: Can Kindred get a rework?
I think Riot just wants you to play whatever character is newest.
: Someone needs to nut up and go confront their boss about Nexus Blitz.
I really want an a fun gamemode where I'm not forced to play a champion I don't like. I have no idea why everything has to be random, if there are overpowered picks I'd have a better time dealing with them on my main than randomly getting them half the time and randomly getting them on the other team the other half.
: Bring back Nexus Blitz!
Watch us get monkey's pawed and get all random nexus blitz.
: You know, the community on the boards never ceases to amaze me, even tho I don't expect more from them. Not even 2 weeks ago I made this: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/WKGNvavc-lets-talk-lee-seen And even suggested actual nerfs for him, not just "list kit, call OP, farm upvotes", and nobody cared. And that's something I notice a hella lot in many people's threads, if the thread talks actual stuff, it's gonna get barely any comments or upvotes, but if the thread is "X OP, PLOX NERF" or similar, upvote and comment galore. As for the nerfs I suggested: - Increase the base CD of his Sonic Wave by quite a bit, BUT, offer a refund when Resonating Strike is used. - Remove the 0.25s CC on R. For details on why those, refer to my thread.
It's a lot easier to get people to agree to something simplistic and snappy than something realistic and well thought out.
Śhunpo (OCE)
: Please nerf Lee sin
Lee Sin is only slightly more interactive than Dr. Mundo.
: As an Ionia fan, please stop for a while when you hit 20 Ionian champions.
When you think about it, champions that are based on western culture have eight different regions to come from, while champions that are based on eastern culture just have the one; so it isn't that absurd that there's so many Ionian champs.
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: league of legends Fiddlesticks | VGU Update - Preview
: What’s worse? A stat check champ? Or an overloaded champ?
: Perfect timing for a Caitlyn VU
Imagine wearing pants in the year of our lord 2020.
: 20+ professionals, 200+ collective years of design experience
I drew stick figures for 200 years, that means I'm a good artist.
l MrD l (NA)
: Whoever designed the new voli ..
They literally just removed all his clothing except the gloves. I hope future reworks follow this trend.
Comentários de Rioters
nelogis (EUW)
: Complexity trough Simple Design vs Complexity trough Complexity
I think it's important to cover a wide berth of designs and playstyles. In terms of gameplay Singed is a masterpiece but at the same time he's difficult to appreciate and not many people ever will. If you can have: Simple champions with simple gameplay {{champion:86}} Simple champions with complex gameplay {{champion:27}} Complex champions with simple gameplay {{champion:64}} Complex champions with complex gameplay {{champion:268}} Then isn't that more appealing to a broader audience even if not every kit is designed in an 'objectively correct' way? Each quadrant is valuable because it either captures a broad net or a deep net of player engagement; to focus on one in particular would just mean less people are appealed to and less people are playing the game.
: I love League's characters but I don't like the gameplay
Generally, even in hard games, you can make one mistake and still live. In League I rarely ever see someone survive a full spell rotation. The last game I played, every single death people would just get deleted instantly and just go "WTF???" in all chat. That isn't fun, your kills feel like bullshit, your deaths feel like bullshit. Everything after laning phase is balloons covered in needles. Let's say a 3/0/0 Zed attacks a 0/1/0/ ADC while he's alone, the fed Zed should still need some auto attacks to kill him, the ADC should be able to survive if he dodges Zed's combo or kites him really well. At the same time that Zed shouldn't get two shot by the ADC lategame for walking within 500 miles of him. You get locked out of the game for 50 seconds for a death that happened in 0.5 seconds. That isn't an exaggeration, that's a common occurrence and probably happened to everyone reading this who isn't a tank main in their last ten games. That's not fun, that's not even gameplay. The way that scaling works also means that after laning phase the losing team will almost never be able to beat the winning team. The losing team's gameplay becomes 'Try to stall for 30 minutes until you have 6 items' the winning team's gameplay becomes 'Try to entice them into coming out of their turtle so you can delete them.' That isn't fun. It's pointless for the game to continue past laning phase. 1/15 games being able to comeback because someone on the enemy team AFK'd, got ridiculously overconfident or randomly decided to start tilting their team doesn't cut it. Surrendering doesn't cut it because nobody wants to lose either. In URF if you get behind, you can actually still make a comeback because -both- teams do ridiculous damage so if you -outplay- the enemy then you can beat them and win even if they have better items. That's a proper League of Duty and it's fun to play, but regular League can't be that. What this game needs is for combat to take more time so there's more time for your skill to shine. It has to be more balanced so the enemy team is more threatening than the minions at all stages of the game, so that even if you're light years ahead there's always that "What if?" and so that even if you're light years behind your hope is legitimate and you can wrench it into reality if you can pull it off.
