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why they got rid of his bonus armor though...its literally what made malphite well malphite
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: Wukong tier 5 jungle and top
: All's I know, is I know i'm a more than decent player... And when I hit a loss streak, it's not my fault. I know to focus minions in my lane, mostly when to strike enemies when my supp has a good ground on the enemy, etc etc.... If your team is either total garbage or letting you get deleted every time you enter a teamfight... What can you do besides run off? I can't say I don't make mistakes, but I truly believe i'm far better than the rank I have. As an ADC main, please, genuinely... let me know. Ive watched videos and everything else, idk what else I can do to improve.
that is very off topic, and to get yourself out of iron you need to 1v5 hard carry. so abuse hyper carry champs like Yi,Wu,Twitch, Kayle,Mf,Fizz,Vlad,pantheon
: If hes good he will climb even vs smurfs, next
smurfs have more knowledge than the opposing player so that amount of experience does effect that level of game play so to say someone will still win if they are good is severely wrong.
: As a twitch main, in mid-late game, even if I'm fed as the sona munching on that meat in your emote... I simply CANNOT delete his ass unless he's super far behind. I had a game several weeks back, where I was carrying HARD, and he simply refused to die and destroyed me, despite me killing 2-3 of his team-mates every time, he destroyed me and my team. (If I recall, we ultimately won, but....) Renek is plenty bully as it is.
that's poppy XD I find it difficult to believe since ren as a hp stick lacks any real tackiness like armor growth and at late game twitch will have his crit items, pen and blotrk, to melt everything. so unless you position terribly he isnt doing much, even if he does go armor a mage is normally enough to take 3/4 of his hp so he'll just drop in the middle of his stun animation.
: Oh those buffs are nice! Nah his problem is that he's a burst champ and Conqueror got changed to ramp up in power as you fight, so renekton's short combo trades became a bit meh (infact I'd say Electrocute is probably better on him now, which also lets you take sudden impact, poro and ravenous) so these are compensation buffs The problem is, if you just compensate buff his damage, then he's not strong sometimes in lane, he's strong all the time, which isn't very interactive or fun to play against I like these changes where they focus on making his trades better. When you combo your laner in their minions, heal up loads and back out, they're gonna think twice
That's true too about conq and that rens benefit from it isn't the same since he's a short trade champ. but even with the changes it most likely won't do enough since his fury cap was what got increased and his abilities are rather high cds anyway. The 50 hp gain can be a difference of life and death but still won't be enough. Rens not meant to last so while you may be building hp items like shogun streaks and cleaver you'll will still be squishy cause you rely heavily on your dmg and the gold you get in the early to carry you to to mid/late to be strong enough to be useful to your team.
: > [{quoted}](name=rECatherine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6XsEE4Gi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-15T06:19:46.503+0000) > > Play safe? Yes, play safe, take zero damage. Otherwise, take non-zero damage and die or beacon home with 10% hp and just give your opponent gold either way so they can do it again when you come back. I'm not talking about early game. I'm talking about mid-game when you're down a bunch of kills and towers, and you're running around trying to help your team. Some fed enemy is able to just eliminate all of us at will, and there is nothing we can do about it. You can unload everything you got in that person, they're going to 2-hit KO you. You literally have to concede everything to them and just lose the game. You could try to get them, but you'd be basically feeding at that point. This is tied with last season to be the worst season to date. I've never in my 10 years of playing this game felt disheartened to just stop caring about winning the specific games which become so lopsided, but it's happening. Games get to such bad starts, and mid-game is hopeless, so I begin to feel aloof and stop desiring a win, because it hurts too much to try your best just to get insta-killed when you participate in fights with your team. At least if I feel like a casual instead of a try hard, instantly dying doesn't seem so frustrating. I'd prefer to try hard though, but it's a waste of thought on some of these horrible games with the super high burst on a winning team. On the flip side, when I get ahead, I can run around insta-killing other people. How is that fun for them, and how is that a challenge for me? I prefer the old games from years before where I had to show I could perform sustained success in a game. Those were cathartic, satisfying games. These games today really tilt me by comparison. You literally could raise resistances in the background for everyone to get your Armor and Magic Resistances to a suitable level for your current runes system. Give everyone like 30 armor and magic resistance, scaling to level 18 or something. I basically built it on the old rune pages, but now you force me to go into resolve to get half of that, after 10 minutes! lol. We are all squishy. I'm sorry, I'm tired. I can't keep going on tonight about this tonight. I'm just frustrated that this alien rendition of LoL continues to trend towards ridiculous burst damage available to everyone in the game.
