Natahn (NA)
: Finished Villians Rule Quest but didn't get summoner icon
I also didn't get the icon and can't do the missions without it.
: Conqueror karma splash: Its heartseeker Lucian all over again
Ok for though who hate the splash for her lookin like an evil mage the name of the skin says why. This karma is a conqueror and she is not the kind tranquil karma we usually see. She should not look peacefull in any stretch. Think of this as if karma sided with syndra same sort style going on flaunting their obvious power over others.
: Why I've stopped playing LOL: A story of getting yelled at repeatedly.
Really the solution is simple if you gonna have a game where team is harassing you just /mute all problem solved. There are too many ppl in this world and on this game to police every single one of them for being salty jerk at times. Mute all or just the one bothering you and then report after.
Xosra (NA)
: Can't break 50% winrate
Ah sometime when adc leave bot i try to shove the tower, but I might be taking two long I should follow after them then.
Xosra (NA)
: Can't break 50% winrate
Last season i had a huge winrate on synrda/ashe/ and ok on jinx. This season i suck on thoughs two but jinx im still doing good with.. I am planning to one trick jinx as she is my most played champ and i enjoy her.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Wheatloaf,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=G86EqRo2,comment-id=000000000003,timestamp=2017-02-27T22:47:11.569+0000) > > *Sweats profusely* > I actually made the same mistake when I started... I was a little bit more open to the input of other, more experience players, though. Same I used to do that too lol
: that's true, that was a much-needed nerf, however I still find that the plants are a little too strong on their own, especially in skirmishes.
You know I would be fine with them nerfing plants if they then put some of that power back into her q/e. As though are part of her kit that have room to fail. The plant are like aa if you in range they will hit you which I know some find unfair. Also if they just put more of her power budget in her q/e then maybe mid zyra would not suck so much. The nerf to her ai did more harm to mid zyra than sup. Sup zyra live in a lane with two enemies so it is far easier for her to hit her q on someone to get the plants aa going off. Mid zyra is vs one opponent watching out for her q/e the whole time.
: Zyra's plants
They already nerfed the ai on her plants so they don't autotarget unless you land a spell. She is fine.
: "The second shot can crit-" MF PBE Change
I forget doesn't her ult also have a chance to crit as well.
: @Meddler Improving interactivity and health of Fiora's vitals.
You do know you can just back off for like one sec to make her vital change. I do this as fiora myself to sometime try and get a better vital when it spawns behind them.
Xosra (NA)
: Lost two summoner icon shards
I got them through hextech should they not have gone into my loot so where i would need to use yellow essence on them. Also i checked my account icon and they are not their. One was the Darkstar Varus icon and i know it is not in my icons. Why would they go into my permanent icon when i haven't unlocked them yet. I just loaded it up to check again and there are no new icons the last icon i gained was the one from the poro king event. Or is there a delay in getting new icon like normal?
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: Why is Poppy getting nerfed while Jayce isn't?
So you make a new keystone then income the nerfs to all the champs who use it. once this keystone gets nerfed more they champs are gonna be in a worse position. I don't even like taking Cotc on her as I lose trades more vs high damage tops like riven or jayce. I still prefer gong grasp and now I am gonna have less damage to deal with targets like jayce who do a lot more damage as well as kit me.
: Syndra nerf was reverted because meddler said her ban rate decreased
They took the nerf down cause some of her counters assassin's like {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} are really good right now. Also the Rylai's nerf next patch will make her take it less making her less safe and more abusable in lane. If you can't beat her after that then you need to look into strategies to do so. She is not an unbeatable monster. I personally have been trying to rely less on rylais on her so I can play without it.
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MinaZer0 (NA)
: New Shyvana Passive
Okay why do people lose there shit over a name. Half the time i don't even bother with name on champ abiltiies I go by key much easier to remember. Also you not just losing the armor and mr for that passive your losing it for more utility on you ult and health on ult. This is a small buff to people who use titanic hydra likeIi do.
Ivanator (NA)
: is morg support good?
I have had great luck using her as a full damage build like Brand and Zyra when I want to use her as a carry sup. I Basically end up builder her like i do lane Morg when I'm done wth{{item:2301}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3089}} , but I'm in lower silver where carrying more is probably more usefull. I'm sure at higher elo the more sup oriented Morgana is better. Bascially same build I use for lane just replace sup item with Nomicon.
