: Have you ever thought that maybe the exp and gold deficit you are forcing on your mid laner might have something to do with them losing lane? If you are taking gold and exp from your mid, but the enemy jungle is not, they will fall behind. Considering that most mid laners (especially assassins like Akali) scale hardest from levels, even soaking a bit a couple creeps worth of exp in the early game can snowball the lane in the enemy's favor. Personally I main Katarina, and I can tell you from experience that it is incredibly frustrating when the enemy laner hits 6 while you are still only halfway through level 5, and zones you from an entire wave or more of exp / gold, or even pressures you so hard under tower that you have to give up multiple waves or risk getting dove. If you gank and either kill or push the enemy laner out, sure go for it, take some farm and exp, maybe a plate or 2 if you want, because they will miss out on more exp than I will from splitting it, otherwise please don't.
Cool, i guess ill just take enemy jg which is probably less team meddling.
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: Why is syndra allowed to deal nunu ult levels of damage instantly/point and click and one shot me?
She needs a rework, a nerf is just dumb and only makes her feel bad or just flat out the same problem. There needs to be more interaction for syndra other than put balls all over the place and click r to one shot anyone.
floo (EUW)
: Maybe you could post a link to the match you're talking about since there doesn't seem to be one on this account since 2 months. For your question, Syndra R deals damage depending on how many Qs she has active. She throws the 3 orbs always with her and up to 4 additional ones casted from Q. Her counterplay is to not let her prepare that many orbs, and once she has that many orbs with her, stay out of range. At rank 5 her Q costs 80 mana and burns a lot of mana if she tries to keep as many orbs as possible over a longer period. Yes, her abilities are all aoe, which makes them also dodgable. With minimal mr investment and/or a lifeline item, you can easily survive her ult. The rest becomes a matter of tankiness and your ability to dodge. You also said she used Zhonyas right before, meaning it wasn't a full stacked r either, so you probably didn't invest anything into mr even in lategame, knowing you're against a Syndra. If you already know her abilities get enhanced once she reaches rank 5 on them, you should realize she's a threat the more levels she has.
What mana problems? She just q'd on the ground then e'd and then clicked the r button to one shot me. And they say Yi is easy to play! The runes give too much mana sustain so she has so many chances to win the lane to get to late. Kassadin is sustaining with those runes so we know they work.
Xavanic (NA)
: Syndra does nowhere near nunu lvl dmg, nunus ult can do 4k dmg in a normal game, syndras does around 1.5k
Sune (NA)
: Syndra's damage was simply brought up to par with assassin damage. She is still immobile, so if she misses her stun she's dead. If she's killing you with just ult it's real late in the game or she got fed. I'd like if they lowered all the damage in the mid lane. She's literally the only immobile viable mage stop crying bc "point and click" after she landed her skillshot.
Her E is so easy to land omega lul, mana issues? Nope. She prepares q's in my jg and when i go to my blue she e ults from a bush then i'm dead. Wow fair right? Dodge it right?
: > [{quoted}](name=Jesi Oni,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=deVdr0hA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-26T06:12:46.513+0000) > > Veigar pays for something... Well that made my day. AP Nasus that destroys my games have "extremely unreliable base abilities". > > Now tell us what champion did you play... Let me laugh again. {{champion:45}} Q for 800 damage..... "He said something about 'unreliable base abilities" Q's again for 801 damage "I don't think I understand, here hold on a second" event horizon +w + another q +r "Huh..... yes "unrealiable indeed" 4k plus damage combo
Yea I don't have a problem with veigar, hes a fun champ to face and have on your team. I also don't mind facing Zoe as well cause I can easily dodge her e to avoid dmg so you know unlike syndra who oneshots without counterplay. I consider zhonyas as an "ad champion" against syndra so thats how busted she is.
SS Pappino (EUNE)
: So you say that if players avoid veigar e, then veigar becomes vulnerable. If you replace veigar with syndra, it's the same thing. Syndra has 3 skillshots, and a point and click ult. You wanna talk reliable? Take a look at your cancer main, and tell me about reliable.
The game is not in this account and no veigar's e is harder to land but syndra's is easy to land. And all she has to do is miss her q all over the place and ult. No skill involved in that.
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: Hail of Blades changes
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 20
Hi meddler, I hope you are fixing the bug that guinsoos has with master yi and people with self applied on-hits.
