tamaya (NA)
: The Solari never saw the light of day.
What do you think of the changes to {{champion:89}} and {{champion:131}}'s lore?
GreenLore (EUW)
: I feel like you are jumping a bit to conclusions here as it was never said that the lore-champ and the "demon from the past" are one and the same. I mean sure the masked champ sounds like they are connected to someones past and thus it'd make sense that we know them already, but they could just as well introduce someone completely new and add them to the backstory of an existing champion. In fact I'm kinda surprised that you didn't think of Husk instead(as I know you are a fan of her concept), considering that she wears a mask and was shot by caitlyn, thus making her basically a demon from Caitlyns past, who refused to die. Overall though Riot tends to be rather direct with their wordplays, so I'm expecting this champ to be a literal demon(or at least a darkin as they are demonlike in appearance).
> I feel like you are jumping a bit to conclusions here as it was never said that the lore-champ and the "demon from the past" are one and the same. I saw lot of people jump to this conclusion about the Masked champion, while it is fair game to say that the lore champion can be any new champion to be released this year, its better assume that the Blossom champion and the Masked champion are not the lore champion Reav3 particularly mentioned. Personally I hope the Masked champion is a Darkin, the darkin comes to mind when I hear _"refuses to die"_ and a Darkin helmet or mask would be an interesting concept.
: Questions about the Ascended
The Ascended aren't flat out stronger than the Aspects. Some Ascended can be more powerful than Aspect and vice versa. **** The thing about Shuriman Ascension, the Ascended receive 100% of their power upon Ascension, whereas the Aspects may or may not depending on compatibility. Due to the Aspects harbouring the actual celestial within their bodies, they can unlock more of this potential power overtime {{champion:142}}. With respect to the Tier, this is due to factors such as compatibility and the celestial concepts they embody. The less compatible Ascended like {{champion:58}} deteriorated in mind and body, their minds were affected by their animalistic instincts, although depending on Renekton's case this may also be due to the concept he may embody in Shuriman culture. Other less compatible Sunborn used blood magic to maintain their bodies as they deteriorated more quickly than other Ascended. The concepts can also influence the combat prowess of an Ascended or Aspect. {{champion:266}}: War and {{champion:141}}: Death **** I theorized that the reason Aatrox was able to "kill" the Aspect of War, is due to how the Darkin weapon are able to absorb the souls of their host. **** We can assume Moon based magic or perhaps any manner of celestial magic is effective against them including Sun magic.
Sharjo (EUW)
: My Problems with Kai'Sa Narratively (And what I'd like to see Riot try and fix)
The Void's own reputation is its hubris, its current popularity and threat as a villainous faction are leftovers from the old lore. The Void is the only region written to be the "final villain", whereas other villainous factions and champion have earned their reputations themselves; The Shadow Isles, Mordekaiser, The Darkin. Proof of this are the Watchers, the Void being **given** the old Frozen Watchers lore to make the region more threatening, while I think this was necessary update for the Void it shows that outside of Icathia, the Void is only a threat because we have been told to treat it as such. **** So when Kai'sa attains a Void symbiote and is capable of killing other **lesser voidlings**, I do not think she often runs into Cho'gath and Vel'koz tier Voidborn, especially since she was trapped in a cavern where the only food would have been other void creatures, I think it is believable that after that first stroke of luck she could have easily survived. **** While I agree that a scar or maybe if the symbiote replaced one of her limbs that was completely lost in a battle would add to her design, and that she is another sexy league babe and may be oversexualized in certain aspects. However, her thematic is that of survivor in a Void symbiote aka the _"Samus Aran"/ "Ironman"/ "Venom"_ of league and I believe she executes this relatively well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrathof300,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=amEaEZ2q,comment-id=000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003,timestamp=2020-01-18T08:39:42.574+0000) > > The Targonians sealed the Darkin in weapons so that they could be used by mortals to slay other Darkin. > > They created god killing weapons essentially, only Targon probably didn't expect the Darkin to be able to use their blood magic to corrupt the wielders. That is not entirely true, they killed the other darkins with moon magic. I think they wanted to use the weapons to kill Voidborns instead
I definitely think having the Darkin weapons available for later Void incursions was also part of the reasoning behind sealing them, after all we're assuming that was the initial purpose of Targon granting Shurima the Ascension ritual. However, the immediate purpose was to slay the remaining Darkin, as Ta'anari's trap was only going to work once.
