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: Looked at all your work; it's amazing! Formally requesting something Atlantean themed; we haven't been blessed with some gorgeous water-themed skins in a while. :(
The truth is... my next drawing will be of Vel'koz, with aquatic themes
: That chains are rly unnecessary, but everything else is so dope. I wish u all good man.
yes, it are unnecessary, but I love to draw it
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: Dude, could you make a video on/explain your process. This cool
I've only made 1 video of how I make these drawings, and it's from years ago, when I created Dreadnova Swain
: But that Dreadnova Graves and PROJECT: Kayn skin are lit! As a critic on PROJECT: Talon... I think the cape part where you have all the lines sorta like a computer hard drive, it gives me more of the Program vibe compared to Project! I think if the cape/tails (What is it technically called????) would fall more under Project with them looks more like Jinx’s pigtails... how they look like glowing cords!
In my defense, I couldn't think of another way to draw the cape, I did it a long time ago, although if I did it again now, I know I would do better
: I absolutely love this but I minor note is that Project and Battlecast do not take place in the same timeline or atleast for now they dont. Despite strongly tied themes, Mecha, Battlecast and Project are all seperate timelines. If you want to tie two connecting skinslines together though, try Project and Program.
I used the concept based on an image (which I don't know if it's official or not) where Project and Battlecast appear
: Blood stone taliyah looks straight out of a horror movie I love it. P.S. admit it, your Sion was inspired by Hellscream. I recognize the Horn serving as a shoulderpad
hahaha, I have never refused to be inspired in World of Warcraft
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