: You know, Ranged top laners made me quit top lane Mordekaiser
Yeah after playing a game of Morde mid and smashing them I have to agree it was way easier to go mid. Karma was so squishy itw as easier to burst her compared to a tank. Also i did not feel bad for going full ap mid.
JVP15 (NA)
: It was said before, and I will say it again: Don't Remove Normal Draft
You know what if they remove draft I'm gonna turn flex queue into my normal game mode. I"m am not gonna suffer through stupid blind just cause riot deems it so and I'm not gonna ruin my own ranking just to have a draft mode.
JVP15 (NA)
: It was said before, and I will say it again: Don't Remove Normal Draft
Oh this is bullshit what is the point of all the queue changes if they plan to eventually limit it to ranked only. Maybe i don't want to have to fight people for the role i want to play. I'm not the fasted at saying my position first and I don't want to have to argue for my position in a normal game.
: Hopefully {{champion:17}} (They said they wanted it so you never know){{champion:134}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:201}} I don't know enough about the juggler so idk. Probably gonna get {{champion:150}} for the top lane though.
I have only been playing for a year how are the skins decided is it based on who they used most or do the pros get to pick what they want? I mean I could see Trundle or poppy getting skins possibly too they used them a bit.
: >Remember that we all started with no knowledge of the game. The difference is that a great deal of bronzies remain bronze because they argue. When I was bronze I remained quiet and tried to understand the game, listening to those that had more experience and skill than I did.... naturally I very quickly began to rise to the top 1% of the population precisely because I didn't belong in bronze. Bronze players aren't "Starting out" either.... they have to get to level 30 and do placement matches. Basically most bronzies are there because they belong there, not because they're new.
Yeah when someone on the team know how to shotcall and what we need to do to win I listen to them. It usually end pretty good and i finally got to silver doing that.
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: Tell me your first champion and your favorite champion
I think my first champion was Kayle. I was not amazing with her and soon replace her with Morgana who was my most played champ for the longest time as a mid. Sadly she has been overtaken by jinx and replaced by syndra as my mid.
: [Opinion] Ability tooltips should show TOTAL damage (1 number) rather than a math equation.
no cause then it make it harder to guess a ratio on abilities if you don't feel like looking it up at the time. When i start a game as Morgana i can easily see my W max damage has about a 33% ap ratio and that is good to know.
: wow **** u rito!!?!?!?
God remember the whining that happened about her just cause she was good with devour. Then go nerfed for it. I mean i just played her the other day and she is still fun. I think she will do good next season cause she can clear the new camp quickly though.
: No I was referring to two Gangplank mains and a Rumble main.
: Tidal Tyrant, TheTarians, Insanity Song, get over here!
Don't know the songs sadly.
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: You forgot Final Boss Veigar{{champion:45}} But, alas, for them to have a final form, they need to have a position where it makes sense for them to reach a visual peak of performance as well. For example, Udyr makes sense because he has to fully become one with the animal spirits as opposed to mimicing them. Blood Lord works because Vlad not only surpassed his teacher but he owns his own domain (possibly). I can't imagine someone along the lines of Teemo having his final form (because Omega is a what if he lost everyone), and Satan Satan is a meme skin. What champion do you think have an "evolutionary" potential with their capabilities. Varus is definitely one of them (since his final form is him being fully corrupted by the Blight)
Wouldn't redeemed Riven be the peak of her potential sorta. Cause she has found her redemption and can focus all her focus on her goals.
: 1.) Anivia R+E 'you got outplayed' combo 2.) Deceptive hitboxes and abilities (literally doesnt look like its even close, but you get nailed anyways) 3.) 'tracking' AA's. Wasting my flash because it flies across 1000 yards and nails me in the back feels shitty. 4.) Malphite ult 5.) people who think Malzahar isn't shitty to lane against
I am gonna have to agree with the aniv combo. it hurts so much.
: People who beg for lvl 100 Doombots... but couldn't come close to beating lvl 1.....
