: hehexd Yasuo Slander
Ah yes, the moment yasuo goes 0/10 he unlocks the toxic plays that ruins the game for the enemy team
: Can Tahm Kench get something back?
Man, you whiny ass bitches in the comment make me laugh. If you think tahm is broken, you’re obviously not playing with enough CC. tahm is really strong only when it comes to duelling against fighters and anyone that isn’t a bruiser or an assassin with A-tier or above burst Tahm kench is a hybrid Warden/Vanguard tank. His warden side comes in the fact that he can eat his allies and reposition them out of danger, and his Vanguard side comes in as him swallowing his allies and walking at the enemy and spitting out the garen who then starts spinning to win Learn to play him, then you know how to play against him. And im here to say he needs a damn buff
: Thanks for the response dude. I'm doing way better now, but i really appreciate the thought out response. If you're on EUW I'd be happy to play a game or two.
: Im really a disgusting parasite on this game that should be removed
Rhaast. I'm a high functioning autist like you, I have Aspergers, and I honestly felt the same way you did back in school. I was literally the laughing stock, the scapegoat and the suicide watch kid all in one. Trust me, after school, it gets better, if you can manage to get a job, things get better, to some degree. there's still highschool-tier drama at time in the workplace, but you act like an adult, chide them for being petulant fucking toddlers and you walk on them with your steel-capped boots, or for you, high heels. if you are like me, however, and your degree of autism is still too much of derangement for you to be on the working force, there's still medical welfare. anyways, point is, you WILL see the light of day at the end of the tunnel that is school. For a lot of people, School is literally the only time they get to be Chads and get to fuck with people, once they get into society, they get curb stomped by the law because those kind of people are the kind to start shit and get prison time for trying to show "how alpha they are" by being aggressive fucking tards. anyways, I'd like to play with you, give you a good time, that is, if you're down to play. I'm toxic at times, sure, like anyone else, but I want to show you how easy it is to fucking destroy assholes in this game when you got a good lane partner or otherwise second head to butt with and get some chill in you from a person that wants you to succeed because they need your head in the game and not in the shitter also, toxicity is a construct created by the videogame industry to punish players the devs don't like. Living proof the concept is Bullshit: TYLER1. Reformed my ass. all he does his take his "toxicity" out of the game and into physical training, that's how he got even more huge than he already was, turning anger into productivity. My Discord is Jeff Belinger#6987
: isn't there an A.I. thingo and then ypou can practice there??
> [{quoted}](name=BNHAWeeb,realm=OCE,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=rGPEeERv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-04T05:42:23.775+0000) > > isn't there an A.I. thingo and then ypou can practice there?? that's not what he means and you fucking know it. Practice tool is good at fine tuning build and knowing what damage you do at what level, but it doesnt offer a live, reactive, leveled player to have a base to gauge your power on with champions. I agree there should be matchmaking for Draft
Warface (NA)
: Kassadin needs another set of nerfs because this file i got on him is completely messed up
there's literally no counter-play to this stuff, I'm not mad at the player for doing what he did, I'm mad at Riot for letting this happen in the first place. this kind of stupid-proof, one-click skill that deletes an entire team shouldn't be something that happens, not on any level.
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: Where is green infernl amumu chroma?
its a "content creator" exclusive reward for their audience, so make sure you go to the right youtubers/twitch streamers for all the goodies you may want to get but are never going to have because lmao raffle between hundreds of thousands of players am I right?
: Patch 8.20 notes
okay, so I see a lot of the "best" comments being complaints about how a certain group of champions are problematic and are either pick/ban at all times. I might just be some dumbass bronze5 player, but I have been playing for over 10 years now and you guys would be right, there's a need to do some changes to some of the sharper points on these champs, but look at the time in the season it is: its Worlds Season. there is no chance in hell they would make such drastic changes to potentially Worlds winning champions. aside from that, we're reaching the end of season in less than 30 days, it literally doesnt matter the changes to these champions on such a short time scale, it won't make a big difference to your rank. however, you're going to see sdome massive changes in the early patches for next season to basically everything that was a problem last season, but as things are touched on, other problems will rise as per the usual conflictual state of the game. TL;DR changes now wont happen because end of season and Worlds balancing. next season is gonna be big business with changes
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: The RIP List of 2015
{{champion:44}} update thanks to polycount's help please rito allow Polycount's model to be used
: Her base stats are generally in line with our other Juggernauts. As far as nerfing her damage, I will want to look for other places to take power away from her before I hit that. She's intended to be a carry and a damage threat. A lot of her power lies in her ability to put areas of danger down on the ground and if we soften how dangerous those are then her pattern as a zoning character will start to disappear.
