: Short answer is: they don't. Seldomly games do get long enough to scale, but so far, in both S9 and for most of S10 my games end at around 20 minutes due to FF or by 25 minutes if we don't. About 1/10 go beyond 30. You can see most champions that used to scale build new things that emphasize early games. For example, Cassio takes Conq to get huge AP and healing. Anivia opts out of mana items (or only buys one) since she takes too long otherwise. Kassadin takes PoM to activate his max-mana ulti plays as early as level 11. Other traditionally scaling champions, like Ziggs just suffer. There isn't much they can do, since champions achieve lethal status far earlier than he does. His AoE damage and turret-taking capability is also just not fast enough to matter much and his winrate suffers. Either Riot lets them drown or they must buff them as we can see them buffing Ziggs next patch in 10.2. You can see this with Kayle and moving her power breakpoints to earlier Lvl 6 and 11 since rarely does she even get to 16. Unfortunately, even when games do get to 30m+ its typically better to have had impact in the early game as a scaling champion to have secured dragons and rifts than waiting. The truth of the matter is even if you played a champion that straight up had an ability to destroy the nexus if the game hit 35m, you would still lose most (only 46% winrate) of your games if you're playing to try to stall or reach that point. Supporting Evidence: S10 games that end 30m or less: 54% *most fast-paced games S9 games that end 30m or less: 52% S8 games the end 30m or less: 50% S7 games the end 30m or less: 37% *slowest paced games *had games that could regularly last 60m+ S6 games that end 30m or less: 46% *had games that could regularly last 60m+ +Another interesting fact: Games in season 10 end 8% of the time at 20m, where only 1% of games ever ended at 20m in S7 (the slowest season). This implies, that games not only don't last nearly as long as before, that also a pretty heft amount of games are decided almost entirely by laning phase alone, which greatly favors hyper-aggro and base-damage champions/mechanics.
Average game time is 30 minutes in NA and about 32 in EU. Which means plenty of games are going over minutes compared to any that are under and plenty around 30 minutes. It feels like people just toss out "Facts" based on...what I don't know. You are throwing out stats when half of them just aren't true at all.
Hayaishi (NA)
: What scaling champ? Almost ever scaling champ spikes mid game
Cait is good late game but falls off a cliff mid game. She has a good lane phase, bad mid game, and good late game. She in essence scales, but does not spike in the mid game, quite the opposite. I would say quite a few adcs are the same like Tristana, Corki does as well as he has his hard spike then dips until his second spike.
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: How scaling champions are supposted to scale if almost every game ends in 20min?
I get your point and agree with the premise but "20 minutes" is not only an exaggeration it isn't even close. 30 minutes maybe, 20 minutes, not at all. The average game time is like 30 minutes across almost all elos
: Sett's actually making me enjoy league again after a year and a half
I feel the same, which makes me both happy and kinda bummed. It makes me realize how many other champs make me NOT enjoy the game as much. I wish there were more chances to play Sett, or more champions I could enjoy in my role like him (Support). He is just rawr turn off your brain fun, and there aren't enough of those.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xonra,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=m816Jwo1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-01-16T08:43:32.123+0000) > > This is an absolutely valid point and I agree, as I am an urf fanboy, but it seems like waiting a month at least would have been better. With ranked only being a week in it really just ends up making queue times longer unnecessarily from people like me pulling from ranked. > > Instead of just going WOO and being excited about ranked I'm like, oh, URF, yeah see ya I guess in a week or so ranked. If URF was a permanent mode you can just hop into at any time I would get it, but it is super limited and with that being the case it's either I play URF or I play the start of the season, and I'd rather play URF. From my wife "Maybe people did not get the memo from riot to play for fun in preseason...so they released a mode that made you want to have fun, before you head back into another year of grinding. But if your really commited to the grind, then ARURF..will not stop you....just means more fun people for me to play with"
I played for fun during the preseason, but I played other games that weren't LoL. I don't play the game much during preseason, but I play exclusively ranked otherwise when I play League. But URF has become increasingly rare as of late so when it comes I play it as much as possible cause no telling when it comes back, but that means no playing ranked, which I want to play. If urf was less of a rare game mode I might agree.