well think of the world powers in this scenario. if everyone has a nuke is it really broken? if riot I leaning toward this route to appeal to the people who want to feel this power fantasy then everyone should be able to accomplish this at some point in the game based on power spikes builds and understanding. So as it is right its either we all do dmg which allows games to go to 15-30 minutes max or no one does dmg which slows the games down into the 60 minute mark which most people don't got the attention span to do.
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: Big preach. For real, I really like the item but it's just way too strong. It shouldn't be in the game and even though I like it I can acknowledge it. I just want a weaker version of the original spear that just gave damage reduction.
Im with you here. love the item cause it broken but also hate it for how broken it is. :/
Afk on Lane (EUNE)
: Change or delete spear of shojin.
Honestly Ren is weird with it cause while it does give him a ton of power 1v1 its not as broken in the 5v5 so in reality its more a lane crushing item for him. Jax on the other hand just beaks the game with the item as he's able to abuse it to the max since he's an auto attack champ with a stat boost r that doesn't effect his autos animation and do dmg during his dodge which no one can really fight against. Jax is ridiculous as it is but this item alone makes him 100% the best champ in the game for 10 seconds.
: cause I main him. I defend him. but you can even see on op.gg that his stats globally aren't the best. only one rune page basically benefits him. and his damage is lackluster. if he has second to most damage on a team then something is wrong. like a brand or zyra support will do. but usually hes the least damage on a team with the second most kills because he just goes to ks people. his stun is only 1 sec btw. it scales once its late game and you have lethality which is why he builds it. he was forced into that build path just to keep up. like when he used to start a frozen heart now you wont see that item ever, only lethality with a ga to top it off basically. but what do I know. im barely gold and main the dude
No its fine man, rank doesn't matter and your right about his dmg not being high but he is too slippery so he tends to get away with too much. when an opponent(s) needs to blow an ultimate(s) to force him off that's a massive window where he and his team can abuse. so while I do agree his peel sucks ass, his engage and disengage is potent and its a hidden power he posess that isn't calculated through stats alone.
: > [{quoted}](name=XElite109,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wK3mskkQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-13T23:45:01.690+0000) > > Im fine with him hurting but he does too much for an assassin. q is like a blitz pull with a slow, so that provides very strong utility. He has an in and out dash that stuns for 2 seconds and has really hard cc, a lot can be done in 2 seconds so it really difficulty to deal with him also being able to freely ult. As a champion he just feels kinda unfair and unfun to play against. He regains like a mad man and can easily get out with invisibility as he dashes away and on top of that he can use after shock which just breaks him. right now he's doing the whole lissandra thing and find it disgusting that he can get away with it. > > so here's a few suggestions. > > 1: make him get punished for using his dash as an escape. > > basically do the thresh thing where your rewarded for landing death sentence with lower cds, but if you use it to runaway as Pyke the cd should be doubled to stop him from being a nuisance. > > 2: lower the ultimates width: his ultimate is incredibly powerful but Its too easy to hit. your we should be given more space to enter the open areas of the x. so why not make the x bigger but lower the width that way he still has leeway with and can even hit form a further range it but if he messes up and doesn't center it, you will be able to dodge it. First, he does the least damage of any assassin and most supports too. Secondly his Q is in almost all ways worse than a blitz Q, it has less pull, less range, a windup and loud noise, the only things it has are the slow and the over-the-shoulder mechanic. Thirdly, Pyke's dash is not in-and-out, the cooldown is far too high for that, also the stun is 1.25+.1 lethality, it is nearly impossible to build enough lethality to get a two second stun, and if pyke did he'd be lacking in all his other departments as a consequence to that silly build. Pyke has a pretty high skill curve and has some sufficient counterplay, you just need to learn. Aftershock abuse is aftershock abuse, that's an aftershock problem, not a Lissandra/Pyke problem. Now onto your suggestions, firstly punishing Pyke for using his dash as an escape, why? that's the silliest thing I've ever heard, it's a dash, it's meant to be an engage/disengage tool. Reduce the ultimate width. "his ultimate is incredibly powerful but Its too easy to hit." of course his ultimate is powerful, it's a large part of his power budget, and if you think it's too easy to hit then please, try playing pyke and let's see how you do because I feel like you've never even played Pyke in your life and have no idea how demanding that champ can be. Please just play Pyke a bit so you can see how difficult he is and how wrong these statements are
