: Senna can't have it all.
I'll just add I'm not disrespecting her design, I think August is one of the very the best champion designers League has; And I'm sure he can justify every single part of her kit. I know she has clear weaknesses, "has it all" refers to the insanely diverse functions she has as a character. I'm a game designer myself and I'm in awe of some things, Senna, Jhin, Jinx, Ekko, Gnar... They are all really amazing. There's a lot of other champions I like but he never has made anything I consider "bad" as a design in the pure sense. Champions who are fun and unique feeling to play over many games are good designs. Although just like Ekko, Senna has parts of her kit that are just too much. Ekko needed several elements removed from his kit from his release version, he needed adjustments to become more balanced (well until the balance team buffed him last year but that's a whole other matter which is easily resolved with some nerfs).
: So they are moving some champs into the jungle
I can't complain about this... 1. Making more champions viable in the jungle is great, the game is boring right now. 2. Just because they only buffed a few champions for the jungle doesn't mean they won't follow up with some more. 3. The reason they're using some pretty popular champions is to get people to pick jungle- which is the least played role and is causing tons of problems in solo queue. Autofill junglers will lose games more than any other autofill. *We need more people picking jungle*. And having some midlane favorites (mid is the most popular lane), go there is a great idea.
Cis7v0 (NA)
: You forgot that stupid CC of hers. That range. That hit box. The 11 second CD before items. It's basically a more frequent, slightly less oppressive, zoe bubble. Don't know why people don't complain about it more. She could function well with just a Q and a W. That's a problem. Also Way to many free stats.
You're totally right, I'm adding it.
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: Real talk: how is Zed supposed to ever be a healthy jungler?
Zed's level 6 is really important and if he's jungling he doesn't reach 6 as fast. You should have no problem with people picking ZED jungle instead of mid if you hate Zed...
: [Question]: Darius Jungle
Making Darius jungle decent, I don't think either thing would really do it... He doesn't really need the heal because he has enough armor and regen. There's nothing you should really do to make this guy gank better, since it'd affect his lane too much, but if he could powerfarm better maybe he'd be ok. So basically you'd want to increase his clear speed by a good amount, probably by giving his Q edge damage bonus damage vs monsters, or maybe even buffing his passive against monsters. Just increase damage in the jungle, this can make up for a lot.
: I wonder why I am being downvoted... Did I offend anyone?
There's bots who leave about 3 downvotes for just about everything.
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: You aren’t allowed to have a bad game in league of legends
The worst is, if you are having a bad game and your team starts bashing you for it, your best interest is to shut up and not call them out for it whatsoever, you have to basically disable chat at this point because you're playing with fire. If you talk back to them; you're way more likely to be reported and the system is way more likely to give you suspensions/bans because of your language (not your gameplay). The problem is, when everybody talks crap, it's sort of a roulette of who is getting punished. I think reporting is a way bigger problem than the trash talk in itself. It's this incredibly cavalier attitude that you don't care if people are banned over minor things. People don't think (or care) about the consequences of reporting and it's really immature.
Ôrîon (NA)
: Why has ekko not been nerfed?
Ekko has been too strong for well over half a year now and haven't heard a thing. At this point I'm expecting Riot to buff him again next up.
Eedat (NA)
: Sett's numbers are too high
Using 2 day old data isn't accurate. You're not wrong but it's incredibly biased data when it's a small sample.
Bemused (NA)
: Can we get a nerf to Sett?
Don't worry, he'll get nerfed. A note about data though, you should never go by "this patch" data only a few days after a patch. You need at least one week so you should look at last patch or 7 day data instead.
: Calling this now: Sett will see high LCS pick or ban.
He's not bad in low elo at all but yeah sure, they love safe picks in LCS and Sett is one of the more safe champs ever.
Void2258 (NA)
: No place to give LOR feedback
It's because they mostly just listen to Reddit, not saying they don't look here and a lot of other places. But their own boards don't even take priority over Reddit. Also they probably take a lot of stock on the feedback of their "chosen ones", those big TCG and league players they gave the earliest access to.
: The reason frozen heart is underperforming.
Because 15% is nothing compared to the amount of attackspeed in the game. It should trade stats for a much higher % attack speed slow. as is the item is just a bunch of armor and mana with a MINOR debuff.
