Manxxom (NA)
: When both top laners are fed
and then one of them gets ganked by 3 people since this is top lane we are talking about
: Again, stop buffing Lee Sin everytime before Worlds
Lee is the last balanced hyper mobile champ and they’re literally trying to make him broken tier
mark6028 (EUW)
: Eh sorry but i'm not on reddit wtf? I can assure you i didn't post anything on reddit. Maybe someone copied that post? What makes you think it was me who posted it on reddit?
Must’ve been a copy paste of your post. It got removed though
mark6028 (EUW)
: Aww yeah season 9
I just saw you post this on reddit only to get downvoted and removed within 5 minutes. Like I don’t even care if what you’re saying is wrong, I agree with how dumb this season is even though the post is ranty, but the reddit community really just sucks the balls of riot and esports huh? Why is reddit treating this game like North Korea
: How can you guys still play ranked and not go insane ?
I have a duo q friend and that was the only reason until I somehow bypassed riots frequent attempts to peg me down when I was obviously out performing my ranks. Despite my current win rate and stats, you wouldn’t believe I had to do my plat promos FIVE FUCKING TIMES because of dogshit teammates. After that though despite the occasional feeding garbage bot lane riot seems to be playing nice and is giving me a chance to carry games because I always get at least one good teammate now.
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I’m looking at the nerfs section and I don’t see Pyke trist or Vayne
koshkyra (NA)
: Can we stop adding more RNG to the game please
i played like 8 games of tft, you know, the gamemode that replaced nexus blitz, which got way more positive feedback, and stopped playing when I realized this game has zero skill expression and is 90% rng. does _**ANYONE**_ remember nexus blitz getting anywhere near this amount of criticism?
: All those buffs aren't enough. They are pointless buffs since they don't address her actual problems. None of those buffs make her any more useful than she was before them. Fiora has 2 huge problems. One, she is a S class duelest with extremely limited pushing power. Even with {{item:3077}} she pushes slower than all champions that fills the same niche as her, examples being {{champion:24}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:39}}. What this means is that the one thing she should excel at, which is splittling is extremely lacking in her which forces her into her second weakness, team fighting. As previously mentioned, her second problem is that she is 100% useless in team fights. She relies on her team too much to win the fight so she can clean up. It doesn't matter how fed she is if her team can't severely cripple the enemy team, she won'y be able to do anything. So basically, all you do with Fiora is win lane and hope your team aren't feeding morons. Tryndamere can split endlessly and take over the game with his 300 CS at 27 minutes. Jax and Irelia can team fight or split as necessary. If you're stuck on a team of feeding trash noobshits, you have options with these champions but not with Fiora.
Oh look, some that actually makes sense and realizes she needed a split push buff (which she got) Boards is acting like bramble best and wall hugging doesn’t exist XD
: Upcoming Jax buff
> [{quoted}](name=ORB1TS,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=qQqhgZyJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-13T18:49:12.923+0000) > > why not just nerf the top lane ranged spammers To this day no one knows the answer.
Xonra (NA)
: Matchmaking Seems To Be Janky Lately
Honestly on this account with an above 54% winrate I had to do my plat promos FOUR FUCKING TIMES over because of matchmaking.
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: When will Riot admit that modern assassins are too forgiving?
: How would YOU bring balance to the game?
Revert every patch after runes reforged
Manxxom (NA)
: Why is fiora recieving THIS much of a buff
Imagine complaining about a champion that can’t team fight, split push or dive that gets countered by literally wall hugging and grievous wounds getting a placebo buff Every fighter in the game does more dmg than Fiora until lvl16, but god forbid she has a niche strength as a tank hard counter and nothing else
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: BS, I've seen plenty of good fiora's. And the problem with her is that when she is good, just like champs such as riven or yasuo, she removes the enemy players agency almost entirely. The fight becomes almost entirely based on how well SHE does, and not based on how well her opponent plays because she has so much damage AND outplay potential in the forms of high mobility and an ability blocker, on top of excellent healing. Oh and she just so happens to be able to cc people who try to cc her during her blocker which can block ults….AND she has an AS slow which makes fighting her EXTRA difficult if she has equal or better items.