Hotarµ (NA)
: What draws you to a character?
I main {{champion:80}} and I 100% understand where you're coming from. Atreus is an amazingly compelling character, his determination and willpower greater than anyone else. I am glad Pantheon's rework did not turn him into a vengeful god-slaying berserker due to having his body possessed by the Aspect of War, but instead chose to focus on his innate character as someone who always gets back up when you knock them down, and that, **this**, is what makes him mortal. > {{champion:80}}: _"Vengeance is cold. I do not need it on the mountain."_ > {{champion:80}}: _"It is not why I fight, but who I fight for."_ **** Contrast with {{champion:266}} who I actually love **because** he is a vengeful god-slaying berserker. Aatrox has an amazing VO, everything he says has some level of passion, deeper meaning or loathing behind it. He really sells the concept that the Darkin were once Shuriman Ascended. A lot of people mourned the lost of old Aatrox being a great tactician of war inspiring bloodlust into armies, but I look at it as, that version of him being his old Sunborn self and now he has fallen from grace and become Darkin. He makes some jokes in his interactions which people were also not fond of, but as I said before, I see it as remnants of his Ascended warrior persona pre-imprisonment. > {{champion:266}}: _"I touched the stars, and saw the glorious light of a thousand suns! Now, blinded by this elegance, how could my purpose be anything... but dark..."_ **** Finally {{champion:497}} I love his personality and animations, the animations really sell his personality. He is annoying, yet annoyingly fun, he does a spin in his walk cycle that just **feels** right. His VO has a few deep lines, but not Aatrox and Pantheon tier in my opinion.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Scathlocke,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=amEaEZ2q,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-17T15:56:45.748+0000) > > They are non-literally gods. They are imbued with god-like power, from a mortal perspective. > > But Ascended most definitely CAN be killed. Even the champion-tier ones. > > (But not the imprisoned Darkin) "Hey... Remember those super dangerous and powerfull Ascendeds from Shurima?" "Yes, we should do something about them" "What if we turn them into super dangerous, powerfull AND immortal weapons instead?" "Sound like a good plan" Targonian logic.
The Targonians sealed the Darkin in weapons so that they could be used by mortals to slay other Darkin. They created god killing weapons essentially, only Targon probably didn't expect the Darkin to be able to use their blood magic to corrupt the wielders.
: They are non-literally gods. They are imbued with god-like power, from a mortal perspective. But Ascended most definitely CAN be killed. Even the champion-tier ones. (But not the imprisoned Darkin)
During {{champion:141}}'s shadow transformation, he takes all of Rhaast's sealed power for himself correct? Does this count as Kayn killing Rhaast? Or is he just dormant until the scythe finds itself in the hands of a less capable wielder?
: Love the New Draven Bio
According to the lores, {{champion:5}} {{champion:12}} and {{champion:119}} would have had a small overlap in time where they are were working for the Reckoning pits. **** > For centuries, the gladiatorial Reckoners had performed a vital role in Noxus—punishing criminals and settling disputes between the noble houses—and Draven was determined to receive the riches, adoration, and renown he felt he deserved. **However, with long, protracted wars on many fronts, the spectacle was beginning to lose its appeal for the common citizen.** As the attention of the crowds drifted, Draven fell into a slump, spending more and more time in the seedier drinking halls and gambling dens of the capital. **He was washed-up and broke when the former general Jericho Swain found him.** This was sometime after {{champion:119}} made his debut as a Reckoner and around the time {{champion:5}} was sold to a warband. > Beyond the distractions of the Reckoner circuit, the empire faced difficult times. **Hostile nations encroached upon its territories, provoking rebellion all along the Noxian frontier.** It was rumored that Darkwill and his advisors had offered a fortune in gold for the private release of mercenaries, prisoners, and Reckoners alike, to be conscripted into the empire’s warhosts. With little more than a handshake, Xin Zhao and his fellows were bought out, and placed on a transport ship heading west. All the while {{champion:12}} and Ayelia were planning their escape from the Reckoning pits. > One night, Ayelia brought Alistar the key to his cell. She had sacrificed much to arrange this escape, and he swore he would repay her tenfold. **** > Weeks later, **a political coup shook the empire to its dark foundations**, and the arena minotaur’s escape was quite forgotten. **** Hence Xin Zhao and Alistar would have known each other as their Reckoner careers would have spanned the same period, Alistar's probably longer than Xin's. Whereas Draven was fairly new to the scene and probably only heard of the 2 or saw them fight once or twice.