First off his hook is similar as it yanks the enemy back to his team setting up for plays and have that unfortunate person in a vulnerable position. There is a reason I said "like a blitz pull" and not "a blitz pull". second not once did I go out of my way to complain about his dmg being too stupid. Pyke will normally be placed last in damage cause of how he works. His kit is opportunistic with his whole purpose being to get picks and cleanly end team fights with his ult. what bothers me with Pyke is his mobility as he gets away too freely and engages at full hp again despite losing nearly all of it after getting caught. He's simply too safe a champ and needs something done. secondly how potent the aoe on the ultimate is. Despite it being a slightly telegraphed ability there isn't too much you can do to get away if you've burned flash and despite your movement numbers you will most likely get hit unless your playing Leblanc or someone with a massive range dash to exit the lethal range. Its fine if he gets away with doing that to the first target that he cced to but to stack that dmg on to the next enemy while killing each person is his execution range is why I don't like it. champs like Darius need to abuse a stacking mechanic or hit someone so ridiculously low that his ultimate will kill and send him into rampage mode Pyke gets a dual benefit of execution at a higher amount then Darius as well as aoe to hit multiple people while executing his target then all of the others because of the dmg they have taken form the previous execution why I find it toxic. if it was thinner towards the edges the enemy team would at least be able to dodge the initial ultimate by moving into the open area so it isn't a free pentagon each time he gets going but still would allow him to get his reset. as for lethality Pyke will most likely get a dusk blade which grants upwards of 20, have the sudden impact rune to get 7, and a yommus for another 18 which rounds off to 45 which gives him a total stun duration of 1.7 when rounded is 2 seconds...I understand your concern for Pyke since you play him but you need to recognize his kit is a bit toxic. If anything he should get rewards for engaging but should be punished for just running. for example if he gets a second reduced on his dash for every person he has hit that would be excellent for a rengage to continue your pursuit but to just constantly run away isn't fair. As it is right now we either nerf sustain, nerf the dash, or nerf the ult. I really don't want him nerfed to unplayable levels and to be forgotten like they've done with Aatrox so why not come up with better suggestions instead of trying to defend why he shouldn't be nerfed.
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: "Extremely Inflammatory and Offensive Comms!"
Doesnt seem that bad to me but you were being negative about the game and dragging team morale down hence why you probably got punished. tbh your more likely to get away with calling someone a mentally challenged fuck boy who's autistic parent birth him onto of a mountain and had him crash head first down a slab of granite then you giving up. I get raged at a lot for no reason and it's starting to take it toll on me.
: This would be real handy for finding out how much effect each rune has. Also the ability to take unfinished rune pages into the practice tool. So I don't have to carefully craft a rune page that won't effect the thing i'm testing before I switch to the one that will. I can just take a blank rune page for the control part of my experiment.
> [{quoted}](name=Metal Janna,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yz2mwaeF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-12T06:29:24.026+0000) > > This would be real handy for finding out how much effect each rune has. > Also the ability to take unfinished rune pages into the practice tool. So I don't have to carefully craft a rune page that won't effect the thing i'm testing before I switch to the one that will. I can just take a blank rune page for the control part of my experiment. ye would make everything a lot better
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: Kayle and Constant Nerfs
riots something else. they make these reworks give them overloaded kits and wonder why they're champions are more broken then the older version lol
: Way too many champions.
> [{quoted}](name=9VO,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MOzXUdhK,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-11T20:07:12.552+0000) > > Hey guys. Am I the only one who thinks that Riot Games adds too many champions? I miss the old times when they used to add around 2-3 champions per year. Right now I don't even know against what the fuck am I playing. What do you think guys, Riot Games adds or not too many champions ? {{champion:517}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:145}} no you're right. riots being ridiculous....we need at least 5 champs per month
: Urzeth , The " Remnant Phantasm "
I don't think I can read all this but since you put so much effort I want to give my support. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Champion concept: Death March : the lingering end.