: You lost me at "high mana usage" lmfao. Mana Costs: Q: 20 to 40 W: 50 E: 40 R: 100 Base Mana: 300 to 980. Mana Regen: 8 to 20 At lvl 1 she can cast Q 15 times WITHOUT including mana regen. Thats 1050 Damage at lvl 1, not even including ANY VITAL PROCS..... MANA ISSUES MY ASS! And she is at a 49.9% win rate. So 2 of your 3 statements are completely FALSE. Wait......{{item:3074}} .....Make that all 3 of your statements.
She expends mana extremely fast to split remotely at the speed of other split pushers. At the end of the split she has almost no mana left. Your point about her pressing q 15 times at lvl 1 makes no sense, any champion can spam their lvl 1 q's with even less cost, i.e. nasus, gangplank, etc. Also, her winrate is exactly 48.60%, and as for your point about rav hydra what the fuck else do you think she's going to buy to split? That doesn't make her as good as other split pushers.
: > [{quoted}](name=kaisas asscheeks,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wYi0t9Vj,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-06T16:54:52.370+0000) > > Fiora has a 48% win rate and the worst split pusher in the game with high mana usage. I get that her dmg type is toxic but that’s about it. > > Vayne is WAY worse. ? Akali is 46% WR, everyone knows Akali isnt fucking bad Fiora has garbage splitpush compensated for the fact that she deals 60% of your hp bar in true damage on a dash that has almost no cooldown that procs a passive that heals, deals true damage and gives her move speed to help her get more true damage in. Ive played Fiora before, with the regular patch 9.14 build my R dealt 84% max hp true damage. So why is she being buffed? More true damage? Less mana costs so she can spam Q harder?
executuoners. bramble vest, wall hugging, slows.... there are literally "fuck fiora" items in the game, but people cry about not being able to 1v1 a champion designed to 1v1 when they wont even consider buying anti-fiora items or attempt wall-hugging. As for akali, her wr suffered because everyone and their mother played her on rework release bringing down her wr dramatically.
: They both suck. Both super mobile, can't be itemized against, high burst AND high burst damage, with variances such as ranged vs melee, ability blocker vs knockback, healing vs invisibility. Sure they aren't really the same, but they are both very toxic for similar reasons when played right.
bramble vest/executioners fucks fiora in the ass Also, afk by a wall and watch how desperate the fiora gets
: Nothing you said is a fact.
quick google search would say otherwise
: Fiora has a 48% win rate and the worst split pusher in the game with high mana usage. I get that her dmg type is toxic but that’s about it. Vayne is WAY worse.
Ok boards downvote me for literally stating facts
: Fiora dont need a buff
Fiora has a 48% win rate and the worst split pusher in the game with high mana usage. I get that her dmg type is toxic but that’s about it. Vayne is WAY worse.
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CLG ear (NA)
: If you were going out on a date with Kai'Sa, where would you go and what would you talk about?
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: pantheon gonna w auto q then e away. Either its gonna 1 shot or its gonna be all his mana for 30% health. Which is it, wait and see.
On the next episode of 2019 riot
: Pantheon's New Kit
Made his spear a skill shot, removed his block and made him stronger overall so he’s not just a spear chucking monkey everyone hates early but he’s a formidable opponent. Marvelous. Knowing riot they’ll probably fuck his stats but let’s see
: Imagine you are allowed to delete one champion from the game?
{{champion:35}} Cancerous tumor that needs to be reworked or removed from the game.
: I would honestly rather,
: Silver 1 + Platinum 1 players in the same solo Q ranked games
I had 2 accounts. On this one I’m destroying ranked with a 64% win rate, skipping division tiers. My winrate on Fiora is very high as well. On my other account which was hardstuck gold 4 I repeatedly got matched with bronze players and throwers and only gained like 10 lp per win. I’m not sure wtf matchmaking is right now.
Ztoka (NA)
: IKR?! Minimal skill, rather a I have a horseshoe shoved up my ass.. I'm gonna be master!
Literally this though. Unlike SR there's legit no strategy you can implement if you lose the item rounds and champion roulette throughout the game. There is absolutely no skill involved in this game unless you're in top 4.
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: You were so close riot
and then add ranked in the same instance LUL
: > [{quoted}](name=kaisas asscheeks,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kcucXoTs,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-07-16T23:13:15.320+0000) > > Bot lane: "enemy double kill!" > > well ok I guess I didnt want to play anyway Weird way to spell top lane but okay.
