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: Youtube just went even lower to the bottom with their shit...
Hey doesn't league have a worlds stream on YouTube as well and if so could this happen to us?
Nick231 (NA)
I got tier 7 ornn in 5 days 3 of witch i barley played he doesn't need buffs and i don't know why he is upgrading some of the best items let him upgrade weaker ones so that they are use able and maybe let ornn buy 2 of them since he made them?
: Ornn price reduction?
Been searching around for the same question
: Is kindreds rework actually usefull?
I edited this to fit the new small buff. It is an improvement but adding a slight scaling damage would help a lot. Like 5 per 3 marks.
: Outranged towers was never really anything special from this rework. It was more of a youtuber thing like "zomg one sh0t ez crit rito nerf nao" clickbait videos. It isn't practical in any scenario. The rework was useful in that it gave kindred a clear identity. Before they were scaling marksmen who scaled based on how well their early game was, so nobody had any fucking clue if their strength was early game, mid game, or late game since every stage affected them. Now they're just scaling but with a weaker early game which is easier to balance around in terms of itemization synergy (crit). The issue is right now they're too weak but with numbers tuning kindred could be a well balanced champion. If they made their Q feel a bit stronger like an auto attack (or just give it on-hit, also would help with machete on-hit for the jungle) kindred might be pretty ok.
I get what you're saying with that but i feel like even tho they did make abilities scale and allow crit to work the range is an issue in the case that any ADC could easily out range and the scaling isn't incredible with the abilities especially since as u said the q isnt strong enough to really count as anything. I do understand what you mean tho that it kinda evening everything so its not just autos and opining a door for crit just i don't see enough potential with the abilities not doing a tun unless you get the marks for it along with the fact that the range nerf isnt making it easy to hit things till you start to scale with them. That does shine some light on it tho i do see how that could work just i agree it doesn't seam strong enough to be able to jungle and overall win fights and trades.
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