: I see what your saying being a ranked player myself. But i also see it from my wife prospective. Who only gets on to play the game modes. Ranked players have something to be excited about the new season is going....So now my wife has a reason to log in and play....they just swapped the game modes from a game mode that she can play any given day with out a big poro guy...to one that she can now try new things with. ranked will be here all year. Enjoy urf while you can....I will lmao. I still say urf shoudl be a perma thing...would rather do that then aram...its still my 5v5...but with the added twist of GOING HAM!....and FULL HAM....no half baked.....you just full on smash your face in the keyboard and let her rip......Cassinopia.....lvl 1 e....WILL BREAK YOU HAND.....and i still dont think i have the apm to max it out......and for the sake of my fragile keyboard....i wil not try.......OH now to try and go get Ryze.....see that true power of the dark side!
This is an absolutely valid point and I agree, as I am an urf fanboy, but it seems like waiting a month at least would have been better. With ranked only being a week in it really just ends up making queue times longer unnecessarily from people like me pulling from ranked. Instead of just going WOO and being excited about ranked I'm like, oh, URF, yeah see ya I guess in a week or so ranked. If URF was a permanent mode you can just hop into at any time I would get it, but it is super limited and with that being the case it's either I play URF or I play the start of the season, and I'd rather play URF.
: He falls off because his teamfight isn't the best compared to other champions. Not because his dueling potential actually gets weaker. Same with Olaf, he is still a premier 1v1 champion he just can't teamfight. Elise also "falls off" but she still oneshots squishys. She isn't considered to have good scaling because she is purely single target burst.
"He falls off because his teamfight isn't the best compared to other champions." You can say that about like...half the roster of champions to be quite honest.
: Does a game even last long enough for a champion to "fall off" anymore? And no, lee has been given plenty of buffs since a few seasons back when he did fall off, and games actually went longer than 20 minutes.
Yeah but most of the champs aren't played for a reason and barely start off well enough to fall off and more are just not good.
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Hawt (NA)
: Long queues
I imagine them release URF right now isn't helping. It was a really dumb time to drop URF right when the season started. Not sure I get the point of that.
SirHydro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ozuraios,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0G9jfh0E,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2020-01-15T06:54:59.829+0000) > > Darius struggles against a lot of champs. He struggles against riven,renekton,Kennen,Jayce anyone that can do either quick trades and get out before he can start getting his stacks, or anyone that out ranges him and his pull. My personal experiences against Riven and Renekton result in me almost universally dominating the lane and match up, win or lose the game the only times I've lost to either were my own mistakes. Never have I felt bullied or outclassed by any Riven or Renekton player as Darius. I can dominate Jayce if I try hard and play well. Jayce can also just as easily farm safe and refuse to fight me and roam to pick up his kills and scale. And Kennen is just a thing.................... Enemy match ups people think should make Darius struggle are Darius players trying to play like usual and bully them. As immobile as Darius is, patience is the strongest tool for a Darius player to have, and no one expects Darius to come walking out of mid lane bush. Immobile or not you're gonna get a flash if not a kill (or double if any decent enemy jungler tries to stop you) Darius players trying to push their own advantages against match ups with the tools to avoid his aggression will get wrecked. But now we're getting more into tactics and less about mechanics but .... yeah.
I was thinking the same. Riven is no problem, just annoying literally only cause of her shield dash crap. The rest of her kit is annoying but not threatening to Darius. Renekton is a one-trick pony combo and if he doesn't burst Darius down (which I guess it depends on the build(s) and people playing?) Darius just out right wins. His combo is too predictable cause you kinda need to do it as Renekton to win against Darius especially and if you don't manage to get back out and decide to stay there and fight him, you won't win. When I play Renekton and someone plays Darius I actually sigh because I know the other side of the matchup and know I'm probably gonna lose unless I manage to bully and make them think I'm gonna engage constantly, or got some early help. As Riven, well I don't play Riven so guess I can't speak to that.