: thats a slippery slope.... whos to pick when the game is over.... the person who just died the first time in less than 5 minutes that just left? or when someone on your team has died for the 10th time in less than 20 minutes... hard to define when its okay to leave.... wait it is... DONT LEAVE YOU QUED FOR THE GAME
The first person to leave a comment in disagreement yells at me in all caps, probably down-voted me too. I know who the toxic ones are.
xXN1ghtXx (EUW)
: Why can't afk's in ranked get a more severe punishment
Absolutely not. So imagine this common scenario: 15 minutes in, score is like 20-5, enemy has all the turrets, dragons, and better scaling champions. Early surrender drops, 3/2. And you better believe those 2 people who voted no are the ones flaming at least one person, because they're the exact same people who say "REPORT X for AFK!!". Why on earth should those other 3 people be expected to not AFK a bit and run the clock a bit, or otherwise not play seriously at this point? People who get mad about AFK are 99% the toxic players. Going AFK is graceful, it's not a rage quit. It's a surrender that should had happened.
Kazekiba (NA)
: I mean Aatrox always had knockup on the center of Dark Flight which is basically just his E+Q3 combo Infernal Chains should absolutely just be a stun/root like Le Blanc's chain and/or moved to his Rtimate though. Imagine if Aatrox had an actual Ult (Damage: 100 / 175 / 250(+70%bonus AD); Cooldown 140 / 110 / 80 seconds) and then putting Blades of Torment back on his E, except it works like Heimer rockets instead of a predictable triangle, (Aatrox unleashes two energy waves, converging at the target location dealing 80/120/160/200/240(+70% bonus AD) (Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds)) tl;dr, just rework Aatrox again
Yeah he needs another rework for sure. The only brief amounts of play he's ever got was when he was overpowered. Nobody ever wanted to play this guy.
Kazekiba (NA)
: {{champion:20}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:517}} Main displacements i could find that couldve been just stuns. And then theres a dozen unnecessary stuns like {{champion:246}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:84}} and the fact that nearly every champion released after Yasuo, for about 2 years, had a knockup in their kit somewhere. Zac R/E, and they added more with Q too, Reksai W2, Azir R...
I agree Nunu and Sylas don't need them, Aatrox kinda does kinda need them though - then again Aatrox is kind of a terribly designed character. That would be pretty sad if they're just putting them into kits because of Yasuo.
: Tenacity needs a serious buff
To everybody saying Tenacity should work on airborne just no, stop it. Airborne is a *displacement effect*, In order for displacement effects to work properly they need to work for their duration. For instance Blitzcrank pull is a displacement, you can't have some guy with 50% tenacity only being pulled half way. Another example is Vi's ultimate is a airborne with knock away as another displacement - you can't have enemies being knocked half away and especially not primary target only being airborne (being slammed) for half duration!? The real thing to be asking is *do so many airbornes have to be airbornes when they could be stuns instead?*.
: 2 hyper carries that aren't affected enough by getting shut down early
You forgot Ryze who gets perfect CS just for mashing the keyboard.
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: Caitlyn's Warriors cinematic concept art
Can't say I like the final design here, if we have her in a skirt but want her to be wearing more clothes, we can't have it both ways by just putting clothes under clothes - it's the laziest way to achieve what they're going for. It looks extremely restrictive like you have all these tight layers of clothing rubbing against each other. I think it's almost there but needs a bit more work.
: BEFORE you strip sett of all the unique mechanics, can you TRY adjusting his numbers?
The thing is because he's a Juggernaut the design parameters will be different probably, they are expected to 1v5. They also prey on the enemies ignorance, which will be higher on release as people don't understand what he does. It's like if 2v1 darius you'll probably lose. Or you 5v1 a fed Darius to his face without kiting and you'll all die.. Sett is the same. This happened with Mordekaiser several months ago, so they nerfed him slowly with the numbers while waiting for players to learn him. They actually got him to a pretty balanced state now.
Bârd (NA)
: Now that you're creating clients for other games (LOR), TFT should not be on the LOL client.
