: Can Tahm Kench get something back?
They should just remove the ability to eat allies and balance him atound TOP or JG. Also, making the Q consume the stacks is what ruined him, they must revert that change.
: If you go to Imaqtpies latest videos on youtube. He goes to riot to test out the new changes and all that. Their working on i think 4 new items i think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG_gtN00e3s go to 11:30 in the video. GIve it a moment and he looks at the shop so you can see that there are new things in development
Notice the item sets as well, you build 2 or 3 items of the same set to get bonus stats.
: Please tell me there is more to the preseason
Watch qtpie strem, there's item sets now, if you build 2 or 3 items of the set you get bonus stats. There's a letgality hydra as well, so if safe to assume they will be releasing even more items in the future.
Bazerka (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kai Guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8Anyo39z,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2019-08-19T21:02:33.759+0000) > > Yea. Its not like WC3 where you can just let folks use map editor and requires 0 dev interaction. The only way to cut out the cost issue is to abandon dedicated balance teams for the modes. Edit (and you still have some $ being spent. Not like its completely free to produce and distribute just cuz you don't have a paid balance team for it.) > > If I had a good model to suggest for y'all I would provide it. My gut instinct is if there was enough Red + Player interest to the point you guys could net enough Volunteers to maintain the game health then I believe its viable in theory but the exact # are something I completely lack. To little data for me to really put together any convincing argument and I have no idea if there are any Reds in the right departments who loved a unsupported game mode enough to want to put their free time into it. > > Off topic if you ever bump into Sapmagic, would you kindly let him know I am super curious of League's MMR is off a Normal or Logistical Distribution? > > Have not seen ya in new for a while. WB. I think the MMR logic is kept pretty secret (something about secret sauce etc :P). I also tend to agree, IMHO the best way to have a healthy mod community in a live balance game is to charge a recurring license fee to develop / host on the platform. It doesn't have to be a ton of money, but enough to cover the company overhead of supporting those devs. Unfortunately, that move could be seen as greedy and for me would act as a serious deterrent from moving in that direction. Also the upfront cost of making that could be huge I imagine o.o
I would pay the value of a full AAA game for the possibility to create my own custom mode in LOL, and I know a lot of ppl would as well, as long as other players could play our creations for free. I would even buy the whole f-Eternals if I could tone down damage and have fun with my friends again. Riot have such a great game, full of potential that in my opinion is ruined by balance philosophy that isn't going anywhere soon. Please, ask whoever is in charge of this kind of decision to reconsider custom game modes. All your main competitors have custom modes, why LOL is lagging behind?
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: because they get abused by non tanks tank items need unique effects that tanks want why isn't IE bought on ornn? because he doesn't want it but if an adc wants to survive against a yasuo or cait rapidfire headshot they can easily buy omen and not suffer much tanks need items that tanks want not just stat boosts or static damage reductions they need things that scale off of their defensive stats like how the slow effect on iceborn scales like how thornmail scales like how warmogs scales like how stoneplate scales guess how many of these items are strong tho because they get abused on non tanks iceborn the go to assassin tank item thornmail is shit because it has healing reduction on it warmogs has a 3k health requirement just because they don't want squishies to use it stoneplate is only good as a last item when you already have a lot of hp these are fine tank items that get stunted because squishies find ways of abusing them we need items that tanks want to use and other classes don't just like how ap items are specialized just like ad and bruiser items are specialized current tank items are generalist items and thus should never be good but if riot finds a way to specialize these items they can be made good
Just make Tank items give +%AR/MR/HP instead of flat values then. If an squishy builds those items he won't get much, but if a Tank does he can get 70~100% gold efficient stats from them.
: Teamfight Tactics-- /Dev Update: Your Feedback and the Road Ahead
Let me press [TAB] and see something similar to the end screen where I can look at what other players are building, so I don't re-roll 20 times for champions that I will never get.
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: Rest in Peace, Tahm Kench
I just don't know why Riot don't remove the ability to eat allies and make his W work on JG monsters. That way they can balance him as Top and JG, since they don't want supports to be able to deny LCS BIG PLAYZ.
: {{champion:268}} {{champion:154}} ? I don't think it would be useful at all on those two? Because Azir can't trigger on-hit effects when he is using his soldiers And Zac usually don't get to auto attack that much because of the channel on his E and R (though he does have time to AA some when not using his ultimate but there is also picking up his blobs so it could work)
Zac does not AA that much because his AA is useless and AAing between spells is not that useful. But if his AA boosted his MR, increase the dmg of all his spells and dealt +65 dmg that might change. Azir's soldiers did not proc on-hit, however Azir can AA enemies for the MR reduction, to set up his combo with his soldiers.
