Modi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Veralion,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=kNF5aOnc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-12-29T22:31:40.216+0000) > > kill myself 1. I am in agreement with MrFawknSunshine, I had no idea what this was. 2. Why in the hell would you say t hat? 3. If anything **both** you and him should be punished. You both were speaking about harming someone.
rujitra (NA)
: You think. That's your interpretation. We don't have the rest of the conversation, nor do we know if they were on League Voice or Discord with a party member and replying to something they said in chat. "plz do" is not inappropriate. Period.
Cait was already duo with support, there was no other interactions or messages in chat that he could have been talking to, and you are smarter than this. Stop playing dumb and making excuses for bad people.
rujitra (NA)
: Right, but using the phrase "kys" is what's **zero tolerance**. Against the rules does not by default mean zero tolerance. The zero tolerance list is **intentionally** limited to phrases that are **so insanely inappropriate in every situation** that no sane human would think they're okay. "plz do" is not even a sentence that makes sense in the first place, much less something that could be deemed "insanely inappropriate".
You make absolutely no sense. It's insanely inappropriate to encourage suicide regardless of how you express it. There's nothing special about the acronym, they're just 3 letters, what's zero tolerance is the idea behind them, and that idea is being expressed here.
: > [{quoted}](name=Veralion,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=kNF5aOnc,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-29T22:26:49.380+0000) > > Someone did this in my game while soft inting the team, forcing us to lose. Full context: > > "this is why you'll be plat forever" > "kms" > "plz do" > > Did not get detected by IFS. Upon ticketing and receiving several replies from Riot support and providing screenshot evidence just to make their jobs easier, he is not banned. Pretty disgusting and unacceptable. PM me for evidence, due to stupid ass name and shame rules I can't provide meaningful evidence with names publicly. He said Kms he didn't say kys Stop being so emotional lol.
So KYS is perfectly ok so long as you don't say the 3 letters explicitly, got it.
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: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
Shyvana's second Q hit always deals physical damage to towers while in dragon form, which is very little when building AP. Gets absolutely none of the AP scaling. Feels really bad and doesn't make much sense. Simple and easy fix!
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: role stealing?
No, i queued and got mid, im not a champ select terrorist ty
Rester (NA)
: If you got a 14 day ban you probably either flamed pretty hard or got into hate speech. Post your chat logs if you really think you're innocent. You can play off-meta things, you cannot however be a dick to other people.
you dont get chat logs for a gameplay ban, ifs looks at various stats in your game to punish you
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: That might not be one of the zero-tolerance phrases, but you're still telling others to kill themselves. "Being creative" isn't a safety net from being punished.
tide pod not necessarily lethal watchu mean
: I don't think there's a policy about what kinds of things they will and won't punish. If you submit a ticket, I've always heard Rioters say that more evidence is better. But don't expect them to perma someone after one game, either; they have a process, and even if they review your ticket and find that you are correct, it may just be a warning or chat restriction on their first offense. Just about the only thing I know of that draws an automatic lengthy ban is hate speech.
I thought you didn't get warned for gameplay stuff and just went straight to 14 day. Problem is it never happens since their system might as well not exist for anything that happens outside of chat, which is ridiculous and insane. I don't care if you spam 500 swastikas per second. You run it down in my ranked game, you deserve 10 times what you'd get for being a dick in chat.
: Has anyone ever been banned for saying "int irl"?
How about run it down into traffic? That's a good one. Huff Chlorine? Eat a tide pod? There's only so many things IFS can scan for. Just gotta be creative.
Kei143 (NA)
: You don't need to send in any videos, they already have access top all the gameplay vods. In fact, they have access to other things like ping, click locations, how you pan your screen, keyboard presses etc. Trolling and griefing offenses are met with 14-day ban and permaban. Most of those are already manually reviewed, other than the super simple cases where the automated bot can determine without doubt that the case is indeed trolling / griefing.
A clip would make it much easier, they are busy and typically just paste back a prewritten BS response half the time to save time. They aren't gonna dig into a game and watch it for 10 minutes and have a debate on if the guy is inting or not. Clipping the evidence together gives them no excuse to let people ruin the game.