I think the opposite. All the games should be in the same client, including LOR. Kind of like how Steam works, or Blizzard.net, Playstation Network, Xbox; or really any game client. All the Riot accounts should have one connected client, what's the point of a separate front-end each game? Best to make a brand-new client to facilitate this.
: What champs can afk beat Darius in melee
The conditions you're saying only autos standing at melee range at level 1: Darius will win against every champion.
: Perfect timing for a Caitlyn VU
Vayne and Miss Fortune come to mind as being about on the same boat as Caitlyn.
: For reall who is the most difficult champion?
I think it's Nidalee because her clearing requires very specific kiting and spell combinations to pull off. Also her damage output is gated by combos, she has to get a good early game and control the jungle - Control junglers are hard in by their very nature because it requires the most skill and knowledge at baseline. Not the hardest mechanically, for instance Draven, and Yasuo are harder champions to play well, but their roles are simple. Farm and output damage when needed.
: You forgot Caitlyn. {{champion:51}}
She's perfectly average like 50.50% winrate, I mean unbiased. I do hate her though.
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: Should Runes, both old and Reforged, just be removed entirely?
Yeah. Move the more interesting stuff into items, maybe even add a couple of summoner spells.
: When you pick aphelios in rank
His winrate is actually slightly higher in lower ranks, ; so true.
: Punished for farming properly or rewarded for not farming properly?
It's kind of both at the same time due to the way the wraith drop rate works, you get 11% as many wraiths when you farm . Technically you would gain more gold value by last hitting minions perfectly with Senna - on the other hand the gold value of the wraiths is so close to that amount - and the passive in itself being so useful that not last hitting is kinda more worth it, she ends up in this weird zone where you kinda want to miss half your CS (it kinda pays off to be bad?...)
: How Valuable Are Senna's Wraiths?
They're worth too much. ADC Senna is punished way too hard for farming properly thanks to the recent nerf. You end up with about half the stacks a support Senna does, probably less if you farm perfectly (which I can't). So I get about 75% of the stacks people get as Support Senna since I'm a pretty bad CS'er... It feels bad to last hit, it feels bad not to. What a frustrating champ to play as ADC.
: There are unquestionably one or more entities using votebots/multiple accounts/botnets to rig our current voting system. It is absolutely on our radar. The issue is that there are no easy fixes with the technology set we're currently using, but the team is actively discussing solutions as well as trying to find out who's behind the manipulations.
Seriously consider getting rid of upvotes and downvotes.
9 0 (NA)
: Why does Every post have negative downvotes? What the heck is going on.
Somebody with 60 accounts was mad or thought it was funny. Hopefully the mods can fix. Though I must say this is yet another reason the downvote system shouldn't exist.
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: Senna needs nerfs
I made a big post about her not needing infinite stacking range and got like 20 down votes so I deleted it. People get extremely defensive of new characters, idk why - better they don't have to be gutted quickly.
: When can we talk about Kindred's passive and how Senna's overshadows hers?
Yeah, Kindred's Passive sucks... the mechanics suck, the bonuses are confusing, and take a lot of stacks to have meaning. But i dunno when or if they'll ever do some work on Kindred. But their old passive for sure made a lot more sense, even if it always had the awful hunt minigame.
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Kivolan (NA)
: Toning Down Ekko's Safety & Reliability
The 2.25 second stun is what's way too much, that thing stuns in an AOE longer than most ultimates. Yeh it's kinda hard to hit, but in teamfights it's really a lot easier, especially in objectives and choke-points like in Baron fights. It's just way too game winning for a normal ability (attached to a pretty good assassin with excellent survival).
: Riot can you remove the expiration date on Prestige Points?
I'm OK with them expiring as long as they don't do them again next year. If they are, then having them expire makes little sense and yeh, they should just carryover...
Moody P (NA)
: How is Kennen not a t1 VGU candidate
You sound a bit more frustrated about Kennen than thinking he genuinely needs work. His gameplay is unique and not bad either, and yeh sure there's not much a melee can do about him but there's not much he can do either. Compared to most ranged tops he has some of the lowest kill pressure so he's not really an abusive champion. His powerspikes also involve him leaving lane making him lose lane in the long-run to splitpushing. Not saying he couldn't use work, his visuals are pretty bad by today's standards, but much like Amumu,Riven, Teemo, Jax, and so on this year they gave them a VFX update instead as their vgu/mini-vgu's are being pushed back since at least their gameplay still works fine.