: Who would've thought that releasing a champion with proper weaknesses & a basic lack of mobility would be good for the game? 'Fuck if I know. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Yep it's nice to see a melee champ that doesn't suddenly have a dash on top of me ability, or some form of cc to yank me towards them (fuck you Morde), or a pull, or a speed boost (like Skarner and Garen). He has windows he needs to fight in and he's good at that, and he has windows he just can't fight in and can be kited. I worry about him when he is on top of me, but I don't immediately start groaning when I see him on my screen like I do with Morde right now.
Karfuss (EUW)
: I'd argue he is certainly one of the more balanced releases of late. He, at least, wasn't released already in dire need of a rework. Now, is he overtuned? Sure. But that can be fixed with a few nerfs here and there.
I think he is tuned a lot better than a lot of champs so I don't see an issue with him. Especially when we have {{champion:523}} and {{champion:82}} derping around the rift (Well maybe not so much {{champion:523}} given he is near permabanned)
: Literally ***EVERY*** Sett I've seen today has been a freaking joke. I started banning him *to prevent my teammates* from locking him, cause every time I saw him, he was like 0/6 by 10 minutes. Ive seen a few streamers/youtubers play him, and he *looks* decent, dont get me wrong. But in the hands of the average Joe solo player...he's got a bad reputation for me right now.
It's because he is actually balanced and people that don't know how to play him yet don't get his glaring weaknesses that are there with his glaring strengths. They only see the strengths and aren't playing around his weak points because the last champion has far less of those weak points and his strengths are blaring in your face ( {{champion:523}} )
: I think Sett is an example of a successful champ release: fun and focused kit, well balanced. I've seen Sett destroy people, and seen Sett's feed and do absolutely nothing. he's def not part of the perma pick/ban list
yeah I would never Ban him because I enjoy seeing him even against me. It sucks with certain champs if you like to have a similar playstyle as him cause he will probably beat you at just a face to face rawr brawl, but he has counters, he has windows of counter play, he can be kited, he has proper cooldowns to play around and so on. He is also both simple AND flashy without an overtuned kit where each ability does 7 things for no reason and makes it a balance nightmare.
: Haven't played him or against him yet, but from what ive seen he seems like the most restrained new champ release since freaking Taliyah, which is a good thing. I dont think he is OP at all. he doesn't really do anything nuts and he doesn't have a bunch of extraneous mechanics tacked on as far as i can tell.. his spells do a thing and thats it. Just seems like a well balanced champion overall conceptually.
Against melee he is a monster, but he has counter play, which is the big flashing key phrase of what keeps him from being op on release. You can play around him, he has windows to fight back, but you CANNOT just stand toe to toe and slug with him. If you can kite or cc him he just can't do anything to you without other factors (flash without the other person being able to also flash or jump away more etc, or getting help from someone else). If he gets on you it can feel a bit like pre rework Skarner in a sense (but for very different reasons), cause getting away can be annoying and once he is on you he is a nuisance, but he has to stay on you and if he doesn't kill you fast enough he can be kited out by most champions. His cooldowns are also not as short as some equally annoying champions which can work in your favor as well. He feels very balanced to me while being fun and isn't some perceived "difficult", he is straight forward. You know what he is gonna do and the person playing knows what they are gonna do. He is pure bruiser/fighter and he wants to punch you, and it's balanced.
Ozuraios (NA)
: Sett Discussion(ok lets get this over with.)