RallerenP (EUW)
: > IFS does literally nothing to deter hard or soft inting, champion select terrorism, or afking in base without triggering leaverbuster. That's a bold claim to make. You will rarely see cases presented where people are correctly banned for inting, because there isn't anything interesting about that. Of course, you will still see *some* cases where it happens, but not a lot. And you'll very often see cases presented where the system didn't work, because those cases get a lot of attention by the community. This presents a skewed view of reality. Especially on reddit and boards, because of the echo-chamber effect these sides provides. Example: A post titled 'How can the system still not detect trolls?!?!?!". If no explanation is posted in the comments early on, the thread becomes popular, it will be filled with people bringing up examples of trolls going unpunished. The actual explanations will just get downvoted, and as such not have any visibility. Another similar post that instantly is provided an explanation, will still not get any visibility, because such a thread doesn't have any value. --- First, let us remove the terms 'soft-inting and hard-inting'. Inting is intentionally feeding/losing. You can't lose somewhat intentionally. Either it's intentional or not. Intentional inting is punishable. > Refusing to help the team at critical moments (jungler split pushing bot while baron is being pressured and obviously knows better) Again, either they are intentionally trying to lose or not. In this case, it may be one or the other. If you're refusing to help because you think another strategy is more viable, then it's not bannable. If you're refusing to help out of spite or because you know it'll lose the game, then it's bannable. > Banning your champion in champion select and gloating over it Banning your teammates' champions: Not bannable. Gloating over it: Perhaps. Depends on the individual case (what they said specifically). Gloating isn't in itself punishable, but being toxic in chat *is*. > Threatening to run it down or lock in cleanse barrier Rammus bot if denied their preferred role in champ select That is punishable. > AFK in base while spamming surrender votes and clicking around to avoid penalty The LeaverBuster system can already catch that. Just report it.
IFS is literally a dumb chat reading robot and does not look at the actual game at all. Explain to me how leaverbuster detects and punishes some asswipe clicking around in circles for 3 minutes in the fountain spamming open mid and waiting to lose. Leaverbuster only docks people who hard DC for longer than 5 minutes multiple times.
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: Dishonorable to Honor 2 (Edit 3: 1/22/19)
Now do it to honor 2. I did 50 games over 2 weeks and didn't even get a fucking checkpoint. This BS system can go straight to hell. Demotivating AF.
Twikai (EUW)
: A while ago I was put to Honor level 0 and I feel literally 0 motivation to "reform".
: Why is everyone so toxic?
Because people are trying to bait you into a chat war to get your account banned.
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: Thus, revealing your status with the system to you would be counter productive. Since you would likely just revert right back to the behavior that **you** find acceptable, knowing that it would be unlikely your account would be perma-banned by the next punishment.
So why don't we just start every account on sudden death then, since you seem to think that that's all it takes to get people to not be toxic? Since you don't think that people deserve any sort of slack after a few hundred games of positivity? The issue here is that the system is way too trigger happy at sudden death level and there doesn't seem to be any way to be sure of avoiding it aside from just not typing at all from what I've seen in this forum. You can't risk saying a word to an asshole because you are treated so much differently than they probably are. You are forced to be abused and turn the other cheek like Jesus. I don't want to be Jesus. I want to be a human.
: "Three to six months of regular playing, with positive or neutral behavior" is the most common way to state the requirements. It gives the behavioral requirement, the time requirement, and the game requirement. Playing 200 games a day will not get you into perfect standing in a week (so it is not strictly game gated), nor will playing 1 game a month get you into perfect standing in six months (so it is also not strictly time gated). As for "walking on eggshells before you can have fun again", if "having fun" got you in trouble the first time, then it'll land you in hot water again. If the way you desire to act is outside the rules, it may be best for you to find a different game, since that is easier than changing what you find fun.
You don't fucking get it. You get permabanned for offenses that wouldn't even chat restrict you normally at this point. I don't trust this game's automated system to say a word and risk the account I spent 7 years building. Please devote some thought to understanding my point before you jump to demonizing me as a %%%% that can't wait to tell his feeding adc to drink bleach and uninstall.
: Riot has stated that they don't want to give clear signals when an account is in danger of the next punishment or when it has dropped a punishment tier. Players would use that information to allow themselves to return to negative behavior, as you seem to be clearly planning. >before I get some slack and can start having fun with the game again
I would never in my wildest dreams call some of these chat logs I see on this forum negative behavior. They make me way too paranoid to ever say anything besides rawr, xd, and gg. That's not fun.
: Time will definitely not decrease your toxic meter. That much is a known fact. Why would it? You have to demonstrate you are no longer toxic by playing non-toxic game, not hide until it is blown over. As for game gated, yes that is true that you must play a certain amount of games to get the meter reduced. How many games? That depends on how toxic you are when playing. There will be many games you may be reported in but not get punished because it is too mild as to not fill that toxic meter to full, but it will add to the meter. No one can tell you how many games you will need because no one can tell how negative/neutral/positive you will be each game (not even you yourself can tell that future). It based entirely on the amount of games you play, not time. The only reason people say average of 3 months because it is assumed you play on average 2,3 games a day while being neutral or positive.
All I'm asking for is to see this purported "meter". I don't think that's an unreasonable request to Riot. I fucking hate behind the scenes obscure hand wavey hocus-pocus mechanics.
