Scherzo (NA)
: Scarlet vow One pledge to king and realm When shadows are found Arise gilded crown True justice abound
Chevrolette cow Wonder who's ringing the helm? Ben's in the meadow so round Our eyes and gils are brown Though Starbucks's mounds
Scherzo (NA)
: I love the Final Fantasy music as well, particularly FFVI. I don't know if I could decide between FFVI and Chrono Trigger though...
FF8, Liberi Fatali. Fithos. Lusec. Fithos. Vinosec.
Moineaux (NA)
: I am a huge fan of video game music and have followed it since I was a child. My older sister made fun of me when I was a kid cause she said it's just beeps and boops and not real music. I later showed her the Eminence Symphony playing Final Fantasy music haha. Things have come a long way. Creating music for one of the biggest video games in the world - I gotta ask, do you have a favorite video game soundtrack and/or composer?
I think I can trace my (at time unhealthy) obsession with electronic music back to David Wise and his work on the Donkey Kong Country series.
: Where'd everyone go to School?
Arizona State. Pitchforks up!
: On a scale from 1 to 100, how dreamy is Christian Linke?
: First of thank you so much for the beautiful music and the 'Frequencies' documentation was glorious and awesome to see, as someone playing violin for a long long time I really appreciate your music and effort. So for now I have four questions: *1. Is there any possibility to get the music in flac, or ogg vorbis?* **2. Is there any chance to get the instrumental of 'Curse of the mummy'?** ( Don't get me wrong, I really like how the full song ended up, I just really like instrumentals as well depending on the mood (: ) *3. How long does one project take on average? (I am aware that it pretty much differs, most likely)* **4. How different is it to work for Riot than to where you worked before? (Other than the 'more freedom' part mentioned in 'Frequencies')** **Edit asks who was in charge of the Freljord theme?** Once again real great work of you all and thank you so much for creating so awesome and fitting music for many different themes. Also that cellist playing on the Amumu song, it was so great, I can't even word how I felt. That was so so awesome! Greetings
1. We're working on getting uncompressed .wavs out there! Might take a bit but its on our radar fa' sho.
12q34e (NA)
: none of the titles are links for me
Fixed! Hyperlinks are hard.


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