He definitely isn't broken and he can be easily, yes I said easily, kited. It sounds dumb to say "all he has to do is flash on you and you are screwed as an adc" but it's kinda true, but if you have flash up then there ya go. However most other bruisers are going to get dumpstered trying to fight him. You have to be able to go in and out, poke if you are able, lots of hit and run. Unless you are ahead in some fashion he can probably out brawl most other fighters and bruisers and juggernauts, and tanks. So basically, if you have cc, you can range, you probably will find him strong if he gets on you but you will find you can kite him (if you know how to properly kite anyone else). If you are melee however you are probably gonna think he is op and be frustrated like people trying to 1v1 Darius at his peak of power, or Morde probably around now (I would say Morde is still worse and people will probably go back to that once the shiny wears off of Sett).
JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: Druid + woodland, Druid + woodland, Druid + woodland. If you're feeling adventrous: Ocean + Mages, Ocean + Mages. Everytime someone is first place, he's always woodland druids, even if this falls of later, he will still reach at least top 4 because they are so cheap and easy to horde while also giving you an extra units for almost no effort.
It's mostly predator+something or summoner+inferno. Predator with hyper rolling or summoner with hyper leveling is the way to go for sure right now I would say. Woodland+druid is still fine, but both Summoner (especially if you get going with early Zyra's and get an annie earlier) and preds can decimate woodland+druid right now. Ocean+mages isn't early, it's mid, and you really only want to do heavy ocean if you are going for the zed hard cause then you don't have to really transition out of it at all.
OHminus (NA)
: I don'r really care about damage, but my god they should really standardize the number of items each player gets. I recently had a game where I got only 1 item from 1-1 to 1-3 and no items from krugs, 1 item from wolves. So when others had 11 items + spat, I had 5 items :). I died before raptors because while I had maokai and ivern 3 and neeko 2 because other people got lucky and I didn't
One of the last games I played I had a guy with somehow 2 completed items off his first rotation of pvp (and not crap items) and just wrecked my day with my literally 1 item component off the first pvp rounds (I got mostly gold, {{item:1057}} I believe it was, and the thing that spawns you a random champion on your bench.) and ended up well into the second carrossel without a loss. The rng is such garbage cause it is either you get a LOOOOOOOT or you just get garbage. It should really be set so everything has a gold value and you get something from that gold value regardless, with a heavier weight towards an item. Instead of this b.s. of getting nothing but like 4 gold from raptors while someone else gets 2 item components and the gold.
: Atm it's either comps dependent on hyper rolling early like Preds, Woodlands or Berserkers, OR you somehow find multiple legendaries later and that's your comp; because for some reason having multiple legendaries this time around is a comp in of itself regardless of synergies.
Nothing like being 6th then rolling into a singed and picking up a zed on the carrossel and then ending up with a lux on the next to last turn and managing 2nd somehow and it's all because of those champs (only happened once anywhere near that lucky but it was just stupid and I was annoyed I did that well cause I would have been out 4th or 5th otherwise as Singed basically knocked out 2 people for me)
: I mean, it's not like Riot's known for making games without a hard meta that you're forced into if you want to perform at the higher levels. ...Then again, at least in SR you have champion mastery to fall back in if you're a one trick.
The difference is you can purchase the items for your champion to fit the situation and just buy the "meta" items for your champion. You aren't given random items (or not any items if bad rng in a pve round) then expected to build very specific items with all of that mentioned rng for the meta situation.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fisher No Chains,realm=EUW,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=MvRd8RlH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-15T15:22:35.736+0000) > > Set 2 is garbage for many reasons. > > I used to play TFT during Set 1 and it was a cool game that required low effort and felt fun. > > However I haven’t even completed my placements after Set 2. There’s grossly overpowered comps and weak as hell ones and RNG doesn’t always work in your favor when there’s 100+ champions in the game. Also if you get wrecked early game you’re gonna lose in 3 rounds later because there will be that guy with 6 summoners deleting your team while having almost all of his units alive. > > I think they ruined a cool game that had potential. They just kept throwing stuff into it without even considering it would defeat the purpose of an auto chess game. I agree. I don't want to sound like a grumpy player, but, I got in plat II originally in set I and could still have fun and win with different and fun comps, or at least get in 5th with a fun, funky comp and it was overall less crazy. In this set, I CANNOT do that. Everyone has very specific comps they need to follow to win with specific items otherwise they lose, it seems x__x and its less fun. I've lost interest because I've realized it's become a meta game where you follow the meta to win, otherwise, you lose.