Teémò (NA)
: Why is vision always being removed from the game?
Genuinely the reason is that it makes competitive more volatile and exciting to watch and gives space for champions that thrive in chaos to succeed at a high level of play.
It's good, but I think the armor having a greenish tint is important for visual distinction and creates a nice link to her green spell effects. Plus a more noticeable mismatch in her greaves and having the more armored side on the opposite side of the shoulderpad creates a more recognizable and aesthetic silhouette.
: By only coming back for URF, playing to your hearts content, then leaving as soon as it ends, isn't that straight up proving Riot's statement fact in why URF is such a limited time mode to begin with?!
> [{quoted}](name=GeminiRune,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wQTcZwoA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-10T05:16:03.825+0000) > > By only coming back for URF, playing to your hearts content, then leaving as soon as it ends, isn't that straight up proving Riot's statement fact in why URF is such a limited time mode to begin with?! That means if URF was permanent they'd be playing the game all the time.
: Make urf permanant
I'd legitimately play ranked URF tryharding and all.
: My ultimate deals 625 base with a 200% bonus ad ratio. Who am I?
Lee Sin is honestly just as much a ball of stats as {{champion:36}}
: I request riot looks into the battle bunny line of skins.
{{champion:61}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:421}} Fight me.
Śhunpo (OCE)
: I'm guessing you enjoy winning moreso than you do having silly fun?
Playing URF is having silly fun. The reason you get upset when Hecarim charges ten million miles and deletes you is because you're the one who enjoys winning more than having silly fun. You aren't seeing the humor in it, you're just thinking about it in terms of "oh no that's BS he shouldn't be able to defeat me so easily"
Śhunpo (OCE)
: URF isn't bad this time around, it's the community
Im having a ton of fun. The people with problems are the ones who complain, you dont hear from the people who actually really enjoy playing the game.
: Hey can you PLEASE NOT REMOVE {{item:2053}} Atleast!? I've been asking for months now on how it can be added to other Movement speed items such as {{item:3742}} and how you could combine {{item:3512}} and {{item:3056}} Together or find a new niche for them, since we both know they're usage has gone done since they're nerf (Mostly Zzrots, Ohm's is always lowest). Plz don't just remove {{item:2053}} there must be other items you're working on it can be used in or just added as a component of {{item:3742}} and with the removal of the items it builds into, there's almost no itemization left for splitpushers needing the speed or a little help to rotate or damage Turrets. Think of Trick2G atleast. Jokes aside will there be any other items added that aids to splitpushing atleast that {{item:2053}} can fit into, like maybe {{item:3005}} Maybe... I don't know Raptor Cloak was just my favorite Armor item since it was added. I even gave a lot of suggestions for {{item:3512}} and {{item:3056}} in the past, but they are getting removed for being unhealthy...? While {{item:2419}} {{item:2419}} {{item:2423}} is being spammed in LCS by every member wether they are going to build a {{item:3157}} or {{item:3026}} Plz reconsider and try something else, You even mentioned on the prev post about Item shop cleanup that you would look into Zeal Items aswell you even said this: > Once we free up space, we want to deliver better versions of certain niches that we haven't been able to fill in the past. As an example, we'd like to make a healthy "tower pushing" focused item that doesn't have the problems of Banner of Command or Zz'Rot Portal. But it's just getting removed, What about this quote: > Items reducing or not adding impactful decisions to the system: Overly similar versions of Zeal items or tank items with near identical stats have had this problem in the past Overpowered or "always good" items can squash a lot of other choices in the system - core items like IE can be great for power fantasy but if we have too many of these there is no room to make choices So what's the deal that only Raptor Cloak's line up is being removed entirely, Feelsbadman.
