing too I dont care about vlad cause you know why? you can kill vlad and have 20 seconds W you can punish him early while AAtrox is broken in every stage of the game So yeah Vlad my need nerfs but aatrox need nerfs too Dont try to justify the freelo and dont bother come in and stating the win ratio Cause yummy have low win ratio but her kit is so toxic it get to the point that you dont care if you win or no you just want to be out of this game so you dont have to deal with this champion Same goes for AAtrox too! I rest my case
: we've been saying next champ would be a balance nightmare for the past 7 years. Looking at the roster of champs that released since season 2, whats considered a 'fair' one. Only reason i'm not including season 1 and 2 is because those were when the standards got set.
{{champion:432}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:43}} aAnd i got bored listing more but if we talk about release we have some good examples i dont care what happen after in terms of reworks on meta shifts or new items but when they come they were ok now compare this to syla or yummi or what ever!
Zullar (NA)
: Garen + Conqueror
who stop you going for other rune? but tell me what other rune would you use? all other runes for top lane are useless...like for real
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: > [{quoted}](name=US Marine Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nVdMpErx,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-12T21:38:44.799+0000) > > you say you make Garen work... > > When in every game you feed more than 10 kills > > I rest my case... That's because I play like a tank. I go in first and leave last. In this meta, that's bad news. But I'd still rather I die than three of my teammates. I put the team above my own glory, and I take no shame in that. Plus I have a grand total of ~4,000 mastery points with Garen and I was deliberately testing theories when I played him. I don't expect to ever play Garen again now that they're tested, because I prefer to play champions that challenge me. In one of those games, I had a very high KDA. In another, I won at support building two Iceborn Gauntlets. I make it work. I have success. I'll be curious to see if your case is truly rested, though.
you build blood razor into stattik and you end up 2/13 so why you lie? Plus you say you want champions that "challenge" you when you cant even make Garen work while you say he is broken...and easy.... So again i rest my case dont even try at this point you make fool of your self..
: "garen is fine just never be in his range"
Darius is still stronger than Garen But god forbid Garen is a bit stronger than a useless champion... I am right? you people really need some skills
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: > [{quoted}](name=US Marine Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nVdMpErx,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-12T21:06:35.323+0000) > > https://op.lol/na/ZeroShingetsu > > All i am seeing in your match history is that you are a feeder every time you play garen > > 2/13 > 3/12 > And so on so not only you lie but you prove my point too! Sorry, what? The "so on" includes... 6/3/16 3/8/20 0/2/14 (with Mid Yuumi!) 2/7/14 1/4/20 1/4/7 7/4/22 2/8/28 2/13/31 1/9/27 0/8/28 1/4/20 1/7/18 3/4/25 3/10/20 6/7/16 5/2/10 I have off games, sure. I have them a lot. News flash, I'm a human being, and human beings aren't programmed to stomp at League. But you can't just "and so on..." the assists when I play support every single game (except that time I thought I was supporting but had to go mid with Yuumi). I mean I could call you out for exclusively playing against bots, but I'm sure this isn't your main account, right? You're only level 8 and you know too much about League, there's no way this is your main. Interesting little tip, this isn't my main either. My main account is on the Japanese server. I don't use it to pad my legend, though, because there are barely any players on JPN so competition is slim. It wouldn't be fair to use that account as my "look at muh skillz brah" account.
you say you make Garen work... When in every game you feed more than 10 kills I rest my case...
: Absolutely wrong. I win games with Garen building trash items, taking runes that don't synergize with him, without having any practical experience with the champion. There's no way he's weak if I can pull that off.
https://op.lol/na/ZeroShingetsu All i am seeing in your match history is that you are a feeder every time you play garen 2/13 3/12 And so on so not only you lie but you prove my point too!
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