: Remake vote needs to start at 1:30, if your ally isn't there when minions meet the game isn't fair
I say, let it stay at 3 minutes but remove the vote and make it guaranteed to work if anyone on the team with the dc wants to remake.
Scrutape (NA)
: Why so many humanoid champions?
A lot of champions are humanoid because they need to resemble anime to appease the weebs. It's the same reason why the same few anime girls keep getting skins; to give weebs something to jerk off to.
Ôrîon (NA)
: Why has ekko not been nerfed?
The stupid part is, he should have never existed. He has a cricket bat as a weapon, generic boomerang ability #3598, generic 3 hit passive #2947, a slow/stun/shield ability for idk why, and an op ult. The only thing unique about him is his E.
Gradeient (EUW)
: Another Akali nerf.
They nerfed her so many times already. Just give her another rework. And this is coming from someone who dislikes akali.
: The new website design and Akali
Riot has to give weebs, who make up 80% of the lol community, something to jerk off to. That's why you see Akali.
: Remembering why I quit: People that intentionally do not surrender and drag a game over at 5 past 30
I wouldn't waste my time venting here if I were you. 80% of the player base are weebs who never give up because anime tells them to. Theyre delusional. Don't waste your time. It doesnt help that riot keeps releasing skins for the same few anime girls which further encourage weebs by giving them something to jerk off to.
Śhunpo (OCE)
: Please nerf Lee sin
The funny thing is, even if Riot does as you say, they'll buff him again before the next worlds anyway.
: Got this comment removed a few days ago, thought it was funny.
: At the same time they also have a low chance of surviving all the assassins in mid.
YES. I completely agree with you there.
hoglo (EUW)
: Please add honest Skill Shot indicators.
That new blitz skillshots looks... weird if you know what I mean.
: A Vel'Koz skin worth concepting
Voidner (EUNE)
: Will Vel'Koz and Xerath and others ever get a new skin?
I'm sure they will get a skin. About your other question of why other champions frequently get skins, it's because riot is trying to appease their target base, the weebs. They heavily favor anime-looking champions, specifically the ones that horny weebs can jerk off to like akali, kai'sa, ahri, and lux.
ˆˇˆˇ (EUNE)
: "Thank you for your... contribution."
: Vel'Koz Skin
Simple, Vel'Koz isn't Ahri, Lux, Ezreal, or Kai'Sa.
Sydney26 (EUW)
: @Riot it has been 1285 days since last Kindred Skin
: Come on Riot it's time
: Winable, bro, trust me *CTRL+6*
: He absolutely does not need a buff. He's not popular for the same reason other artillery mages aren't right now. Forcing champs to be popular via buffs is not healthy for the game.
Its not just about his popularity though. Its also about his winrate.
: Get Vel Koz out of support, and then we'll talk.
I agree with your suggestion. I main velkoz support but I used to main him mid. I started playing him supported a few years ago simply because he was so much better as support. In fact, last year, velkoz mid was so bad that his mid play rate sunk so low, that velkoz wasn't even on the mid roster in champion select. I wouldn't mind riot making velkoz go mid again.
Comentários de Rioters
: They completely forget the non popular and highest pick rate characters. which is sad considering the cool potential of other characters such as vel'koz. for a while it seemed vel'koz was getting some attention with the new lore material but then they just dropped it. Seriously wish Riot would give Vel'koz a Dark Star Skin or ANY NEW SKIN at this point!
I want a new skin for velkoz too, but not dark star. Please don't release a new skin after 3.5 years that is basically the same as his classic skin.
youubi (NA)
: Dear Riot, please consider recategorizing your older skins (aka, old Legendaries).
I got demonblade tryndamere. Where does that fall on the cool meter?
: So, what does everyone think about the True Damage Band's line-up??
Riot forced it as usual. Anything to promote their cash cow champions.
Vınni (EUNE)
: Vel'Koz skin when
Riot's true damage skin line just leaked and its mostly the cash cow champion and not velkoz who hasn't had a skin in 1,300 days and ACTUALLY DEALS TRUE DAMAGE.
Sukishoo (NA)
: True Damage skins T-Shirt leaked.
Wow. A true damage team and you don't give a skin to velkoz, a champion who hasn't had a skin in over 1,300 days and you know, ACTUALLY DEALS TRUE DAMAGE.