Just expand raptor cloak into a full item that does basically the same thing with maybe a bonus effect like you're also a bit tankier near turrets or whatever.
: I don't like playing vs {{champion:84}}, she is fustrating and too strong. I don't like playing vs {{champion:432}}, he has a stupid dmg and his Q is horrible. I don't like playing vs {{champion:53}} because he always hook someone from my team at lvl 1 with an invade. And when he is on my team, he is useless, he miss all his grabs and he we end up to play the game 4 vs 5. I don't like playing vs {{champion:63}}, his AOE dmg is a nightmare. I don't like playing vs {{champion:122}}, you can't beat him unless you play Fiora/Garen or a ranged champ. I don't like playing vs {{champion:131}}, at lvl 6, she press Q R E W R Ignite and you are dead. I don't like playing vs {{champion:119}}, his dmg is horrible, he three shoot with "press the attack". I don't like playing vs {{champion:245}}, stupid champ who is safe, unkillable, he has a zone CC and big magic dmg. I don't like playing vs {{champion:28}}, she is invisible, force you to buy Red wards and her E is dealing 1/2 of your HP bar and even more. I don't like playing vs {{champion:81}}, stupid annoying champ with tons of poke and safety. I don't like playing vs {{champion:9}}, his ulti and his CC are a pain in the asss. I don't like playing vs {{champion:114}}, if you don't pick a ranged top laner or don't get permaganked by your jungler, you lose. I don't like playing vs {{champion:105}}, annoying and stupid. I don't like playing vs {{champion:41}}, Stupid poke, stupid cleanse on his W and global ulti + barrels who deal a million of dmg in lategame. I don't like playing vs {{champion:86}}, unkillable, with Yuumi as support he is impossible to kill unless you play Vayne Lulu bot. I don't like playing vs {{champion:79}}, dmg, CC, annoying... I don't like playing vs {{champion:104}}, dmg, dmg and dmg... I don't like playing vs {{champion:74}}, how we are supposed to have fun vs this? I don't like playing vs {{champion:39}}, tons of dashes, dmg and she is always feed. I don't like playing vs {{champion:40}}, of course your opponent must pick this champ when you have a champ that must engage or when you play an assassin. I don't like playing vs {{champion:59}}, he always win when he is on the opponent team, stupid King privileges. I don't like playing vs {{champion:24}}, thanks to {{item:3161}}. I don't like playing vs {{champion:202}}, stupid dmg, stupid range... I don't like playing vs {{champion:222}}, always get feed, unstoppable and three shoot your whole team with her rockets. I don't like playing vs {{champion:145}}, what a nice champ riot... I don't like playing vs {{champion:30}}, press R ops you are death... I don't like playing vs {{champion:38}}, stupid scalings, tanky for an assassin and make stupid dmg in mid/lategame. I don't like playing vs {{champion:55}}, why she always get feed in the enemy team? Why the player must be a main Kata who know how to play this champ? I don't like playing vs {{champion:10}}, Annoying ulti, annoying kit, annoying scalings... I don't like playing vs {{champion:141}}, oh look i can pass trought walls! I hate him! I don't like playing vs {{champion:85}}, press E R, win a teamfight... I don't like playing vs {{champion:121}}, delete you with a Q and escape with high 1km dash. I don't like playing vs {{champion:64}}, these insecs plays are cancer and absurb. What is skilled by pressing W and R to give a free kill to your team? I don't like playing vs {{champion:89}}, she can have more CC please? Stunned for 3 hours... I don't like playing vs {{champion:127}}, so fun to play vs this champ... CC, safe... I don't like playing vs {{champion:117}}, why you buffed her? Omg riot! I don't like playing vs {{champion:54}}, so fun he build AP and press R to kill you. I don't like playing vs {{champion:90}}, this ulti is cancer, his push is cancer... I don't like playing vs {{champion:11}}, he will be feed, he will delete your teammates in less than 5s and he will always be played when your compo don't have many cc. I don't like playing vs {{champion:82}}, seriously who tought this R was a good idea? I don't like playing vs {{champion:25}} because when i want to play cancer champ, she is countering me. I don't like playing vs {{champion:75}}, because he stacks and he is horrible for me. I don't like playing vs {{champion:111}}, tons of CC, annoying as hell and he make a good dmg. I don't like playing vs {{champion:2}}, CC are useless agaisn't