: Id never thought I would say it but im permabanning Teemo because Dark Harvest procs with Mushrooms
Rindin14 (NA)
: Are tanks ever the right choice?
only Sion among all tanks, is viable
1. Mad because you agreed to something at first then someone got selfish 2. Mad because Twitch was more attractive than you 3. Mad because Lulu didn't build {{item:3115}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}}
Aamano (NA)
: Wait a second. Is the only way to get the Leona border to buy *both* of the skins?
You are talking about cosmetic thing that doesn't affect gameplay. Not owning a border isn't a problem. Indulging yourself in vanity is a disease.
: Single Player Games are the Best
Yes, Riot should make bots a lot more challenging. Having AIs of bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond will be interesting
: Deathcap for AD
to bonus AD, not AD
: % health damage on turrets
make turret damage a mixture between armor and magic
: Looking for someone with HP Omen
: > [{quoted}](name=UVM ZhaoRiTian,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jQ7WE7GB,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-19T22:50:56.828+0000) > > Do not consider 1 token = 1 BE, unless you plan to convert all tokens into BE through a ratio of 1:1 But that was the point... everything else that you get with the tokens has been adjusted. The Tokens are 1 BE, not 5 or 10, and the Orbs are 300 tokens, not 50 or 60.
No. Take this for an example. If someone is offering you 100 Japanese Yen in exchange for your 100 Dollar bill, you will refuse. You don't consider the ratio of yen and dollars to be 1:1. You take the market exchange rate. It is the same logic here. Riot is offering you 1 BE for 1 token of yours, but you won't agree to it unless you have some tokens (less than 25) that you really have no way to spend.
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KaimoSefas (EUNE)
: Purgatory league (Toxic player solution)
There aren't enough bad people. Maybe we should lower down the threshold of punishment and make more temporary bans to make this work.
: Worlds 2018: Missions, RP, and Tokens; The Math - Revisited
Do not consider 1 token = 1 BE, unless you plan to convert all tokens into BE through a ratio of 1:1
Gall (NA)
: Long match times for new accounts?
You are not queueing with other new players. You are matchuped with other players who recently got their account banned.
: Why is the community SO much more toxic than ever before, by far?..
: Say what you want about Hashinshin
{{champion:6}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:83}} have no problem laning against tanks pre level 9 or past level 9. They have more base damage and they are as tanky as tanks in the first 15 mins. Now take a look at the tank pool, what is worth playing other than {{champion:14}} ?
: I got killed by something I don't know what
: Mouse clicks have been flipped out of nowhere ( NOT SURE IF THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE TO POST IT)
DejaVumm (EUNE)
: Question about ranked.gold/silver.
Play a flex 3v3. It is also ranked
Laura ß (NA)
: I hate that some champions are balanced around low mobility and/or no gap closers and easy to gank
: > [{quoted}](name=jocomotion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lw2EUO6r,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-11T18:14:39.733+0000) > > This is an excellent point. There’s also the fact that the more armor you already have the less effective it becomes at actually reducing physical damage. this isnt true. 1% of armor equals to a 1% effective health increase of your maximum health, against physical damage. there is no drop off. for example if you have a 1000 health and 100 armor, its effectively the same as having 2000 health and 0 armor, against physical damage. 200 armor would increase that to 3000 health, and 400 armor would increase it to 4000. the formula in the tooltip just works weird. it effectively compares the increase you get from your next point of armor to the total amount of effective health you already have. of course the more points of armor you get, the smaller the next increase looks compared to your existing pool of effective health, but you always get the same absolute value out of every point of armor. it doesnt matter if its your first or your 400th. armor is always worth the same amount. its like if you have 100 health and buy another 100 health, your "damage reduction" through that extra health is 50% because half of the damage you take compared to your total hp is absorbed by that extra 100 health. but if you buy another 100 health, your "damage reduction" is 66%. youre only gaining a 16% increase this time, but youre still gaining 100 health every time.
You obviously have no idea how armor is translated into physical damage reduction. The formula is reduction = armor / (armor + 100). At 0 armor you have 0% damage reduction, at 100 you have 50% at 100 armor you have 50% reduction, at 200 armor you have 66%.
: Malphite needs 400 Armor to gain 120 Armor from his W passive
Rammus only needs 120 armor with W for the additional 120 armor.
: @Riot - Can you please change Sejuani's E?
Any champion that has a reliable long range engage abililty is supposed to remain weak in ranked. {{champion:516}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:79}}
: Miss Fortune's guns don't match
This is an American game. She needs an M1911
: Suggestion For Riot On Ranked.