" Everyone has very specific comps they need to follow to win with specific items otherwise they lose" The quote that explains exactly why I find this set horrible. You can't have fun while also winning unless you only have fun winning. It feels formulaic like they went in with "this is good early, transition into this with these items". Items should NEVER be a key part of a win or a comp in TFT (as in specific items, like get phantom dancer or this person just isn't as good and if the enemy has it they just beat you [total example]) because it is far too RNG even getting items let alone the perfect combos. You might get items, and sure you can sit on them, but with this current set you will lose if you aren't equipping and combining early, which means not getting the "top tier items", which means if you even manage to transition to a better comp, you will lose to someone who had the better item rng.
: You die way too fast in Set 2
The problem is the balance in set 2 is terrible. It seems waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too based around 2 specific comps being good early, then either getting the luck to win or sand bagging to build up gold (cause everyone is going for the same 2 comps every game if they aren't new), and then transition quickly into one of 2 other comps. Light is terrible still without very niche circumstances, some are just pointless completely or don't have enough champions to make it work and you aren't gonna have those champs on the same team anyway (you aren't often gonna have Ashe and Skarner on the same team for example so what's the point of crystal with only 2 champs having it that will rarely pair?). Some of the champs are flat out useless while others, even low tiers ones are just far too good even for late game if you 3 star them, certain comps just win while some are "why did you even make this if you aren't gonna make it good" levels of bad (I keep going back to light which is so niche I don't get the point of it). It feels like they went too hard on the gimmic of it this Set and not enough on the balance and the actual game of it. It's far too easy to even stumble into your good comp and then you can just sit back and some comps can do literally nothing about it and that's basically terrible design leaving out every other argument.
: i'd honestly prefer to just not have any mastery/rune system at all tbh. i feel like it makes more sense to balance the characters around a lack of that system, while also adding items to make up for some of the loss. maybe add unique items for every champion that helps them a little bit with whatever their popular runes gave them (like aurelion could get an item that only he can buy that gives him a bit of MS on damage since he wouldn't have phase rush, for example)
I would agree with this for sure. The old system was just "here are some stats because reasons". The new system is that, but some silly power tacked on with some of the masteries that just isn't needed. Things like conqueror just aren't necessary, and I keep bringing it up in this thread cause it stands out to me as a bad idea and bad balance. It's clearly stronger than the other keystones usually on its row, but yet it is basically niche at the same time to a certain group of champions (like Renekton)
: I still prefer the old rune system. It was more flexible and allowed a Lot more build diversity.
The old rune system wasn't flexible at all. It was just take your armor, the take runes for your damage stat, then take cdr/crit/atk spd/mana rng depending on the champion. The mastery system was a bit more flexible I will agree, if that's what you mean. I would say the current system is close to equal in that respect, there is just a ton more power in the current system than the old one.
: The old system minus the grind portion would be more ideal than what we have now. Runes now present a balancing nightmare.
From a balance perspective I would agree. The old runes were just "here's some stats" and while that isn't exciting, that is what it is. No one would argue that is interesting, but Riot never presented it as interesting and exciting. I think over all the direction of what the new runes were supposed to represent was better, as it took away the grind to get the system, and it did add it some interesting and fun tools. I think I would give the edge to the new system being better, but as I said in my own comment I would also say having 3 wheels on a car is better than 2, but that doesn't make it good. I think they should have just done away with the "have some stats" runes, and balanced the mastery system alone and made it interesting and not just add power like with Conqueror.
: would be far easier to balance without runes and masteries (old and new) all together.
