: Tyler 1 discussion open to all opinions (please don't ban or take down post)
Thank you for your response! I could never see this in a new light without you guys!
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Xavierss (NA)
: Watch anime to release stress from solo Q!
: ADC Club
Inv. me I already friend you.
: Advanced Bot tests LIVE in Normals
Went against these "bots", it was terrible and hard, jk I murdered them. (Hint hint quotations)
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: No one likes the shitty Hextech Events (Lunar Revel)
I actually liked the mini shops too rip {{item:3070}} but riot is controlled by tencent which controlled some (no offence) horrible metas to improve things such as the pro scene and makes money off things like this event. I honestly want the mini shop back for the same reasons you said. {{item:3145}} {{champion:1}}
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: Is the new client slow to anyone else?
There is a disable animation button
: Why don't key fragments just auto-forge to keys?
I forged a key fragment and my client crashed rip {{item:3070}}
Rosotee (NA)
: Can't log in?
Same problem, hope this gets fixed soon, it's annoying.
: I thought that the plants were a horrible idea before, but now that I've actually played with them..
I honestly think that plants are horrible too, the explosive plant can help troll teammates like make them jump towards enemies. (Does this affect yasuo ult?) The plants in general benefit long ranged aa junglers because the one who hits it first basically decides how the plant is used. Also the plant that gives vision seems like a poor version of the wolf smite camp, but can be used by anyone.
: Assassin Rework Killed Most Assassins
I agree, Leblanc's w has a 1 second cool down when pressing it again, that is very crucial in escapes and they took that away from her (I do think the passive barely scrapes to compensate for it, her laning is better due to this.) Rengar can't escape anymore with his ult because of the rework of invisibility, can't really touch ADC because they all have escapes, his q is a little bit slower. (At least make Rengar available to use w while CC'd) Talon is fine. Don't get me started with Shaco and Akali. Those are my opinions.
: New free champion rotation: Ivern, Quinn, Illaoi and more!
If they are going to make him support fix his ult and his passive{{item:2049}}
Sargonas (NA)
: For those of you who rely on 3rd party tools, like Championify or LSI, to add your item sets... _these will still work!_ There is actually a difference, on a technological level, between the Custom Items that are created using the client UI elements, and the custom items that are created by 3rd party tools. The technical underpinnings for those tools will remain (they are related to the core game, not the client) when the client side stuff is phased out.
If third party apps are allowed then can you allow there to be a system where you can download said third party apps on the client?


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