then do it. she puts down over 150+ damage at level 2 of her Q, no other juggernaut does this aside from Mordekaiser's 3rd hit of his own Q. also her AoE of her Q is larger than intended, there is no way to avoid it in the least if she centered it on you, you get hit, no avoiding it unless using a dash to avoid it, and even then, its might still hit you, the speed at wich she slams her Q is also pretty fast considering all things, no time to dodge at all
: A lot of people are saying Illaoi is "broken", and that was my first impression when she won a 1v4. Could you explain Riot's logic behind Illaoi's immense AOE damage output? What are her drawbacks that players might be able to capitalize on?
what drawbackks? her Q does over 150 damage at lvl 2 nerf the shit out of this
: listen people shes not op shes not broken if you farm and build her you become tough to kill simple and as far as gameplay shes awesome only draw back dont fall behind with her -_- {{champion:420}}
fucking illaoi apologists need to be fucking killed on sight
: Champion Reveal: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
i logged in just to say how this champion looks so fucking disapointing, lame and slow as all fuck in a meta that is about being quick and bursty
: They will never see the beautiful sun.
They will never forget the red sunset over paradise https://data.archive.horse/4ch/mlp/image/1420/70/1420705197078.gif
: Question for those wanting annie nerfs
> my question for you is, once you turn her into a short range mage with unreliable abilities, what incentive would there be to pick her exactly, you answered yourself brilliantly
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: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
a jungle marksman, that's rather odd. testing their jungling route will be interesting, but refreshing
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: Amazing zed skin!
: Evelynn Rework~
Slaanesh says hi
: I literally just bought Debonair Ezreal but It says non-refundable... I've only refunded one thing ever, I-blitzcrank. I have not played Ezreal since the skin purchase.
that's another reason why they make the sales. You cant refund a skin when it wasd on sale because of the abuse that you could potentially argue to have it refunded for its full price, also, the sales are for those who KNOW what they are getting into. On youtube, you can check out skins before they are released with SkinSpotlight. they feature all the upcoming skins and remodels
: well i mean its not really that greedy because we were gonna save the money anyway and half the people didnt even know about it, and people can plan what they want to buy so technically posting these is losing Riot money, not saving them money
its not making them lose money at all, in fact, this allows Riot to advert to potential buyers what their offers are for the month, therefor insuring a steady revenue from those that had planned to wait on a skin/champ sale before doing their purchase. Older skins have already made the money back by the hundreds of thousands of times it took for Riot staff to make them Best example is Piltover Customs Blitzkrank, this skin came along Season 1 and I'm pretty sure within a few months, they made the money they spent paying the artists, modelers and coders to do this, so now they can afford to put it on sale at 99% off and they still make money because the skin has long payed for itself this is also why they don't make sales of more recent skins too often after release. here's why. Upon release of a new skin, Riot puts it on sale for a short time to press players into buying it within a short time, so this makes players think this way: "Buy it now, or wait a couple of months to see if its going to come back cheaper". This reaction, is of course, completely how marketing works. Riot knows its customer base. They could make a Draven and TF skin called Rainmaker where all their particles are replaced by coins and money bills, put it up for 975RP at 28% off (but really, its 27.77% off, rounding numbers folks, it makes money!) and people would call Riot gods of business andx thank them for being generous devs, while in the background, riot staff are laughing their arses off, drinking Crystal because the real message behind the skin is representative of how much goddamn money they make off of us.
: Hey west coast
: why ahri won't get nerfed
fukken Alebedo you guys should watch Overlord, its great
Nekolie (NA)
: Now guess their roles.
: Taric's VU is on the PBE!
Polycount does it again!
Darth Zoe (EUNE)
: Why blue flame when you can name it cold fire?
Or even call it Will-O-Wisp
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: Does Riot ever take champion concepts seriously?
here's the fun/terrible part of this forums if we think about it, they cant use it because someone is gonna say "IT WAS MUH IDEA RITO PLS GIMME MONEH AND CHAMP AND FREE SKINZ" im not talking out of my ass either, i remember back a few years ago a legal guy from Riot came and explained how if they used anything from here, this would happen and in legalese, they would be in the right. so this is why Riot's art, design team, sound and really anyone involved with content creation cannot and will not come here. they gave us this platform for our entertainment, not for them to find ideas current example of "HABBEDING" right here http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/7srYwVu5-the-teaser-for-the-upcoming-champion these folks thinks that this screen cap is in correlation with this player concept here http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/8hhT41YP-champion-concept-dhama-the-force-of-balance this is not going to happen, its not happening, and if it does, pray to whatever you have faith in you will not be taken into the flowing torrents of "The Happening" *EDIT*: I ask a Red to prove me wrong and completely tear apart my argument with fact and evidence from the Legal division
Elfezen (NA)
: [Champion Concept] Pier the Puppet Master
Art is picked up RIGHT FROM DOTA the puppeteer image is from a set of items for Rubick called Wandering Harlequin Puppet parts image is stolen from the art for Pugna's Draining Wight puppeteer's hold, puppet show, puppet Whiplash and Voodoo puppet art is stolen from the alternate art for Spell Steal, first cast telekinesis, Fade Bolt and second cast of telekinesis respectively from Wandering Harlequin item set for Rubick, again DO YOU WANT VALVE AND ICEFROG TO DROP ON YOUR DUMBASS?