They really should have removed the "extra stats - that's it" runes, and stuck with masteries improved. Adding both together just made it that much harder to balance.
: Old guards do you like the rune system in the game?
"Old guards do you like the rune system in the game?" In a Vacuum, not at all. It feels far too much like the old system WoW used to have with the 3 trees for each class except worse somehow. the old mastery system was the same thing but even worse than that and they simply glued the runes and masteries together into the current system. I did like the old system to a degree but it was very basic and was just tacking on extra stats, and the fact you had to buy the runes was just a useless hurdle that put runes behind a time sync wall that needed to go. I can say that yeah, it's better than the old system, but it's a hot mess in a different way. It just adds in sometimes visible and sometimes invisible power that is not exactly subtle at times (conqueror multiple times over). It should add utility and help flesh out characters but despite what Riot claimed that is simply not what it is. It just adds on power and that's literally all it does. It isn't interesting, it has terrible balance (which was obvious it would when introduced), and it rarely enhances the identity of a champion as much as making one of their abilities stronger or catering far more to one champion than another and so on. ---------- tl;dr I like it better than the old system but I don't like it on the whole regardless. It's like, I'd like my car better with 3 wheels than with 2, but it still doesn't drive all that good.
: If you want to make new fiddlesticks TRULY horrifying
: Thanks, really appreciate to read this here. I get it... Ionia is really popular and all this stuff. I am a massive weeb, actually, so I wonder why I am just not as much invested in Ionia as one might think. But Piltover and Zaun have completely occupied my love for regions. And seeing that Ionians get released this frequently, while Piltover always has to wait at least 4 years between releases kinda hurts at some point. Every time a new champion roadmap comes out, I hope to see something new for me added to the game. And getting neglected so many times really feels terrible. __________________________ So, as someone who is really frustrated about this stuff, thank you for making this thread here. I hope that other regions can get some more champions released without always having to wait between 4-6 years of each. Not just for my beloved Piltover, but the other underdeveloped regions as well, like the Void, Bandle City, Targon and others. All these regions have their own fanbase and I think they deserve some new toys to play with, too....
" But Piltover and Zaun have completely occupied my love for regions." This is me. These are the regions I'm interested in, and I know I'm far from the only one.
: As an Ionia fan, please stop for a while when you hit 20 Ionian champions.
People eat it up cause it's all that is fed to them. If you were given nothing but a burrito for 2 weeks you wouldn't say "I get you just really enjoy mexican food", when that's literally all you are fed. The tech cities are actually incredibly popular but you don't see them that often, you see Ionia. People have been begging for more Yordle or Bandle City specific stuff being dug into, but instead you get more Ionia. Hell Noxus is rather popular cause everyone loves an edgelord and that is literally edgelord the country. Again, we see more Ionia instead. The tl;dr is you can't force feed someone mexican food then say "people just love mexican food" while not giving them anything else.
: well its even stated that the Pro's and High high high Elo perma ban him due to the fact that no one can really counter him. but riot is probably still making a shit ton off his skin so he will keep it
I mean it isn't just "pros and high elo" banning him. In low elo (gold and below) he is still about 80% last I looked. I'm in that low elo and I've yet to have a game go by (I've only played 10 so far so not a large sample size) that he wasn't banned by both teams. No one wants to play against him in any elo or any level of play. He got up to over a 200% ban rate in korean high elo (plat+) because it was calculating in remakes so it was so high he was banned in every game by both teams and then some. you usually have the master yis of the past being banned a lot in low elo but not high elo, or ryze banned in high elo but not low elo and things like that, but this champ is banned in all elos in all regions.
gileskd (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xonra,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=6LxdVv2W,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2020-01-14T07:48:47.061+0000) > > Unfortunately Riot will always be on the back foot because of the fact this is their second client on top of how poor of a job they have done with it. It will always be compared with the old client, and despite how much makeup they put on this pig they've created, it's still a pig. > > Except in this case their pig is missing a leg and they keep slapping on Christmas lights, and sometimes the pig barks for some reason forgetting it is a pig. second client? isn't this the third one? or have I dreamed one up.