: she's not meant to be a carry. Being a marksman doesn't automatically make that champion an ADC. Shes a marksman support in that she can deal consistent damage at a range, that doesn't mean she has to be the carry for the team
Dr40UR (NA)
: Senna: The "support" ADC
So I was watching August's stream and he explained rather well one of the things that is going to hold her back as an ADC is a very long attack point which "basically roots her".. Attack Point isn't a stat that's talked about a lot, you won't find it in the wiki, but basically when somebody starts to attack they have a few frames before the attack occurs (aka frontswing), Xayah for instance has a 10 frame attack frame, which is considerably quick, and these values are decreased by attackspeed (meaning xayah gets down to basically instant attack startup). One part of League where Attack Point is mentioned is Thresh, who's passive reads attack "wind-up"(attack point) is increased by only 25% of every 1% attackspeed (0.25%), so no matter how much attackspeed Tresh builds, he's always slowed down. So what does this mean for Senna? First her attackspeed efficiency is awful, Lethal Tempo+Rageblade+5 witts End only gets you to 1.63. And because the attack point is so slow, combined with not much attackspeed to speed it up, if you try and attack move quickly you'll actually end up cancelling autos because she doesn't finish her animation. You actually have to root yourself to auto even in the best case scenario. So yeah, I don't think this is going to be some busted ADC at all. Combining all this with reduced critical damage I'm not saying she won't be able to do the role, but I don't think Riot is going to have to restrict items on her like the OP suggested..
Dr40UR (NA)
: Senna: The "support" ADC
She's an ADC with some shields and heals.. however take note that a ranged character with no inherent scaling with critical strike or attackspeed might as well be a mage, there's dozens of ranged characters who aren't adcs. Even if her cannon gimmick does gain power, range, and critical chance over time, it's also said to be "slow attacking", this is important. For instance Jhin barely makes the crossing like as an ADC due to his slow attack speed, but he has a ton of crit/attackspeed scaling, AD scaling, and he has his 4th shot. So really just how good this character is as a carry?
: yea he really need a vu update, not gameplay change tho. his kit fine, but his visuals... i like the lines in legends of runeterra but i wish they did it with his current voice in the game, i wish they dont change his voice if they decided to update him, it fits him very well, but he need more lines
> [{quoted}](name=Shãdow Blãde,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dVE2jjRb,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2019-10-28T05:03:26.770+0000) > > yea he really need a vu update, not gameplay change tho. his kit fine, but his visuals... > i like the lines in legends of runeterra but i wish they did it with his current voice in the game, i wish they dont change his voice if they decided to update him, it fits him very well, but he need more lines They can't always get voice actors back, and a lot has changed since 2010 in terms of what the vision of the character is, but I think yeah, you want to keep a lot of things mostly the same, I wasn't suggesting any radical departures.. (and it's not like I make any decisions, just hoping he gets some work...).
: I agree his visuals and VO are just an utter disaster and especially a waste of potential. But and I know this is a pretty popular sentiment among his player base, he really doesn't need a gameplay change to go with that, he has strengths and weaknesses, he has decent depth and popularity, he is functional, no reason to get messy in that.
> [{quoted}](name=Metallikaiser,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dVE2jjRb,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-10-26T14:56:08.801+0000) > > I agree his visuals and VO are just an utter disaster and especially a waste of potential. But and I know this is a pretty popular sentiment among his player base, he really doesn't need a gameplay change to go with that, he has strengths and weaknesses, he has decent depth and popularity, he is functional, no reason to get messy in that. Well I wasn't recommending anything radical, it's basically the same spells with a few things moved around but functioning the same + more utility. But yeah i agree with visual/audio aspect is the #1 priority.
: Not ONLY does the Aatrox Victorious Skin look bad but....
I know he was doing well in the spring, but why didn't Riot know this was 100% due to his numbers being absolutely broken and not his ability to make big plays, play skill, or do anything actually interesting? They must had known because they gutted him soon after that time. He was only allowed to exist because of his numbers, the exact thing his rework was supposed to change about him. Should be renamed from Victorious Aatrox to Failure Boris.
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