: Actually its best to take **all the farm** of the feeding jungler. Now he doesnt need to risk facechecking into unsafe jungle and die solo again for the krugs. This way he is also forced to build cheap tanky items like {{item:3075}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3118}} {{item:3110}} instead of {{item:3078}}{{item:3161}} on his 0 7 {{champion:24}}. In the meantime you will get more gold and xp and can carry harder. Even if he tilts and leaves the game, your team is prob better off without him and now u get even more gold and xp. You are doing a huge service for the 3 other teammates and he might actually thank you for carrying him.
Yeah but as I said in the op, ONE feeding teammate can be the entire reason you lose a game, and when taking all the income from your jungler he literally won't be able to recover to the point of not feeding anymore. Sometimes the jungler isn't feeding but due to the laners soaking up all their income they then fall behind and then start feeding by circumstance. It's not s3 or s4 anymore, you can't solo carry as often, idc how good you are or think you are.
Hügö (EUW)
: The usual spam ping when you take 1 cs but when you spam ping them when they take 2 camps it is mostly "chill it is only 2 camps".
Or your ADC takes your krugs while you're heading towards them then recalls to by so you push out bot lane and they spam ping you cause "that's their farm." Often times both these instances happen in the same game from the same person! lol
iiGazeii (NA)
: Once the lanes break out, all bets are off. I won't take jungle camps in the laning phase, but once we're 20 minutes into the game, I still need to farm. If the lanes are shoved out, them I'm getting the gold I can reach safely, which is usually in the jungle. You're free to farm minions at that point, too, since you've likely finished your jungle item.
It makes sense that when laning phase is totally over then there's no holds barred in terms of who gets what farm, but that doesn't mean be mindless about it. If your jungler is at his krugs and you're running down lane to the farm, don't detour and take the gold from those krugs just cause you can and "laning phase is over." At the same time if the jungler is coming out of base and lanes are pushing in don't full clear their jungle cause you're a Kai'Sa or someone who can auto clear them with one or two ability casts, cause then you go to lane and start taking all that farm while your jungler is returning to a completely empty jungle. I mean when pushing into an opponent one of the things you do when you go to reset is snag as much of the jungle as you can on your way out so they don't have access to it. When you keep taking all the camps as a fast farming laner you are essentially doing that same thing to your own teammate. Yeah sure, if your jungler is bot side map and you're heading top then it makes total sense to snag which ever jungle camp is on your way up, that's just being efficient. All I'm saying is actually pay attention, cause MANY laners just take every camp they can simply cause they can, and the jungler ends up starved for gold and xp by their own teammates, who will then likely blame them for dying while trying to get farm in a side lane, warding cause they have nothing else to do, or just imploding in a teamfight cause they're so far behind in terms of items and levels. Also, as a jungler it is not uncommon for laners to take camps from you as they pass by on their way back to lane, or they take that last hit on scuttle just cause they can, and other shit like that. Certainly not uncommon at all either.
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: You're NOT wrong. There's nothing that warwick can do at level 2 or even 3 because the enemy team will always be a level higher, which is enough to kill you if you get careless. I'd say wait till level 6 but the ganking starts at level 2 tbh. They need to give is E more range and his W needs to ACTIVELY increase his speed for 1.5-2.5 seconds by 25%. It's buggy and useless since so many people get boots of swiftness and beserkers greives. I suggest testing out builds in intermediate bot, because there have been times I outplayed other WW's with experimental builds. But my honest advice is to NEVER waste time upgrading the jungler's machete. Warwick's q does things better than its upgrades, and you WILL need boots of swiftness to survive a dive.
You confused me, commenting on a post I made 3 years ago lol But I'm fine now tbh, WW has my highest winrate and I think he's in a perfectly good place balance wise now. My main problem 3 years ago was that I think I was going in too hard, expecting my self-sustain and E damage reduction to keep me alive long enough for my team to react, but the truth of the matter is you cannot rely on your team, basically ever, so WW plays better into small skirmishes and obviously for catches. if you HAVE to teamfight he's better peeling for his carries then he is diving into a backline cause carries nowadays just do to much damage for any kind of tank/semi-tank to survive long without help. Also Cinderhulk is super good on him cause it scales really well with titanic which is one of his key items, and you also kinda need the the mana regen if you don't want to always be backing.
