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: Update on Teemo changes
As someone who plays a lot of teemo ( not millions of mastery points or anything ) I would really really like to see some changes to his R. To his R? You might be thinking ? Yes Have you ever considered giving his shrooms some options ? Think of it as a heimerdinger R. You could have 3 versions of shrooms. Imagine this. Since as teemo you like to play around shrooms, imagine choosing a shroom that gives more poison and less slow, or one that gives a stronger slow but with less poison. Or maybe a shroom that helps teammates ? Granting ms. I know this could mean a challenge for clarity on how to distinguish each shroom but I feel like this could be an area worth investing time.
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: Mid Year Mage Updates - Low-Scope Mage Directions
I would really love to see a new kennen ult. Make his ult create emp's maybe. To give the clear idea that everything inside his ult zone is getting zapped and not only certain areas! You could even make it go faster with rank.
: Welcome to the Aurelion Sol Q&A!
Maybe its just that I havent been able to play Aurelion Sol too much on the PBE but his passive seems kinda underwhelming ( but from what Im reading it is very powerful) so its fine. My question is, what other passive did he have during production or have the stars always been there. Also have you considered making the stars less powerful but rotate faster?
: Power Rankings - 7/14/2015
I may be so out of the loop with the gamers but who is the first guy on the article? and on what team does he play?
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: [Gameplay] PBE Bug (Shaco
Please make sure to post this on the PBE bug report thread. This is for live server.
: Game crashes before entering the loading screen
This post needs more upvotes because the same thing is happening to me right now. It happened to me like a week or so ago and now its happening again. Same message appears and Im stuck at reconnecting. I dont want to unistal and reinstall the game again, it takes far too long but i may have to give it a try. Lets have patience guys, keep strong, well start a group or something to stay strong against bugs and crashes on our servers. BTW im on NA
: Game Crashed
You are not alone, I had some issues with that too, I will try and connect again and see if it got fixed
: Internet Problems
I was so frustrated cause I thought I was the only one, recently i changed a router to an older model(bad decision I know) but it was working fine a couple of nights ago. Yestaerday and today the ping and lag on NA has been horrible, ive been experiencing the same jittering problem that it freezes every couple of seconds. Anyone know whats going on?
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: Just bought that driven skin on Friday {{champion:119}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
you can send them a ticket and they will refund the rp difference back.
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: New blood moon skins come out for the Lunar Revel boys.
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: Rewards for positive play
i normally focus on having my team possitive and also trying to calm down flamers, so if you fing something worthy you can share it hehe
: The Haunted Hoard Harrowing sale
Does anybody know if the Legacy Harrowing skins will be on the flash sale? I man in the featured page Haunted Zyra is on the cover of the flash sale, so maybe?
: Champion and skin sale: 10.24. - 10.27.
All these talk of Draven and Fizz, but no one is talking about that majestic Teemo skin
: this week's skin on sale is SO STUPID! i hate{{champion:42}} and i hate{{champion:412}} and{{champion:33}} And I own{{champion:76}} already...
: Pick up a Mystery Skin for a short time!
i hate mystery skins i got all 3 hecarim skins practically in a row!!! I dont play hec!!!!
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: {{champion:103}} Popstar Ahri on sale please {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}}
i actually got popstar {{champion:103}} in a mystery skin, felt so cool and lucky lol
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: Meddler Q&A
Being you were the responsible for Varus (my favorite champion) are there any talks or ideas to change his w since it's only a passive toggled off ability, maybe adding an active ability?
: Champion and skin sale: 07.11 - 07.14
So are we leaving {{champion:222}} and {{champion:81}} for last i see!!!
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: We're all people here
I dont know if its too late for this but here we go. **What are your 3 favourite champions?** my first pic is Varus {{champion:110}} Then Kha´zix {{champion:121}} And Xerath {{champion:101}} **What is your favourite skin?** Archlight Varus, I cant wait to buy it on discount. **When did you start playing LoL?** 2 months ago maybe, after Vel´koz release apparently **Why did you start playing LoL?** I wanted a new game so i started doing some research and voila here i am addicted to this game. Thanks Riot **What country/state/province/territory are you from?** Im actually in Central America playing on NA server, Specifically Honduras. **What is your favourite food?** Pastas in General and even more so when it goes with Bacon, Im a simple man **What is your favourite colour?** Purple **What is your biggest pet peeve?** I hate it when people dont tune in to a specific radio station but constantly scan or swap radio stations **What are 3 of your hobbies?** LoL, Painting, and Reading **If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?** Australia, Taiwan, or Italy **If you were given $1 000 000, what would you do?** Buy a nice home, a nice car, and mostly travel. And hire my own chef. **If someone here is interested in playing with you, would you like them to add you in-game?** Yeah im still learning and growing but most deffinetly add me if you like.
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: I know right? I love seeing Caitlyn in every game. Every single game. Playing against Caitlyn in the most fun thing.

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