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: I'm think more likely teaser will be during the 10th anniversary livestream. As for guesses, I'm honestly thinking Lux. She was a huge presence in the first half of the year, which is what they base the decision on (also, she does fall into that "support is next" pattern)
That could be possible. A lot of people have also assumed Aatrox as a possible contender because of how strong he has been for the past year. This is a bit off topic, but one thing I wish they would do with Victorious skins is give them a loading screen border. Since Season 7, both the Conqueror and Championship skin lines have had loading screen borders, but Victorious is still yet to have any. It shouldn't be rewarded to everyone though as part of the skin, I feel like it should be a special reward for meeting a certain criteria or if not you don't get the border. Maybe it could be a reward for having all 3 Ranked queues Gold+ similarly to the chromas, or maybe it could be a reward for being Honor level 5, anything lower than that and you don't get the border not even if you're Honor 4 Checkpoint 3. To match with the aesthetic of Victorious, the design of the border could be a golden laurel, the bottom center could have a blue crystal since the Victorious skins are usually decorated with crystals, and there could be some sort of blue and/or purple cloth looking texture to the sides of it.
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: And what skin line would be this be in exactly? And why would it be an ultimate over all the others? You can't just make any skin an ultimate. That's the problem GGMF had. They could have just made that a legendary, but they didn't. They _had_ to make it an ultimate, but it wasn't up to the standards of being an ultimate. It would have to be something specifically made for him.
It doesn't have to be part of a skin line, could be a skin unique to him just like DJ Sona, Elementalist Lux, and Spirit Guard Udyr that aren't part of any skin line. However, if I were to choose an existing skin line that would match with that concept, it would probably be Headhunter.
: What's your favorite champion artistically/design-wise?
{{champion:202}} Jhin for sure. Everything about him is just perfection. His design, his lore, his abilities, his skins. It's all perfect.
: Here's the thing: Jhin's character isn't like Ezreal's or Lux's where you can just shove him into any skin line you want and have it work. He's not some basic bitch. He's a serial killer who's only purpose in life is to twist your body into something hauntingly beautiful. His voice lines aren't something that would work for every universe either, nor is his style. And, even if the theme fits him, why make it an ultimate skin instead of a normal skin? Ultimate skins have to be ground breaking and over the top. Sona changes the map music, Lux has a ton of forms all with their own VOs, Ezreal evolves as he levels, ect. Jhin just doesn't do anything special that they could work with for an ultimate skin, and it would probably end up being like GGMF anyway, so disappointing and below standard that they couldn't even charge full price for it and actually have to sit down and reevaluate their decisions in terms of ultimate skins.
When I said he would look good in any skin line I meant visually speaking, not lore wise. I could easily come up with a concept for an Ultimate skin right now which matches with his lore. You could have a skin where throughout the game he will be given a randomly chosen target that he needs to kill and when he does you could evolve the skin back at fountain. With each kill, his "performance" grows. His appearance changes, his tools are upgraded, the effects of his abilities change, he gains new voice lines, the music of his Ult changes, etc. It's a similar concept to Rengar's Bonetooth Necklace Passive except he can only have one target at a time at certain intervals so there could be some time between each transformation to avoid situations where you end up killing the entire team in a team fight and you end up going straight to the final evolution while skipping all the evolutions in between. This is just a basic concept by the way. More could be added to it to make it feel more unique. If you wanted to get even more intricate with the skin, you could have it where there could be unique transformations that he can only acquire when he kills a specific champion, let's say Zed or Shen because of lore (it could be completely different rivals depending on the skin's lore, but I'm basing it off of his normal lore.) It would mean that you would only be able to get these transformations when one of these specific champions are on the enemy team, but it would feel extremely rewarding when you do end up killing one of them to achieve these unique transformations that don't happen every game.
: Eh... No. As cool as it would be, Jhin doesn't really do anything all that special that would make for a truly ground-breaking, over the top skin. Plus, I honestly can't think of any themes that would fit him and would also be ultimate tier.
I can't say I agree with this since I believe the possibilities for Jhin skins are endless. His design as a whole is so unique and interesting that it's just really easy to make really cool and stylish skins for him. You could put him in any skin line and I guarantee that he will look good in any of them, he's like the Guile's Theme of League. I honestly don't think it would be that hard to make an Ultimate skin for Jhin that would be mind blowing, but you know I'm just a crazy Jhin fanatic and I'll never be against the thought of an Ultimate skin for Jhin. Call me biased but I think if Jhin got an Ultimate skin it would be the best Ultimate skin ever created.
: > [{quoted}](name=iiGazeii,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=eGY1qA4o,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-28T04:44:15.432+0000) > > Or > > Or > > {{champion:136}} > {{champion:3}} > {{champion:203}} > {{champion:90}} > {{champion:432}} these are all AWESOME choices but obviously, Kled is best. really as much as Iove my main, morde, Shen, and Kayne could have an awesome Ultimate skin
You know what, I'd honestly be down with Kayn if not Jhin as he's my Jungle main and I also really love his design. That being said, Jhin has priority for me either way.
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: _Oh, wow, it's almost like a company needs money to maintain a Free-to-Play game, and they aim to get said income from extraneous content purchases._ But, y'know, instead of actually pointing out where PE/BM Aatrox could be made more visually distinct from regular BM Aatrox, we can just make sarcastic, half-assed remarks about laziness and greed without actually being helpful. I'm not going to disagree, PE/BM Aatrox does need some tweaks to make it more visually distinct, but saying dumb, sarcastic stuff like that really, really isn't going to help.
As consumers, if we're going to pay for something we should have expectations for what we're paying for, it's not that it's wrong that they're trying to make more money from these extra content they've been releasing, but if they're going to sell us an item that's supposed to be "prestigious" and expect us to pay for it then it should at least look the part. Granted, we don't know yet on how Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox will be acquired since Riot Mort has confirmed on Twitter that it will not be attained via an event pass. I would at least say change his clothing and hair style to something different as that's how it was with the previous two Prestige Editions.
: It's been getting worse lately to the point where Riot is literally just selling us the same skins again and just passing them off as "Variants" e.g. Pajama Guardians.
Heck, at least Pajama Guardians actually look different compared to their Star Guardian counterparts, it already one ups Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox there.
: Rito getting lazy and hungry for cash? Never. {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
It's been getting worse lately to the point where Riot is literally just selling us the same skins again and just passing them off as "Variants" e.g. Pajama Guardians.
The skin is really cool looking and I'll definitely be grabbing it when it releases, but I am heavily disappointed with its Prestige Edition. I made a thread about it which you could see below.
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