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: His laning dominance WAS the problem. What has gotten exactly nerfed between Worlds last year and this recent nerf? His E and Q. Apparently designing a Juggernaut to have two dashes and 3 things of micro cc that also does bonus damage on top of having minion and damage sustain isn't a bad idea. Like, people bitched before he got nerfed that his Q was too strong. Its the only ability he has that does anything. E and W feed into Q. This is kinda what happens when you try to change a champion too much from a design that could have been modernized with large changes. Not to mention possibly drifting away from the original purpose.
That's exactly what I said, his laning was the problem so making it so he has zero sustain in the jungle, AGAIN, was completely unnecessary cause it essentially made it so he cannot jungle worth anything at all anymore. And yes, they do appear to be drifting away form who Aatrox is, or was at this point, in the fact that he was no way of sustaining outside of hitting champions which is trash until at least mid game. I get just being able to get back to 100% form using your Q on a minion wave three times was a problem, but then why remove it from jungle monsters as well? It was just a pointless jungle nerf, again....
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: Honestly if the lee sin is good, he will out smite the jungler 90 percent of the time Q/Q+smite is near impossible to out perform
Yeah, I did make that clear on our way over to Baron... I was ignored..... and then blamed for a "missed" smite that was on CD against a Lee Sin..... my soloQ life atm.....
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: In this ELO throws happen more often than not. So, why not keep on trying?
I never stop trying if no one surrenders, but when it's 20 mins in and my mid and bot lane have donated over 30 fucking kills already I don't see the point...... you gotta be realistic sometimes.
: There were many problems to this. You seemed to have focused top WAY too hard, and not bothering making sure the other lanes dont completely get destroyed. If you notice your teammate is feeding though, and you know they cant win a 1v1 against the other laner, tell them to play passive or turrent hug and focus on cs. Try to gank the other lanes when you know you can push them out of lane or kill them, without giving them a kill back. Depending on the game, you will probably catch back up if the other team isnt getting kills. Theres tons of other things like this to consider, you always have to focus on taking/stealing objectives and getting a gold lead. Those two factors heavily decide the game.
Don't lie to me and tell me you've never had a game where you cannot gank for a lane cause it's fed way too fucking hard way too fucking fast..... I ended that game with like 6 deaths I think it was, same with my top laner..... the rest of my team totaled 38-40 fucking deaths!!!! This game didn't even hit 30 mins, I ganked top once MAYBE twice and my bot lane had already given up around 6 kills and my mid lane had died at least 3 times. If I hadn't been focusing top side I'd have either died with my laners cause they were so far behind or not been able to make it to them as they died once again in lane without the enemy jungler ever fucking showing up. I can also say the same thing you did for my feeding lanes, "just play safe and cs," but they didn't. They got crushed in a straight match up, ridiculously hard, and my question was how to recover from that. Apparently the answer was that you cannot and you need to just move on to the next game lol
Dynikus (NA)
: >what are you supposed to do? ff and play the next game. You're not going to win every game, it's impossible to do so.
Teams at this fucking elo NEVER want to ff, they've all got that "never stop trying" mentality even though they all yell at each other so much I play with "all mute" most of the time..... But yeah I do keep forgetting that, it's just that after like 3-4 games of this bullshit ina row I start to feel like I must be doing something wrong, I'm not winning ANY games so there has to be something I could be doing differently....... even though I'm literally the only person on these teams that doesn't have double digit deaths... seriously I've never seen this many deaths in this short of a time span...... Guess that's just the downward slope of the luck train though. I did get carried a couple games last week, guess this is my repentance..... :/
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Ralanr (NA)
: Personally I max Q on him for extra combat mobility and emergency sustain. Warwick doesn't really need to rush his jungle item imo. If you're building cinderhulk then you can hold it off once you get bami's so you can finish titanic. To make the most out of titanic, you want to get pretty tanky, so grabbing a spirits visage or deadmans/omen is a must (and you might want to get both. I wouldn't recommend a heavy AS build, your W provides enough against low health targets. Getting them to low health isn't an issue because you excel in long fights, so don't worry if you're not bursting anyone). You can also solo any dragon on your first clear at level 3. It's a bit risky, so you should make sure if the enemy jungler isn't nearby. Use the blast cone to avoid being seen by a scuttle ward.