Kei143 (NA)
: If you dont play on your main, it will always be in sudden death state as the state decays based on games played. Think of it like a music game's danger bar, if you pause the game, that bar stays in the same position until you play it to increase or reduce that bar. It takes an average of 3 months of neutral play to drop a tier.
I see so many different answers that I don't believe anything anymore. I see time gated, game gated, 300 games, 700 games, 1 month, 6 months, anything in between. I don't understand how long I need to be walking on eggshells before I get some slack and can start having fun with the game again.
Xidphel (NA)
: You can't get banned for harmless banter in sudden death.
You're fucking wrong. Read some threads.
: Your statement was that 'zero tolerance penalties are counter productive' and that somehow it has been proven. In fact, zero tolerance penalties do change behavior. What you are describing is an issue with the clarity of honor state for penalized players. This is known. What isn't known to a lot of players, though it has been mentioned, is that honor gains are slowed for unsportsmanlike players even when it isn't to the level to warrant a penalty. How this manifests is that penalized players are unsportsmanlike and expect to climb just because they aren't penalized. The climb in honor you need to ... be honorable. The honor system was created as a season-long progression system for sportsmanlike players. It isn't a 1-week or 1-month thing. It is supposed to take a season. Creating a new account does not help if you are exhibiting the same types of behavior.
Then why do I see so many honor 5 players who are extremely passive aggressive and condescending in chat? That's absolute crap dude, and I won't accept it. Your honor system is a measurement of ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY: how long it has been in real time since you have been punished. You don't get docked honor for being a dick. You don't get docked honor for soft inting and trolling. You only get docked honor if you trigger your context-less, dumb, broken, easily fooled chat scanning robot. And gaining honor is tied extremely strongly to real time. That's how people who barely play a few games a day can keep up with massive streamers who play 8 hours a day like imaqtpie. So it doesn't really matter how many honors per game you get. It just matters if you don't get reported and honor stalled. By the way, WHY IN THE HELL do we not get a notification that our honor progress has been slowed? It would be a really good heads up to stop typing in chat and would save a lot of people from getting punished, I'm willing to bet. You guys need to be MUCH more transparent about how all this shit works. The amount of rumors and misinformation I've seen flying around this forum about such a critical system is unacceptable.
Modi (NA)
: Time alone does not drop your punishment level. You must play games, and be neutral or positive to make that occur. If you just stop playing on your account, and just sits, no changes to your punishment level occur.
Show an official source. There are so many myths flying around this forum. Riot has been fucking terrible at making their systems clear and comprehensible. Even some of their own player support staff gives out misinformation.
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Doaenel (NA)
: How do i go down a punishment tier
Don't touch the account for 6 months. Anyone can ban you if you say one word against them. There's no clarity to this BS punishment system. We don't know how it works. It's not worth the risk. Start a smurf.
: Honor should restore much faster after Chat restriction
I did 50 games after unlocking honor over 2 weeks and didn't get a checkpoint. If it takes more than that to climb, then I don't fucking care about it.
Ryoth (NA)
: How does one become Honorable from being Dishonorable???
It's time gated and it's impossible to reform in time. Riot fucked you. Takes 3 months+ at minimum.
: So Riot, are we going to completely revise what stands for "zero tolerance" now?
Sanjuro insults T1, who was ID banned, and who Riot hated, is fired for it. DZK insults MOST OF THE COMMUNITY, calls them MANBABIES, tells them to SEA LION SOMEWHERE ELSE, retweets something telling them to ACTUALLY KILL THEMSELVES, and STILL HAS A FUCKING JOB?! THINKING EMOJI?!!??!?? Riot cares more about politics than they do their players. That's the only way this makes sense. Next patch will add build the wall and MAGA to the instabanned zero tolerance words, lmao.
: The problem with KYS logic
KYS isn't ok but 14 day for anything short of an actual fucking death threat is retarded. That's way worse and something even I'd never do. Put kys and slurs under 25 game chat restrict or add a punishment tier between that and 14. Riot ruins your entire fucking account for one mistake and I'm sick of being treated like expendable garbage by a company who harrasses its women constantly and has multiple employees spitting pure hatred at the community keeping it afloat.
: I got a 14 day suspension for repeating the words on Daniel Z Klein in game.
As a man you've been banned until 2:30 2.30 weeks from now while we make the game a safer space for wamen and gender unicorns :3
Blenos (NA)
: Can we say sexist things now?
go sea lion somewhere else xd
: chat penalty system is unreasonable
Welcome to Riot Games, where we employ people who shit all over our community while banning said community for sticking a toe across an invisible line.
: I was permanently banned on league and I believe the reasoning as to why is just straight unfair.
If this gets you banned then I don't even want to play. Reading shit like this literally kills the game for me. Pressing enter nowadays is like playing russian roulette.