I mean its not as broken as it reads. since his first basic attack is his main power he needs it to be strong but even then level 1 an auto with passive for 25% hp to an opponent with 560 hp and 40 armor he will do exactly 140 dmg but it would be mitigated to 99.4. meaning that he isn't gonna be that strong in the early stages of the game. he will start spiking with lethality items and his level 6 power spike from ultimate.
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: > [{quoted}](name=CauseSCIENCE,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PUH6ElBE,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-29T08:57:59.846+0000) > > delete America delete the west. fuk it, delete all exept S korea (they too good at lol to die)
> [{quoted}](name=QuadraBananas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PUH6ElBE,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-29T08:59:25.863+0000) > > delete the west. > > fuk it, delete all exept S korea (they too good at lol to die) delete QuadraBananas
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: > [{quoted}](name=Stars Shaper,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PUH6ElBE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-27T21:29:33.159+0000) > > Delete Noxus. Delete Runeterra.
delete Arkansas
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: Of course Fiora is going to outscale him, speaking for 1v1 of course. Fiora outscales 95% of the roster, but only in duels. thats her design. Wukong will be more useful in team fights than Fiora every time. You can't have a champion that scales well into team fights(Wukong) but then also outscale the champion thats designed to duel and trades that off for less team fight power.
Fiora can 1v5 when given the smallest lead.....and even if every champ was given the same gold fiora would still be more useful then the monkey since her ultimate would heal for more then wakings dmg....The problem with waking is he's too team reliant the fact of the matter is that relying on a bunch of low Elo kids with inflated egos follow up with you is neigh impossible, wu will always be seen as bad the further you go up the ladder but he should not feel bad to play in lower ranks just because every other champ gets free stats. its unjust
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=XElite109,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Jn3TM3Nd,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-26T03:58:44.891+0000) > > The thing is he's a iron to plat stomper. He's not good enough to be played in Higher Elo where these higher skill cap champions are and only comes up to rape squishies. like riven for example can be shat on in iron to gold but plat and up they know how to use her and make her impossiblele to fight. wu doesn't really have that many things he can use so if he's not even strong enough to punish mistakes people might make while laning to snowball like pantheon or yi, then what good is he right now he's super niche and I don't like that at all. :/ I mean his win rate is above average there too, but ok.
ye but they probably use him for niche shit though like into the range tops or with squishy junglers.
: Nasus needed that buff. He is way too easy to bully early game. Many champions can very easily prevent Nasus' mid game spike. That 12 stack buff really helps him.
its why wu should be buffed too. he has the same issue
: wouldnt that make grasp crazy for on hit and attack speed champs
Jamaree (NA)
: I still don't think he is anywhere near as bad as people make him out to be, especially since he doesn't have win rates to showcase that either.
The thing is he's a iron to plat stomper. He's not good enough to be played in Higher Elo where these higher skill cap champions are and only comes up to rape squishies. like riven for example can be shat on in iron to gold but plat and up they know how to use her and make her impossiblele to fight. wu doesn't really have that many things he can use so if he's not even strong enough to punish mistakes people might make while laning to snowball like pantheon or yi, then what good is he right now he's super niche and I don't like that at all. :/
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: What role do you main, and why? (Poll)
I play top cause like champs who feel strong and are equipped with dashes but tbh most feel a bit inadequate atm for me
: Muh bad, wrong number - But point still stands. Goes WAY beyond auto-attacks, particularly since this stacks with his innate defenses (which are high thanks to his FREE STATS BUNDLE ULTI). Honestly a way to tone him would simply be trim the fat, much like the nerfs to Irelia.
see tahts fucking gross
: Basic attacks and basic attack enhancers don't make up for "95% of most champions' kits". That being said, I do think something should be done about it. Maybe make it a channeled ability? As in, Jax can't use any auto attacks during the channel, and if he uses his Q (because all of his other abilities are just self-buffs), the E will end prematurely. This means he'll no longer be able to activate his E and then jump on someone with his Q, activating the E again to get an instant stun, and he also won't be able to attack while he has it up. Champions would also be able to cancel it with hard CC. I do believe this is the healthiest solution, and would give it counterplay beyond just "run away".