: Runic VelKoz with beard and mustache!
By far the funniest velkoz skin idea I've ever seen! I love the Nordic theme too. Is velkoz supposed to be Odin in this skin line?
5050BS (NA)
: Riot: In Ranked games "Remake" should not be a Vote.
Yes please. Great idea. I'm tired of weebs still voting no when there's absolutely no penalty.
: Vel'Koz changes are desperately needed.
I have 2 megapoints on Vel'Koz.
: Velkoz skin suggestions
I really want a new velkoz skin. Hopefully it will be a good skin because if history is any indication, it will be a long time until velkoz gets a skin after that so I want to enjoy a high quality skin until then.
: Flying Spaghetti Monster Vel'Koz
: What kind of skin for Vel'koz, though?
: Vel'Koz Skin?
Vel'Koz skin! Vel'koz skin.
Destaice (NA)
: “This champion is too strong in pro play so now nobody gets to play it.”
Or "The top one tenth of one percent" as Bernie Sanders would put it.
Zed Boss (NA)
: "Why did you ban my champion?" Answer: "Oh cry me a river"
A little off topic, but a long time ago I hovered vel'koz support and someone on my team banned him. When I asked him why, he responded, "vel'koz support is a troll pick." I can't believe that some people still don't accept that vel'koz is a legitimate support.
: Just had a game when TWO team mates rage quit.
Jhin had the right idea. You should have voted yes.
: Vel'Koz is stronger in midlane or support
Support velkoz is better. I used to main velkoz mid but I got stuck in gold. I started maining velkoz support and I got to plat easily.
: Top 10 Champions that Riot hasn't made a new skin for in years.
Amewe (NA)
: nerf pyke healing
Are you trying to make the new "Nerf singed?"
: Who is the weakest midlaner at the moment?
Febos (EUW)
: This can't be a coincidence. It happened to me twice and I've seen more complain about it. Something is broken. Anyway, here is how you fix it: 1. Open your [Task Manager](https://turbofuture.com/computers/How-to-Open-Task-Manager-on-a-PC) 2. Go to your processes and order them by name 3. Find the "League of Legends" instance and terminate it. Simply right click then "Terminate" or Left Click then DELETE key. Be sure to only remove the one with the older icon. That is the game client. Basically, you need to forcefully kill the game client and click the "Reconnect" button.
It didn't work for me. It still says game is still in progress and won't give me the reconnect button.
: Broken client or me?
I'm having the same problem.
: People troll my games because I pick Vel'koz support.
I never encountered people who threatened to int because I picked velkoz support but at rare times I do encounter people who ban velkoz back when I used to hover him. Now I don't hover velkoz anymore because of it.
: Ever consider to put a points limit for picking a champ in ranked ?
Wow I like this idea. I too have encountered players who used smurfs only to test out champions in ranked. I once even played with a ZERO mastery point kayle top and she played as bad as you think. There was one funny time when I had one of those smurfs testing out ryze in ranked who fed early game and remained useless for the rest of the game and when I criticized him, he told me that he's a higher rank them I am on his main account and that he has a higher winrate than I do on his main champion. It's funny because one, he isn't on his main account and two, he wasn't playing his main champion, so my criticism still stands.
: I'm not touching this mode with a 50ft pole.
I don't like this game mode either.
Rock MD (NA)
: ***
It’s stupid that he’s rank shaming at all since statistics wise, most players aren’t diamond+. Is he really making a ridiculous post and expecting only diamond+ players to respond?
: Mega-post of some balance changes that should be done (under my opinion)
Remove velkoz's true damage? Are you a new player? Velkoz's niche is to be the true damage mage. Your suggestion strips his identity away making him another generic mage.
: Riot I beg u , nerf Riven into Oblivion
I'll agree with you if you make a nerf riven video Hashinshin's "nerf singed" style.
: can't login
I'm having the same problem.
: Cant login why???
I can't login and i'm from NA. Edit: About 2 minutes after posting this I can now login but I can't click play. Hovering my mouse over the play button shows that they're having trouble "talking" to the servers and theyre giving me an error code 18. I dont' know what happened. Edit 2: 15 minutes after posting this I can now login and play.
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