Galiö (NA)
: Hoping for a family members deaths should be bannable
Rather than be offended about what this player said about your family member you should feel sorry for the state of mind that player is in to have said such things, maybe his life isn’t going so well and deep down he’s struggling internally with his own family problems, I’m not saying that what he said isn’t bad but at the same time you should be the bigger person and just mute said player and play your game, sometimes you are going to experience bad things in life but rather than being coddled “riots report tool” Just move along, Be a human being and persevere ok cool.
: I've been playing this game for a long time. i'll tell you right now, your 1 v 1 ability means nothing if you can't avoid ganks. And I have beaten people higher then me I've also seen them on what they main. I adc'd vs a challenger in 3's, was cait he was draven, by 20 minutes, he was just healing off me.
Oh I’m very aware , I was pretty sure I would lose the 1v1 but it was a good feeling to get revenge is all, I’m actually a support main so playing top lane is not really my thing but I totally understand your point , cheers and happy games
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xTakeOff (NA)
: 5s team LF Top and Jungle have discord add me if interested
Kinda going in the opposite direction aren’t you, silver 2 now , eeeesh
: LF jungler for ranked Flex 5v5 Silver elo
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: League Minimizing itself during games.
This is getting annoying , mine has been doing this for over a week now and it seems to minimize during very key team fights, I've tried the full repair and did a scan on my computer , nothing. Please riot help us
Top PIz (NA)
: Please Stop Playing Jhin in Ranked Games
I went 9-1-9 jhin in my last ranked game
: WTF is up with Ranked Placements
Silver 4, went 7-3 and got bronze 4, got into a series real quick and won 2 for promotion and it bumped me to bronze 2. The climb is not as bad as it could be and at this rate I should be back to silver or gold in maybe 2-3 weeks if I put my head down and grind it out like a boss.
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