: Raun'Kor, The Wrath of the Void(Champion Concept)
First of all, void champions names are in (xxx'xxx(x)) format and also Raun'kor does not sound like a void creature. I would really rethink your entire concept because your idea does not have a visible identity. Start with your champion idea and figure out what will make it unique and add something different into the game. Then build the kit. Usually, the Q is your bread and butter ability and your E being mobility or maybe CC.
: You're welcome :) Would you mind if I use your concept as a springboard for a future one I might try out? It really got me thinking XD
Yeah go ahead, I might make more void concepts so stay tuned lol
: But the real question is, does he die if he runs into his own tail? :D I used to love the snake game when I was a kid, so seeing it implemented in spirit into a Champion concept is wild XD Passive: Biggest issue here is that he's kinda stepping on Braum's territory. Kinda Yasuo as well, but his windwall isn't as big a part of his identity as Sco'Xil's body segments. Also, the way to use them can be a bit awkward; he won't usually be fanning his tail out very wide when he's on the engage, since he'll usually be heading directly for an enemy. Perhaps either give him a dash that functions in a zig-zag, or have his tail kinda wind behind him instead of pathing directly behind him? Kinda like a snake, though I'm not sure if the insect he's based on moves like one. I presume that his segments regenerate passively over time and his eating passive just makes them regen faster, and they lose health when they block damage, is that about right? Striking a nice balance between having them be durable enough to not get immediately blown away in a teamfight but not so durable that the invalidate ranged enemies in small skirmishes might be tough. In general, I REALLY like the thing you've got going where his long body obstructs enemies, but blocking projectiles might not be the best way to go about it. Perhaps something you could try is that his tail counts as impassible terrain? Just throwing ideas around :) Q: Serviceable short grab, nothing too fancy here, but it works. He strikes me as a Juggernaught and having a simple attack-like ability for sustained hammering of an enemy is one of their calling cards, so this works. However, the fact he pulls the enemy toward him just kinda intrigues me further with that "have his tail count as a wall" idea I brought up earlier, and I'll get into that when I finish the review. W: Intentionally BREAKING his tail kinda works against his logic, so I'm not too fond of this skill. I do have a neat suggestions that I'll get back to on this as a possible replacement :) E: Okay, so here's his ability meant for quickly getting his tail into complex configurations. He definitely needs a skill like this, so keep it, but I would suggest making it work in a way such that it's more for just quickly moving his tail. He doesn't strike me as a diver perse (he lacks the burst), so don't go too heavy on mobility. He's more of a creepy inexorable threat. R: Interesting, so he basically grapples an enemy or shields an ally with his body, then starts whipping like crazy. It's a pretty neat ability, and the funny thing is it gets into my suggestion. So, if you'd like my opinion, I think the idea of making his tail an impassible obstacle for enemies would be pretty cool. You could fiddle with his E and Q such that he dashes in and winds around an enemy to trap them, and uses his Q for grabbing enemies and pulling them in. In that case his Q would be a heavier damage and longer-cooldown affair, possibly with a way to reduce the cooldown to reward him doing something right and keeping enemies trapped if he plays his cards properly. The tail itself could still break and, and you could maybe even keep the projectile-blocking component if you make it so he blocks them against enemies he's sufficiently wound himself around. In that case, his W would be more a sustained-damage tool for wearing down enemies while they're trapped. Some kind of venom works, but don't have it function by breaking his tail, that kinda works against his logic XD All in all, I actually REALLY like what you're doing with this guy, he's pretty imaginative :) Good stuff!
Wow I never thought my post would get such an in depth review, thank you! You brought up a lot of great points and ideas that I will have to think about when I fine tune his kit more. I don't think I mentioned it in the concept but I made him so that he would be mostly viable as a support, but i'd still like him to maybe work as a bruiser or jungle even. You're spot on with how the passive works and I think your idea of making the tail work as terrain is interesting and might be viable. In my second version I'm going to lower his segments from max of 20 to probably 8 or 10 but increase the size. As for the W it is a cool concept but thinking more about it, it might be better to turn it into a passive or probably replace it. For the E I really needed to give him an ability where he could reposition himself to make use of his segments and block damage for his allies; I would have to change the E if I made his segments impassable because it would be too easy to cut off enemies with that combo. One idea my friend has is making the Q give temporary impassibility to his segments. I thinking about making more things he can do with his E, like if he wraps around an enemy it will root them. The idea I had for his R was you can either isolate an enemy and push their team back or save a team mate and push their team back as well. The knock back works in both scenarios and I find that really cool. Reworking his W will be challenging to find something that fits with the rest of his kit. I don't think want him to have any poke and little sustain, kind of like Leona or Alistar. If you look at Leona for example, in laning phase she doesn't really have any options besides engaging because she doesn't have any poke. She's pretty much sitting there waiting for an opening to engage and fight. Sco'Xil on the other hand has the option to block poke for his adc while they farm using his segments and then can engage whenever he can. I really like that about his segments so I'm probably keeping that. I really appreciate your review it made me rethink a lot of stuff thanks :)
: So, his W passive... Costs mana? Could be just me but, ain't that weird?
No the mana cost is from the active.
: I love it! I agree, we need more void champs and lore in the game, and I think this is a very cool, unique idea I would be worried about your champ getting the azir/kalista/kench/sej treatment, since pro players really like dashes, multiple engage tools, and if the champ has an ability that is both engage/disengage, i feel like it would get abused the higher you went. Still really really cool tho and I like the concept of the segments a lot
Glad you like it, thank you for the feedback :)
: I love how this champion brings both utility and offensive abilities, seems like a cool champion, I would certainly love seeing a champion like this in-game. He's a very unique champion as well.
Thanks! I tried to make him so he would be viable as a support because we don't really have any void supports beside velkoz.
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