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Lewanor (NA)
: Champions in Season 2020
Tamara the Warmason for the new lore champion!! The masked champion sounds like a Darkin.
Jaspers (EUW)
: I think Targon is ripe for good stories due to it's setup. While Noxus is about war and being the best, so stories are about conflict and being the best or Demacia is all 'mages bad' 'big man with sword good', Targon has many plot points due to their status on Runeterra and how they (both the people and the Aspects) function. From it's dying Empire and Sol to it's conflict with the Void to the people that inhabit around Targon (Solari and Lunari). There seems so much potential in good story telling. I'm all for anything more on Sol and the Empire myself.
I have always been interested to learn about the history of the Targonians and how Targon Prime came to be and I look forward to the day Riot is ready to tell those stories. **** I do wonder if the death of the Aspect of War had any effect on Aurelion Sol's binding. I'm also very interested in Soraka's relationship with the Aspects. I theorized that celestials were overthrown by the Aspects much like the Titans of Greek mythology were overthrown by the Olympian gods. I also believe there is potential Bard connections to Targon, in the form of the Aspect of the Wanderer.
Lewanor (NA)
: Crimson Circle: {{champion:8}} Trifarix: {{champion:122}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:119}} Black Rose:{{champion:69}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:8}} Independent:{{champion:14}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:91}} Ionia getting more chance to show it doesn't mean they allow more sub factions then others.
I was being courteous but if we're counting single champion subfactions and what not: Kinkou: {{champion:98}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:84}} Order of the Shadows: {{champion:238}} {{champion:141}} Vastaya: {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:875}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} Wuju: {{champion:11}} {{champion:62}} Monks: {{champion:64}} Navori Brotherhood/ Ionian Resistance: {{champion:39}} Rest of Ionia: {{champion:134}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:110}} I could also include Darkin: {{champion:110}} {{champion:141}} and on top of the Vastaya, Rakan and Xayah are part of the Vastayan Revolution whereas Ahri and Sett have their own plots, especially Sett where him being half vastayan is a minor characteristic and not the core of his lore. **** Personally I would place {{champion:119}} as a Reckoner champion (Tantamount to placing Sett as a Pitfighter/ Reckoner in his own right) and {{champion:55}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:91}} as Nobles/ Du Couteau Family opposed to under the Triffarix.
Falrein (EUW)
: My one selfish hope for Tales of Runeterra
I will always love to see Targon and Targon champs featured in a cinematic/ animated short. Although I am already doubtful of it with Tales of Runeterra: {{champion:16}}, {{champion:142}} and {{champion:44}} seem like the only available Targon champions for an animated short based on their current activites in the lore. **** I'm predicting Ionia, Demacia, Zaun, Piltover, Freljord, and the Shadow Isles receive shorts this year.
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: A little observation...
Nice catch. It would be nice to have these Pantheons mentioned by name in the canon lore. **** Depending on where Riot takes the story of Aurelion Sol and Targon Prime, twin dawn could see a lot of different edits. For example based on Twin Dawn, what if Zeonia was another Pantheon alive elsewhere in the cosmos when Astraea was vaporized on Runeterra. Although if weapons are inherited it may make more sense for the weapons to be assigned to the Pantheons of x planet. **** An interesting concept would be what if Pantheon possesses a much greater arsenal of weapons than we are currently aware of, and the weapons varied between incarnations, depending on their fighting preferences.
: And the Void even represents an entire **dimension** on it's own. That Ionia represents a continent doesn't really mean anything here, there are enoug examples that the size of a region is not related to the number of champions coming from there.