me... You can't win trades, i got free regen on my W... I don't like playing vs {{champion:78}}, seriously what is this dmg? Isn't she supposed to be a tank? I don't like playing vs {{champion:555}}, do i need to explain? I don't like playing vs {{champion:133}}, roam everywhere... fcking annoying champ. I don't like playing vs {{champion:33}}, ofc you had to pick him when i play Master Yi! You bastard! I don't like playing vs {{champion:58}}, I want him turned into a bag like Sivir said. I don't like playing vs {{champion:107}}, why does this champ even exist? And why the dude play him when i'm adc? I don't like playing vs {{champion:92}}, i never understood this champ and seing people play her correctly and winning with doing stupid dmg and combos is making me nauseous. I don't like playing vs {{champion:35}}, annoying and now he is played at support. So i can enjoy having a useless shaco supp who only place boxes in the bush and poke with his E. I don't like playing vs {{champion:102}}, She will go Ap, she will press R and then E E E E and it's deal 60-80% of your life. Karma RQ but in a better way. I don't like playing vs {{champion:27}}, annoying, i hate this stupid playstyle. I don't like to play vs {{champion:14}}, unless you play Vayne, Fiora or Kog, he has tons of HP. I don't like to play vs {{champion:72}}, this ulti god! A pure cancer. I don't like playing vs {{champion:16}}: Heal, heal, heal, HEAAAAAAALLLLLL I don't like playing vs {{champion:50}}, the next Vlad is here! Regen and dmg + a big pool of Hp, that how you make a balanced champ. I don't like playing vs {{champion:517}}, what is this kit? I don't like playing vs {{champion:134}}, nice dmg, very balanced dmg... I don't like playing vs {{champion:91}}, thank he is useless if he isn't feed but you have to stay undertower for the whole early game. I don't like playing vs {{champion:412}}, why everyone is maining him ? Annoying as hell to play vs 300K mastery points Thresh! But thanks, it's also happen on your team. I don't like playing vs {{champion:18}}, what is this dmg? She pressed E, she shoot 4 AA and she deals like 70% of my HP bar. I don't like playing vs {{champion:48}}, a pure troll champ! I don't like playing vs {{champion:23}}, nice ultimate, nice criticals chances... A perfect and well designed champ. I don't like playing vs {{champion:29}}, what is this ultimate? Why he is allowed to have more range than Jinx under her rockets? Invisivibility wasn't enough? I don't like playing vs {{champion:77}}, so fun to play vs a champ that can run very fast. "Immobile champ" hahaha, best statement ever when you know that Udyr only spam spells and gains stupid MS boosts. Also his melee dmg is horrible. I don't like playing vs {{champion:67}}, and i will never like playing vs her. I don't like playing vs {{champion:45}}, this stupid cage who is the same size as half a lane. You can't pass it, you can't ignore it... His dmg, his scaling... Screw this champ. I don't like playing vs {{champion:8}} : I wonder if was designed to be "unfun to play agaisnt", god i hate vampires and i hate Vlad! I don't like playing vs {{champion:106}}, nice passive, nice dmg also... It's alwas fun to see "tanky" champs dealing 3x more dmg than you. I don't like playing vs {{champion:62}}, especially when he goes full AD assassin, a pure cancer. I don't like playing vs {{champion:498}}, Hahaha, you can't kill me, i will press R and counterplay! Also have fun laning vs this. I don't like playing vs {{champion:157}}, WORST CHAMP IN THE GAME, SCREW THE DUDE WHO CREATED HIM I HATE HIM SO MUCH PERMABAN FOREVER !!! I don't like playing vs {{champion:83}}, what is this dmg? His ghouls are jumping on you and make so much dmg. I don't like playing vs {{champion:350}} FCK THIS CHAMP ESPECIALLY WITH GAREN!! I don't like playing vs {{champion:238}} Stupid popular champ with no personnality and a stupid kit. Thanks {{item:3157}} exist ! I don't like playing vs {{champion:26}} So fun to press R to save your teammate? Screw you Zilean! I don't like playing vs {{champion:142}}, A bubble, a R and a Q and you are dead. Wow... I don't like playing vs {{champion:143}}, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, ANNOYING !!! Nah i don't like to play agaisnt a lot of champ but you get accustomed to it. But i can't accustom to {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:350}} and {{champion:555}}, i hate these champs a lot. I feel like i always complain about champs, i'm never happy about the matchup but you need to deal with it.