Anyone know if they are giving a reward for beating that difficulty. I could not beat it, but i tried a few times.
: I don't have tits you sexist pig Xd I think people are just really concerned because of Riot's track record with the Juggernaut's, Morde, ADCs, and the Mage updates all being a disaster for some of the champions. It makes them very nervous about having their champion screwed up similar to the other updates. I'm only really concerned about the changes to Akali's W. I'm pretty used to her getting nerfed all over the place at some point or another, but the W changes I don't agree with at all and I don't want them to hit live. Here's my thread that nobody cared about: After playing her more I've come to realize that I really dislike her W changes and I'll probably make a thread about it later. Ecks dee.
I would just like to point out that all humans have tits men just have flat ones.
Meep Man (NA)
: Are You Getting Bullied In Lane and Need Help?
A cheap item I found that helps when i do play Nasus in a bad matchup is to get a coin. That way if i have trouble getting all the last hits at least I'm getting some gold out of the lane. It is not much but it helps.
Lucifer (NA)
: Concerned about Support Items
Ok why are they removing the Ap from banner of command and what is stopping a laner from wanting to build it for the mana and defense vs ap opponents.
: I don't really see a problem.... I mean we don't know for how long those people had been harassing him. It is an obviously hand picked selction. He didn't actually swear at them, I am not sure his comments even breached the summoners code. I haven't played BL2 so some amount of this makes no sense to me. As for the white knighting for sex thing. That appears to be a contination of the I stopped being an angry misgynonist and my life got better narrative... I don't know what was posted first. As for arbitariness of the certain characters being Gay or not. I think his point, although it wasn't articulated particularly well, which could be a problem for a writer, Is that gay people can often not make a big deal about thier sexuality, when something more important is happening, say trying to survive in the post apocolypse, why does it matter? As I said I haven't played Boarderlands 2 so I actually don't know if it was stereotyped or on the nose for other reasons. which it could be.
The problem is more his character in Presequel who are so on the nose about how much they are into the same sex. The first person you meet upon landing on the moon soon goes on about her Sex preference for no real important reason just cause. I mean it does not make her a bad character, but i was not that relevant.
: They tend to not canonize relationships other than the obvious Lux and Ezreal (pic of Lux was with Ezreal's notes in the Aatrox teaser) and Garen and Katarina. Taric is pretty much confirmed to be gay, though. And the adding gay characters to LoL isn't an issue: it's that he himself stated (or perhaps he's bad at wording, but, based on prior comments, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case) that he makes characters gay randomly just for diversity's sake. And, if people are trying to fill quotas for it, then I prefer for it to be proportional to reality. Like, if one wants a TV show to fully reflect the sexual diversity, then 2.5% of characters or so should not be heterosexual. But, according to what bit of reading I've done on the subject, about 3-4 characters should not be straight if this Anthony fellow does support quotas (he didn't explicitly say he does, but I'm speaking in general terms as some do want quotas to be filled). Real talk tho: am I the only one who thinks my boy Vlad is gay?
he doesn't just randomly make one or two people gay though. There were so so many echo in BL2 and presequel where all the relationships were same sex ones. It was like 90% of them at least.
: Ew, social justice is worse than the most toxic players who play this game. Idk, I'm sure that he isn't that bad though. I will be very angry if he incorporates any of that social justice crap into league though. I'm sure the checks and balances in Riot will stop him from doing anything drastic though. Honestly, when you think about it, asking for more characters of different skin tones or genders is kind of shallow. It completely disregards the story and concept that characters have. A lot of SJW's look at this game and say all the female characters are alike, just because many of them are slim and visually attractive. It makes SJW's hypocrites because they say they care about individuals, but then broadly generalize based on appearance. Sure MF and Katarina may look similar, but their personalities and backstory are completely different.
I mean i would love though people to say when you just point at illaoi for instance win on an argument to otherwise.
: Anthony Burch was just hired by Riot.
oh god it is the guy who shoved like all same sex relation in BL2. I mean I have no issues when people have a same sex relationship, but it was like everyone you heard of that was not the two main from BL1 were all same sex. It was just a little suspiciously unlikely and stupid. Oh and the moron wrote the plot of BL2 by reading the BL1 plot off the fucking wiki. Couldn't even bother to play the game he was writing the sequel for which is why BLoodwing went from being male to being a girl.