: Shield breaker could be a good way to make Wit's end more situationaly decent.
Just switch Wit's AS for HP, buff it's MR drain to 8 hits of 5 (Max 40 MR), and buff the Damage to 65. Boom, it becomes a AP bruiser item. Decent on: {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:268}}{{champion:432}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:4}} Good on: {{champion:154}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:84}}
: Hey riot, shieldbreaker wasn't a bad mechanics, it was on the wrong champion
It would make a lot of sense on Vi, tho. Denting Blows: Deals twice as much damage on shields. Vi's Ult: Breaks Shields instantly.
: Does you knowing that they're premade affect your gameplay in any way? If the answer comes down to a resounding "No", then this is unnecessary.
It does affect my gameplay!!! If I'm playing TOP and see that my enemy Top is duoing with the enemy JG I know that I need to play safe because I'm going to get camped, they are in probably on a Discord channel constantly giving information on my position and cooldowns.
Kazi (EUNE)
: 2019 Shaco skin ideas , enjoy .
I guess I need a blood moon Shaco now, and I don't even play Shaco.
: Huge Problem with Tanks: Mid-tier items feel awful.
The community tried several times to pitch good active/passive effects for Tank items, Roit simply doesn't care as they want Tank to fck off from competitive. I'll try to remember some of my favorites: * Active - Pull enemies towards you like a self Orianna ult, no damage, only cancels dashes and pull enemies towards you. (45 sec cooldown) (That would be a nice playmaking item to help Tank peel their carries, saving them from engaging as you cancel Assassin's dashes or even hold enemies near you giving your backline time to hit them.) * Passive - Reduce your own damage towards champions by X% (Technology is there as proven by Stoneplate) however, your AA gives the enemy 1/3 of X% for 6 seconds, stacking 6 times. Ending in 2X% damage reduction on the enemy, hitting a different enemy champion will reset the passive. (Great for engaging Tanks and Tank Supports, as you can just focus their DPS and reduce their effectiveness on a teamfight, making enemies have to focus you to peel their DPS from you.) * Active - Mark an enemy for 4 seconds, during this time their damage against other allied champions will be reduced by 50% and damage dealt on you will be increased by 50%. (60 sec cooldown) (I think it serves as a non-forced taunt on the enemy, giving 2 choices to them: Focus you for a 50% damage increase, focus the enemy but deal only half of the damage.) * Active - Smash the ground creating an AoE that grounds all enemies inside for 3 seconds, AoE scale with armor. (60 sec cooldown) (It can be a really nice niche for countering high mobility champions, also a great Yasuo counter, and that's always a plus for me.) * Passive - Gain physical armor equals to 50% of total armor, regens after 8 seconds outside combat. Active - During 2 seconds restore you armor shield to 300% (300% of 50% total armor = 150% total armor) of its maximum value. (90 sec cooldown)
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: back to memories of old league.
12 yo LoL player that started playing on S7 will be like: "The reason those plays exist is that everyone sucked in the early seasons, today Bronze players have a higher skill level than 2014 Faker"
: What was league like, when it was in it's most "balanced" state?
Whenever you see an ADC main complaining about Tank meta, it means the game was balanced with an exception of 1~3 Assassins abusing tank items (Tank Ekko, Tank Fizz...)
: Sometimes, I wonder why Rioters no longer respond to us, but the answer has become more apparent.
I don't agree with you. I think despite the memes, a lot of players bring constructed and well thought-out feedback. However player enjoyment is always second to making a shit ton of money. Roit is not the small indy company anymore, they shifted their business model from making a good game to making a good game to watch. So far it must be working, and if it is profitable, they won't be changing back anytime soon.
GigglesO (NA)
: So Jax can...
If only they made him not be able to AA during counter strike. Not only it makes sense, because he's rotating his "weapon" over his head, that means he can't hit you with the same object he's spinning over his head. Also would be a good nerf, since Jax players wouldn't have to face a rework to their favorite champion, and would give him counterplay as players would have to think before using counter strike. As Jax would not be dealing damage during counter strike and it would reset the bonus AS from his passive. But that is expecting too much from Live Balance Team.
: Nerf a champion and give a terrible reason to go along with it.