> People like to complain about the over-saturation of Ionia but the reality is that **Ionia supports more subfactions** than any other individual region in the game, mainly because it is an entire continent But the Void currently consists of 2 subfactions "Voidborn" and "humans touched by the Void", even among the Voidborn there is very little differentiation between a Voidborn spawned in Shurima and a Voidborn spawned in the Freljord based on what we know. This was my main point, **the amount of subfactions supported by the region**, not the size of the region, although the fact of Ionia being a continent therefore allowing it to support more subfactions still holds true. For example look at Shurima as a region vs Shuriman continent, as a continent many more subfactions and entire regions and plotlines are at Shurima's disposal. However, even looking at the Void as a dimension all it has to offer that we haven't seen thus far are the Watchers.
Lewanor (NA)
: When are we going to get a relevant Noxian? Was Kled so lore breakingly important and plot driving?
People like to complain about the over-saturation of Ionia but the reality is that Ionia supports more subfactions than any other individual region in the game, mainly because it is an entire continent. Kinkou: {{champion:98}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:84}} Order of the Shadows: {{champion:238}} {{champion:141}} Vastaya: {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:875}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} Rest of Ionia: {{champion:39}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:110}} Most of the remainder of Ionian which also have separate or individual stories from one another.
: Ah, I don't have much knowledge about what happened with the recent Shyvana changes, unfortunately. But I can give you my perspective as a member of Champions team. Redoing lore is hard, and redoing the redoing of lore even harder. Pantheon is the first champ I worked on who already had a post-Summoners reboot, and I personally made it my mission not to change anything I didn't have to, otherwise... what's real? I hope the things that some people didn't like right away ended up becoming meaningful parts of a bigger story. In other words, it's starting to get really hard to make changes, and so it's important to make the right ones at the right time. I love updating lore when we do VGUs because it's a chance to take a step back and ask, "who is this character really? Why do I want to be them for 30+ minutes at a time?" Shyvana has come really, really close to getting a VGU, on Reav3's last poll. While I can't guarantee any changes, if she does get a VGU that might be on the table.
I realize that I'm 3 months late but as a Pantheon main and Targon fan I would like to say thank you for delivering what was promised so many years ago with Pantheon's initial rewrite. > Redoing lore is hard, and redoing the redoing of lore even harder. Pantheon is the first champ I worked on who already had a post-Summoners reboot, and I personally made it my mission not to change anything I didn't have to, otherwise... what's real? I hope the things that some people didn't like right away ended up becoming meaningful parts of a bigger story. It was difficult at times coming to the boards looking for answers and discussion, to be greeted by fellows Panth mains/ fans who simply wanted to throw the entire story out, without consideration for the intention behind where character was going. Those who wanted to see Atreus slay Pantheon and reclaim his body, those who wanted to Atreus' body to die and explore more about the Aspect itself and I was caught in the middle equally invested in both characters. So thank you. The introduction of Aatrox slaying Pantheon and Atreus return, felt like I was finally given the lore I had been promised those many years ago. Pantheon is neither the god-slaying spartan or the god of war that people thought he would become, he is a man that learned to put his faith in humanity. {{champion:80}}: "I am no more then a soldier, and no less." **** Leona and Diana's lores have recently been rewritten, it is clear certain changes needed to be made, such as the description of the Aspect of the Sun. However, it feels like they were not given this same opportunity that Pantheon was given when his lore was revised/ continued and little if any rewritten lore was kept. Nontheless these stories shine the best when the characters being to interact with the world around them, I look forward to the progression of Targon's and Pantheon's storyline. Keep up the good work.
: Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda ...
I've always wanted to see {{champion:145}} and {{champion:81}} interact as they are both tied to Shurima, although I never expected it to come in the format of a cinematic. The Zaun and Demacia parts were awesome to see as they directly reference the lore for once. No Targon in this cinematic but maybe next time.
: Which champ do you think would be featured in the upcoming cinematic?
I hope we get a Targon champion. {{champion:80}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:136}}
: Diana, girl are you okay?