No, a guy of diamond should be able to duo up with his silver girlfriend.
: Is it that hard to fix the matchmaking?
This is why I practice champions in ranked. At least I get to play with people around the same skill level.
: Is there ever a reason to buy Thornmail unless you're Rammus?
Being Rammus is not always a reason to build Thornmail
: Patch 8.23 Bêta
You want to reduce Akali, Poppy, Irelia, Pyke to oblivion? What is Urgot passive's true damage
Aionius (NA)
: What is the point of playing League if you don't stream or Pro Play?
: A month later, elo boosted player still plays ranked unpunished.
The elo booster ban will take place next season around March or April. Why are you so anxious about it?
: As a jungler what do you hate
I hate early invades the most Riot should seal up our own jungle pre level 6
: Ganking questions you should ask yourself before ganking
You need more than 1 min to analyze all of these questions
: Assassins are so broken right now I have to use the report system to protest
I have a better idea. Whenever you see your teammates playing assassin you troll them. Feed their laners and then flame them in broken English. If they spew some toxic stuff back to you, you may get them banned successfully.
: Riot, Nasus has a 1820 RP skin, Renekton not even a single 1350 RP skin. That's not fair!!
: so, you have a 5v5 your top laner is the best player in your team, but your teamate banned his main and he is now in a lane vs another top lane main that counter picked him. he plays fiora/riven top but has to pick tank since the team doesnt have any. the enemy mid roams while jg ganks, both on top lane only since their top laner can scale well your ally mid laner is boosted but now has no laner to worry about top lanerget 0/5/3 at the end of the game and the ally mid who got ez lane for free is 1/2/2 why should the top laner who gets the shitt of the entire enemy team on him and manage to hold them off for half the game lost more LP than the mid laner who couldnt farm and wasnt usefull at all? +kda isnt even near reflecting how good a player is i started league in bronze 5 and am now in gold (was in gold 2 promo for gold 1 but am now in huge losing streak) and i never have a great kda its not like i got lucky, its just that my playstyle isnt playing for good kda. if afk gets-25 LP and the rest - 10 lp we just need a kind soul to decide to afk at the moment the enemy team hit the nexus so that everyone else lose less LP for no reason at all while people who dont want to do that sacrifice will just lose 10 LP. waiting for reply :3
Agreed. Many people don't do very well because the enemy jungle pays too much attentions on them. There are also players that appear to do well because they have an ally jungler camping for them. Sadly some of people even tell the other laners that they are useless.
: Perma'd 5 times since 2013 AMA
I have been trolling ranked all the time by practicing champions I have never got banned. What the heck did you do?
Cunky (NA)
: I dont understand why the Watch and Earn mission still isnt going off for me
: 2 week suspension, and then permabanned.
It's nothing. There are people out there getting permaban for the first offense, without even receiving a restriction warning. You are lucky.
: I'm sorry, I don't usually complain, but Riot, fix your fucking normal matchmaking.
You just need to treat ranks as normals. Bring new champions to practice them in ranked, mute all teammates, and you got it. If you care too much about rank solo/duo, go try that in flex.
Nadiri (NA)
: Few days until world championship /VOTE
Better vote for Fnatic because LPL is communism
: Anyone else miss Banner of Command?
: Are people actually this dumb.
They have others available to fill your position. When you make them wait for 1 mins it means you are taking away 1 min out of all 4 players' life.
: I just learned fluent japanese from watching anime alone without prior classes
I have learnt enough skill to climb to Diamond just by watching videos without playing any ranked matches
: Some time ago, people were complaining about Kai'Sa being unnecessarily sexualized.
: Personal rank. Team game.
You are exaggerating. The mm system puts a 8+9+10+11+12= 50 team with another team that totals at 50, not randomly pick someone with rank 5 or 20. You feel frustrated being a 12 unable to carry 8s?
: Riot: If you guys want to make money, skins need to change.
i need a skin that transform Shen into a female ninja
: Flex First Pick
Try not play with a premade
: I'm tired of having to lane with people's girlfriends / friends
You are being carried by smurf top/mid/jungle. What makes you mad?
5050BS (NA)
: Riots MMR System
One game stopped you from climbing for the rest of your life
: LP Loss > LP gain
It happens when you stay in one rank for too many games. Once you are demoted, things start to work fine again.
: kda dose not matter cs dose not matter team composition and champion choice does proof included
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