Yeah I've never built anymore then titanic for damage on him, as you mentioned he doesn't need anymore then that to be effective. Down side is titanic kind of needs the other tanky items to really pop off, so you're stuck in a power dip for a bit. That's where I find most of my issues.
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Xyzx (NA)
: It's because even though he averages higher, he still underperforms alot so they tend to possibly switch him out, hence the splitting. thats why i said that, tbh, you might be best off with ninja possibly
Yeah, I fucked up and grabbed Pobelter early on cause my dumbass didn't know who was playing where this season, so I had no idea IMT would suck ass cause they lost every single player except for Pobelter lol Weird trading him for Ninja xP
: I'm going to follow up with my previous post and state that it is highly unlikely that Link will play. Liquid will no longer split time between Goldenglue and Link, and will have Golden as the starting midlaner. Link, however, is moving out of the Liquid house. However, he will remain a substitute for Liquid. http://www.espn.com/esports/story/_/id/18648557/team-liquid-makes-change-mid-lane
This is actually exactly what I was looking for, thnx so much for the information!
Xyzx (NA)
: you're better off putting pobelter or ninja in there.
I mean Goldenglue has averaged higher then the both of them every single week, so he's a better choice especially with his match ups being better this week as well. Was just wondering if there's a reason they have him and Link splitting the stats?
Kigero (NA)
: How can you call this a fantasy site with not even proper stats? No waiver locking? Seriously?
Just a tip, complaining about the Fantasy LCS on here, no matter how true your concerns are, will only get you the typical spiteful replies of people who don't give a shit. Fantasy LCS is cool, though incredibly flawed as you've made note of, but it's secondary to the game as a whole, maybe even tertiary, so the majority of the people on these forums aren't avid fantasy leaguers and won't understand what you have to say. You're honestly better off complaining about it on Fantasy focused subreddits and shit like that, cause the people there will actually care lol But yes, I do agree with you xP
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GoleBilon (EUNE)
: > SHUTTING THE FUCK YOU SORRY PIECES OF SHIT ! how would you call it , you were obv triggered , i gave you 2 good solutions for the situation whetver you listen idc
GoleBilon (EUNE)
: msg from me to triggered kid ---> stop harrasing others , yea it sucks when your team gives up for no reason but it happens you have two optiions * motivate them in chat that you can win and shotcall what to do and how to win * motivate them by your plays and provide support for their loosing lanes so they will belive you can win this game if both above failed you call #unlucky and move on to another game
Kind of hard to take anything you say seriously right after you attempted to insult me, in kind of a ham-fisted way I might add, I mean it comes off as "I want to appear as the bigger man but I just HAVE to insult you in the most basic way possible beforehand." Just unnecessary. And yeah, as I alluded neither of those options have worked for a multitude of people, hence the post.
: Toxic or Truth?
There's a line between pointing out someone's mistakes in order to help them improve and just calling them shit players for the sole reason of making them feel like the shit you think they are. The former is ok, and yeah sometimes certain people will still overreact and take your constructive criticism as a personal affront to their whole being. But the latter is just you being a %%%%, and you deserve to be banned for thinking such childish, and yes TOXIC, behavior is alright. Learning this difference is important for growing the fuck up. Now I haven't seen the OPs actual statements so idk if he was trying to be constructive or just being a fucktwat cause he thought he could..... but OP, I know you know where you fall on that line.