This version of Diana's lore is unnecessary pandering to the complaints about the Aspect being "**too**" active in her old lore. In doing so it resulted in ripping the Aspect of the Moon's unique personality from the lore, one of the greatest differentiating points about the Aspects are... their Aspects. Pantheon stole Atreus' body, Leona "saved" her Aspect forming a bond from childhood, Zoe was chosen based on her playful character, Taric's kind and caring nature was tested relentlessly. It reflects the kind of people these champions are meant to become when they received their powers, you cannot risk the Aspect for a dying religion dying on her way up the peak when you already decided on her based on her character hence Diana was guided to the peak by her Aspect. > Like all of the Solari faith, she underwent rigorous physical and religious training. However, unlike others, Diana was determined to understand why the Solari act the way they do, and the reasoning behind their beliefs. She spent her evenings digging through the libraries, devouring texts with only pale moonlight to read by. Paradoxically, this pursuit provided more questions than answers, and her teachers’ aphoristic replies did little to sate her inquisitive mind. This was the only necessary change needed for Diana's lore in my opinion. To hint that Diana herself was interested in the Moon **because** she knew everything about the Solari. Oppose to her stumbling across the burnt books because of the Aspect. In fact it feels like some of her passion for the moon is missing compared to the old lore. Her friendship with Leona is nice but solely a writer's choice as it bears no impact on the rest of the lore. Same with Leona, they should not have completely removed the Aspects from their lore.
: What's your favorite (and optionally least favorite) faction(s) in terms of style/design/etc?
My favorite faction is Targon. Initially Targon was developed as the "Greco-Roman" faction of Runeterra similar to Ionia representing Asian culture and Shurima, Egyptian culture. The new Targon lore pushes dives more into Greek mythology as the Aspects can be compared to the Olympian gods and the their vessels being compared to greek demi-gods and heroes. Targon is steeped in celestial themes and gives the region a unique aesthetic which it previously lacked. **** My least favorite faction is the Void, individually the void champions are amazing and interesting characters and the Vel'Koz lore significantly improved the Void's lore allowing the readers to understand the mindless destructive nature of the Void, however, collectively the Void is an unimpressive faction. This is because the Void is given the role of the ultimate evil by the writers, we are told to be afraid of the Void and the impact they can have on the lore yet the Void has done nothing to deserve this role. **This is not due to a lack of lore.** It has been stopped in Icathia by the Ascended host and single handed frozen and trapped by Lissandra in the Howling Abyss and it continues to be shoehorned into any lore possible, the Void's strong point as a villainous faction is quantity over quality whereas other villains such as Mordekaiser or the Darkin focus on quality. I look forward to depth being added to the Void champions to make them real threats and not just impending dangers.
: I think at the time it was released it may have been ASol, but I cant really see his return being set that far back anymore. I would say Aatrox is more likely now, their lore does mention their fight enfulged the skies so Aatrox probally can fly. It being Kayle is an interesting possibilty too, but as the story being before his fight with Aatrox means it should be 8 years ago or so in universe wise, I can only really see it being Aatrox.
I definitely considered the possibility of it being Aatrox, as this would allow the writers to tie all loose ends with this story and continue Pantheon's story as is, hence I put him as an option. However, I hope there is still a chance that it is still Aurelion Sol, although this depends on how the writers decide to handle his story. So until we get another Aurelion Sol story or a Rioter confirms or denies, its a case of Schrodinger's cat.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: ASOL Because if the story was a prequel back when the aspect of war possesed Atreus the line "It is time then" was when Pantheon commenced with his plan on enslaving Aurelion Sol. Funny enough, Atreus doesn't like him that much either.
Aurelion Sol was enslaved thousands of years prior to this story.
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: Anyone Else Ready to see Shurima's Story Move Forward?
I'm most interested to see {{champion:80}} become involved in Shuriman lore, many speculate that the Ascended he faced in his color story was {{champion:101}}. Personally I dislike this development and hope it not to be the case, because it means Pantheon's story is locked until Riot decides to progress Xerath's story or that Pantheon's next story will mention him being defeated off-screen by Xerath. **** Nonetheless given Pantheon's new lore he is bound to become involved in the battle for Shurima with the return of the Ascended and Darkin: {{champion:268}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:266}} I hope there is an interaction between {{champion:80}} and {{champion:15}} as they are both humans wielding god weapons (_however Panth is a demi-god_) and if Sivir is to become the empress of Shurima, I think he will side with her. **** On the topic of the future emperor of Shurima, potential candidates are: Obviously {{champion:15}} and {{champion:268}}, however I think there is potential for {{champion:163}} as well, given appropriate character development. There is also the possibility of Shurima remaining a conglomerate nation, made up the unified tribes.