I'm glad to know, as a certified {{champion:223}} player, that he is a fun and honest champion to play against and that I am bringing joy to both my enemies and my allies when I pick him.
: Do not put execute on the elder buff
It isn't even on PBE and you can easily think about it as just reducing the max health of enemy champions. One of the biggest flaws this game has is that it takes too long to close out a game that's already decided, and even if this is too strong it would be barely enough because you still need to force a fight to make it work. Having incredibly powerful buffs like this, that aren't attached to previous success, also allows for a lot more comeback potential. A losing team can't properly utilize a baron but this should level the playing field. It's better to have a 35 minute game than a game that ends in 15 minutes and is finished in 35.
: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
Reminder to the people complaining about the map changes that I unironically said I was never going to play SR as long as it had plants when the plants were on PBE. Nobody's seen how it affects a real game yet, so you can't make an accurate call right now. Some things that sound stupid as hell will actually end up being great in practice.
: I missed you all
: Riot, since you clearly don't understand, let me tell you exactly what you're missing.
I'm wary at being upset over this because I also freaked out at jungle plants and they turned out pretty great.
Moody P (NA)
: Garen rework misconceptions
I'll support any revert from the mass reworks except maybe Darius. The juggernaut update was when Riot jumped the shark.
Wordse (NA)
: I've been arguing with a friend of mine about the glut of offensive options in the game and why Defense is not a real option which boils down to if defense was too great the individual games would not move forward reaching a stalemate of tanks being actually unkillable which I think is a little hyperbolic but not entirely wrong is there really a way to make tanks happy and damage dealers happy?
The problem with Defense vs Offense is actually with a problem with Esports. In a game where objectives can be taken without really needing to interact with the enemy team, the overall meta trends towards being unable to die than being able to kill. This isn't prevalent at low skill levels because even if they go defense they can be steam rolled because they make too many mistakes, but at the pro level there will always be a slow trend towards defense if defense is good. This makes pro play a lot less fun to watch. So as a function of esports existing the game is eternally cursed to be a nukefest.
: I love League, I played it for 10 years. But you make me want to quit.
The tank item rework really messed everything up. What's even the point when you can't get enough stats to spam laugh under enemy turrets in the middle of their team?
: Completely Random Question: If a Champ's VGU was made today, who would you do?
You have given me too much power. I'm going to rework {{champion:2}} to be a cute anime girl and watch the fallout from a safe distance. Also his kit is exactly the same, but he's unkillable and none of his attacks do damage. If {{champion:23}} is in the game they can do a gem fusion to create a character that is immune to death and CC, permanently locked at 1 HP and gains attack speed and crit based on how low his health is. This brings up important philosophical questions, is the fusion still married to Ashe? There are other, more inappropriate questions too. Starting at 25 minutes, Olaf initiates Ragnarok and all fun is removed from the current match. There is no towers. There is no minions. There is no mobs and no bushes. The game timer stops moving and the nexus is no longer targetable. All there is left to do is respawn in fountain over and over again while Olaf kills you. Eventually your death timer inflates to actual years and you die in real life. dear god I need to go to bed
Aamano (NA)
It'd be much better on a new character than used for Fiddle.
: All you did was downplay the 4 champions you consider to be a dull design. You can do this with *any* character: {{champion:157}} samurai with sword {{champion:164}} cyborg with scissor legs {{champion:136}} dragon with powers {{champion:3}} statue with wings {{champion:202}} masked man with gun {{champion:14}} undead man with axe {{champion:83}} gravedigger with shovel Fucking etcetera
You just proved that they're more interesting even on the most basic and stripped down level conceivable.
