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Palaven (NA)
: Its frustrating but its part of the game. To climb best you gotta know when to dodge. Use that one "free" dodge per day. If you use it, stop playing ranked for the next 18 hours until its up again. Try to avoid bad team comps or games where you have autofills in key roles.
oh shoot I didnt know about the free dodge, ty :P
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: ADC main to all support mains out there-
> [{quoted}](name=FiddlesOnTheRoof,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ags7VEuz,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-27T17:27:58.474+0000) >Sacrificing yourself to the enemy team because I got caught out. This is the most ignored contribution I find, you even get flamed for sacrificing yourself rather than thanked :(
: The reason why Memes and Games are making fun of us Gameplay guys all the time.
and the few people who do make logical arguments are downvoted to hell because they didn't support the circle jerk.
: This community makes no sense at all
remove downvotes, problem solved
Joxcab (NA)
: Then don't eat his full combo.
So an item worth 1100 gold allows people to completely prevent their opponent from laning, sounds fair haha.
: Except it's false ? A cait ult can OS, a syndra ult can OS, old ult from veigar could OS. Nearly every champion in the game can One rotation shoot a squishy, so it doesnt mean anything.
Yeah but one-shotting squishies is normally reserved for late game. Going back after 400 gold for a component item shouldn't really give anyone the ability to 0-death anyone.
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: Meddler, you said Assassin items would be made melee only if ranged started using them too much.
Lethality shouldn't apply to ranged classes, make lethality an assassin only stat to eliminate issues with ranged abuse.
mosambi (NA)
: Perma Banned for using 3rd party software !!!!
I myself have had experience with automated systems detecting scripts when I have never used scripts or any third party programs to play a game. It was on a different game a while ago, but it most certainly can and does happen. It is just hard to tell if someone is lying or not especially if you have never personally experienced the issue.
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: as an aatrox main this post saddens me, you aren't supposed to jump in with an empty blood well, fill it up by spamming q to get around and e every once in a while too, and if you are squishy, you are building VERY wrong friend. don't buy too much attack speed, your passive and ulti are more than enough to be able to out sustain ANY tank in the game when you are below half HP. If you're looking for a GOOD build for top and still enjoy your damage, try this {{item:3074}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3143}} If you aren't doing so hot, play even tankier {{item:3748}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3156}} or {{item:3742}} but since you seem rather stubborn by repeating how bad his passive is, id assume you build this instead {{item:3153}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3124}} . and keep in mind, your blood well stack up with how much hp you use on your spells, so by getting more hp, you spend more hp on your spells since they scale % hp, you can stack it up faster, so even a q... q r e can fully stack it (ult gives 20% PER CHAMP YOU HIT) even a single perfect ulti can fully stack your passive. Anyways enough rambling, my point is that YES he IS rather weak right now, not saying he isn't, but please know that a good aatrox can play him with a lot of success. :) anyways good luck on the rift friend
I actually build cdr and tank over attack speed. You yourself agree he is rather weak right now. Yes I did user hyperbole which perhaps detracts from my main point, but the main point of this post is to point out the reason why I believe he is so weak right now. His revive passive is lackluster but pulls power away from the rest of his kit. I say drop the revive and make him able to survive longer naturally.
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AD Yuumi (NA)
: There's a very important reason it does that. It's to prevent you from flashing during the ult cast time and then getting kicked anyway (wasting your flash). Skarner used to not stun you when his ult was casting. Was not fun.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot jinxylord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3sXkJzjQ,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2017-01-12T01:37:03.736+0000) > > There's a very important reason it does that. It's to prevent you from flashing during the ult cast time and then getting kicked anyway (wasting your flash). > > Skarner used to not stun you when his ult was casting. Was not fun. This rioter has some balls coming into a Lee hate thread >:)
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: why not about bronze players? it seems like you made this post after just barely making it out of silver (gold 5)
and that doesn't change anything about the truth so what is your point?
Myyse (NA)
: Dude, you're barely Gold 5. Maybe climb a little further before you turn around and shit talk your people.
First thing I am not trash talking anyone, second my rating has nothing to do with how truthful these statements are.