: With Demacia dealing with a mage rebellion and J4 vs Sylas....
This would also be a really great way to "_**preserve/ reuse**_" an old lore plot of {{champion:133}}'s expedition into the Freljord.
: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 13: Silence for the Damned vs Child of Zaun
Silenced for the Damn and Child of Zaun both have their weaknesses and strengths. **** I knew Eldritch {{champion:106}} was going to prove problematic when it came to his VGU, I see it as a weakness because the story set up something that potentially cannot be executed. I'm hoping to some effect it is maintained in the VGU, as an Eldritch version of Volibear does make sense in the context of the Ursine. As many have pointed out, Child of Zaun, would have been closer to perfect had the fight between {{champion:254}} {{champion:51}} & {{champion:6}} been described in greater length or detail. **** The strengths of both stories however comes from their awesome characterization of {{champion:77}} and {{champion:254}} respectively.
Ora (EUNE)
: Were are all the new badass champs? Who do you think is the most badass at the moment?
Sett is actually a badass character imo, the difference between him and the more badass champions, is his age. He's the youngest and hence the least, imagine if he had 10-20 years experience under his belt, he could be the head of Ionia's largest crime syndicate, ruling the criminal underground with an iron fist. **** Aphelios is actually one of the coolest human champions but his appeal is as an assassin.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Yeah overall it looks like we are still missing a lot of pieces here. The targon lore feels like the most convoluted lore of the major factions anyway, it just feels like so many lore pieces are missing.
Targon hasn't been as well maintained as the other regions, this is a result of it being one of the earlier regional rewrites and the back lash it received, those were tough times to be a Targon fan. I'm glad Riot is taking their time with Targon however, {{champion:16}} {{champion:80}} and {{champion:523}} have amazing lores. {{champion:142}} and {{champion:44}}'s lores are very secluded and don't do anything for the region. **** I am waiting to see what Riot plans to do with {{champion:136}}, as they themselves said they won't be doing off world stories. I'm speculating we'll get something once the Celestial and Spirit realm are fleshed out, hence Soraka and Aphelios mentioning both respectively.
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: Questions about the Darkin
{{champion:80}} had returned to Runeterra to put an end to the remaining Darkin but we don't know if this meant he found a way to kill them or if it meant he returned to prevent their activity having found hosts, likely the latter. Personally I theorize that Aatrox killed Pantheon by absorbing his soul the same way he absorbs his hosts upon contact. **** How long it takes to overpower a host and how long that host's body can be used as a vessel is determined by the physical and mental strength of the host, for example {{champion:266}} can overpower most mortals in seconds, consider these your average background characters, hence these bodies do not last long as they cannot handle the Darkin power. Hence Rhaast and {{champion:110}} having to battle {{champion:141}}, Valmar and Kai respectively, for their bodies, because they are not weak hosts. Note that Varus' host body is a fusion of Valmar and Kai likely for the purpose of creating a vessel that will withstand his power, as individually neither may have been strong enough.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Why would Diana loose her scimitar though? She still has it in her color story, which plays after she killed the elders. Also when Leona became the aspect of the sun, she realized that Lunari and Solari don't have to fight each other, so it'd be odd that solari soldiers are still on the hunt for lunari.
First we'd have to deduce the reason for Diana going to Ionia. If she weren't chased off the mountain by the Solari, then why leave? It is possible something happened between Diana's color story and her leaving Mt Targon. Even in Nami's color story, the Solari elder of the coastal village called her a heretic for allying with the Aspect of the Moon, meaning Leona's influence had yet to spread across the Mountain and there may be extremist groups who oppose Leona, I would not be surprised if the Burning Ones are such a group. To be fair Diana's weapon isn't supposed to be called a scimitar, however, the main connection is that Aphelios' in-game interaction with Diana, Alune quotes her to be "fleeing" something.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I'm not really sure how this paints the solari as any more evil than they already were. I mean we knew already from Aphelios bio that the solari were hunting the lunari, though its still not clear if this piece of lore happens before or after Leona took over the solari(though given that it says that their priests deny the existence of the lunari I'd say it happens before that incident). Other than that, it only shows the solari attacking a barbarian who is trespassing on their territory, given that the solari and the barbarians seem to be enemies(as they attack the solari settlements in Leonas color story) I'd say this makes sense for the solari. And its not really like Aphelios is presented in a positive light here either, he murders the solari and then murders the barbarian, even though the barbarian wasn't hostile to him. Granted I'd also like to see a more positive side of the solari in the future, but this is the story of Aphelios, one of the greatest enemies of the solari, so of course his story will focus on his point of view,not that of his enemies.