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: Nope, not thin skinned, not a hypocrite. However, I have been cut down by the moderators too many times to insult you back and will rather, just report you and move on.
Well definitely a hypocrite, maybe you should take the time to go read what you wrote as well, you're apparently ignoring your own words as much as you did mine lol
: > [{quoted}](name=Vicarious117,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a1fcQBxg,comment-id=001a0001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-23T06:48:03.053+0000) > >this fool >his ignorance >ignorance is willful. > this moron Well that's lovely.
Want me to go back to your first post and nitpick out the insults as well? Don't be such a thin skinned hypocrite lol
: Wow, people tend to gravitate towards what's overpowered, imagine that? What a tough concept to grasp.
Is Sion still OP? No, he's considered to be a subpar frontliner right now? Then why on earth does he still have a far superior playrate and winrate then he did pre-rework? It couldn't possibly be cause he's just more fun to play now and his rework was a success, could it?
: I read the header and thought to myself, "Fuck I hate people with this mentality, this post is just gonna annoy me." But you aren't one of those assholes, I like you. Edit: I main Akali btw. (Been playing a lot of Fiora tho because she's a lot more reliable than akali rn.)
Glad you don't hate me lol And yeah I'm in the same boat, I love playing Aatrox and he can be just as effective like Akali can be, but just like how you play more Fiora cause she's easier I tend to play more Rengar and Vi cause they fit into the team better or are safer against the enemies team comp :P
: To the Yorick top I smashed with Heimerdinger
A decent amount of attention posts recently..... Also, Sion still exists. GG Heimers lol
: Can Riot stop with the reworks?
Sorry to say bro, but you're just wrong. They have screwed up a couple of them, but the ones they have messed up on where the mini reworks, their overhaul projects have almost entirely been successful. Only facts you need are their overall playrates, which literally skyrocketed once the reworks came through, meaning more and more people enjoy playing them. That's the definition of successful.
: > [{quoted}](name=DragonShea,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a1fcQBxg,comment-id=001a0000,timestamp=2017-01-23T01:10:17.273+0000) > > Naut jungle is not cool. He does fine. You can dislike it if you want, but it works.
lmao! So you basically agree with me but you're too self-absorbed to bother reading what I said to realize it! I know you won't read this either, you know if you do you'll realize just how stupid you've been, but I couldn't help but notice how hilariously ignorant you are. You're literally the definition of the problem with LoL and what my OP is talking about, you're too perfect lol Here's an upvote, I want people to see this! LOL
: > [{quoted}](name=Vicarious117,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a1fcQBxg,comment-id=001a00010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-23T06:41:31.549+0000) > > Given that you admitted you are against troll picking... nothing of what you type is worth reading, you have been destroyed. That is all.
> [{quoted}](name=Dominick Destine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a1fcQBxg,comment-id=001a000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-23T06:42:25.722+0000) > > you have been destroyed. Ironic, to say the least. Welp, I hope you all reading this have a good time, this fool made quite the show of his own ignorance and still doesn't realize it, again because that ignorance is willful. I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves another comment after this one similar to his last, so stick around, see what else this moron spews out, should be good shit lol
: > [{quoted}](name=Vicarious117,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a1fcQBxg,comment-id=001a000100000000,timestamp=2017-01-23T06:34:18.551+0000) > > No that is not what I want to do Then you have no argument and nothing you type is worth reading. Either you're against troll picking or you're in favor. If you're against, then you have nothing to present. You're either a terrible player that gets told that a lot, or you're whining about a non-existent problem.
Omfg you literally just did exactly what I accused you of doing..... you're embracing your own ignorance cause you're afraid of being wrong? Seriously? Then you're simply a waste of space, and anything you post is pointless. Next?
: > [{quoted}](name=Vicarious117,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a1fcQBxg,comment-id=001a0001,timestamp=2017-01-23T05:29:34.020+0000) > > "off-role" =/= "off-meta." No true scotsman fallacy detected. But more to the point; What you want is to troll pick with no consequences. You CAN do that, just not in ranked, not without getting (justifiably) reported. What is it about this that you are failing to understand?