: so you shouldnt tell your teammates when they did something bad? how are they gonna get better though if you don't let them know what they did wrong?
You have to be careful about how you say it. Silver players have a bad attitude towards the game and flame the crap out of their teammates. Hence change your attitude. This post is also true for all ratings but silver players in particular are known for this.
: Dear gold players. Change your attitude, you are not good at this game, quit raging at your teammates for their mistakes, you make just as many. By raging at them you make them play worse. If you want to win, focus on your own gameplay and ignore the other players, focus on CSing and taking objectives over kills. and for the love of god DO NOT CHASE SINGED. Also, stop overestimating your damage. You could definitely kill that low HP enemy under their tower in 2-3 hits, if they didn't have a tower. Let them back and take the tower.
: you gay
thank you for the insightful comment, I will really use it to better my life
: > [{quoted}](name=Vlasimuthe,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=6EAVtXaL,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-20T20:29:28.635+0000) > > Change your attitude, you are not good at this game, quit raging at your teammates for their mistakes, you make just as many. By raging at them you make them play worse. If you want to win, focus on your own gameplay and ignore the other players, focus on CSing and taking objectives over kills. and for the love of god DO NOT CHASE SINGED. What an irony, gold player speaks about silver players :D
Doesn't change the fact that I am right
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: What Do You Say When Ivern, Maokai, and Zyra Are In The Same Room?
: Why this got down voted? He has a point, Anyone who get's *CAUGHT* they'll die instantly even if its a 5000 HP Tank.
: Hey Supports, a helpful tip
Astôlfo (NA)
: Is it too much to ask for Yasuo's windwall to actually have an accurate hitbox and cast time?
How about windwall gets destroyed after blocking one champion ability :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Vlasimuthe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KL99Fbdg,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-03T23:43:49.611+0000) > > So the general consensus on season 6 is that it is way too snowbally, boards are filled everyday with complaints about certain champions, and the game is extremely frustrating to play from behind. When first blood comes around it is pretty much gg. You die once in lane and it is over, you can't farm safely. The community in this game is the most toxic community ever to exist, ever. I wonder how many seasons have been like that--oh, all of them? Right. You know how to fix *all* of League's problems? Delete it. Just, everybody stop playing League of Legends forever. If we don't have some forty-million people online, yelling at each other about the game's balance, or teamwork, or that one guy trolling, then going onto the forums to complain about balance like their personal experience is the only valid one, then there is no problem anymore, right? --- Sorry, it's just really frustrating to watch this subject come up every single year. Without fail, there's someone that complains about every single issue, using sweeping generalizations about all the 'problems' that are left unspecific so that they can't be debated. In that topic, they then claim to have the one, simple, fix-all solution that will Garenteed™ make every other problem go away forever and ever. There are *very* few problems in League's balance that are broad, general problems applicable to every situation. There are even fewer solutions that can be implemented on a broad, general level that won't have some hugely negative consequences, or drastically change certain aspects of the game that are core to the experience. In the main, normal format of League of Legends, where you are basically playing a team siege, gaining/losing advantages is a huge part of it. You have to make tactical choices for the short- and long-term, because it all builds up. Take that away, and what do you have? ***Heroes of the Storm*** Minion economy means nothing, kills mean next to nothing, and the main thing that decides the winning team isn't even which team attacks towers, but which team takes the right objectives and gets more of them. If that's what you want, if that's your fantasy, please, don't try to tell League that it needs to become another game. We already have that other game, and it's also free to play.
All the seasons have been like this because the core problems within game have not been solved yet. Sure killing the game would remove the problems but that is the easy way out. The fact is people like this damn game, I just want to keep toxicity at a minimum by bringing the game towards a balanced state. Not super passive, not super farm reliant just to the point where there are as little frustrated players as possible.
Astôlfo (NA)
: No, it doesn't practically take you out of the game. Sure, it's frustrating. Deal with it. Don't like it? Then play smarter next time to not fall behind.
Well if you think league is fine then we'll just have to agree to disagree. I say the reason the game is so toxic is because being behind is too hard and frustrating.
