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: There's already a huge lack of diversity in TT when a big chunk of the champs are not viable. Champs were designed for 5v5 and with a role in mind that just dont work in 3v3. Ever see stuff like {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:427}} there? just total deadweights. Lots of awful champs on that map
Although that is true, it also works the other way around. A lot of champions that are somewhat viable, become extremely obnoxious, and the champions that were already broken are even more broken. For example, rengar in SR is annoying but manageable, in TT is probably the worst thing to play against if you are not a tank. Another is Taric, strong, but impossible to play against after 15 minutes. There are a lot more if you take a second to look at it because some champs don't translate very well or TOO well from SR to TT. (Sry for late response)
: 5x2 = 10 3x2 = 6
I mean we can just make the first player make all the bans i mean really there should be a way around this
: Why are you playing Twisted Treeline?
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: Riot just lost my promos
Wow that's just unfortunate. I'd lost my mind if that happened to me.
: Riot really needs to stop over-sexualizing fantasy dragons.
Have yall seen Sol and kindred hentai that shit is so funny
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Eedat (NA)
: Is Wukong the oldest champ that has no kit changes?
I really hope he gets a rework or something, I feel like he gets out classed by literally everyone. Or maybe I'm just bad.
: I'll rather lane against Ekko than Anivia.
: lmao was that a combo of vayne's condemn and urgot's throw?
Yeah at least I think it was.
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: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story
* My favorite part is when zac was carrying the bread.
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: Revert the last Leblanc nerf
I know you like leblanc but who the fuck wants Leblanc to be great again? And buff W slightly but not as much as before :^)
: Has anybody else just, ceased getting excited for new champions?
I went from "Oh hey a new champ!" to "Good god there's a new champ..."
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: Do turrets need a defensive buff? (POLL)
I feel like they need an offensive buff really. I hate it when tanks tower dive you then kill you then leave with the same amount of health. ;/
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dominusx (EUNE)
: tfw the 1-3 fiora with 40cs down can actually fight you.
I remember I was playing garen and I had three full items and she was was a tiamat and she kills me. She's not OP but I do think she's strong.
: The quickest problems I could see with a system like this is that people would use it if the enemy team comp looked better than their own. It would be abused. It wouldn't 100% solve the troll picks and intentional feeders either, they'd just play champs that better fit their roll and wouldn't let on their plans until in the game.
Never thought of that, maybe the voting will be canceled after a certain point in time in the lobby.
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: Frosty. So q or w second max?
Q, your wall is big enough as it is at level 1. But make sure you get wall at level 4. Or three, depends on the enemy comp
: > [{quoted}](name=ViolentBoo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=J5vvAJxE,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2017-01-14T00:19:37.119+0000) > > It depends, it nerfed Anivia if you were playing her poorly (example litterally jsut R-Eing people and that's it) if you were good with her from the start, it's a HUGE buff. Could you elaborate on how it is a big buff? I think I would like to learn her again :)
: Is Anivia still good? I loved playing her before
It depends, it nerfed Anivia if you were playing her poorly (example litterally jsut R-Eing people and that's it) if you were good with her from the start, it's a HUGE buff.
: Yes. Sorry I'm not *cool* enough to make a pun like everyone else here.
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FeeNeeX (NA)
: A cool skin idea for Kat
"Needs improvement" LUL Only thing it can improve is being in the game.
: Top tier fanart Iv seen in a long time
Xator12 (NA)
: Imagine Every Champion Balanced, In One Patch
SlownD (NA)
: Skin Idea - Dark Star Xerath
: [skin idea] Fastfood Jinx
Ajah Nii (NA)
: Do Assassins Need Nerf? (Fizz)
Playing against fizz you need to be patient. At first I HATED going against him, but he's not as big of a problem now when I play against him compared to, lets say a year ago. His ult didn't need a change though, and that's what I'm most upset about him now. He had an ult that you can hardly miss with to, can't miss at all.
: Because the first two go vroom, but Runnan's little two bolts both come with a little vroom so instead of ***VROOM*** you get a ***VROOM...*** *vroom vroom.*
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: The best way to support ever
I stopped reading after I saw GARENteed.
Scryer (NA)
: Poll: Enjoyment of League of Legends
I Would choose would fuck but rip anivia 6.23
Naag One (NA)
: Yasuo rework plz so toxic champ
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: Zed: 46.7% Win Rate; 20% Ban Rate
Goldglim (EUW)
: [Illaoi] 4x Fan-skin ideas: Nightmare, Freljord, Bloodmoon, Poolparty
: @Riot Vlad has a 42% win rate and no changes on PBE.
When I have him in games, he has SO MUCH early game, and ABSOLUTLY NO late game, at least in my games.
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: you killed her.... god damnit rito.
They didn't ruin her at all, if not i love her even more now, they gave her more utility than the damage lost. Sure the R is really strange but it doesn't take long to get used to.
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