Xplosion101 (EUNE)
: I think it's just a weird interaction between the Elder's Buff and Aery. You see, the enemies had the Elder Dragon's buff, which burns you for 2.25 seconds upon getting hit. This triggered Aery, who came towards you, but in doing so she probably reignited the buff (idk if that is supposed to happen or if only direct damage can do that). The same thing kept happening again and again and you got trapped in a vicious circle until you got killed by the Elder Immolation, another BROKEN aspect of the Elder's Buff, which kills you when you reach 20% of your Max HP. I wasn't able to tell if they also ignited you before Aery reached you. If yes, that makes my theory even more probable, cause the time window for Aery's first "visit" becomes even larger. I do find it weird that Aery was so fast though, so my theory probably is not correct after all... {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Atleast ignite wasn't on me. You can see everyone, except Garen have ignite when im running away..
: i believe {{champion:90}} got some sort of DoT like {{summoner:14}} or {{item:3151}} and then they had elder drag and its execute killed you I am not sure but i believe this is what happened, Ofc if you know for a fact their was no DoT or they didn't have elder drag buff then its clearly a bug Unless maybe theirs some sort of trap like a nid human w or something that you hit that can do that mcuh damage i will say theirs a 75% chance its my above situation tho
Yea they had elder and malza got the basic build items such as {{item:3151}} but this was indeed the most bizarre death i've ever faced.
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