Astôlfo (NA)
: Well there's always random shit that happens. Um. That's the point. If you die in lane, you're supposed to fall behind. That's why you're supposed to farm safe near tower if you do that. Gaining more exp/gold/whatever passively defeats the whole point. End of story.
It doesn't defeat the point, the point is to make it less punishing and thus less frustrating; That's the difference. Right now dying in lane practically takes you out of the game and I am trying to find a solution to that problem. Yes you should definitely be weaker but not frustratingly so. League is very frustrating to play when behind, which is why I think the game is so damn toxic.
: Then everyone would be the same level and all that stuff, so nobody is really ahead or behind..You might as well just remove turrets and the nexus itself. The point of the game is to try to get ahead to complete your goals.
You could still get ahead, it would only take longer to get ahead. Don't make the game exactly like nexus siege with completely passive gold and experience. Think of it like a line, at one end of the line there is no passive gold or exp gain, at the other you have only passive. Summoners rift should be somewhere at the halfway point on that line and I think it needs to be nudged more towards passiveness just slightly.
UberAffe (NA)
: Expected a troll post from the title, glad i read it anyways. I personally like this idea but it also would remove the viability of a lot of champions that require snowballing to do well. For example, Lucian, if he doesn't kill his opponent and get ahead early he is pretty useless.
The growth curve of everyone should stay around the same and snowball champions could still snowball. The problem is if you die once in lane to a Riven/Pantheon/Renekton, etc. then the lane is lost and you can no longer leave your tower. Maybe it should take 2 or 3 kills instead to get a lane snowballing. I just think the game would be so much less frustrating for everyone if it didn't rely so heavily on players being able to farm efficiently.
Meep Man (NA)
: Interesting idea, but this seems a little overboard. Unless the entire game was reworked to fit this, you wouldn't be rewarded at all for doing anything. Everything would have to give some sort of buff for killing it or doing anything is pretty pointless other than a Death Timer and a tower being dead.
I am not saying make a huge change, just decrease the gold from minions and move it more towards the ambient gold. The growth curve should stay around the same but the game would be less punishing and thus less snowbally.
Astôlfo (NA)
: lolno. This punishes players who do well because players who do shit are crying about how bad they are.
It would not punish players who do well. The game is too darn snowbally right now. The game is not perfect, sometimes you have a lag spike, a bug, or creep block that ends up killing you in lane. Dying in lane is a pretty damn big game changer because of how far it sets the player behind. If the game were less reliant on actively farming for gold and experience then it would be way less detrimental to die. If a player is playing well they will still snowball, it will just take more skill to build up a lead over more time.
: How to fix all of League's current problems
Also of note that during the preseason, I think anyway, Riot made several changes to the games mechanics (death timers, passive gold, etc.) in order to reduce game times.
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Dukues (NA)
: Imaqtpie gave some great advice this past weekend
The whole league community needs a chill pill
: It will depend on his numbers honestly, but I don't think this kit reflects him thematically nor do you understand why is he toxic. He's supposed to be this guy who leads people into the battle and that's poorly represented, and many toxic elements are still in his kit.
He is toxic because he is a drain tank who is oppressive as heck when he can dive into whole teams and survive or his stats are garbage and he blows up instantly dealing no damage. Honestly you are right though, his current kit, nor mine represent him as the god of war he is supposed to be. I mentioned that Fiora's ult would be a good fit for him and Sivir's ult would be great too. I think though my kit needs some work, but you have to admit it is a major step up from his current position. It is just hard because things like Jax's passive, Sivir and Fiora ult are already on champions so can't really be incorporated into Aatrox's kit without being redundant. Riot is really trying to fix redundancy right now. Aatrox should be the guy who dives in 1 v 5, start to wreck things and then inspire his teammates to follow. It is quite similar to how Alistar or Malphite works but where those two are straight up tanks, Aatrox could provide debuffs and healing for his teammates instead.
: What is wrong with Aatrox?
His kit is toxic where the player either gets really fed on him causing him to be unstoppable or he doesnt get fed and is useless. Riot had to dumpster his stats soon after releasing him and that is kind of his story.
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