: Maybe GP is the Krakens Daddy???
GP and Illaoi have a love child, it's the kraken, confirmed
: The best thing I can tell you would be to [Submit a Support Ticket to Riot Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and describe your issue as best you can to them. Since it is an issue tied to your account and your confidential data/information, there's not much any of us outside of Riot can do to help you further. (I'm not sure which Request Type you'd select for this, but I'd suggest "RP purchases, store issues" over "Account management, data requests, or deletion" personally).
thanks, yeah that's what I did after I made this post. I was just hoping that maybe if someone else had this issue that they might be able to give some insight about what's going on. I figured I would do a two pronged attack and see if while I'm waiting for support to get back to me, if the community had any info for me.
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Farqad4 (NA)
: The best delivery is the Kalista + Blitz ult grab combo. I think that still works?? And I'm sure a Singed Alistar Skarner combo would have you thrown and pulled all over the map. Throw back to tier 1 mid charge to tier 2 tower pull into your inhibitor tower. Leblanc and Fizz would somehow survive...........
: Pizza delivery Aerulion Sol as well. Longer he takes, the bigger the pizza gets.
Can he bring me a pizza, but take like, 8 hrs?
Drinyan (NA)
: a*, Sincerely, a better Grammar Nazi
Nazi.*, Sincerely, a *better* Grammar Nazi.
: Yeah probably because you suck

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