Soooooort of? There was the original original client that hardly anyone has actually seen, especially current players. It was the equivalent to a beta client if I'm being honest. Then the "first" client is the air client everyone knows which while funky it was functional, but people didn't know better and it was a full on monkey paw situation (becareful what you wish for) saying Riot needed to catch up and make a new client. That new client is the current client and....yeah. So you are sort of right, yeah.
: Slowest loser wins
I've noticed the same for what it's worth and it made the gamemode pretty boring to me. It feels like it takes a lot longer to finish out a full game now compared to last season of it and I just can't be bothered. I'm not sure how this is supposed to work for mobile with games lasting 20-30 minutes
Get2 (NA)
: Autofill for Support Mains
Just do what I do, if you are autofilled....put support as your main and just don't put mid or fill as your secondary and you'll be fine and always get support. go for other roles when you aren't autofilled and you'll never get actually autofilled.
JRobin31 (NA)
: I agree that being placed down a tier (or two tiers or even three tiers, wtf RIOT) feels bad. But I agree with the idea that if RIOT is going to give rewards at the end of season for rank attained, then players ought to climb back up to earn it. I can't support the proposal that players should get rewards for doing nothing.
If you got to that rank then it isn't for "doing nothing". It is just a dick move to make them continuously climb then reset and climb then reset and climb. If they didn't reset it every season you'd probably have a much better distribution of players and lower queue times as you were higher not 80% of players all packed into gold and below and 20% (I think it's actually closer to 15%) between plat, diamond, master, grandmaster, and challenger.
Zac x Me (NA)
: Either it should not reset at all or it should hard reset every season for every player imo.
It shouldn't reset at all, but it especially shouldn't full and hard reset every season. there would be no reason for anyone below diamond to even play for the first month cause you'd have 80% of the playerbase just getting shit stomped as challenger, master, and diamond players stomped over them to reclimb, and you'd end up with previously 55%+ gold and plat players quickly sitting at below 40% matched super awkwardly for months.
Nea104 (EUW)
: But in the end, you won't quit. So what's the story? You gotta play more, and that's exactly what they want. It's intentional :D _Edit: to the 17 people who didn't get my post.. read again, please :D This is what Riot thinks, not me, and that's why they act that way ^^_ _Edit 2: well, 22 people with reading issues, nvm_ :D
Except there are plenty of people like me that just get tired of grinding and "playing more" than really you need to and end up just playing less and less, then stop bothering, then only come back for URF, maybe the start and end of the year. Inflating the number of games unnaturally doesn't make people actually play more except in the short term. GIVING people a reason to WANT to play more games should be the goal, cause then they want to come back and play more games. The current system is obviously grindy and Riot fully admits it.
: If it's over manygames it's probably you, if it's just a few it's not.
I would say the exact opposite actually. The more games you play the more people you are dealing with and the higher chance of it being someone else. You are still only one variable out of 10 variables in a game and the more games you play the more varying variables there are. You are the one constant in your own game but that doesn't suddenly void the 9 other people in the game.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Across a large string of games its you. For individual matches when isolated it can very much be teammates.
I would disagree and say the more games the play the closer it gets to being 50/50. That whole "you are the only consistent factor in your games" is true, but there are still 9 other variables and it's always odd people ignore that to say it's mostly that one person controlling their own wins and loses.
: Is it really you or is it your team that hold you back?
