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Kìtë (NA)
: LF mid and top for clash
idk if you want me bc im not plat, but im a gold 3 mid laner. I main Veigar with backup picks of neeko and xerath. Discord: Panty #6707
: our midlaner ditched we only need midlaner gold/plat only please, comms required
I am a gold 3 mid laner. I main veigar, with backups of neeko and xerath. My Discord: Panty #6707
: Need a gold+ jungler (Tank main pref)
I semi-main rammus and am gold 3 if you still need someone. discord: Panty #6707
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: G1 Jungle Main Looking For Clash Team
I invited you to the team, if you are interested you can hmu on discord. Panty #6707
: G2 Sup/Top LF Clash Team
I invited you to my team. you can hmu on discord if you want to join. Panty #6707
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