Die Alone (EUW)
Welcome to the hotel Honor Zero. You can check in anytime you like. BUT YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE. I'm probably just going to quit. My main account is permanently ruined. I played 60 games after unlocking honor averaging 0.8 honors per game over 14 days and I'm still checkpoint 0. I have absolutely no sense of progress in this bullshit system and have given up trying to reform for now. It's much safer to just let the account chill for 6 months so I can't be permad. I don't have the inhuman zen fortitude to just mute people who start a fight with me and I don't want to risk my main. People have caught onto how touchy and abuseable the system is, and I actually firmly believe it fuels toxicity because shitheads know that they can get people banned by baiting them into arguments. Maybe I won't come back. I picked HotS back up and have been enjoying it. General chat on HotS is fucking lit, man. People are free to talk about whatever the fuck they want over there without worrying about Big Brother cracking their heads. Riot would ban everyone for the sorts of shit they talk about. The community is also much less toxic, and I haven't had more than a "you're bad" in a few dozen games. Blizzard is a much better company than Riot. Nobody at Blizzard tells you to go sea lion somewhere else. They don't fucking ruin you for one bad word. I've been playing since season 1 and I love my Shyvana so much, and LoL still has better gameplay, so this really sucks, but Alexstrasza is fine too I guess. Oh, and you will not hit honor 2 in time. It's mathematically impossible. Riot fucked us.
Modi (NA)
: > Historically, chat bans, account suspensions, and perma bans were the only way to miss out on end of season rewards after ranking up the ladder all season. This year, with the implementation of the honor system and hextech reward punishments, Riot had other things in mind.. To create a Dishonorable Status where anyone below level 2 honor will be INELLIGABLE for rewards The only way to go below honor 2 is to receive one of those punishments. I don't see how it is that much different from what it was before. Yes, it makes it harder to "earn back" rewards, when you are punished, but I agree with Riot that it **should** be hard to earn it back. It should take effort. You shouldn't be rewarded when you are not being a good LoL citizen.
It takes no effort, just time. There's no point to doing more than 3 games a day if you want honor. Honor 5 does not mean you are a positive player. It just means that it's been ages since you've been punished. Most honor 5s I see are passive aggressive assholes who just know what they can get away with and have BM down to a science.
: Honor and End of Season Rewards. Why Change?
It's total bullshit and part of the reason why the game is dying. You can straight up say the n word on and Blizzard will only ban you for 3 hours. 14 days for anything short of scripting is fucking absurd. After this trainwreck of a season and seeing the current direction of champion design go off the deep end, I think I'm gonna play a game that treats me as something more than expendable garbage.
: "Grow thicker skin"
Depends on the industry. You won't last two seconds in a kitchen if you can't take being screamed at.
: You're assuming all things that nudge someone towards suicide have the same impact. That's not so. I have had to spend a sleepless night holding someone back from committing suicide. While there where many things leading up to that moment, the trigger was someone on the other team telling them "kys soraka". Other sorts of low level flame may have been mentioned, I don't recall, but that was the one that hit home. So no, I don't think all flame needs to be treated as harshly as "KYS" is, and I fully agree with "KYS" earning 14 day bans.
See, now that's a useful comment. Fantastic tone and great story. So it does happen, good to know and I'll keep it in mind. This is the sort of dialogue that makes sifting through all the other trash worth it.
RallerenP (EUW)
: > You don't get to decide how people deal with the horrors of the world. By forcing others to listen to your 'dark humor' you are literally deciding how they should deal with the horrors of the world.
???????????????? Ooooohhh, are you one of those speech is violence types? :D
: I'm depressed and I got banned for saying kys.I found that funny but yeah its the same as any kind of flame and other flaming should be an instant 14 day ban by that logic.
*Tips hat* Sorry for ya, hope things improve <3
Jamaree (NA)
: Because calling someone trash, telling them they are bad, or cursing at them is one thing, hoping and wishing they end their life is another?
It ain't serious, it's a trolly way to say fuck you. I'd actually much rather get sent a simple kys than some of the absolutely infuriating more creative shit I've seen over the years.
RallerenP (EUW)
: Terrible excuse. Don't say that as if you're the victim. You're not 'inflicted' with dark humor, you have a choice in whether or not you joke about suicide. Just because other people joke about horrible stuff, doesn't mean you have to.
You don't get to decide how people deal with the horrors of the world.
: i like how he changed the title halfway through the conversation, backpedal mode...ACTIVATE!
It's a more accurate summation of my argument, yes. We cannot refine and reiterate if we do not speak.
: i hear personal attacks are a great way to prove how right you are btw way to change the headline to seem less scummy, good call lol
and toxic trolls love people like you THINKING EMOJI ????????????
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