We decide to nerf {{champion:62}} passive because he became too oppressive on IRON elo. Hitting a wooping 50.9% winrate on IRON 3.
: We want your ideas to improve the Boards!
Limiting users to post a thread once every 2 days, upvote 2 times a day, and downvote once a day. Comments have no restrictions. Seems bad at the first glance but hear me out. If we have less threads we avoid the clutter we currently have. By limiting the upvotes and downvotes we can stop ppl from manipulating what goes to hot/trending. Also we avoid trolls that downvote new threads for no reason. Less threads and less manipulation = more quality
: What’s more healthier? Reducing damage or increasing tankiness?
Reducing Damage across the board = More Time to respond to objectives More Time to outplay your opponent More Outplay opportunities More Variety of champions been played More Opportunity to turn around bad early game and mistakes, yours or from your teammates More Team comps (Poke comp, Protect the carry comp, Diving comps, anything but 30 min deathballs comp) More Build diversity, as you don't feel forced to get your lead and invest on full AD/AP/Damage builds to stomp the enemy before they can stall the game More Carries being viable, since you can have scaling late game comps or champions that are weak early but very useful mid to late game More interesting sieges, since it would take more time and effort to take towers Less Problems balancing items and champions, instead of what we have now that every patch you have to jump on the champion that got buffed since now even with the slightest advantage you can dominate the game Less Situations where you feel like you died without having time to react or you haven't made a single mistake Less One-shots that are fun only for 13 yo kids that are playing meta champions, and un-fun to everyone else Less shallow games where you feel like you just wasted your time Less games where your teammates feed 20 kills in 10 minutes I really could go on, but I have to work.
: [Problems with Wukong] , A present from Wukong mains to Riot's balance and Design teams
Sad part is that Neeko's Passive and W would have been perfect on Wukong. Welp, that's sad.
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: Write a haiku for your favorite champion
{{champion:202}} "Jhin The Fast" When writing of speed Some lines become overused It's snowing on Mt. Fuji
: {{champion:223}} 8.5% shield amount = me stacking warmogs and a cinderhulk then pressing E when im at 1 hp
Don't forget to factor in the +1.5% Bonus HP as well.
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
Wow, I'm impressed. I think all the changes are perfect, nice numbers, hit the nail in the head, nerfed what should be nerfed and gave us what we asked for. Good job Riot! And thank you, I needed that, i love this game but was almost giving up on it.
Ifneth (NA)
: Sounds like you have a problem with tilt. After a thousand games, you have to admit that the only common factor is you. Unless you want to talk about being ‘held back’ and stuff, if you want to climb, then recognizing the problem is step one. Looking at your op.gg, what I see is a pattern of very low death wins and very high death losses, suggesting that you give up and stop caring whether you die after a certain point of feeding or the team getting behind, but then get fed in other games and say, “See? I’m actually good!”. The real problem is that your ego is so invested in every game that you’re protecting it by saying that the problem _must_ be outside. This study of your past games is another way of keeping it away from a reality you can’t totally control. And that’s a fact. Only smurfs can even hope to win every game, while you’re on your main just trying to get better. Let me repeat myself. You’re trying to get better. Not climb—rank comes naturally as you improve. Get your mind off the LP and onto how you’re doing, and what you’ve done, in the game. That’s something you can actually invest yourself into, rather than individual games. Looking over your Karthus, I can also criticize your build. Karthus rushes Rod of Ages into Morellonomicon and Zhonya’s Hourglass. You’ve been building Tear and Lost Chapter. They’re tempting on a spell spammer, but remember that Karthus’ mana restore on Q should be enough to keep you sustained, especially with an early Catalyst and Rod. Also, don’t buy The Dark Seal unless you’re trying to recover a lane or need to snowball to win, and don’t upgrade it to Mejai’s until you’ve stacked it. It wastes gold that could be funding your core build and tilts you when you lose the stacks. So, just play the game for fun. Take a step back and roll with the losses. Much of the fun of League is in not giving up when things look kind of bad, and in trying your hardest anyway. It’s actually amazing when it works. Sure, surrender the 0/20 at 20 games, but understand that 5/10 at 20 is tough but winnable, especially when you’re playing a scaling monster like Karthus.