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Saezio (EUNE)
: Why only to an adc? She is meant to be played alongside juggernauts such as Garen. Not alongside marksmen.
HàrrowR (EUW)
: So this just happened, 5 AFKs from the start
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: Kaisa is not an ADC, Pyke is not a support, and Jax is not a fighter
If you are crit Yi then kaisa is not an assassin because you just alpha strike on her and pow then shes dead.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Don't really believe me? I went in PBE and added a little 90 armor dummy with 2200 hp which I used my q and aa that killed it lol
: I could care less about that buff. Riven's is Doomsday.
Ikr they need to stop pouring bleach on league of legends or it'll die in gameplay soon. But luckily for us that the game still works and we still get to play different ways to outplay people.
puśsý (NA)
: Vayne is having her damage increased on the pbe.
They need to balance champions properly and not because of skins. They should look at the game as a whole not just in split dimensions(low elo, mid elo, high elo, pro, lcs). The game is universal and deserves that. Thats why the yi nerfs were flawed and thats why these buffs are rediculous in our eyes. Just because some Yi's were a little op in silver doesn't mean hes the same at challenger though zed and akali or pantheon are more annoying in low rank solo queue.
Lost R (NA)
: Or it would cause people to want to force a surrender faster.
If you see a darius with 1500 gold over everyone then you can just camp/gank him until your team catches up in the gold.
: Just look at those Riven buffs on PBE. Lmao
Yea shes not underpowered by any means. Like I mentioned on reddit that riot nerfs people like Yi over low elo in their core aspects(attack speed, onhit damage, ad, core item) but buffs someone that can oneshot you by spamming buttons and gaining random shields.
: Lux will probably run out of mana if she tries to kill someone with this build.
Void staff and sorc shoes + oblivion orb and leyandrais torment. She firstly would shred 40 mr per 100 mr i have and added to the 36 pen she gets from those then the 2.5% max hp(60-100+ dot based on my hp). That means 200 mr is worth 84 against her and she does burn damage based on my hp.
Lost R (NA)
: Yeah, just what I need is for my own team to be bitching at me for having more gold than them as a support, as if I'm a black person with money in pre-Jim Crow America.
It also helps to strategize against people that get fed, say a kaisa is up 2 kills then you can see how much gold she has and compare to yours. Then you can roam from mid lane and organize a good gank, this is what would make solo queue better for everyone. If you catch the mega fed darius before he gets to that point then everyone has fun.
Eedat (NA)
: Press tab and look at their items. Total gold is a noob trap stat. Unspent gold does literally nothing
But then again they can add an items gold total worth stat so we would know that too.
Eedat (NA)
: Press tab and look at their items. Total gold is a noob trap stat. Unspent gold does literally nothing
Yea true, you got the point. From there its just basic math(look at scoreboard)
: Then we also need armor versions of {{item:3194}} {{item:3065}} .
As long as adaptive is going to only work for AD spells. But I'd guess it can be balanced to be 8-10% dmg reduction for attacks within 2 seconds repeated. I dont see anything wrong with an armor type visage(good for mundo).
Keiaga (NA)
: So your complaint is still about a champ being fed rather than mr being too weak Edit: most people agree thornmail is pretty bad as a tank item goes. Also we have {{item:3001}}
They get fed too easily. Besides I am talking about late game, I'm full build and so are they and this is what I am dealing with.
: There is no way a Lux can be able to one shot a person with 4-5 MR items. MR is already much better than armor. You can have 400 armor but still melt in few seconds by AD champions but a single MR item is enough to shut down AP champions.
I had this build: Bloodrazor(sold it for MAW), Guinsoos, Mercs, Wits end, Spirit visage, adaptive helm. I was one shot. My damage was also crippled.
Keiaga (NA)
: Unless you feed before 5 minutes, a single mr item is enough to keep you safe against burst mages
Bogus, I'm not the one feeding its my team. I play in my other account that is gold elo and I am like 5/1(i'm feeding??!) I got a yasuo that has fleet and hes 3/15 against a orianna, so I fed orianna? She legit 1v1s him in the face. We need MR items bettered for the TANKS. They get armor usually because they look better. We need a MR sunfire cape and MR thornmail that deflects spell damage(10% or something).