Azyek (NA)
: Make everyone happy and make Hat-less GP a toggle ! That would be awesome :D
that could be a nice little addon, like, crtl+5 he takes off the hat
: Glad you decided to keep the hat, that thing should be like the memento or symbol of his vengeance: {{champion:41}} If i was {{champion:41}}: - I would shower the hat in oil or something that combust - Then grab the motherfker by the neck, shove the hat into her throat while saying " So you wanted to be a captain, here take this. I hope it lights up your world" while setting the hat on fire. - And then i would go get me a new hat . {{item:3089}}
fuck i can actually hear Gangplanks VO when i read that. this is great
: her ult late i tested can deal up to 90%+ true max health damage and heal is op too. But she is still being tested on pbe so who knows.
now this is what i call game breaking. this is just fucking disastrous
: Champion Update: Fiora
_Each time she destroys a weak spot, she deals percent max health true damage _ What. the. fuck. Why is this even a damn thing? who thinks max health percentage true damage is a good, balanced idea? its broke as hell on Vayne and this is just even worse! Whoever designed this particular ability CLEARLY is not fit to be on the balance and redesign team the page reads at the very top _Changes were needed, so we added in non-damaging tools to help Fiora and her team, then balanced that out by reducing some of the undodgeable killing power in her kit._ but all there is in this rework is DAMAGE, UNGODLY AMOUNTS OF IT. True damage is a blight on this game and is in my opinion should be kept to DoTs or kept in the very small numerals like with Master Yi's Wuju Style on the video displaying Fiora's new ultimate. it seems that every time Fiora hits a Vital Spot on her ultimate, it deals about 18%-20% of a target's max health and it looks to be at max level. This only shows me that Riot is trying to deal away with the current Tank Meta by adding true damage as something much easier to gain and have access to than before. TL-DR True Damage ruins this game. Critical hits were already very good at dispatching tanks. We really dont need this cancerous kind of thing
: Will the man who made a deal with Tahm Kench come back for revenge?
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
I ah got you designer team a quesdtion about his hat. this is vital for me as a Gentlemann. How much refined metal is his hat worth and is it up for trade?
on the Catfish part you are entirely right, he's got the Bayou New Orleans feel to him, like the ol' Hoodoo magic
swixsap (NA)
: Riverking Concept model
that's almost spot on to the actual model they already spoilered the abilities and model on the EUW website http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/champion-reveal/tahm-kench-river-king
: LeLucian of the Rebellion
Leblanc of the rebelion?
: Dear League Players (Sexy Men Nao)
in this thread: tumblr feminazi SJW demands sexualized male characters while reprimanding the Devs for making sexy females. She demands a sexualized, objectified character to "counter" other "Sexualized and objectified female character". this is an example of Misandry folks: The hatred, trivialisation and objectification of men. move along folks, nothing to see here
: Great concept! Especially like the first sketch. Diana is a perfect candidate. Would be good to see an entire Fury Road skin line imo: {{champion:92}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:245}}{{champion:6}} could definitely fit. {{champion:201}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:62}}{{champion:29}} are some more unique ones that i think might work as well.
of all these champs, YOU DIDNT FUCKING INCLUDE {{champion:104}} . YOU HAD ONE JOB. ONE. JOB. MAD GRAVES COME ON!!!
FlinezZ (NA)
: Should make that skin with Azir !!
GamesWorkshop's legal department would like a talk with you
Elfezen (NA)
: CAPTAIN AZIR!!! - Legandary Skin
i like how the first image is from Smite. idiot
: Can we just agree it's more exciting when a champ is weak on release?
honestly the only thing i want ekko to get nerfed is his shield ratio. that thing can become a monstrous 800 hp shield that nearly guarantees escape. otherwise i think he's fine. he's an assassin that is meant to wittle you down first and then kill you through his all in, unlike oneshotting assassins like zed and kat.
mtgbud (NA)
: Gameplay Dj Sona music not working for team.
: Hey mtgbud! Your team will need to opt in to the music experience. You can do so by holding tab, and clicking the music note button that is next to Sona's portrait on the far left of the screen. (Not her portrait on the scorecard, but the portrait that has the green circle that tells you when someone's ult is ready.) Hope this helps! :D
: > [{quoted}](name=ZolidZ,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=u0la3EaL,comment-id=01130005,timestamp=2015-02-25T12:11:55.285+0000) > > Why is it that every time rito goes to release a skin it is unavailable? Because they got a Time plan. And they will release it, when they should release her. Atm. she's patched. So very soon she will be avaiable, but not now.
funny, i got the skin and I just used it. however, there is a few bugs with it
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
oh my god the amount of whimzzy this guy emanates is just awesome. this guys's a semi-jungle support, holy shit, this is great! Journey looks like the most awesome ability i've seen since 2012, man this guy is all kinds of awesome, AND HE MAKES HEAL PICK UPS!!!!
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