: Riots champ design is incredibly dull now
Finally someone says it, I've been thinking this for a long time and it's a big reason why I haven't been interested in much that's been coming out. I miss when we were getting stuff like Vel'koz, Aurelion Sol, Rek'sai, Kindred, Bard, Ivern and Tahm Kench on the regular. It's 90% humans now, which would be okay if it weren't for most of them also having weak or non-existent personalities. There was a trend years ago where people were asking for more human characters but this is entirely overboard. It feels like there's no "concept" to them, or artistic goal, like they're just all branches of the same bland tree.
: Morde is simply perfect.
: The New Mord is a Dark Souls Boss
I can't believe I'm about to come back to this game.
The binding mechanic needs to be removed with a new ultimate in its place.
: Jesus Christ, just remove Tahm's ally Devour at this point.
Maybe considering and balancing a character as a support entirely off of one dominating ability was a bad idea in the first place.
: Definitely not Rakan and Definitely not Xayah
GigglesO (NA)
: Why aren't we nerfing Riven, Vayne, Zed.
Don’t pretend you don’t know exactly why.
: I'm not happy. First we lost Shyvana's human mother, instead her egg was tampered with by a mage and that mutated her. Yvva wanted to kill Shyvana and her father wanted to raise Shyvana. Now we got this kidnapper who doesn't have a name, who I don't care about, who dies. Where is Shyvana's father? Where is the time Shyvana's father was killed by her mother? Where is the time she spent trading game in a Demacian town? This is a straight up emotional investment downgrade. They removed the explanation behind Shyvana being a half-dragon. We went from human parent and dragon parent to a mage tampering with her egg to make her a mutant, and THEN to no explanation at all. She was just kidnapped. Screw that guy. He's just a kidnapper. Yvva. What is up with Yvva? She LOST her motivation. First she goes after the stolen egg. Later she feels Shyvana is still out there and goes looking for her. At this point, presumably because she wants her child back. She goes and burns down anything between her and her daughter. I can understand the ire. She burns and kills Shyvana's kidnapper, understandably so. Yvva isn't trying to kill Shyvana for being a mutant here. As far as can be seen, she just wants her daughter back so she can be raised properly, like her other children that left the nest. The scene of the battle between Jarvan, Shyvana, and the Demacians has been downsized. What happened to the petricite building and petricite arrows that helped ground Yvva so Shyvana could fight her? What about the burning power of the fire rune in Shyvana that she dug deep into to draw out power from so she could RIP Yvva's heart out? This was a change for the sake of change that decreased investment in the character and removed side characters that helped with investing the audience. The narrative presented here? I would say I just didn't care about it, but it is worse, because I know there is a better version of this story. I am disappointed. I expect better because it WAS better.
It's like they're systematically trying to remove any sort of tragedy in league's lore, except with zac where they added it in where it wasn't wanted.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Riot please give us this Kayle
I still don't like the helmet.
Kayle's first form with the purple stuff looks awful, like a rejected wow paladin tier set. Second one with all the wings looks great. Morgana is looking perfect. A bit early to tell for now but it's good to see some signs of quality from riot after so many years. Edit: Just watched the english trailer and the voice work seems pretty bad, but I had low expectations so it's okay.
: The reason why we hated both damage meta and tank meta.
Long time to kill = more time to play and outplay your opponents.
: Hey riot, shieldbreaker wasn't a bad mechanics, it was on the wrong champion
Generally stuff that breaks through defence belongs on slow bruiser characters where the option of dodging is readily available.
: After 500+ Games Played of Nexus Blitz With a ~60% Winrate, Here is My Feedback
1v1ing the entire enemy team down one by one with evelynn when my team was dead was the most fun I’ve had playing lol in the last 6 months and it was only possible due to the conditions of paranoia bardle royale. Because the enemy team couldn’t know where I was, they couldn’t all gang up and deathball me because I was the only one left.
: Awaken shows we need Draven's Ponytail removed for his canon Classic skin.
Now that I see it I'm going to be upset if it ever goes away.
: Which region would you want to live in?
Shadow Isles. Just fuck me up fam.
: I think there's a really cool possibility for the Female Darkin, that we haven't seen yet.
A long time ago, before Kayn release, I had an idea for what the whip champion could be and it was basically this except the host was in love with the Darkin, but the Darkin was extremely weirded out by that and just wanted to move on to possessing a different body. The sheer potential for dialogue there is great.
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