This story likely occurs after {{champion:131}}'s flee from Targon, likely it was her scimitar which was in the possession of the barbarian. It also links back to the in game interaction {{champion:523}} has with her. **** It was interesting to see the connection/ comparison between the Solari and the Naktu religion from Lucian's story.
: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 9: In the Fires of Justice vs Prayer to a crumbling Shrine
Both are amazing stories (_again... it hurts that they seem to be pitted against each other on purpose_) I loved this format of hearing stories of these Demacian legends, after all this is the "League of Legends". These 2 stories were also my favorite parts of the rework. I'm voting for {{champion:10}} because... {{champion:86}}: "JUSTICE!" but also because it brought out the thing I like about Kayle, the cohesiveness of her character and conviction in her beliefs, and **_flaming wings_** of course!! **** It really makes me wish the sisters were more Targonian design-wise.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrathof300,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=X2qF8Pmm,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-12-06T19:49:15.550+0000) > > It pains me that these 2 are pitted against each so early in the tournament and I wish could vote for both. That was very much on purpose. I like to see you suffer {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} {{sticker:cass-cry}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 6: Halfway Between the Stars and Earth vs For Those Who Have Fallen
It pains me that these 2 are pitted against each so early in the tournament and I wish could vote for both. Both stories show the strength of the Rakkor, the human inhabitants of Mt. Targon, and they don't glorify the Aspects and the Celestials although they are stories centered around those very characters {{champion:80}} & {{champion:16}}. It shows how much Targon as a region has to offer, and as a fan of the region, these stories put a smile on my face and I look forward to more stories like these.
: I wonder if we will have more extension on the Darkin Lore
I hope Riot elaborates in a future story exactly what happened between {{champion:266}} and _The previous Aspect of War_ {{champion:80}}.
: We already know who it is I encourage you guys to check out this subreddit it's funny as all hell https://www.reddit.com/r/ApheliosMains/ Already a whole community dedicated to him since the leak with a lexicon of memes, tragic posts of despair when Riot reworked Pantheon and released Senna and neither were Aphelios and the in-joke being the champ is already in the game but has a 100% ban rate atm.
Any _DianaxAphelios_ shippers to combat the mainstream _LeonaxPantheon_ ship? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Wait... is this the real reason Riot's making another Lunari?
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
I would love to read a story where {{champion:80}} confronts any of the other Aspects, {{champion:89}} and {{champion:142}} in particular. I would also like to see {{champion:10}} and involved in a Targonian plot and interact with the Targon champions. **** I really loved {{champion:516}}'s _**"The Lost Tales of Ornn"**_ and {{champion:10}} & {{champion:25}}'s short stories _**"In the fires of Justice"**_ and "_**Prayer to a crumbling shrine"**_, respectively, where stories, legends and myths are told about the champion, rather than experiencing the story from the champion's perspective.
d00mface (EUW)
: Lore Things You Want To See Added In LOR
I can't wait to see the Targon deck. Yone was included in the Ionia deck so hopefully Pylas, from {{champion:80}}'s lore, will also be included in a potential Targon deck, hell even Asose from {{champion:80}}'s short story!!