It's quite common to have low death rates on your wins and high death rates on losses in this last few metas. Riot is encouraging this snowball behavior in the game, therefore I don't see that as an argument that OP is tilting and it's a bad player because of that. Looking at your stats I can noticed the same pattern. Also just because he's playing a sub optimal build doesn't mean that's the reason he's losing. Most likely he's losing because he's playing his favorite champions instead of the flashy favorites Riot is shoving on our throats. That doesn't mean I don't agree with the fact that the player should aim to improve and he's the a factor on every one of those 1000 games, but to say that he's the only common denominator, that's wrong. Riot has been pushing their agenda and influencing too much on how games should be played, that takes away a lot of the hands of the player, and some of us have a lot more problems adapting to this.
Rαy (EUW)
: Agreed. Runes Reforged pretty much started killing this game and it won't ever reach its prime again if we don't get these resistances back. Removing them was horrendously game-breaking - it killed champion identities and removed strategy and skill expression completely, sucking out most of the fun League had.
'URr DUrr tEnK mETa!" - Every ADC and Assassin main That thinking that ruined LOL tbh.
: Is the plan just to slowly remove tahm from the game?
If they only balanced him around being a JG, everything would be solved. But nooo, he can't W buffs for some reason, and his AS have to be garbage at lvl 1.
: What in the flying fuck is wrong with the damage in this game???
You missplayed that by not having your Zhonyas complete before he reached lvl 6.
: I dont find that broken, What makes his E broken is hes not hindered by it. Shen has his W that blocks auto attacks, and can auto during it. What makes it really broken, is that 1.you are rewarded for autoing once, and then agro the creep way so that your E damage is increase, 2. You can perform every action without it affecting your E and Vise-versa 3. has a 25 Dmg reduction from area of effect abilities. 4. its on a 16/14/12/10/8 Cd while shen's is on a 18/16.5/15/13.5 /12 (however its pretty unfair to compare the abilites. but I feel like jaxes is really over loaded for a cd like that; Also the Dodge lasts longer on jax) 5. And after all that, there is a stun at the end. (also its not a channel and cant be interrupted) I find it completely overloaded. LIke why does he need the 25% dmg reduction and, why does it do more damage because of the creeps?
I disagree with you, if he wasn't able to AA you during his E, a Jax player would need to think about when and how to use it. He would have to time it in order to negate maybe a Trinity proc, an AA reset, or an AA buffer. Now he just needs to jump on you whenever is off cooldown. If you're playing an AA reliant champion, your only option is to run, you cannot even wait his E to go out and sidestep the stun, because chances are he's going to kill you before that. What I'm saying here is that, if he couldn't AA while channeling his E, he would be easier to balance. You mentioned Shen, but his skill have requirements that Shen is balanced around, the W is cast around his Passive, so you can't walk wherever you want with it, that means your enemies can choose to move away from your W and you can either stay on you W to avoid damage or chase and lose the W.
: How long is Jax gonna be allowed to be this opressive?
The fact that Jax can Auto you with E on is the most broken sht ever in my opinion.
: So if I'm plat 1 with really high MMR I should get matched with Plat 4s in stead of D4s?
I believe you'll be matched with a bunch of Plat1 and Plat2. So you're saying if I'm a D4 I have to carry your P1 ass out of your division??
: The rank that you see is not a good way to make games because it doesn't represent a player's skill. Rank tracks two numbers, a player's mmr which is a representation of their current skill and a division which is a representation of past achievement. In order to make even games, matchmaking needs to use a measurement of skill and a player's division doesn't do that. The division is correlated with skill and is usually very close to a player's skill but it is not the same as a player's skill. That is what mmr is for.
I'm not suggesting something to replace the current match making, I am suggesting an additional filter to it. It would still try to even the MMR of both teams, it just wouldn't go out if your division to get players.
Pandeonor (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=WiegrafOfValor,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5ZPNOXFA,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-20T07:26:23.906+0000) > Example: If I'm Plat 4, my team should consist only of players from Plat 4 to Plat 1. The plat1 player would have to play with YOU(!!) plat4? Ah.... not at all. ;) _~~[I can throw a whole planet through the hole in your logic.]~~_
I'm just suggesting another filter on top of all the other filters. The game would try to even out the mmr the way it's now, it just wouldn't get players from another division. If you were plat you would know that sometimes you get Gold players on your team. Let me explain to you: You prefer to have Plat 4 on your Plat 1 Team, or do you prefer to have Gold1 players on your team as it is currently? Your logic that have holes..
Shåwn (NA)
: Look at this 2013 video of Scarra on Zed , 9-1-1 with 317 farm at 28 mins, lvl 18 vs lvl 14 vayne
Prove of damage creep??? I believe the live balance team is allergic to that.