No that is not what I want to do and I never said I wanted to, I actually have specifically mentioned multiple times both in the OP and across several comments that I see what you're claiming I'm saying and what I'm actually talking about as two entirely different things. Also you don't seem to understand what the No True Scotsman Fallacy actually is, that or you still have no fucking clue what I'm talking about, which I can't see as possible unless you just didn't read anything I typed anywhere on this thread..... Since you're having so much difficulty, I'll throw you a final bone; You're inserting "crittle sticks" into the position of Aatrox jungle. AD fiddle is an "off-role" pick, meaning you're putting him into a position he doesn't perform well in as well as building him counter intuitively to how his kit scales. Where as jungle Aatrox is a well known viable position but considered "off-meta" and I build him as an attack speed brawler as he's intended to be built, both in effectiveness as well as kit design. You're trying to insert a concept entirely different then what I'm talking about and then attempting to base your argument on that false premise. Do YOU understand yet? This isn't difficult, just actually take a second to bother reading what I'm saying for once.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vicarious117,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a1fcQBxg,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-23T05:36:09.936+0000) > > And I could have picked an off-meta tank jungler with CotC and been in the exact same boat. I just said that > Guess what, we lose even though I'm the only one not feeding and my mid lane GP starts, ONCE AGAIN, harassing me for playing Sion Tell him to eat your ass, that's what I usually do before ignoring someone :^)
That is not what you said said, at all lol Glad we're apparently in agreement though >.>
: The reason most of the meta junglers are tanks is because Courage of the Colossus. Doesn't have to be the "omg broken pls nerf" tanks, just a tank with CC.
And I could have picked an off-meta tank jungler with CotC and been in the exact same boat. Just played a normals match with some lower ranked friends and I was second last pick, and last pick was top and hovering Riven, so I picked up Sion cause I think he's fun and his clear is decent again plus he's a ridiculous OFF-META frontliner. Top then takes Shen anyways cause the enemy team grabbed Riven, but w/e. Guess what, we lose even though I'm the only one not feeding and my mid lane GP starts, ONCE AGAIN, harassing me for playing Sion when I could have grabbed someone like "Rek'Sai or Nautilus." Luckily he basically tried harassing a large dude carrying his ass who's friends were ready to defend him without making it a shouting match, and the matter didn't go further that time. But again, picked a fucking tank, with CotC, and still got harassed cause it wasn't a meta jungler. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT ROLE IT IS! You're talking about team comps, not meta picks, hell Lee Sin, Kha'Zix, and Rengar are all considered top meta, and not a single one of them use CotC. You're simply wrong here.
: Bullshit. I just played {{champion:72}} and no one said anything negative, even though my performance was weak. I play {{champion:44}} who is severely overnerfed and no one said anything negative (Other than I'm gay but I'm okay with that as Taric). I played jungle/support {{champion:111}} and no one said anything negative. What YOU op are arguing, is that you want to TROLL PICK and have no one call you on it, that's not going to happen because trolling is a bad thing. It's not complicated. You want to pick your little troll AD Crittle sticks, go for it , but keep that out of ranked or you will get justifiably reported for your trolling.
Wow those are some wild assumptions there, glad to see throwing around blind accusations as "reasonable arguments" is still a thing....... And no, that is not what I'm talking about, "off-role" =/= "off-meta."
Stemw3 (EUW)
: This seems more like the "always blame the jungler"-bullshit than "off meta=bad"-bullshit :P
When the people bitching at me are specifically bitching about me playing Aatrox and not my jungling ability I tend to assume it's about my off-meta pick lol But yes, that is also an annoying problem as well xP
: "DON'T PICK AATROX JUNGLE U IDIOT!" "Fine" "Alright, thanks." _Picks MF Support_ "What the actual fuck....."