Falrein (EUW)
: From what I remember from Kayle and Morgana's AMA, they decided not to include Targonian interactions because they wanted to focus on them being Demacian, and their views on justice. Though, I'm gonna admit I'm a bit disappointed by their interactions, it's the only negative point in their VOs to me, they are rather... Lacking. But anyway. ______________________________ Taric embodies the Celestial concept of the Protector, while Kayle is just the deity they named Protector (it probably stayed from the original Winged Protectors). Arguably, Taric being influenced by Demacian faith may have influenced the Protector's decision of choosing him, but I'm not sure, given the Winged Protector and the Celestial concept known as the Protector seem to have very different ideologies. I'm unsure if Taric will play a role in K&M's reconciliation tho. Some would argue that he will, some that he won't. I'm personally not fond of the idea, as I'd rather them working on their issues on their own but well, only time will tell! __________________________________ And last but not least, I'm fairly certain Kayle _did_ make it to the Celestial Realm. She's probably been training with Targon, becoming their perfect little soldier... But isn't she blinded by her admiration towards them...? Are they as perfect as she thinks they are...? :p
> Though, I'm gonna admit I'm a bit disappointed by their interactions, it's the only negative point in their VOs to me, they are rather... Lacking. But anyway. For me it's their design. Much more could have been done to blend a Demacian and Targonian feel in their appearances, while keeping them Demacian. **** Based on Kayle, Targon seems like it has so much to offer in way of their story progression so I look forward to any interaction in future lore. Especially any potential interaction between {{champion:10}} and {{champion:80}}.
tamaya (NA)
: "It is always a moon's role to envy the stars." But I envy the moon.
In the best case scenario, and the direction I like to believe Leona's lore rewrite always hinted at, was that if anyone could right the wrongs of the Solari it would be Leona. As the dominating faith of Mt. Targon, all of the other tribes would follow in her example. **** With {{champion:80}}'s rework I think Riot is hinting at the _'change'_ to coming to the Targon faction. For so long the fanbase has been obsessed with the Aspects and the celestials, but I think we're being told that the stories that should matter to us, are those of the tribes of Mt. Targon and how they learn to live without depending on their "gods". If Targon falls, just as the Aspect of War did, then the responsibility immediately falls on the shoulders of Mt. Targon's leaders{{champion:89}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:142}}{{champion:16}} . > {{champion:80}} to {{champion:89}}: _"Beneath armor and Aspect, you are more resilient than you know."_
Comentários de Rioters
Comentários de Rioters
: @Riot a small request for Dragonslayer Pantheon + some suitable idea for his ult
> Pantheon can wear immersive sandals in nearly every other skin but not this Riot, pls. I mean look at Xin or Swain. Do they wear sandals with full scale armor into combat? No they don't. I think they're planning on giving him [boots](https://twitter.com/dankyart/status/1157015384278441984).
NeverGame (EUW)
: Thank you for the long answer, it really helped my questions I had in mind. But I do have one more question you can maybe help me with. Pantheon isn't the actual name from Atreus. Is Pantheon the name of the celestial being? And do the other celestial aspects have names for themself either?
Yep, Pantheon is the name of the celestial being. We can only assume the others have names as well. **** From {{champion:44}}'s bio: > His trials complete, and freed from all illusion, Taric found himself at the pinnacle of the mountain, and he was not alone. > Before him, cut from the sackcloth of night itself, stood something wearing the shape of a man. Its features composed from the pinpoints of stars, Taric was struck by the odd familiarity of its nature. > Its voice spoke in a thousand whispers that cut through Taric like a mountain wind. Though he heard no recognizable words, he understood the figure’s intent with utter clarity. > **It called itself “the Protector.”** Until now {{champion:44}}'s Aspect was referred to as "the Protector", but that might not be the Aspect's name seeing as they have started calling Taric, the _Aspect of the Protector_. Note that, in Demacia {{champion:10}} is known as "**the Protector**", whether this is a coincidence, clever writing or a mistake on Riot's part, I think should be left to your interpretation. **** Happy to share my understanding and interpretations of the lore.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrathof300,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sbEEptFe,comment-id=00050000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-01T22:18:08.924+0000) > > "=" means "equals". > "=/=" means does not "equal". ahh. God I can be a dumbass
Nah, my bad on the shorthand language.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrathof300,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sbEEptFe,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2019-08-01T21:55:03.364+0000) > > No she isn't. Myisha is a previous host for the Aspect of Twilight. so what with this Zoe=/=Myisha?
"=" means "equals". "=/=" means does not "equal".
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