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: What do you know, Ahri back up to highest playrate AND winrate midlane in Plat+
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 12
@Meddler, I find the fact that LOL do not have a decent custom game mode tool after years being the most popular MOBA out there, baffling. In the future can we have a way to create custom games where we can make alterations on Items, Champions, Maps, Gold, Minions and Towers? Or is this off the table forever for Riot? I think your company can benefit a lot from community input, especially since the whole MOBA thing started as Community Modding of a RTS Game. [Edit] I would even pay for a tool like that, and I'm not talking about having access to game files or code here, Blizzard have a custom game option without giving the players access to game files. I think even if were paid feature to create custom games, it would be very popular. As long, of course, it would be free to be play by everyone without the tool.
: I'm still praying for a season 2-5 private server with old runes/masteries. Cause this new shit reeks of CoD generation... and how GC fucked up WoW.
: I can't even imagine that item on Morde lmao Why not just go a normal AP magic pen item on him? He scales better off it anyways
Because then it just becomes an AP assassin + Mage item. No one wants to see LB with 3 M.Pen items.
: Speaking to the AP fighter itemisation, Solcrushed and I are looking at something as a slow burn project to address this itemisation hole.
While you at it, can you give us a AD item with Magic pen. It's a niche, but will be very appreciated by champions like: {{champion:82}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:96}}
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 29
Please stop trying to make TK support work, make him a great jungler instead. Buff his AS for early clears and let him eat buffs.
: There is no possible way to do this. You have to understand that worlds is their main source of income during the year considering so many people tune in across the world. On top of that, they play on the same patches we do, I don't know if 8.17 or 8.18 is the worlds patch, but the ones before it cannot be super heavy on changes at this point. Or we run into a Najin White Shield situation where the team got gutted going into worlds. They already did major changes to the bot lane which gutted Griffen, but that's fine it was early enough to adapt.
Dude, I'm just asking them to give us information on what they are going to do on preseason. A major post, or a video telling key changes they are aiming to do, with details, no vague bullshit they always do.
: We talked about this a bit, and there's another post coming on Friday, but during preseason we're going to be splitting stats out from rune paths, and allowing you to select which ones you want. It won't be quite as extensible as it was in the past (like 25 different selections for each type of rune), but the system will support selecting offense AND defense, in likely varying amounts. This will get us back to a world where people that want to spec heavy into offense can do so, those who want to spec heavy into defense can do so, or those that want a mix can also achieve that. I'd be super super cautious of us looking at overall lethality beyond what we did on 8.16 given the risk of setting ourselves up for a really slow/boring meta moving into World's, and think that preseason will move us a fair way into what you and many others are looking for. We're fleshing out a post to go out on Friday that will get into a bit more of the details, but wanted to touch on it here in the meantime.
Can Riot give us anything more solid before pre-season? I don't want to get my hopes high to just get +2 Armor at lvl 1 and all ADCs and Assassin's get +10AD per lvl as a compensation buff because you might get Armor on your runes. I want numbers, data, even if it is subjective to change. Just so we can see where you're heading with this. All I want to say is, don't leave us in the dark. Riot is having a lot of sht on Reddit due to World's budget cut, this meta sucks, damage creep is high. The last thing you want is leaving your audience boiling these problems in their minds for months without any information to give them the slightest sign of hope.
kargish (EUW)
: Hashinshin made a pretty good point
Also is pretty stupid how items that synergize with themselves, creating an exponential power creep when stacked together. Example: {{item:3091}} 40% AS and 42 on hit magic damage Pretty meh, right?... it's an Ok item but nothing game-breaking. Now if you get this bad boy here: {{item:3124}} 25% AS, 5+10% AD on hit, 5+10% AP on hit, % AD and AP increase So Guinsoo gains more power because Wits gives AS and Wits have more power because Guinsoo gives a lot more damage and more AS. _________________ Then we go back to what Hashinshin said if you have {{item:3091}} {{item:3124}} your third item has to be {{item:3153}}, you have no saying in that unless you don't want to have an optimal build. Because {{item:3153}} gives AS that increase the effectiveness of Guinsoo and Wits, gains more effectiveness because of Wits and Guinsoo's AS, as well as giving a third on-hit on top of those you already have. This creates a ripple, either you go full balls one hit build with no room for anything, or you don't go on-hit at all. This is stupid and lame design, why would you want to do that in your game?
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