: My take on Silver elo so far - Message to silver players (RANT)
This is a issue I have as a silver. When we get behind i have some trouble figuring out how to get back in the game. I mean when we have a lead it is easy spread advantage to other lanes.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: As a person who bought Athene's even when everybody was running double Morello...
I love athene's on mid morg. Free mr a infinite mana for w push Feelsbadman.
ehh if i wanted it i would buy it off amazon.
: I was flamed in my very first game. It caused me to play ARAM until Level 10 and I learned nothing, because ARAM is not the Rift. It took me that long to build up the courage to try it again. Granted I might be new, but it was not a good first experience to be flamed and reported for feeding in your very first game of League. I'm about to hit level 11 (yes I am this new to League, but not to MOBA's or gaming.), and my last few games have been okay for me, but the level of utter toxicity out there is staggering. I've played 8 games on the rift total (including the first one), and I have a 100% chance of someone going full crybaby in every game, either at the Jungle person or the Support person. I even had one top laner start feeding for not getting a neutral buff. On top of that, I hear it only gets worse from here. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I remember wheni first started and I decided to go sup for someone as morg. I did not know the sup items were needed so i did not build it. Man did that guy go on bitch fit saying it was not his job to tell people how they had to play. Well i was just going by what was recommended. Pretty sure it was ring at the time.
: It's no different in silver/gold. Your achievement is arbitrary. Plat+ is something to be proud of (to some extent).
You know I don't care getting out of Bronze means I'm improving so it makes me happy. Don't belittle my success just cause it is not top tier. I made it out of Bronze next season i will make it to gold if i have my way.
: > [{quoted}](name=AngelOfHurricane,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wRUVj2Mu,comment-id=00150000,timestamp=2016-10-11T22:58:37.582+0000) > > Are you really getting flamed as a lvl 10? That seems pretty weird when I play on lower > * LVL accounts no one is toxic.... In my first game I was flamed at for not knowing what I was doing. They* called me a "smurf" (whatever that means) and proceeded to inform me that I suck at life and should kill myself, ect. I've played a couple more games today and I've found it to be mostly fun, with no flames to speak of. :) Edited for bad grammar and spelling. :o
A smurf is a person of higher elo using a second account to play at a lower elo or possibly climb back up for fun. No idea why they would call you that when you did not know much. If ppl give you grief just mute them. If you need to learn how to play look up guides like one from youtubers like. Gbay99, pants are dragon, red mercy, stonewall, and phylol. Pants plays jungle as well as stonewall, redmercy is more mid, Gbay plays top irelia mostly, and phylol is an adc main. They all have good guides no how to improve. Gbays are a little old but most of them still apply.
: Only thing I can force myself to take of smart cast is Diana Q, I have 0 idea how that projectile works if I don't have a guide.
I use smart cast with indicators so if i really need to aim a skillshot i can hold it in to do so. I do that for skillshots like vel and Diana.
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: Fair enough, but then why should I be forced to turn off Smart cast for every Yorick game, then turn it on again for every Zyra game for example? As I said I put my time to learn to use the old way it worked with Smart cast, and I had pretty decent success. That being without the inconvenience of turning it on/off every game when I select different characters (and possibly missing some spells, because I had forgotten to switch it). I do not aim to be a proplayer and always use "the best" cast for any ability. I play for fun and you are damn right it feels really annoying for me, as a smart cast user. Edit: If that is true I would go as far as proposing for the ability to work the old way only is Smart Cast is on, but TBH that sounds unrealistic.
Only spells i like off smartcast are charges spells like sion q or poppy R.
Redaga (NA)
: The stats are on the Wiki page also it would be good if Riot give her more AI. right now is nothing different than a second character that you have to almost fully control. if a target gets out of range or dies she just derps out and stand stills. she should at least be able to auto lock to a new target that is closer. then if there is non is when you should have to control her. this also goes for the Q + R dash. if she is not engaged. even if she dash she wont attack unless you R + click
Wow the ratios on her bonus armor are so low to be useless. At the average of maybe 400 ap you might get she will on have 40 bonus armor.
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