Both Sometimes no matter how hard I try I can't win with some teammates Sometimes no matter how bad I do I somehow end up winning because of my teammates Sometimes no matter how good I do I can't win because I don't close out a game and keep trying to get advantages instead of ending the game Sometimes it is me, sometimes it is my teammates. Sometimes the enemy team just has better players. ----------------------- All you can do is improve cause you can't change your teammates once you are in a game. There are games where I just monkey stomped my lane opponent AND the enemy jungler when he tried to gank and my team just did everything they could to lose. The game is balanced (or tries to be and fails with matchmaking) to make you win 50% of the time which means also losing 50% of the time. That doesn't mean you can't then improve to win more, or not improve and lose more. People will say "it's mostly you, you are the only factor in every one of your games that is consistent", but sometimes it doesn't matter how good you are, not every game is winnable and there is no way to know that when you queue up to play.
BigFBear (EUW)
: As Jungler you need to mute your team if game is starting to get difficult because they will blame and flame you for EVERYTHING 100% And that is super tilting. It was always like that but this meta it's even worse. No matter what elo. Now matter how hard your laners suck. YOU are the reason they lose. Not them, YOU! Ask ANY jungler and they will agree to this. No other role is more blamed than jungle.
I mostly play support and even I know. Mid laners and adcs are the two worst abusers I've come to learn. Mid laners think the jungler needs to just live in their lane, half the time asking for a camp before they even get out of the fountain. Adcs just blame everyone anyways I find, be it the support, the mid laner not roaming, but usually the jungler.
Eloste (NA)
: Yeah, it's honestly a largely thankless role. I've played jungle since late season 6, and now I've decided to ditch the role and learn to play support. Much more rewarding, and the team doesn't hop on your dick every time something goes slightly wrong.
I literally started learning support so I wouldn't get autofilled jungler or have to play it if I did blind pick. No one wanted to support either so I just slotted in and now it's like I'm the garbage man doing the city a service. Junglers however are the real ones doing a service and yet people just shit all over them. The amount of times I've seen my adc try to 2v1 when I recalled 10 seconds earlier and jumped through mental hoops blaming the jungler cause they aren't ganking (as they just ganked top) just makes me feel so bad for jungle mains.
: s10 jungle encapsulated.
As someone who doesn't play jungle, I feel so bad for junglers this season. You are either a jungle main and you know what's coming or you are autofilled jungler and....you have no idea what's coming and oh dear god.
Keiaga (NA)
: If you bothered to do any research before posting, you'd find that the total winrates and the winrates-by-game-length of hyper scaling champions are still in-tact.
If you had any idea what the thread was about or actually read all of the post you probably would have responded very differently (I would hope)
: Blitz isn't a tank though. He's a fighter, an overtuned one at that as well as Naut being overtuned. I rarely ever see Leona though, so I'm not sure what the state of her is. Seen her twice and won against her twice (and lost as her twice, oops).
Leona is specifically a good counter pick, but oddly not to supports, but to marksmen. She is hard to peel off right now and most other tanks are in a bad place except for Naut maybe so she herself has less melee counters (like Ali or Tahm) to worry about.
: if tank sups are so weak why is {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:53}} so strong?
Blitz isn't a tank - Leona is specifically a counter to other strong picks - Naut was overbuffed Literally all there is about that. The rest aren't that great comparitively at all (There is a reason you aren't seeing much Tahm, Braum, or Ali who are traditionally more popular - again Blitz isn't a tank so he doesn't fall into that category)
: Would love to know who you're including as tanks. Ignoring Skarner who I am surprised to see stats for there is exactly 3 tanks in the top 10 winrates for top lane. Sion, Shen (who builds more bruiser-ish) and Malphite. And no, AP builds on Malphite are not currently the norm (and compose some 17% of top lane Malphite). Sion has a tiny pick rate.
Some of the "tanks" are also building and playing as Brusiers, like Skarner. He is a bruiser in top, not a tank. It's like the difference between putting Senna as an adc vs a support. It's the same champion filling a different role and play mentality.
Nithke (EUW)
: I mean when it comes to tanks only Ornn and Malphite does kinda well, rest of it is bruisers and juggernauts
And Ornn builds like a Bruiser most of the time and definitely plays like one.
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