every single champion has an auto attack but a lot more champs rely on it than spells. every adcs in the game majority of top and even lux, ziggs, zed, ekko, fizz, and other midlanders rely on an on hit passive to do dmg so if he doesn't counter 95% of champions then he covers a wide amount regardless...and even then spells have cool downs so you need to auto...only champ it doesn't effect is Vlad and Ryze who just spell rotate you to death with no chill.
m0zz4r3ll4 (EUNE)
: You actually have trouble changing your summoner spells? How are you even capable of picking a champion?
look man your not always gonna be ready for it. I got 16 rune pages and need to find and assort things to how I feel is right so when I'm being made to go from top to Jung and support it'll slip my mind. its something that happens to a lot of people so if your one of those without that issue then good for you but if not then make it easier on the people who do. they did it with wards so if you change positions why not summoners. they can base your start on role or at least give you preset options so its always the set up you want for that role.
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Yenn (NA)
: Same with Pantheon. Attack blocks/dodges either shouldn't consume procs, or they should block the AA damage but still allow the proc to apply (and do damage if it does damage).
Ye exactly. they already take no damage from the auto so it isn't right for them to just block the effects too. If they wanted to make that unique with panths kit I wouldn't care because its a 1 time thing but jax does that for 3 seconds which is big in league.
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Juice (EUNE)
: How do you deal with anything as Wukong? Don't pick a champion that's seen nothing but nerfs and wonder how to deal with a lane bully But anyway a good Wukong will destroy a bad Renekton simply with knowing how and when to trade A good Renekton will still lose / go even with a bad Neeko
absolutely not, rennekton out you out heals you and out stat lines you. I'm actually ranked high as a wu top lane wu player and will still lose. only time you do well into ten is if he misses all his abilities otherwise you just lose out right
Juice (EUNE)
: Tahm Kench destroys renekton. His early game is even stronger than Renek's, and he can just run Renekton down or survive him and then outscale him. Are you serious? You can literally 1 shot Renekton at lv3 with a couple autos, Q, W and ignite When he E, throw your Q to slow him and then just follow him and maul him. Trundle is even easier, lol, when he E into you prepare your Q to lower his AD instantly, at lv6 there is no way in hell Renekton can ever fight you, your ulti just destroys him Urgot with the recent nerfs can't really deal with anyone atm Rush tabi and a doran shield in all these match ups I thought you'd tell me someone Renekton actually counters lol like Riven or Yasuo
How do you deal with ten as wukong
: {{champion:145}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO-CVhlLuTg {{champion:81}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cc-bAPJOl0 Before his gutting rework. {{champion:107}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOFENQS-35c And our favorite murder kitty, this is before his revert on his rework, he is worst now lol. Notice how these guys are 3-11 while the adcs who 1 shot are extremely fed. {{champion:131}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wzpRhn8TLs Honorable mention. she is 1-5-1 with no items completed lol.
Ye I’m a try Diana cause champs I like need clean reliable burst dashes outplay potential and melee
: {{champion:45}} late game.
Ye but he ain’t like that whole game lol
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Moody P (NA)
: Top lane is shrinking to range tops and the fighters/tanks who can deal with them
honestly its pretty damn stupid what riot is doing. top laners are suppose to be strong 1v1 champs that cheese squishy champs like Mages and adcs but every single range champ in this game has a way to completely stomp us because they have too much dmg and too much dashes. the system is broke. atm there is no reason to even go a risky diving play style because all range champs make your life hell with tons of dmg and cc while your stuck with your pathetic numbers that you can't even use because your dead and punished for going melee.
: Yi has both alpha strike and Meditate. I think the invulnerability on Q flip would have to be very small. You'd have to be quite good to consistently dodge things, and less skilled players would occasionally block autos / smaller damage through sheer luck. Then the clone is what its always been: skillshot block, juke, invis for engage...
ye that'd be great cause I'm kinda sick of getting hit by shit
: What could be super interesting is if his Q flip made him momentarily invulnerable, so he could use it to avoid damage and abilities if used at the right time. Countering invis is probably too strong too though.
Damn that could be cool as fuck. He’d have learned well from master yi. But what’s the counter play to the q since decoy’s there to minimize dmg :/
: After being stuck in Silver for over a year, I have found the secret to climbing.
Well even logic can only get you so far cause what you might feel can be an easy end cause of 30 second death timer but team goes for baron instead can really mess with things
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