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MrEnds (NA)
: Riot You MUST Revert Aatrox's Q's Minion damage Reduction, (Unless you're changing him into a JG)
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: Lol a **sMaLl iNDiE cOmPaNy** that won't pay attention to _it's own_ forums but will pay attention to other forums.
They wont listen to 15 people asking them to make league of legends a first person shooter, and because the player base is not actually at 15, thats a fact bob. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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Nebuul (NA)
: You seem very highly invested in this post for some reason. Do you have strong feelings about armor?
I mean, I have some testimony. I was on my alt playing rammus a bit the other day and enemy had a full lethality lee so, he keeps doing q e ult and it one shots me despite me have 400+ armor. People spam lethality when i went rammus and it works which it shouldnt. They go after me like im an adc and just use death mark or khazix leap and brain deadingly chase me as I rammus am actually supposed to make them attack me. but oh well they did attack me but i am totally not 500 armor. Maybe i need more armor so they can kill me faster.
Nekorus (NA)
: lmao get used to it buddy. play pvp and just ignore them and dont type back because that'll make them more toxic so u can report them and since you said nothing u cant get punished.
How to communicate 101
: It's because of auto attacks, there's n o counter play, without reworking the auto attack function there will never be a way to deal with it
yea infinite spam while this guy has 3 pure tank items with 0 dmg.
YBaKunt (NA)
: Armor is extremely under powered. Lethalty is OP.
And u dont itemize you stop them from getting fed by early roaming. Tilt them if need be but end result is not so much of a one shotter.
: ADC 2019 - Only Xayah is the remaining viable ADC
Lol you mean against assassins sure but she lacks the dps to fight people like lucian and draven/jhin.
: You shouldn't build armor if you want to snowball, armor is only good if your team is good and you want to tank for them.
Are you even building right? Look at u.gg or champion.gg and check if deadmans/randuins/tabis is the best core for your "melee fighter". I tell you 9/10 its probably not a good core. Rammus wouldnt even build that junk together rushing.
YBaKunt (NA)
: Armor is extremely under powered. Lethalty is OP.
You shouldn't build armor if you want to snowball, armor is only good if your team is good and you want to tank for them.
: > [{quoted}](name=letsfeedtogether,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qTE4N2ua,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-08T13:27:50.563+0000) > > i think it is not GOOD. but it changes from person to person. i my self am playing for 1.5 years as well ans i just got plat. but again its about the player so a hard stuck bronze player will probably think its good. and a master player wont. It also varies with the role that you play and the champions you choose. In theory, you can climb in any role, but some champions and some roles can climb just that little bit faster and have more easily breakable ceilings.
: reached silver 2 after 1.5 years of playing
I reached it by spamming jax on my alt in bronze 2 in the time frame of >1 day. Well jax, rammus, yi. Champions are different for each role but i prefer jungle.
: Show everyones gold in game live scoreboard stats(Very great stats in game!!)
Whoever chose math>focusing on lol has to be joking because that is the least appealing answer i have ever seen in a while. Why are you "downvoter" so hardpressed to bring down this great idea that doesn't break the game? Its a snowbally meta so people should have a right to know how much gold you have so they can make strategies with their team. You shouldn't be able to 1v5 on your own.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Half are unplayable, half are permabanned and a quarter are decent.....what? LOL. Since when was a full; 2 halves and a quarter?
he's not entirely wrong, game is bad now unless u exploit enemies mistakes,
Eedat (NA)
: Just look at their items lol. Unspent gold literally does nothing. If anything a total gold stat would be a noob trap
RaccAttack (EUNE)
: Why League sucks right now and why you should consider not playing it at all
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Cloud273 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Baval,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EOEvk31t,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-08-06T22:36:14.588+0000) > > im sorry, i dont understand, see its called a "defensive stance" and it makes him more defended, and doesnt do anything offensive at all until he leaves the defensive stance. Coincidentally, its not called "sluggish stance" so theres no inherent reason for it to slow him down. > > You seem to be languishing under the idea that his defensive ability and other characters defensive abilities should be built the same, but that would be just silly since theyre entirely different characters with different balance points. My point is why is Jax allowed to play offensively while using a defensive ability, when Galio and Rammus can't. I don't think it's fair that a tank has to suffer a 50% self slow (or whatever it is now), and Jax gets ZERO ms penalties and is allowed to jump on top of and stun you while using a defensive ability.
because he is a skirmisher? its not a birthday party when u try to 1v1 him what do you expect mate?
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