: Random question from a curious guy: What is the most popular lane in your department?
We all Jungle Amumu which makes our 5 man Ranked Team really bad
: I was curious I noticed you can only change ward skins in the store. Which means when doing champ select you can not. I have several ward skins and champs, and I like them to match up in game if possible. Are you doing anything in the future to make ward skin changing as easy as champ skin changes in champ select?
We definitely want to solve this problem. No timeline but solutions are actively being discussed.
: Haha awesome. Thanks. I'm an econ major with focus on businesses, so thats a start right?
Definitely a good start.
: Can I have a {{champion:119}}
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: When do you think the next double IP weekend is going to be?
There will be another one before the end of the year
: Is there a possibility for a Elsa Themed Janna skin for Christmas, Because if that's the case, I'll build a snow man out of a wad of cash and mail it to you!
I'm not sure Disney would be too pleased, so I guess we'll just have to Let It Go
: Hi there!, first of all, thank you for your hard work. Here comes my question: Any news on that system that would let players buy skins in different colors? (I saw it not so long ago you had an example with lucian)
We are still investigating. Blucian is OP though.
: So, you guys are in charge of the Free-To-Play rotation, so... 1. Why is Quinn{{champion:133}} on the rotation all the time? 2. Why is Yorick{{champion:83}} never on the rotation?
Quinn is on regularly because she is an AD carry and those get a lot of coverage on the rotation. Yorick doesnt show up because frankly it's not very fun to play against him right now and he has some inherent problems in his design.
ßabÿ (NA)
: Will you be releasing holiday themed skins? Would love to have some of those in my skin collection :D
Yes, the previous Harrowing and Snowdown skins will come back. We will have new skins related to whatever events we happen to run ;)
: Your Double IP weekends are something that most games tend to do to help along grinding, but I feel like you don't do them very often compared to others. Do you plan out your frequency and longevity for each Double IP weekend? And if so, how? Also, why is it only weekends? I feel like Double IP shouldn't have to be confined to only Saturdays and Sundays. Not saying they should be 24/7 since I know people still need to work to unlock things. Thank you for taking the time to answer!
We usually do Friday, Saturday, Sunday because that is the time that people are able to play the most and take advantage of the promotion.
: Are you going to be coming out with a new ultimate skin anytime soon?
There is a new Ultimate skin in the works, but I don't want to give any hints about the release date or who it is going to be so that people don't get disappointed if it gets pushed back.
: What happened to the very attractive month theme bundles, I remember that we had in April and in May a very attractive bundle with champions and skins, what happened to those?
We vary the bundle themes and have recently put out several bundles related to eSports and Sugar Rush. You'll see some more of the previous bundles themes throughout the end of the year.
: One more thing: there will be a championship Vi for season VI, right? That's a no-brainer IMO.
It definitely has some numeric appeal I will give you that {{champion:254}}
: - Can we get a Ratio of how Mystery skins are going out? For exemple, a Legendary skin is 500/1 and a ultimate 5000/1 - Are you planning on working out how IP gaining works and/or do a Rune bundle for begginer players?
It's an equal chance for each skin depending on the skins you haven't purchased. I.e. if you have 9 regular skins and one Legendary that you haven't purchased, then the chance of getting the Legendary is 1 in 10
: What does it take to work for the eCommerce department? What kind of experience is "good" on a resume? What kinda degrees are relevant? Basically, what makes a potential applicant more desirable then another?
The only common theme between the team members is that we are all stuck in Gold except for WizardCrab. That probably isn't very helpful though :p Experience varies greatly but a focus on data analysis and business fundamentals combined with love of LoL and making players happy is a good start.
SnowFall (NA)
: Are there any upcoming IP price reductions?
We do IP price reductions every Champion release, here is some info: https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/37603494-Permanent-Champion-Price-Reduction
Tact (NA)
: Is there any news about being able to gift Ward Skins to people? Is that still in the works, or did you determine that not enough people would use the feature? I had to gift RP to a friend of mine and tell him to use it on a Ward Skin when I wanted to give him one. If you're still working on it, what's the main challenge with it? Is it mostly a technical issue?
There are some other problems related to Ward Skins that we would rather solve first before spending the time to make them giftable, i.e. being able to select them in a better way. It's definitely on our long term radar though.
: I had heard that there might be a rune page sale before the end of the year, and I was wondering if there might be another rune sale in the near future as well. Thanks!
There will be one before the end of the year
: What is your opinions on Double IP weekends? And how do you go about how often they occur? Will, in the future, give schedules so we know when ahead when they are going to happen? Thank you guys :)
Double IP weekends are great when used every so often. Generally we need to make sure that they don't conflict with server capacity or other events, which can be challenging given how much is going on in LoL. We plan on giving a week or two of notice before the next one and we plan to have a couple in the next year.
Brotjunge (EUW)
: why i dont get SGU from Mistery Gifts?
Every skin gets an equal chance so it depends on how many skins you don't own. Hope that helps.
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Arfston (NA)
: Do sales make the items cost less influence points? Or just less riot points?
: Poros inside
This pleases me


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