Did you look at my match history? Cause that's so close to what actually happened lol
: Depends, what pick were you? Did your team have any tanks? If you were last pick and your team had no tanks, assuming that's the case, why didn't you take a tank that's good right now? Meta picks are a huge advantage if you're familiar with the champ.
You're being too presumptuous, ofc I didn't do any of that, and you're talking about team comps and not meta picks anyway. I could have picked an off-meta tank jungler as well and still been in the same position even though I rounded out the comp with a tank champ I'm more comfortable on or simply enjoy more then the typical boring ones like Rek'Sai.
: Played zed since his r rework (370k points) and losing games while going 13/2 and shit like that First timed poppy in ranked, dealt most dmg in the game while winning my own lane and bot lane with tp and bullshit cc Abusing the meta is the only way to climb in this season
Oh hey look, "Sweet Dreams," a master tier Aatrox player...... must have only used meta to climb and keep his ranking? Nope, only plays Aatrox...... Meta only makes climbing easier for those unwilling to learn anything else, but playing off-meta doesn't restrict you from climbing either, you just have to put in the time to learn your champs.
: Guess what, if you were playing bullshit like lee sin or hrcarim rengar, your early kills would allow you to 1v9 . not saying this is right, but it is how it is.
I've carried as many games on Aatrox as I have on Rengar or Hecarim, he has just as much potential when someone who understands him is playing him, and he performs just as poorly as those other meta picks do when your laners feed out of their taints. THAT is just out it is.
: Once a friend of mine and I went to go Soraka ADC with MF Support _before_ she was "meta". (this was in case it went badly) The Riven and Udyr were complaining about our build until I 1v1'd a fed Quinn that was giving Riven trouble the whole game, at which point I guess Riv figured maybe we actually know what we're doing and stopped complaining. Udyr kept telling us to build normally until the game ended, though.
MF still isn't "meta" though, she's a pro level counter pick is all. So I'd consider her off-meta as well, but I have to admit even I as an "off-meta regular" I tend to get annoyed when my supp picks MF into a fucking Braum or Nami lol Like I mean I don't pick Aatrox into every game, I only grab him when we have a tank or someone willing to play tank and I'm not playing into early game assassins. You still have to be smart with your picks xP
: You know, from my experience, this simply isn't true. My primary role is Kled mid, and very rarely do I get any flack for making that pick. As long as you communicate, most people are pretty chill.
Then you're one of the few lucky ones, and honestly one or even two people on a thread where over 70 people have already posted agreeing with me kind of proves my point. I mean good for you, and I've seen mid Kled's absolutely destroy and carry games, but you are the outlier unfortunately :(
: Sometimes it doesn't matter how good you did. If someone picks Ahri support, and does super well, maybe 10/0 at the end of laning phase; as long as the enemy team is still around the same skill level, you're losing. You're giving up peel for your adc, and their adc is going to fk you over. At that point you have to rely on their adc not getting fed, their support not being good enough to peel, their mid laner not getting fed, their jungler not getting fed, and you have to rely on your adc or one of your high damage characters to get fed in order for you to actually win. It didn't matter that you did well, because you're not needed in the game. Leave the troll picks to the smurfs. I'm okay with meta breaking picks, but not non-meta picks. They're two different things.
Ahri Supp is an "Off-Role" pick, where as Aatrox Jungle is an "Off-Meta" pick, and we are in fact talking about Off-Meta right now, you're right in your assertions but you seem to be assuming we're talking about Off-Role when we're not. Just wanted to make sure I was clear, cause I don't disagree with you :)
: Yeah it's to the point where I can't tell what criticism is even at all valid. So I've just been getting into game and hitting /mute all. I still ping a ton, so it's not like I don't communicate, I'm just sick of losing games from tilting hard at people flaming me for my picks.
Yeah I try to not mute people, but I've found the past few times that I did I enjoyed myself far more then when I didn't. I think this is a habit I'm gonna start to pick up as well, maybe announce as the match is starting "I'm muting all for my own sanity, I'd recommend taking no offense" /mute all.
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