Pretty sure I spelt bot lane correctly. You know, the lane with 2 people that scream at their jungler for existing anywhere but bot river, also the most important lane in the game right now.
: Most ranked games "end" at 10min.
Bot lane: "enemy double kill!" well ok I guess I didnt want to play anyway
: Patch 9.14 notes
Who actually allows these changes to go through?
Crashyy (EUW)
: 'Font of Life' rune is very weak.
I’d really, REALLY like to make this rune viable as I love playing Braum.
coreym11 (NA)
: Why are "boosted" teammates in my games? How are they even the same rank?
I had a gold 2 hecarim go 0/9 in a silver ranked game. Some outliers ruin games but don’t give up. Fight thru the bullshit, the most games you will ever have that are completely out of your control are like 3 in a row. Plat is the same shit, it’s like this in every rank that a boosted animal plays the game.
: That's the shit I hate the most, when people hug walls like a p*ss*. And people who are so afraid of Fiora all they do is hug their turret and actually give up early cs and wait for a gank. Fiora needs buffs, not to her dueling but to her splitpush and Idk why riot doesnt realize that.
Riot does, but they know people are all fucking afraid of %max health true damage like it isn’t abundant in almost every champion now due to runes and powercreep except they do even more damage.
: Tahm is getting gutted, tanks aren’t tanky but they have damage and cc. I don’t see amumus at all and Danny’s is only tanky with his w on but has high damage. Renekton and aatrox aren’t tanks. And Fiora has percent max health true damage which is busted and a toxic mechanic
It’s so busted in fact that she currently has a 48% win rate. You realize she’s literally a split push bot when she can’t ult someone right? She has to build full glass cannon to have any impact. The %max health true damage generally does around the same damage as every other juggernaut and duelist in the game, only being more impactful against tanks. This is exactly what I’m talking about, everyone is so afraid of the %max health true damage as if we aren’t in a glass cannon meta anyway and you can’t counter her by hugging a wall.
: Jax needs CD nerfs.
Thanks to spear of shojin completely breaking him he might need it since every Jax gets it now. As someone who plays Jax sometimes I stopped playing him often because it felt dumb to buy spear and suddenly 1v5.
: Mini rework - Fiora
This is exactly what she needs and very close to my thoughts on Fiora and why she’s so hard to use compared to other people in her class. People saying Fiora doesn’t need love just don’t want to see her meta, but there’s already more frustrating shit in the game right now and she can stomp out some really annoying picks in the right hands.
: > [{quoted}](name=kaisas asscheeks,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6KgEfiwy,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-07-11T19:06:21.432+0000) > > I couldn’t care less about getting camped. If I don’t die then the jungler is just trolling his team Jungler doesn't need to kill you. Putting you at a health deficit so the enemy top laner can take lane prio and zone you off CS and xp is often enough. A jungler who doesn't camp top lane early is doing it wrong. It's far easier to get results off top lane than any other lane. Bt lanes have ton of CC and peel, and mid lane is much closer to turret on top of the fact most midlanes are ranged champs.
Definitely. But as you play more top lane you have a heightened sense about when youre going to get ganked and avoid dmg entirely. For example yesterday I was getting hard camped by a Diana but I was very good about my movement and she never even scratched me.
EmanKenway (EUNE)
He’s going to get fucking obliterated next week as per riots standards of overbuffing a champion and then nerfing them into a wet pool noodle.
: I’m sure this post would be the exact opposite if the Warwick was camping you. XD
I couldn’t care less about getting camped. If I don’t die then the jungler is just trolling his team
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: Recurve items are too strong
JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Abibyama II,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mHwcYiaO,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-07-04T19:41:00.715+0000) > > There's soft counters where you get countered but you can beat it. > > And there's counters where you can't do anything about it. > > Riot is going the soft counters route. deleting shields is now a soft counter. Ok. But hol' on if you say QSS doesnt counter morde, it makes him useless according to the boards.
These things can’t be explained to irrational boards posters, don’t bother
JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: Dont you toplaners always cry about how the lane is all about counter picks? Now it's a good thing?
We top laners do cry about counter picks for good reason. I’m not sure what OP is smoking.
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